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Anonymous 2015-06-21 06:51:47 No.481225

[Missing image file: ]

How the fuck do I get rid of these white lines on the floor?

Originally the floor was supposed to be much more reflective and glossy, but no matter how much I change it I can't get rid of these lines.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 07:14:18 No.481228
Break your render down into render elements and inspect each one individually to see what is producing the problem.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 07:35:06 No.481230
I don't understand the point. It's obvious that it's the reflection that is causing it.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 07:44:51 No.481231
Turn off or lower the intensity of the bump map.

What renderer are you using? V-Ray? It looks like your lights are brighter than they should be. Change and experiment with the the Color Mapping mode to prevent the color from blowing out. Try HSV Exponential.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 07:56:56 No.481232
I'm not using a bump map; it's a model.

And yes, I'm using V-Ray. I'm only using the sun light, and I agree that it looks overly bright, but I don't know how else to properly illuminate the scene so that it looks both bright enough and physically correct.

I've tried using different color mapping modes. HSV exponential helps, but makes the overall scene look completely unnatural. There isn't much of a difference between exponential and linear. I'm currently using Reinhard with 0.35 burn.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 08:07:56 No.481234
Create two Sun lights. One with only Diffuse enabled, and another with just Specular and a much lower intensity.

Are you using HSV Exponential while using a 0.35 burn value? That's why it would look completely unnatural. Dial it back to 1 and try it again.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 08:11:53 No.481235
Isn't that just how the light would correctly reflect relative to the camera? have you tried just moving the sun, or moving the camera to left of the room and facing more towards the sun?

Anonymous 2015-06-21 10:14:49 No.481248
use an HDRI environment and put a portal light outside in front of the window.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 11:22:37 No.481250
The curtain on the right where it's completely dark at the end is much more annoying. Fix that shit.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 11:29:29 No.481252
Remove the fucking bevel. Why does this need it's own thread?

Anonymous 2015-06-21 14:26:31 No.481263
>remove the bevel

That's a great piece of advice there. Christ, you must be some kind of a genius.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 14:28:56 No.481264
Personaly id probabbly do a cheeky AO

Anonymous 2015-06-21 14:31:00 No.481265
Shit, that might work.

Is there any way to limit the AO to a single object though? I don't black lines all over the scene.

I'm using 3ds Max btw.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 16:15:58 No.481273
you can render out an object mask

Anonymous 2015-06-21 16:36:22 No.481274
those white lines are natural reflection from the bevel of the floor boards. it looks correct to me. its just that your sunlight is so intense that no matter how reflective your floor is, those "white lines" are still going to be there. you need an HDRI to light the scene equally, then you can turn down the intensity of the sunlight so that the render is not overexposed in some parts. also use a portal light in front of the window, it boosts the light coming from outside and makes the entire room brighter.

Anonymous 2015-06-21 16:53:24 No.481275
>Lower light intensity
>Adjust tonemapping

Anonymous 2015-06-21 22:44:59 No.481310
can somebody tell me what the fuck people mean when they mention tonemapping in a cg rendering contest?

Anonymous 2015-06-21 23:15:36 No.481314
tonemapping means you want to see areas of low exposure and high exposure at the same time.

Anonymous 2015-06-22 00:28:06 No.481322
Those white streaks are fucking accurate, I'm looking at my hardwood flooring right now. If you want them gone fucking make the entire floor plane completely flat.

Anonymous 2015-06-22 01:02:55 No.481328
>model plank edges with bevels that catch light
>complain when they catch light like they should

Is this a troll thread?

Anonymous 2015-06-22 03:26:03 No.481348
I-is there a problem with these white lines?

With glossy, hardwood paneling, this is EXACTLY what I would expect to see in real life. I don't know, man. Everything looks the way it should be imho.

Anonymous 2015-06-22 03:27:04 No.481349

Anonymous 2015-06-23 04:56:34 No.481468
>not rendering out reflection passes and combining shit in composite, and using a photo editor of choice to mask out areas you don't want glossy bevels

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