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Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:50:41 No.71826556

[Missing image file: page 0.jpg]

Old thread: >>71788900

New chapter! Translation and cleaning are in progress. Post monstergirl stuff, talk about the chapter, and more.

Scanlation IRC: #monstermusume@irc.rizon.net

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:52:10 No.71826617

[Missing image file: page 1.jpg]
Oh god, I can dump without Captcha now. Hooray!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:52:44 No.71826636

[Missing image file: page 2.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:52:58 No.71826646

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:53:07 No.71826649

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:53:17 No.71826659

[Missing image file: page 3.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:53:41 No.71826670

[Missing image file: Otra copa para el señor Smith.png]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:53:50 No.71826679

[Missing image file: page 4.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:53:56 No.71826684
Holy shit yes

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:54:23 No.71826697

[Missing image file: page 5.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:54:57 No.71826713

[Missing image file: page 6.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:55:11 No.71826723
Is that Miia in naked apron? Because that looks like Miia in naked apron. Take all my boners.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:55:31 No.71826733

[Missing image file: page 7.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:55:37 No.71826739
so i heard /a/ likes spidergirls?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:56:00 No.71826751
translatorfag-tan, you left the last thread before I could tell you you have very pretty nails.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:56:03 No.71826756

[Missing image file: page 8.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:56:29 No.71826768
My Megabusters ;_;

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:56:39 No.71826773

[Missing image file: page 9.jpg]
Thanks, Anon. I like them too.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:57:13 No.71826798

[Missing image file: page 10.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:57:42 No.71826820
reporting in!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:58:01 No.71826834
She needs a hug

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:59:11 No.71826870
Why do I like his artstyle so much? Ignoring the white oval eyes thing its so generic?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 03:59:12 No.71826871
Have Daiz paid you, TLfag?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 03:59:34 No.71826881

[Missing image file: page 11.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:00:07 No.71826903

[Missing image file: page 12.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:00:16 No.71826909
Man, the things I would do to TF-tan...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:00:43 No.71826926

[Missing image file: page 13.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:01:15 No.71826946

[Missing image file: page 14.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:01:49 No.71826968

[Missing image file: page 15.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:02:31 No.71826986

[Missing image file: page 16.jpg]
Yes, he did last night.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:02:35 No.71826990
>he's helping miia shed
Oh god why is this so fucking cute?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:02:47 No.71826993
Will you be uploading the raws too?
Do you also have the raws for the previous chapters?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:03:04 No.71827000

[Missing image file: page 17.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:03:32 No.71827022

I am disgusted yet aroused

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:03:44 No.71827030

[Missing image file: Serpiente Superior.png]
Then again, I think it would be nice to watch Mia rub herself on furniture, doorways and the couch to help remove the shedding skin...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:04:01 No.71827043

[Missing image file: page 18.jpg]
Raws have been uploaded to : http://www.mediafire.com/?3fa4ewdhdd98ajt

These are super raw, though; no editing or anything has been done to them. What I'm posting now is just a quick export action I ran in PS.

I don't have the raws for the last chapters, except for Chapter 6.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:04:18 No.71827053
Holy shit. Is she cumming from him peeling off her shedded skin?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:04:34 No.71827059

[Missing image file: page 19.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:05:08 No.71827078

[Missing image file: page 20.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:05:12 No.71827083
Not me. This is just gross.

Do snakes even have nerve endings in their scales? She shouldn't be feeling that.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:06:21 No.71827113

[Missing image file: page 21.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:06:35 No.71827120
I know man. I would hold her hand and love her tenderly

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:06:54 No.71827137

[Missing image file: page 22.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:07:28 No.71827160

[Missing image file: page 23.jpg]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:08:01 No.71827175

[Missing image file: page 24.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:08:06 No.71827181
God, she's so huge.

I really want her wrapped all around me.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:08:36 No.71827197

[Missing image file: page 25.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:08:40 No.71827200

>top left

what the fuck

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:08:40 No.71827201
>149.36 MB
B-but, it's huge...
Do you have chapter 6 uploaded?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:09:10 No.71827219

[Missing image file: page 26.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:09:22 No.71827232
They finally going to fuck?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:09:43 No.71827243

[Missing image file: page 27.jpg]
Sorry. I'll put the small version of the raw up later.

I do have 6 uploaded on my mediafire, but it's big, too:

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:09:49 No.71827246
what is shedding

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:10:09 No.71827257

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:10:17 No.71827261

[Missing image file: page 28.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:10:35 No.71827273

[Missing image file: breaking_down.jpg]
Why does this have to be?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:10:50 No.71827283
Euphemism. He got an erection.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:11:09 No.71827297
Nope. She snaps his neck.

Instead of succumbing to lust and then having to hide it from government lady, you get excessive slapstick and maintenance of the static quo. Quality writing, Japan.

Why do I keep coming back for this shit?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 04:11:41 No.71827319

[Missing image file: page 29.jpg]

Chapter 6:

I have to run to ikebana right now, but I should be back in an hour or two! I've got about 1/3 of the TL done and will post all of it in this thread.

You can see the bonus images from the volume in the old thread too if you browse down. Be sure to post it if the old thread 404s!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:12:05 No.71827329
I can wait. Not like I can find the raws anywhere else. Thanks!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:12:59 No.71827359
Those fabulous nails, and providing us with monstergirls, you're a pretty big bro.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:13:41 No.71827385
Obligatory thanks to K, Daiz,and all the other /a/nons that help make this possible each month.

My copy should ship tommorrow even though I ordered on the 10th.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:14:00 No.71827398
Oh is that what happened? They were about to fuck but she accidentally hurt his neck and now she's trying to make it up to him by cooking?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:15:16 No.71827439
He touched her privates by accident.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:16:18 No.71827498

....does she have privates? Like directly above her tail there's a vagina?

There are so many problems with this. How would she give birth?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:16:30 No.71827502
Yeah but isn't that what she fucking wanted him to do?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:17:03 No.71827522
Do you even monstergirl?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:17:53 No.71827550

I have the same problems with Alice's vagina that has sea monsters living in it

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:19:09 No.71827594
She's the fucking monster lord. Try looking at the regular lamia again, you know, the nun one.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:19:35 No.71827609
You even know the hum....no ANY ANATOMY?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:20:07 No.71827627
She all bark but no bite.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:21:04 No.71827659
Drawn sex where?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:21:40 No.71827684

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:22:06 No.71827698

[Missing image file: Happy to See You, Too.png]
Meanwhile, enjoy this suggestive image if a snake shedding it's skin...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:23:56 No.71827763
Nope, can't progress the relationship at all, no no no. Hijinks for 40 chapters, hijinks and blue balls.

Sometimes I hate Japan. I guess I'm just in a mood tonight.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:25:03 No.71827793
It was only this chapter so relax as she was shedding and embarassed. She is back to normal now.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:25:08 No.71827796
>she's trying to make it up to him by cooking
Actually I believe she is trying to show him how good a wife she will be with the cooking. Its a theme you frequently find in many manga and anime.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:26:32 No.71827839
That's what hentai is for.


Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:26:32 No.71827841
She oughta fellate him too. Does Japan actually consider that sex? I bet she could get away with it.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:28:51 No.71827905

[Missing image file: it happened.jpg]

Not always, anon-kun

Not always

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:29:13 No.71827914
Next chapter helping Papi lay eggs! and thendestroying that sweet ass

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:29:54 No.71827935
So I was getting some food tonight and got to thinking that Harpies, Lamias and other bird, reptile, goo and plant-type monstergirls don't menstruate, being egg layers/not animals/goo, am i right? Wouldn't that put them ahead of other monstergirls who would bleed and go through hormone imbalances every month?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:30:09 No.71827946

[Missing image file: 1345422175250.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:30:26 No.71827952

[Missing image file: No_5863.jpg]
Aw man. I have to go to bed soon. I hope someone will re-post them if this thread is gone 12 hours from now.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:30:34 No.71827958
>Next chapter helping Papi lay eggs!

yfw the life with monstergirl comics has them eating those eggs and coming up with those questions.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:31:37 No.71827987

[Missing image file: 1334365549039.png]
Did...he actually get to fuck?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:31:41 No.71827993
New monster girl chapter, our friend finally lost his virginity, it's been a good day.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:32:14 No.71828016
Pretty sure it says virginity lost.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:33:22 No.71828047
Better idea, check the archives.
This thread will be there forever.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:33:25 No.71828050

Is that chapter 48, and if so is it translated yet, and if so where?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:33:32 No.71828053

[Missing image file: 1347138737125.gif]

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:33:40 No.71828056

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:34:22 No.71828087
google, newfriend

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:34:53 No.71828107
I'm going to guess he lasts about 3 or 4 seconds.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:35:13 No.71828118
That symbolism

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:35:21 No.71828124

Well, I'm going to guess that he fucks her brains out, then goes to his cousins house and fucks her till semen comes out her nostrils.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:35:51 No.71828137
>monster girl on her period
Oh fuck. That's terrifying. Think about how irrational normal women get. Now add some super strength, magic, razor sharp claws, whatever the fuck to that. Oh god.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:36:46 No.71828172
Nah, he fucks her till she drops, goes to his aunt's house to chill, she starts teasing him and he unleashes the beast on her. THEN he goes and fucks his cousin and her friend.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:37:25 No.71828193
Tried it, nothing there. Try harder faggot.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:37:28 No.71828196
Okay. He's filled with shame and self-pity when he loses it and cums in her. She kicks him out in disgust, after all, Pre-ejac is nothing at all like her daddy.

He goes home and cries, and happens to run past his cousin. She comes in to find out what's wrong, and he gets a rage boner, and rage fucks her.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:37:30 No.71828198

[Missing image file: 1338145682508.jpg]
Just wanna ask real quick before I start this:

Is it just pure fetish material stuff?

Or is it good + has fetish metaerial?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:37:45 No.71828210

[Missing image file: 1347844567424.jpg]


Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:37:52 No.71828215
>yfw he runs across a Ara Ara, Arachne

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:38:15 No.71828234
Where've you been? That's minomoto-kun

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:39:00 No.71828257
I'd say its good + fetish because they still look somewhat like regular girls.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:39:14 No.71828269
It's only got 7 chapters out with 6 translated.. Read a few and make your own decisions.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:39:29 No.71828281
>Try harder
Seems like you're the only one who's trying hard, sauce sauce sauce, stay mad, ugly.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:40:14 No.71828314
Okie dokie

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:40:42 No.71828339
Hobbies: Avid spoonfeeder

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:43:17 No.71828452


Twist of the month.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:45:28 No.71828536
Oh wow, is this the same MC/artist from those comic pages with the monster girls?

Happy to see he got his own manga

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:46:59 No.71828601
Hey man. I checked the google link, it wasn't there since its a raw, so I gave him the name. I have no regrets.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:47:54 No.71828640

Okay now I regret it. Erase the knowledge from your memory, I take it back. Ass

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:50:39 No.71828759
You helped him, when I didn't, you now have to live with this regret.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 04:53:26 No.71828854


Rarely have those two come in that order besides when I helped my friend dispose of a body and almost got caught.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:00:22 No.71829117

[Missing image file: I'll buy that for a dollar.png]
I can wait...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:00:29 No.71829122
Well when I ask for Sauce its obviously because I checked google already and couldn't find it. Not my fault when someone calls me a newfriend instead of telling me when they obviously know.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:16:01 No.71829732

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:19:28 No.71829879

[Missing image file: page 20.png]
If anyone was free for translation, this page would be more complete right now.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:28:02 No.71830178

[Missing image file: Got Snake Porn on my Mind.png]

I would help, but my mind is clouded by snake porn and... and..

I don't know moon, Sorry!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:28:13 No.71830185

Mia: Um... Darling could you look away for a moment
I'm peeling off my panties now


And if you're staring it'll... be embarassing...

N-no! Shouldn't you do that part of all parts yourself...!!

But... this is the most delicate point...
And if I leave it, uh...
I-it gets itchy down there...

So please, Darling...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:30:28 No.71830268

At long last, we now know where she poops from.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:35:48 No.71830463
Damn, why is Mia so perfect.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:36:28 No.71830475
I guess I'll do the next page while I'm at it

MC: ...And... Mia... the rest of your shedding skin is...?

Mia: N-not there but a little further to the right...

H-hold on! R-right!? From my point of view or yours!?

Oh... sorry... from my perspective...

Uuuuhhhhh...! My eyes are blindfolded which just makes me focus more on my hands...!

Making me feel Mia even more directly...!!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:41:08 No.71830641
But actually, Mia...

I thought she'd be really muscular cause she's so strong, but...

So soft and smooth and squishy...!!

Not like those scales at all...

Mia: D-darling...
I-I'm very sensitive there, so...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:42:26 No.71830682

[Missing image file: Miia5.png]
Because she's Miia.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:42:56 No.71830703

[Missing image file: cover.jpg]
Why are lamia so perfect, /a/?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:47:30 No.71830857
The softness of a girl......!!

Mia: HNGH...!! <3
*Twitch* <3

MC: *Squeeze*

I-I'm sorry, Darling...
I'm okay... I'm okay now, so...
Just a little bit more...
*Gasp* *Gasp* *Moan* *Twitch* *Twitch*

No, not good!! I lost sight of myself!!
I can't...!! Continue this any longer and...!

Well I'm off. I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:49:04 No.71830907

[Missing image file: 1347913472640.jpg]
Superior hugging qualities.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:50:23 No.71830951

[Missing image file: anytime now.png]

Thanks for taking the time.

And now we wait some more...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:51:20 No.71830980

[Missing image file: 1343697470097.png]
Intelligent, sexy, powerful, and very loyal. They make the best monster waifus.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:56:26 No.71831135

Anonymous 2012-09-20 05:57:32 No.71831160

[Missing image file: page 20.png]
And now you guys can wait for the pages that weren't cleaned very well since this is the only page I did myself. That being said, it's the only complete page at this point too, I believe.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:26:52 No.71832090

[Missing image file: k179459_i-am-monitoring-t(...).jpg]

please, continue.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:33:04 No.71832279
Well, I could do the next 1-2 pages that that /a/non translated for us, but I have to go to bed in like 30-45 minutes. I have class in the morning, deal with it. So it might not be up to as high of quality as that last page, but still probably better than what TF & Co. has produced so far.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:36:21 No.71832382
Thats because they're still working on it as a whole I presume, not page by page. So they put out the raws, then they'll put it out when its done. Frankly it's not a good use of time since it is being done anyway.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:38:14 No.71832434

[Missing image file: I am now invisible.png]

If you have the time, that would be great, but don't ruin your education on our account...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 06:51:56 No.71832857
Well, the issue is more of each page taking more than a few minutes to do, so it's not like we could post them all as they're being done. Could take a few hours. Plus, if our typesetter had things to do, it'd kind of leave off on a sour note, right?

Anyways, I'll be back with translation. I think cleaning is proceeding in IRC, if anyone wants to help!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 06:54:21 No.71832918
Which reminds me, does /a/ want me to post translation one by one here, or...?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:56:14 No.71832974

That'd be fine.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 06:56:34 No.71832988
I say do whatever you want.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 06:57:29 No.71833016
Alright. I'll start pasting what I've got. Feel free to correct anything that has [literal] or [I tried] after it.

Everyday Monster Girls
Chapter 7
by O ka ya do

My happy life with monstergirls <3
Volume 1 is on sale now!!

[ lower box]
Signing Event
@ Comic Zin in Akihabara!
Check out our site for more details!
September 23rd (Sun)

Page 01
Learning to cook is easy as A~B~C~
My sweet love is a secret spice for my darling from me~ [I tried]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 06:58:16 No.71833039
Page 02
I-I'll take care of it!
I have to make you think of me as a marriage candidate! [literal]
I've gotta try hard to be wifey! [I tried]
That's why I'm making dinner today!!
A good wife is a good cook, you know!
And then... <3
I'm home, Miia.
Welcome home, Darling!
Do you want dinner?
A bath?
Or maybe you want...me?

PAge 03
I'll have YOU for dinner in the bath, Miia! <3
Ooohh, Darling, you're so lewd! [literal: you're so horny]
That has nothing to do with cooking...?And then...
Ahh, Miia?!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 06:59:16 No.71833069
Page 04
It's fine, Miia...the kitchen here is made for humans, anyways.
And everyone makes mistakes! If you keep trying...
I...it's fine! I don't care about what happened in the kitchen!!
So could you just leave me alone...?! [literal: I really want to be alone right now! ]

Page 05
Gh...Oh no...what should I do?
I can't fix it with my hands like this...
...I guess I'll leave her alone.
Miia was kind of spacing out...
I wonder why?
Maybe she's not feeling good...
What's this?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:01:34 No.71833135
Page 06
Paper...? Plastic...? ...no...what is this?
Ow, ow...why do I always end up crushed by doors...

Page 07
...are you shedding?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:03:33 No.71833191

[Missing image file: Mama Mia.jpg]

Mama Mia! Look'a dem titties.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:04:36 No.71833223
Page 08
Sigh...I thought that Lamias might shed their skins.
Is that why you were spacing out earlier?
I didn't want you to see me like this, halfway through a shed...
But because my hands got burned,
I can't take the shed skin off... [literal]
You don't have to worry so much about it...
I mean...I've seen you naked before.
For a Lamia, it's way more embarrassing to be seen during shedding than to be seen naked! [literal]
...and Papi and Centorea don't shed...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:05:59 No.71833257

[Missing image file: page 21.png]
Uhh... no time to do the redraw on the next page

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:06:50 No.71833279

[Missing image file: Nononononononooooo.png]

If MC shaved Cerea and plucked Papi's feathers, it's sorta the same, right?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:08:41 No.71833324
Page 09
I can't do anything right; I can't even shed my skin right... [i tried]
I'm a failure at cooking,
And cleaning, and laundry...
You finally decided to look at us as someone you might marry one day...
But I'll never be able to live up to your expectations...
I've never failed at shedding my own skin before, either!!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:16:29 No.71833530
Page 10
You're having trouble shedding your own skin?
I've heard that snakes can have trouble with that when they're stressed out.
Maybe you're stressed out from having to get used to this new life here?
But if you leave it like that, you could get a skin disease.
Huh...? Darling, how do you know all of that?
I've been studying!
(They're very much like snakes!)
(Take this and study!)
Ms. Smith gave me a lot of good advice, too.
I've got to at least do this much, if I'm going to live with all of you.
In return, you've got to peel the skin off me when I shed, too.
...I thought humans didn't shed their skin.
We do.
We can peel it off when we get sunburned. (you can peel it off in pieces [lit] )

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:19:24 No.71833607
Page 11
Sorry, but could you raise your skirt up a bit?


Page 12
We'll humidify the old skin like this...
W-What's wrong, Miia?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:21:07 No.71833653
Page 13
It's still...really embarrassing...
M...Miia's always been extremely straightforward before...!!
I-I'm the one who should be embarrassed...!
I-It should be okay now.
O-Okay, I'm gonna start. Tell me if it hurts, okay?

Page 14
Woah...! It's coming off a lot easier than I expected...!
I guess I was doing it right after all!
But...when I see her like this, I realize that she really is a snake...
A really big snake at that.

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:23:17 No.71833705

Page 15
I..it's still a part of Miia's body...!!
Wh...when I think of it like that, it kind of makes me feel awkward...

Page 16
*gasp* // *gasp*
*GASP!* // *GASP!*
D...don't think about it!
Just think about finishing what you started...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:25:41 No.71833776
Page 17
Da...darling...the tip of my tail...!
Th...that's right, it's sensitive, huh...!
But you'll have to bear with it, Miia...!

Page 18
H-Hold on, Darling...!
Stop stop stop stop stop!!
I'm gonna go crazy if you keep doing that...!!
It's okay! We're almost done!
This is all that's left!!
Got it...?

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:28:24 No.71833847
Whoops, forgot:

O-Okay, let's get the scales on your stomach now.
Turn over.
We're done with the tip of your tail, so you can relax a li...

Page 19
I forgot about that...!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:30:27 No.71833915
Page 20
Um....Darling, don't look...
I'm gonna take off my underwear...
I don't want you to stare...it'd be embarrassing...
But...this is the most delicate place on my body...
If I leave the skin there...
I...it'll get really itchy...
So, Darling....

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:31:24 No.71833942

Yes, Mia's panties are important...

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:32:13 No.71833961

[Missing image file: f2cd02ca.gif]
This fucking chapter

Doomzzg 2012-09-20 07:34:17 No.71834017

[Missing image file: 1344869056087.jpg]
This pleases Hora

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:35:18 No.71834037
Page 21
...okay...Miia...where do I need to go...?
N...not there, go a little more to the right...
Ah...sorry...My right...
Gh...! With my eyes covered, I'm focusing way more on my hands...!!
On how touching Miia feels...!!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:35:54 No.71834049
Page 22
And wow...
Miia's really soft...!!
I thought the muscles would be really tough, since she's so strong...
But she's so smooth, and silky, and soft...!!
It's completely different from the scales I was touching earlier...
I...I'm really sensitive down there...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:38:10 No.71834110
Page 23
[literal] the softness of a woman...!! [[ This is soft feeling I'd expect from a girl...! ]]
S...sorry, Darling...
It's okay...it's okay...
There's only a little bit left, so...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:39:39 No.71834147
Page 24
I have to finish this quickly!
Miia! Where is the last piece of skin?!
Aga...On...on the right...
[left hand]
[right hand]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:42:12 No.71834218
[ no text ]

Page 26
My finger's inside somethi...

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:46:05 No.71834318

Page 27
Here you go, Darling!
Dinner is served! <3
Ehe! <3 This is both an apology and thanks for earlier! [literal]
I heated up the food that was edible, so eat up!
Wh...what is this...?!
Traditional Lamia cuisine...?

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:46:27 No.71834328

[Missing image file: He can't do that in class.png]

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:48:44 No.71834381
Page 28
Th...thanks for the food...
Yay! You ate all of it~
I...I've never tasted anything like that before...extraspecies cooking is pretty amazing...
Gh...my stomach hurts...maybe I ate too much...?
We...we were too late...!!
Papi?! Cerea?!
I was wondering where you were today! What happened?!
H...her cooking...!
What?! I didn't make anything weird!

Translator-Fag 2012-09-20 07:53:38 No.71834523

Page 29
I made curry, so I put in meat, potatoes, and steak...
And fried rice and pork miso soup...
And pudding!
M...Miia...did you actually read a cookbook...?
No, I learned by watching you, Darling!
But don't worry, I had Centorea and Papi try my food for me!
...why didn't you do it yourself...?
I don't feel hungry when I'm shedding! (Ehehe!)
Why can't I cook anymore?!
You have to study first!
I've got to study, so you should, too!

And that's it. Feel free to correct anything weird.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 07:57:57 No.71834645

[Missing image file: Whats fer breakfast.png]

Poor Papi and Cerea!

Anonymous 2012-09-20 08:01:59 No.71834724

[Missing image file: Onemore.jpg]
Thanks for the work, TF

But it's 1am my time so I'm off to bed. Hope to see the finished chapter soon...

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