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Threads added between 2012/11/28 and 2012/12/05

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13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: shrektakular.jpg]
Today, I fingered my girlfriend for the first time. Today, I also fingered a girl for the first time. It was impromptu and I just sort of went for it because she clearly wanted it. We'd been making out and teasing one another for awhile and I tried my hand at it (puns and shit!) I wasn't sure what the fuck I was doing. I felt around and knew to first run a finger up her labia and see how wet she was. She was wet. So I tried to find the clitoris. I DID find the little fucker but I have no idea what feels good so I just sorta gently rubbed it / around it. The angle was shitty but she was letting out gentle moans and my hand was tired as hell. We changed position so it was a little easier and then she really got going. I fingerbanged her a bit too and she was very wet. I got into a rhythm but holy fuck was my hand tired. I told her to just tell me if she wanted me to do anything in particular. We were sorta stuck for time, though, and in the end she came very close to orgasm 3 times but I made her miss the boat somehow. It was difficult as fuck cause the female anatomy is just WAY over my head but whatever. I just feel kinda shitty now but she said not to worry about it because the only time she's ever came with a guy was when she finished herself off, and that was once. It was pretty great to see her actually enjoying it though, I'm just bummed that I failed. Any future tips?
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1351752418852.jpg]
Hey /adv/ Does anyone know how I can sabotage a modem or a router, that belongs to someone else, but is in my room, without it being obvious that I damaged it... i.e make it look like something went wrong in the router... I think water damage is my best bet? if I open it up and get something wet? but I don't know anything.


4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1236925000356.jpg]
It feels good being good looking. I don't even have to flirt with her. Or even talk to her. Besides asking for sex. She's 16 too and I'm 25. She does anything I ask her. >Kylie: Hey are you still up :) >Me: Yep, just playing a game. >Kylie: Oh cool im bored :( >Me: Well do you wanna have sex? >Kylie: Sure when? >Me: In 30 minutes i gotta shower and shit >Kylie: Ok so at the park or at your house??? >Me: Park. I don't want my family to see you. >Kylie: Ok. ill be right there I don't even have to game on her. All I do is go "lol so you wanna fuck?" and she says yes. here's what i texted her 2 days ago >Me: Let's fuck now im horny >Kylie: Ok :) >Me: Great, so is your dad home? >Kylie: Yep, so you have to sneak in or i have to come to you >Me: I don't want to go to the pen if your dad catches us so, lie and tell him you're going to the library and come over here >Kylie: Ok. What do you want me to wear? >Me: Skirt. High Heels. Tank Top. Nothing under skirt. But don't put the heels on until you're out of the house so your dad doesn't see you leaving like a fucking hooker >Kylie: Ok Anyone else have a teenage girl that is basically sex on tap? What should I make her do /adv/ >tfw tight as a vice grip
34 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1353392194702.gif]
So... /adv/ I live with my wife and my sister in law. I was jacking off last night -- my wife was away for a funeral -- when my sister in law walks in on me. Now she's seen me naked before, she casually strolls in on me when I'm in the shower but this time it was different, she caught me in the middle of the act with my dick up and my legs spread ass hole exposed. She froze her gaze upon me, I asked her if she needed anything. To my surprise she suavely said "no just carry on" I was so horny I decided to keep going, she then sat down on a chair right next to my bed where she watched me fap til I came on myself. My wife is coming back tomorrow and I don't exactly know how I should be feeling about this? Did I cheat on my wife? She knows that her sister has see me naked but doesnt mind. But never has she seen me jerking it. I haven't even talked to my sister in law about the incident at all, life just went on as normal. Should I feel guilty?
63 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: fat.jpg]
What BMI is too fat for a girl? I don't mean health wise. I mean attractiveness. I'm 19yrs old and my BMI is 22.3 Is that too big?
18 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1350486564303.jpg]
hey guys i need a sex advice. my girlfriend's vagina is too shallow. my penis is 8 inches, which isn't all that big. but when i try to enter her fully, she can't take the pain. but last night i couldn't even fit half of my penis without her being in pain. does this happen often?
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Father_and_daughter_1.jpg]
Im going to guess if a girl compares you favorably to her father, whom she has a healthy relationship and looks up to, thats a good thing?

l have the weirdest handshake right now

3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Hand.jpg]
NOT A RELATIONSHIP THREAD A "WEIRD SHIT AT WORK IS EVERYONE GAY?" THREAD FORTUNE 100 HIGH-END HOMOSEX SHENANIGANS INSIDE! To begin, l am a man. 26 and straight, relationship with girlfriend for 1 year 4 months, all going well. Started a new job recently with a Fortune 100 marketing firm. Not new to the business side of things, but definitely new to such high-end exclusive clients. Weird though, if you >See OP pic Most people at the firm shake hands like this. Index finger out, rubbing right against my wrist. At first l'm like: >He wants to fuck But everyone is really cool and casual, showing pictures of their families in their offices, etc. >Married to wife 15 years >Does not want to fuck Ok, he's got a family cool, but then: >Shake hands with a few more men there >Their index finger pointed out like above BUT >Rubs their index finger on my wrist What the actual fuck? It's all one quick, fluid motion. No one would even see it really, it's completely natural to them it seems. What exactly does this mean? l know for a fact they are all straight. They are all very open about their wives and families, none of which have been married for less than 10 years, no divorces. Am l thinking to far into this? They rub my wrist every time with their index finger and l can never figure out why. tl;dr? What the fuck does it mean when someone gives you a handshake, index finger extended onto your wrist, then rubs their index finger on your wrist before letting go of your hand? All one quick motion, not at all longer than a regular handshake, but what the fuck?
41 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: DSCN_8239E.jpg]
22/Female here, I have a very obsessive mommy and daddy complex... or fetish? I am not talking about my own mom and dad either, I mean if I have a boyfriend, he needs to take the partial role of a father figure to me. Which isn't all too weird I guess, because it's more like I enjoy the idea of a dominant male figure in my life. But I also have this recurring and obsessive idea of really wanting both a 'mommy' and 'daddy' figure in my life, It started around the time when i was younger (16 through 18), I ended up getting invited to BlizzCon by one of my online friends that I played WoW with, she lived with her husband, she was 27, he was 32. But anyways, I went and stayed with them because they lived in Anaheim, so it was convenient. During the time I played with her, she would always hint at having threesomes with her husband and I, which I jokingly played it off and agreed to it, I didn't think much of it, I've never been with a woman before in any way but the thought of it didn't bother me. At the same time I didn't take her too seriously because she didn't bring it up every day. When I occasionally played with both of them, he'd never say anything about it, but apparently they had spoken about it because she'd state that they did in passing.
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: feels bad man.jpg]
My girlfriend got raped and beaten. I broke up with her right after she told me. This is what happened: >Dating girlfriend for 7 months. >She wants to go to this sleazy club with her friend. >I told her I didn't want her to go. >Had an argument about it. She was like "You don't own me and I can do what I want." and that bullshit. >Told her if she went then I'm breaking up with her. >She said she wouldn't go and dropped it. >Saturday came. >Hadn't heard from her all day. >At 4AM on Sunday she calls me crying. >She says she got raped and beat up. >She went to the club anyway. Apparently she left alone with some guy and his friend to go to a party. They took her somewhere and beat her up and raped her. >Had many feelings about this, none of them pleasant. >I told her if she went to the club that I'd leave her and I told her we were over. >She started freaking out and saying she needs me right now and that she was sorry. >Told her never to call me again. >Have been getting rabid hate from her friends and my friends think I was way too cold. >She broke my trust, went somewhere I said not to, was probably going to end up cheating on me anyway and got raped and beaten over it and I'm suppose to feel sorry for her. I saw her like yesterday and she was pretty beat up, she had bruises and a black eye and stuff. So I do believe she was raped but this wouldn't of happened if she had just listened to me. Everybody thinks I'm evil. My ex-girlfriend has been trying to talk to me but I have no desire to speak to her. You guys think I was too harsh? I just have a hard time feeling bad when I feel so right...
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1323393333054.gif]
My girlfriend and I went on Omegle after sex, and we were both horny. There were men masturbating, and they asked to see her nude, and I let her show her body off to them. She aided about 6 men to orgasm, not including me. This got me very very aroused, and she stated she would like to do this often. The thought of this sounds wrong. People can record her if they have the right programs. I'm nervous about blackmail. But I also would love doing this despite it. I need advice. Thank you.
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1338747717727.jpg]
Maybe I'm not in need of some advice but I just need to vent about something. I go to school in the USA. I just had my last class before exams. The class I just came from, we've been in the same groups all year, all working on projects together. That was basically all we did besides take tests. There is this girl that always caught my eye, and she was in my group. We've always flirted and had fun talking and working together but I never really thought much of "liking" her or whatever you want to call it. Until today, the last class. We always got together outside of the group to work together on projects and we both seemed to be very interested in one another, always making plans to work together, always having a good time doing so. When we'd work together we'd joke, flirt and there was obviously a connection. Usually I would go for becoming more than friends with her, but there were a few things in the way that made it to where it just shouldn't have even been talked about, so it never was. Problems: 1. I have/had a girlfriend the whole time. She lives 4 hours away, and we did spend pretty much every weekend together, but just not doing the week because of school and living so far apart. We were together before I moved here for school. 2. She has a boyfriend. Granted, he lives in Europe (she's from Europe), but since she has a boyfriend, and I have a girlfriend, I never felt like I should intrude on their relationship cause I had a relationship going on too.
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1353928831503.jpg]
/adv/, I feel like I need to suppress stuff that's just destroying me. Basically: >Kissless virgin, no experience >25 pretty soon >Awfully jealous person myself considering I didn't ever get a woman >Forced to reject it multiple times because I'm not in my best moment >Also feel bad for that, pretty desperate, people acting like I'm supposed to get laid >Can't really make female friends because I turn them into something else I really need to get rid of this shit and I'm having it harder and harder. I feel that even if I got rid of my genitals I would still act like this. I really need some help here. Does anyone know how to cope with this? How to get such self control?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: luvv.jpg]
hey guys, College student here who is in love with her married professor who has a daughter. Do I have any hope?
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1351288926863.jpg]
Hey /adv/, I have a girlfriend of 4 months and we're in a long distance relationship. During last month it seems as if she doesn't like me any more. She would get angry at little things and blank me if I ever told her I loved or missed her. I also feel that she isn't even eager to talk to me sometimes (on average we talk twice a week). This has been killing me as I genuinely love her and we barely see each other. I've brought this up multiple times and I've tried to talk to her about this, but every time I do she dodges the subject. I then ask her if we should break up and she gets all like 'But I loved you... I had gifts for you at Christmas just for you...' etc. This relationship is ripping my heart out. What should I do?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: wallpaper-QORE-5november2011-1920x1080.jpg]
Did anyone here get otoplasty? if you did, did you have any complications and do you recommend doing it?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: whatthefuck.jpg]
Can someone help me on something. My dad and uncle both have curly hair and still have hair well into their 50s. My Grandfather had hair well into his 70s I guess. I have curly hair but I'm noticing some receding hairline and it now looks like the guy's hairline in the picture. I'm 21. So I'm kind of paranoid that I'm going bald. Any of you guys have any idea?
16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 541210_526228244070376_2073526113_n.jpg]
I have recently started dating a girl. Every time she and I have sex I never cum, and not for lack of trying. She's gorgeous, so it's got nothing to do with that. How do I fix this? I don't want to make her feel inadequate, because she definitely isn't. For the record, this happened with the last girl I dated too. But it never happened before that. Seriously what the fuck is going on?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: popeye1.jpg]
My /adv/ fellows. I used to be quite a fat ass, but since my 7 years I've been growing in height. Now, after 9 years, I'm lanky and about 196 cm tall (6,43 feets), my weight is around 67 kilograms. How can I get weight and muscle mass in these conditions? I've been lifting and excercising for a year now but I guess I can't have any better results because of my weight. Any tips how to work out? Thanks!
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Lawn-flamingo[1].jpg]
I'm in the process of buying my first house and quite a few houses are under the control of home owners associations. Are they worth the trouble? One even had lawn care requirements including, if a dispute arises, proof being required in the form of receipts from 'pre approved landscaping companies' hidden in the fine print.

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