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Threads added between 2016/07/19 10:00 and 2016/07/19 16:00

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Sup so I need some help and I've been out of school for a while so my writing skills have dropped off. I am applying for accommodations for 50% extra time on the LSAT, law school admissions test. Last year I had brain surgery and my working memory hasn't fully recovered yet (working memory is like being able to efficiently move from task to task), and my prescription anti epileptic drugs impair my memory as well so I often find myself needing to reread questions and paragraphs before I can answer questions. Now I need to write a 1 page letter describing my disability and justifying why I need 50% more time How should I frame this letter? Any advice appreciated
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What is the warehouse clerk job like?


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I guess there are more like this here but I can't search what to do if you are the one who broke up but now you fell alone and worthless
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I sleep all day and I'm awake all night. I have tried to turn this around for the last 10 years (I'm 25), but to no avail. If I manage, I still am tired and groggy all day until I turn the cycle again. I fall asleep around 7-8 in the morning and wake up around 4 or 5 in the day. I have tried everything and the longest I could last with a normal circadian rhythm is two months before having one day where I go to bed a little later than 1am and the whole thing fucks up back to how it used to be. I cannot function in this world. This sleeping pattern fucks up everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! From eating disorders (skeleton) to relationships to general feeling of doom. You probably will ask if I'm depressed and I am but it has come to the point that it's a passive feeling that I have learned to live with. You are my last hope, /adv/. What do?

Offering Advice

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Male/48/USA married 24+ years, 5 kids Started my own business 5 times, 2 of which did great, 2 of which failed. Succeeded, failed, and more enough to at least know what not to do. Training session at work cancelled so I have the day at my desk with little to do. Offering advice.

Ask a bear anything!

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I'm a bear. My fur is soft, and my teeth are sharp. I'll answer your problems
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My dating life has been such a shit show of me going out of my way to make the other person happy: ROUND ONE: >2007 >never dated >date 1/10 nerdy shut in >give all my attention >cheats on me with 1/10 >dumps me Okay maybe two not so good looking people belong together? ROUND 2: >2009 >date 7/10 gym rat (ex-obese kid) >give all of my attention >they cheat >forgive it >dumps me anyway Okay, maybe that person was just a sex craved fiend? ROUND 3: >2010 >date 6/10 random >2 yrs in; get cheated on >dumps me for new person >doesn't work out with new person >random tries to get back with me >wow fuck you no Okay. Maybe I shouldn't have given the stalker a chance to show me that they weren't a creep. ROUND 4: >2013 >date 7/10 hobbit >self absorbed af >give all my attention >demands become too heavy >sense break up coming >dumps me >actually totally fine with that Don't date your friends yet alone fuck one. ROUND 5: >2015 >date 9/10 ultra awk nerd >has a shit ton of issues >don't care think I'm in love >dumps me I fell really hard for that one, to this day that one hurt the most. ANYWAY. Rounds 1-3 I held out on sex but figured maybe not having sex caused the dumps so since round 3 I started putting out and it's been just as bad. Whether you have sex or not you get taken for granted. I don't know what to do.

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