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Threads added between 2016/07/20 10:00 and 2016/07/20 16:00

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pic unrelated. Ok, just found out a girl I like slept with my worst enemy. We both work for the same organization, but work in seperate departments. Thing is, this other guy worked with us for a few years, and then was caught doing some very illegal shit. Police got involved, myself and other colleguages were question, it was very messy/demoralizing - anyway, end result was he isn't working here any more and has a police record now. TL;DR - Should I date a girl who I found out slept with who has VERY questionable values?

Understanding women

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What's the difference between the way women think versus the way men think?
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WHAT TO DO? Yesterday I came home from a seaside with my friend/girl i love. I've known her for almost 5 years and through years I fell in love with her. Anyway, we were on vacation together and on our last night there we were lying in bed. We were scratch each other, patting etc. Soon after I touched her breasts and she didnt bat an eye. After that we started kissing, she was on top on me, but only softcore stuff. Couple hours later I decided to go to my bed, but she didnt want to let me go. I was 100% sure that that was it and that now we are couple. But no. Next day she told me that she wouldnt like to be in a relationship because she is afraid. In the evening of the same day she started the conversation about what happened and asked me if I want a serious relationship. We talked about two hours, she told me that she trusts me completely, she even told me that she loves me and that im the best husband/father/boyfriend material she ever saw. Even our friends make fun of us that we are behaving like a married couple for last 2 years. All in all, she said that she would love to be with me ( and said that she will regret if she misses this chance), but she needs more time. She came out of lousy relationship 4 months ago. WHAT TO DO? Im so confused right now. Pls discuss
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Whenever I comb my hair, there's always some chunks of hair that start sticking up, and it fucking annoys me. Even when I apply water or hair product, when the stuff dries up, some chunks of hair start sticking up again. What do I do about it?

Killing Sexual Drive

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Has any of you anons tried anti-depressants or birth control pills to lower/kill your libido? If so can you tell me whether they are effective or not?

International relations

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If my boyfriend from England was living in the US for a year or so would he be able to get a job here?

How to find a passion?

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I just graduated and turned 18. I have been accepted in higher education that leads to a promising job. However, I'm not really interested in this. I haven't really found something that captivates me. How did you guys discover your hobbies? How to find mine?

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