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Threads added between 2016/09/21 and 2016/09/28

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From 2016/09/24 10:00 to 2016/09/24 16:00 (2)
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From 2016/09/24 22:00 to 2016/09/25 04:00 (14)
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From 2016/09/26 16:00 to 2016/09/26 22:00 (1)
From 2016/09/26 22:00 to 2016/09/27 04:00 (13)
From 2016/09/27 04:00 to 2016/09/27 10:00 (2)
From 2016/09/27 10:00 to 2016/09/27 16:00 (5)
From 2016/09/27 16:00 to 2016/09/27 22:00 (15)
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15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Would you fuck me?

Love interest is literally perfect, aside from wanting to not have sex until marriage.

44 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Mother of fuck. I knew she was too goddamn perfect and there had to be a catch. What should I do? I was literally thinking to myself over the past three days that this girl was marriage material.
43 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Nothing has ever been as fun as doing "nothing" with you.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I like this girl 1 year older than me. She likes me so much i think im in love , the think is that i really dont know her and i don't know how to met her . The only strategy that i think is that my friend gf (she is friend of this girl) introduce me to her but that moment i will shit myself because i 'm really shy with this things and i dont know of what to talk to her . What should i do ? Sorry for bad english

GF Just Told Me She Dated A Black Guy

48 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What do? Any attractiveness I felt to her has been completely wiped away. It's not like I'm insecure, I know the BBC meme is just a meme, and I'm not inadequate down there, and our sex is satisfying. But the problem is I'm just disgusted with her. I'm fairly sure the majority of white girls see black guys as an exotic item, and are fascinated by the big dick meme and want to try it out. I think part of my disgust stems from that. What would you do in my shoes?

Handling depression

1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I've realised very recently that I suffer from depression, and now see that I have done for a long time. I go through significant periods of "down", during which I feel that sinking feeling in my chest for long periods and lose all motivation, and struggle to use positive aspects of my life and positive thoughts and facts to feel better. I've just failed an "arduous course" which is selection for airborne forces in the military. I'm the first person to fail it in my branch for 25 years - I went into the course having missed the first bit, unprepared and just having recovered from an injury, and piled in. Now I feel like utter, utter shit, I hate myself, I just want to run away, go AWOL and hide from it all. Naturally. But this is a deep, depressing feeling that comes to me a lot of the time, and I'm fed up of feeling this way so much. Handling it is going to be especially difficult for me now, as the whole regiment is going to be bullying me and teasing me for failing the course. But in general, how do you handle or tackle depression? I do not - will not - see a medical practitioner about this, and I never will, as it will end my career.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Why do people only want to date mean people? I see a lot of men complain about how girls only go for the assholes, and I've personally witnessed many many men who have chosen to break up with girlfriends that are too nice, and date or even marry the meanest lady he could find. I definitely don't want to date someone who hurts my feelings or makes me feel inadequate all the time, I can do that to myself perfectly fine without any help. I really don't understand why someone would pick someone who's so mean over someone who treats them with respect and love.
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
This is thread for constant posters of /adv/, those who are spending here the biggest amount of time of all visited boards. Are you the one taking or giving /adv/? Why, what's your story? What makes you come back here to keep posting? Has this board really affected you? I was always curious about that, please do share.
74 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Currently dating this girl. She's a real sweetheart. Problem is, she hooked up with two guys on tinder. They basically smooth talked her into sex, she wanted commitment, they didn't so she broke it off with them. She says she loves me. I don't think I can ever love her. Simply cause I wasn't her first. It pains me to think of another mans penis inside her, for this reason I feel like I can never give my all to her. Is this fucked or normal? Pls help me /pol/ i've been juggling with this issues for weeks Shes very attached and clingy. It just makes my blood boil that 2 chads fucked her while fucking other girls at the same time. Maybe im jealous of them who knows. Also i lost my virginity to this girl I just wanted our first to be special. But itll never be, since shes already done these things with other men
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
guys i need to get out of work. i need an simple believable excuse. thanks in advance

Messed up first sex

42 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>be me >virgin >date girl >not virgin >seduce me for like a year until I cave >finally having sex >2~3 minutes in lose focus and start pounding her as hard as possible >lose since of reasoning and keep using trial and error to figure out how to pound her as hard as possible >hitting weird wall with the head of my penis >Reason completely gone and think sex is like my hentai >suddenly think if I pound hard enough I can enter her womb like my hentai >grab edge of bed and literally using every muscle in my body for force my way in >she suddenly ask me to stop >looks like shes about to pass out and cry >have no idea what I did wrong at the time >she doesnt tell me So I read about what was going on and Im an idiot. But the main issue is that she doesnt want to have sex again. Like I never measured my dick until after this but I above average. Longer than like 99% of vaginas apparently. I really wish I had known that I shouldnt be ramming her like that before hand. I asked her about it and she said she didnt want to stop me on my first time. But it just got to be too much. Shes also said she was in pain the next day and her shows zero interest in sex anymore. Like for the past year shes been trying to get me to have sex with her everyday, but now she doesnt want to. How do I correct this situation. I didnt even orgasm. Shitty first time from my stupidity.
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
So here's the deal. >21 yo virgin, never kissed, hugged, held hands, anything with a grill, zero experience >Prostitution is legal in my country and there's a supposed 5 star brothel less than an hour from where I live >Really feeling the need for intimacy/affection of some sort from a female >Issue is I've been watching and fapping to porn almost daily for the last 10 years, so I'm concerned I'm going to have ED when the critical moment comes How long would I have to abstain from fapping/porn until everything returns to normal?

Red flags

112 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Hi fellow anons. After talking to a girl for a longer period of time and she showed me her true colours, which weren't nice. Upon which I decided to drop her. In hindsight there were a couple of indicators that I should have noticed, now it feels like I wasted time on her. I would appreciate it if you would post some red flags you usually see in people, so that I can keep them in the back of my head when I meet new people and cut them off before I actually discover how horrible they are. So these are the ones I discovered so far: >Not being open minded >Not being able to cope with neutrally brought criticism >Never worked in their life/spoiled by parents >Me being a source of entertainment >(extreme) Clingyness >Posting a lot of selfies

ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

194 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check here to see if it's already been answered. Keep questions short for more answers. If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question. And please no derailing arguments. FAQ: >Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>? >Is my body part big/small enough? >Am I short/tall enough? >Would you date a virgin? ><random insecurity> Some do, some don't. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off. >I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do? Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever. It takes hard work, time, and effort. >I like someone. What do I do? >How can I tell if someone likes me? Ask them out. If you can't automatically intuit this, the only way to build up that intuition is experience. So ask them out. >Where do I meet girls/guys? Anywhere outside. Or online. (See above. Start somewhere, build experience.) >Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean? Nothing significant. You're overthinking it. >XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please We're not in their head, we don't know. >This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this? Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing. >Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance? No. >Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date? Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, <activity in your city>. >Brandon, that guy who keeps asking about cuddling in platonic friendships and fart guy Fuck off.
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
my gf came over today to my house to hang out and she was wearing her guy best friends hoodie. I didn't say anything cause technically she didn't do anything wrong, but I'm sort of worried. Should I be concerned or am I being stupid?

Age gap

51 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What's the maximum age over or under you that you would feel comfortable having a relationship? For instance, when I was 17, some 21-year-old was flirting with me really hard, but I didn't feel comfortable with anyone more than a year or two older than me. Likewise, now I'm 18, and some 15-year-old is flirting with me, but I don't feel comfortable with that, either, since I see a reasonable boundary as only about a year (MAYBE two) younger than me. What do you guys think?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I'm a medical student and my mixed feelings about humans in general are getting under my skin. I feel a powerful urge to help people overcome sickness and give advice for a better living. Empathy comes easily when in personal contact. Yet, when I think about people, humanity, in abstract, I find life to rather meaningless and everything seems futile. I don't know what I can tell myself. Will I be really making a difference when I graduate? Should I focus on myself, save money and live an easy life? Or should I give all my strength to humankind in general and live with some kind of messiah-complex? I've been reflecting upon Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus and I can't really feel the urge to live and create as the books convinces me it's worth to.

Tried to get with girl who has BF

1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Basically I met this girl at class and have been smoking weed with her constantly, seemed like she liked me. Found out she had a bf but said fuck it and invited her to hang out. Long story short, we hung out and I was high af and a scared bitch so I didn't make any moves, even though I should of. I actually cringelorded that shit and was like >So If i tried to make out with you how'd that go since you have a bf Her > Well you knooooowwww maaaybbbeee basically a yes because she would of just flat out said no. Anyways I talked about it for like 30min while smoking a bowl with her being a scared slut instead of making any moves, eventually i just drove her home and nothing came of it. She would of probably been down HAD i actually made a move. she also told me she'd be down if she wasn't in a decent relationship or if she was drunk and mentioned you know how it'd be to be friendzoned or how guys view that etc etc. Now.... I hung out with her again this week, but didn't make any moves either which was a fuck-up but i was actually just chilling being high and talking with her, wasn't feeling it at all nor did i care. I invited her out to hang this weekend but she hasn't said anything back yet. Obv she's seen it and probably isn't down because she knows what I want and I think I sort of fucked myself. I'm not sure what I'm asking desu I'm just god awful confused as fuck over here you guys. I gave the short version, I could go into what happened last week more or whatever. anyways ya pic unrelated.
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Im actually getting to the point where I'm feeling way to stressed to handle school. I recently had to send my laptop in for repairs, I was able to borrow a loaner one from my school, but re-setting up all the programming software I need really set me back time-wise (not to mention there's still some shit i can't figure out how to re-setup because it's being fucking stupid on this piece of shit laptop). It seems like school is causing me to get frustrated beyond functioning on a regular basis. I've been really really struggling to focus, keep up, get motivated and simply understand on a regular basis. It's getting to be too much and i feel like I'm completely losing my mind.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
hello /adv/ i've been in love with a woman for about five years now we dated for the first year or so, it wasn't the greatest idea she still lived at home, her parents were abusive and awful she met a man two weeks after attempting to cut all ties with me this turned out to be an even worse mistake, because he was a total asshole and their relationship only deteriorated last year or so she told me he's a pedophile; she denies this now, and i have no evidence, so i don't know what exactly to do about that i was always there for her against my better judgement, mostly because i have huge attachment issues she's stuck there in his household, and my mental health gets worse every day, it seems i know i won't cut ties, because i don't have the willpower i've lost friends, the trust of others, etc i've sacrificed almost everything i have for this nonsense everything seems hopeless

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