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How do I get a girlfriend if I'm the offspring of a white dad and asian mom?

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I have a white dad and Asian mom. Since 2nd grade, thats how I've introduced myself to people. I used to be "proud" of being mixed and exotic and special. But as I grew older and noticed the nature of WM/AF relationships, I began to become very depressed. I look Asian, and get treated as an Asian male by society. I feel like my parents can't relate at all to the problems, I as an Asian male face. Furthermore I feel just by being married, they contribute to living proof that Asian males suck. When I walk down a busy street and see tons of WM/AF couple, and zero AM/WF couples, I just feel like I'm the lowest of the low. And I read all these studies and stats about how Asian males are the least attractive men. And it just fills me with hate for my parents for forcing me to be an AM, when they are WM/AF. And then I read all the MRA, MGTOW, Happier Abroad websites, from white losers who bash white women as bitchy feminists, and Asian men as small-dicked nerds. I feel like any white man who marries an Asian, must hate all women, and all asians. As good as my parents may be as individuals, I hate them for belonging to that category. I just feel so emasculated, broken useless. And I'd like to just destroy their genes inside of me. I even lie to white girls and tell them I have an Asian dad and white mom. Since I don't want my parents WM/AF to remind them how much I suck. I have a white dad and Asian mom. All my life I've felt that it makes me inferior. That all those white male asian female couples are objective proof I suck. I feel that being an Asian man is the worst breed of man. I'm half-white but get treated by society as Asian. Recently I've decided to just tell white women, that I have a white mom and asian dad. I feel subconciously it makes a big difference. When I remind girls that my Asian mom choose a white man, I'm just reminding them of how low Asian men are in the sexual hierachy. Do the issues I worry about make a big difference to women?

str8 but want the d

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Ok /adv/ here's my situation: I'm straight, and I want to suck my straight friends dick. We are both 24 and I am in a relationship. We masturbated together one time recently. We were watching some porn and talking about how hot the girl was in it. I stuck my hand in my pants and started stroking myself, asked if he minded and he said no. I eventually worked up the courage to take my cock out and start jerkin, and when I asked he said he still didn't mind. After a little bit he started stroking himself inside his pants. I encouraged him to take his cock out on the pretense of seeing how he masturbated, but really I just wanted to see it. He took it out and we both started masturbatin to the porn. There were a couple times I reached out and almost touched it but didn't have the balls, so I played it off like I was adjusting the tissue he was jsing to catch his cum. A few days later I tried to initiate it again, I took out my dick and started jerking off, but he didn't seem interested. The first time he seemed worried at what my girlfriend would think. I asked if he was uncomfortable and he said no, but my fear got the best of me and I texted him the next day saying sorry and that it wouldn't happen again. But now I want it to. I want to suck his cock, especially after watching him jack it off. I want to feel him shoot sticky gobs of cum in the back of my throat. Have Ialready missed my chance? Is there any going back? Should I throw on a porn and just try again, even though Isaid it wouldn't happen? He never seemed to mind or be upset or anything... I'm confused, but I know Iwant his dick in my mouth. How do I go about getting that d? Also: I'm not gay, all evidence aside, I'm not physucally attracted to men, or even this man. I just feel very comfortable with him, and would like to experiment. Sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to explain the whole situation. Any help is greatly appreciated! Also any stories of others doing this!
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Why don't men cry? Don't they have emotions?
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>girl talks to me without knowing me (friend of a friend) >we like the same music and have some common interests >tell her we should go out and do something >she says maybe in a couple weeks >she later on says she has a boyfriend but her fb status is single she barely mentions him and he doesn't appear to exist >she asked me yesterday what porn category I liked the best what the fuck? should I just tell her to fuck off?
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I want to get out of debt as quickly as possible. I have $8000 left on my car and $33000 in student loans. My monthly expenses are 307 car payment 333 rent 266 in one student loan 258 in another student loan 138 car insurance 80 phone bill 70 utilities about 350 for food and gas about 200 for random shit. My take home pay is about 2340 per month with the exception of two months where I get an extra paycheck and any bonuses I might get. My idea is to pay an extra 300 a month on my car then after that is paid off, use what I was passing on my car for my student loans. Any better ideas or tips?
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FUCK /adv/... FUCK So my girlfriend and I have been together for 2 months, and due to circumstance (story is way tooooo long) things have gone REALLY fast. Our lives are basically linked together, we depend on eachother, parts of our future depend on eachother. We really like eachother, we're great together, and the sex for the 2 first months has been AMAZING, for both of us. Now shit is fucked up. My girlfriend can't enjoy conventional sex with me anymore. She doesn't get horny as often, she doesn't get wet at all, we can use lube but it ends up hurting. Very sparingly we have OK sex but her orgasms aren't nearly as good as they used to be. Yesterday she was staying over with some friends and she nearly cheated on me, she said she really wanted to but she stopped herself. We want to make this work, I want to, she wants to, but she says that if we can't have (good) sex she just can't handle a relationship, and she is going to end up cheating anyway, even if she doesn't want to, she will want to. What the fuck do we do? What the fuck do I do? We're both fucked if we break up, but that's not a reason to stay together. Everything would be SO perfect if it weren't for the fucking sex, which was amazing at first... FUCK
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Alright /adv/, I'm going to be specific here. I don't need advice on how to talk to girls, I don't need to be told where to go look in public. Please understand my circumstances before you give advice to that effect. I am a complete recluse. I leave the house for work and food, and that's it. Otherwise, everything sets off some degree of anxiety (even that does) and for the near future, I can't get out of this town. There's nothing to do in this town, no where I'd want to hang out to begin with, and if there was, I'd have panic attacks. What's more, I'm dirt poor, I rarely have any extra cash to take someone out somewhere. I've had plenty of girlfriends in the past, but quite honestly, 90% of them started out online, which has lead to a lot of dissatisfying long-distance relationships where we see eachother a couple times a year, and the rest of the time it's all skyping. This depresses the hell out of me. Craigslist is requiring a phone number from me, and all the ads already there are fake. I'm not paying for something like AFF, OKCupid has absolute shit results for me, I tried another dating site with better local results, and I basically got no responses in my mailbox. You know what would be ideal for me? Finding some way to contact a girl I could just go meet at her place, watch a movie or play a video game with, and then if everything clicks, maybe fool around. Even just cuddling would be acceptable. What are the odds of me finding someone who would accept this arrangement? I was going to try to message every girl within 30 miles of me on POF, and see if I find someone.
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Alright, I think I've fucked up, and I need help I've been seeing this girl for a few months. At first our relationship just consisted of having sex ever so often or just sitting around smoking. I really developed feelings for her though. I told her this, and she said she felt the same, but that we should get to know each other better, since all we did basically was hang out and watch movies or have sex, and we never really got to have any meaningful conversation. She did suggest that we see each other more and that we work on some music together. Then I stopped hearing from her completely, and that was almost two weeks ago. I feel like a good part of the reason is because of myself. For lack of a better term, I've been a complete beta around her. I always just said things that I thought she would like or want to hear. I have been extremely nervous around her, and she could tell. I've mostly waited on her to initiate any kind of physical contact. I know I haven't taken charge like she probably expects me to, and I feel like it could be a very strong reason as to why she hasn't really bothered with me. I've seen the error of my ways, but now I just don't know what to do, since she didn't respond to me at all last week. I haven't made any attempt to contact her since last Saturday since most of my friends suggested I ignore her to see if she comes to me, but I feel like that could only be making it worse. I also feel like that option is just some highschool level game, and I hate the whole idea of just trying to "play this right" instead of just being straightforward. Is there any way I can salvage this and show her that I'm capable of taking charge without it looking like some desperate plea? I'm usually not so nervous around women, but something about her always makes me so. I just don't want to let her go with the wrong idea about me.
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Is there anyone good at interpreting dreams? Because I rarely remember my dreams, and the one I had yesterday was completely fucked. It started in a mall, except all the escalators had giant spinning blades at the bottom of them for people to openly commit suicide on; similar to a wood-chipper. The floors were cracked and broken, and the washrooms were just holes in the ground except for the handicapped washroom. After attempting to go into the handicapped washroom, I was informed by some random person that it was property of one specific person, a 'boss' of sorts. I had to run up the stairs past the rivers of blood from the escalators near by to avoid being stabbed by his goons. When I escaped, I began to realize that I had been continuously hallucinating specific people and places within the mall, though I could not stop even with this realization; it was also difficult to tell from that point forward what was in my 'dream reality' and what was a hallucination within this dream. Leaving the mall revealed a wasteland of corpses and empty space all around, except for a single tree and a cliff in the distance. For some reason, this exact tree was known as "The Giving Tree". All of the people I had been hallucinating helped me cut the tree down and push it to the top of the cliff. After pushing the tree off the cliff, the tree began to scream as it crashed into the city below, and soon it came to rest upon a statue. The statue became bright with a white light before a red sky began to form above. What I can only presume was the gateway to hell opened up as monsters of all shapes and sizes formed from the ground around the tree. Flying beasts with wings of bone and rotting faces, ogres with three eyes and burning human legs as clubs, skeletons, giant monsters the size of buildings made of decomposing meat with nothing but darkness for eyes with blood running down are a few examples. I have no idea what it all means or what I should do.
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Genuine question, is dumping by text in an ldr still highly frowned upon and if so why?
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So /adv/, I've come to the conclusion that young males such as myself have a preoccupation with the idea of a "normal man". This idea cripples me, even more so that my father probably has the same idea and wanted me to become this man, which he could never fully do (or so he thinks). I'm a virgin, 18, unemployed, badly educated and am on a train ride to nowhere. I have urges to fuck slutty women, but after I come I get my senses back and shun my bohemian urges. I want to reach an uberhuman state by seeing everything as it is in a stoic way. I want to free the human spirit and shout a name I chose for myself across the stars. Not really looking for advice, just people I can relate to.
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So I decided to snoop around on my GFs laptop while she was away, for lulz/human nature. Needless to say I was shocked by discovering a lot of hentai manga on his PC, some incest, some loli, obviously written for a female (a lot of gay/focus on dick). Should I tease her about this?
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My girlfriend broke up with me earlier last month. It was right at the beginning of winter break when we were apart from one another (college students) and we had been dating for about a year. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't make mistakes, but she wasn't exactly perfect either. She was a lot less tolerant of mistakes and fuck up when it came to our relationship. Anyway, I know that I want to move on and the past month hasn't exactly been easy for me. Since she broke it off we have not spoken at all. Which to me shows she really doesn't care either and wants to have nothing to do with me. Now I'm headed back to school in a couple of days and I'm doing a little bit better. There are days where I couldn't give two shits and days where it just hits me like a brick wall. I know that this is probably for the best and her giving up was just another sign that it wasn't meant to me. Like I said, I know that I do not want back with this girl but sometimes it just gets to me so much. And I'm scared if I see her in person or if I go back to school (where I'm used to being with her) it might just make things worse. So help me out /adv/ I want to get over this completely and after a month I thought that maybe this was possible. What's the best way to get this over and done with, I still think about it all the time. >>I don't want to go into detail about the relationship, but trust me. I put my heart into it and at the end of the day she was really unfair to me.
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aight, i could do with some insight on this (warning this might be long) inb4 lol its just a ldr, just break it off, already considered, i'll only do that when theres no other way >april 2012 >meet girl a online playing the same vidya >get quite close, meet up, have sex all good >meet girl b through girl a, not interested (both play the same online game i do), ignore her most of the time >things with girl a start getting worse and worse, decide ive had enough break off contact >june 2012 >start talking to girl b more and more, she tells me girl a told her shes met a new guy who lived closer to her and fit better >girl b's bf breaks up with her after having cheated on her a few tims >talk more and more, spend more and more time together >this goes on for a couple of months >october 2012 >kinda start sexting, start off with the "/tickle" "/slap" bullshit, you know the drill >sexting gets kind of intense, every day for 2-3 hours, also spend pretty much the rest of the day together >week into it she comes up with the "what are we doing here" talk, saying she doesnt want anything serious how shes still in tears when she sees something that reminds her of her ex >tell her its alright but we shouldnt spend that much time together which makes her quite sad >dont have much contact for a few days >thing just develop and a few days later we're back to spend most of the day together and sexting aswell >talk about sexual stuff quite alot, talk about both our sex fantasys, shes rather submissive, i tell her im kinda into easy bdsm / outside stuff which turns her on aswell >i suggest watching porn together whilst in skype >she hestitates at first but does it >watch a pornclip and both jerk off after the clip whilst beeing on skype >neither of us have done sexting nor jerking off whilst in skype before >this goes on for 2 months, feel like we're getting somewhere
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>How do you guys deal with rage? I just read a beta thread and I'm shaking with rage. Any tips? pic unrelated
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I'm going to be 20 in march and it feels like I've wasted the last 10 years and missed out on so many things. I didn't have any sexual experiences, I didn't work on my hobbies (I would be so good at them if I practiced all those years), I didn't go to university, I didn't go out much and only went to a few parties, I didn't take advantage of my youthful appearance and now I'm going to start aging, I have no social skills to speak of and no experiences. Life is short and I've just wasted a whole decade of it that I won't ever get back. I will never catch up to all the people who studied and practiced at their hobbies from their early teens and built up a mastery of those fields. I will never know what I would have looked like if I ate my vegetables all those years. I feel really shitty about it, no matter how I reassure myself. I just feel like I want to be a child again and start all over from the beginning. How do I get over it?
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Hi, /adv/. I'm having severe depression problems lately. It's like everything starts off well and good then just one thing can kill it all. One thing can bring me down for weeks or months. I don't believe I'm a manic depressive, but my depression always ruins everything I love to do. I'm starting classes next week and I don't even feel prepared. All my thoughts are banging at my brain like a drum..it's overwhelming and disturbing..I really wanna just sleep, it's the only thing that stops my thinking, ya know? No one in my house can help me either. My mom is a self centered bitch for the most part,and unless she feels like using me for money, she sees me simply as her black sheep lesbian daughter, older brother is a drug addict who I don't know if I can trust or not because he is known to be manipulative and selfish, the other older brother is an idiot who molested me as a child, always comes over and when he does I want to kill him or myself(constantly talks about how Tupac is his brother and shit like that). I have three older sisters, one is living in Florida with her husband, the other is now currently in Georgia with her husband as well and the one living here is a manic depressive whore with anger issues. Sure, when she's on her meds maybe she can help me..but she's the kind of person who always wants something in return. The point is, I want to start taking medication, exercising(I'm not fat, I'm actually very thin, practically unhealthy really), eat more, go out more, play video games and actually enjoy them, remember things and actual events, become more knowledgeable, get a new job leave my home and be happy. I'm very introverted and have little friends. It doesn't bother me too much because people usually put a drain on me. I do have a loving girlfriend and I want to treat her like a queen, but my own feelings keep interrupting this. I want to FIX myself before I destroy myself. I just don't know where to start..please help me /adv/..
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>absolutely no viable careers for any of my passions >know if I go to school for something I'm not truly interested in I'll drop out >been going from shitty job to shitty job all 2012 What is a man to do /adv/?
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I am a short guy at 5'6" How do I get laid?
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how do i tell a friend that i've had for about a year that i really like her? ive been friends for her for a while. we're not like "omg im like a brother to her xD" texting all the time friends, in fact we don't talk a lot and only hang out on occasion, but i know her enough that i know i like her. shes single and kinda sorta seems to like me but idk :l. I don't wanna be all romantic or awkward to her or anything and im not necessarily interested in starting a relationship, i just want to let her know that i wan get sum o' dat a$$
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is petroleum engineering worth studying? is it travel + high salary + good engineering opportunities?
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Is suicide ever the solution? I have been living for a good 20 years now. With an academic talent I've created this bubble of going to lucrative jobs and earning a place in society. But with bipolar II disorder and horrible social anxiety this has proven challenging. Of course at times it's bearable, but with a horrible depressive period I rationalize and plan my suicide constantly. Now this is not for emo reasons. I have not had a tough childhood, on the contrary I would say it's been above average. I do not have any anger towards anyone, and I don't take pity in myself. I'm just being realistic. The way things are headed, I'll be living off of welfare for the better part of my life without ever being able to contribute to society. Love affairs have come and gone, usually ended because of the mood swings accompanying my disorder. Friendships likewise. I don't feel like there's any reason to prolong this existence. And from prior experiences I can tell I cause more harm than good in my family and in my social circles if you can call them that. So my question is. Is suicide justifyable in any case? Having tried for the better part of 5 years to cope with my problems through medication and therapy I don't exactly see myself improving. Any input is much appreciated, thank you for your time
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hey adv im doing exercise and a friend recommended me to wrap the torso with a trashbag to burn more calories also give me fatburners pills. is this method right?
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>Lose girlfriend of 2 1/2 years >get baker acted because "lol I'll die without her!" (seriously) >6 months later, back with mom in Central FL >start talking to a girl on OKCupid >not sure if I'm doing it right. Halp? Dumping pics of conversation
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Do you guys have any advice on making a good OKC profile? OR at least how to write a good message? I have been on this site since September, and only managed to get ONE IRL date out of it after spending obscene amount of time, effort, and sending lots of messages. I know I can send out more messages, but I only send messages to girl's profiles I actually like AND can come up with something to say. Anyone have a solid generic I can tailor in just a minute or two that would help me send messages to girls I have more trouble writing a custom message for? INB4 > writing custom messages > okc > where do you think we are?
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Hi /adv/ >19 >female >never been with or kissed a guy >virgin >high school drop out >Anti social >Anorexic looking >Dad left me and my mom when I was just 8 >My mom drinks a lot..and she is almost never home.. >no friends >I mostly stare at my window all day >I listen to explosions in the sky and sometimes cry myself to sleep >I hug my pillow and pretend it's the guy of my dreams.. >Won't somebody be my friend?? >I just need a friend... >daphnewilliams (steam)
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How long do I have until i fall into the friend-zone? I started classes 2 weeks ago and have started talking quite frequently with this asian girl who is in a few of my classes. She's always getting help from me, she asked once if I had a girlfriend and I stupidly didn't ask if she had a boyfriend because the class was too quiet and i felt embarrassed to ask. I guess my question is how can I ask her out without getting hugely rejected because I still have to face her 3 days a week. She is really busy and works a lot, when class is over she rushes to her job.
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alright, I'm setting up a new league account and need a retarded username that'll make everyone cringe. give me your best.
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Broke up with gf on Wednesday. We were together for a little over 2.5 years and we live together. I'm already making plans to hook up with another girl. Am I a piece of shit? I feel a little guilty about it.
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I know this thread is mostly about narcissists and histronics. But I am fairly sure I'm leaning in the direction on BPD. The basis for most of my problems is a fear of failure and rejection. In some ways it gets better, in other ways it's brought to the surface a lot more now I'm older. I present with all the symptoms, but on a low level, they impact on my life quite badly but no enough to be a threat to myself or others. I can hide how fucked up I am quite well, I'm mostly just a bit pathetic. I'm only 20, what can I do to learn to be more healthy? I don't want to grow up as that kind of person. I'm a good person, I'm loving and caring. I just can be a bit selfish, my mistakes always harm myself more than anyone else for the most part...but I've had awful breakdowns. If anyone has advice on the best treatment that I can access in the UK, the best way I can help myself I would be hugely grateful. I did this test a few times...my results. Warmth - 82% Intellect - 76% Emotional Stability - 36% Aggressiveness - 38% Liveliness - 58% Dutifulness - 54% Social Assertiveness - 42% Sensitivity - 82% Paranoia - 66% Abstractness - 92% Introversion - 52% Anxiety - 90% Openmindedness - 90% Independence - 82% Perfectionism - 50% Tension - 74%
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Hello /adv/, I've been dating a girl for several months now. We get along great, sex is good, nothing to complain in general. She got her bachelor degree last year and now she is doing a function within her university's faculty 'student advice organ' (I have no proper translation for this in English really. It's just a group of students who are connected to several study organisations from different studies and represent those). Because of that she has quite alot of diners and other meetings that goes with alot of foods and also drinks (wine). She is gaining weight pretty rapidly. She is complaining about this herself. And I must say she gained quite alot (she isn't a fat snob, but she has become chubby in a fairly short amount of time) and I am affraid she will actually become fat. I don't wanna insult her but I do wanna break it down to her and motivate her to lose the weight and get back in shape. Really, how do I explain this shit to her without being a total asshole? >Pic semi-related
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Any tips on improving my appearance? I feel pretty ugly right now so maybe just a few compliments will get me through the day.
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Hi /adv/ I cant express feelings like sadness, compasion, anger, excitment. This hasnt been a problem until i really fucked up a situation at home. Because i wasn't able to express myself my parents thought i didnt care. While i still got those feelings but cant express them. Any tips/advice tl;dr: i cant express feels

I don't seem to give a shit

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I don't seem to care much about anything. I'm agonistic and don't care either way about if there is a god/afterlife etc. Same shit for pretty much everything. My question is, is it normal to not care if you have friends? I have a handful that I hardly ever talk to and I might hang out with friends 1-3 times a month total. Last year I went 6 months without seeing any friends. I see family all the time and encounter random people in daily life so I don't see the big deal. This weird or?
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My parents left a voicemail asking me to go to dinner with them tonight I have no friends or girlfriend (basically, no reason not to go) and they know this what do i tell them to get out of going to dinner with them
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How do I hold her hand? Do I just grab it and pretend nothing significant just happened? (aka play it cool) How do I move in for the first kiss?
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Crippling fear of rejection/vulnerability that stops me from asking a girl out, texting friends first, posting on facebook, telling people secrets and dreams and just generally feeling anything. It fucking sucks. And I'm sick of it. Halp.
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I've posted about this as things have developed, but here's the current situation. Apologies if you've read any of this before. I would just like some input from /adv/. TL;DR: There is none. Read it or don't. So here’s the deal: I’ve known this girl for 7 years. I’ve liked her since forever, and she told me that she used to have a huge crush on me. She was always in a relationship, and I was too shy to make a move. The week before Christmas she ran away from her boyfriend at the time. They were living in another state and she ran away back to here to stay with her family because she was scared. When she got back into town we started hanging out a lot. Texting often, seeing each other every day, etc. We saw a movie, we did some cuddling, and eventually we had sex. When I was taking her home that night we had sex, she said she really wanted to hang out the next day. What ended up happening is she ignored me for all of Christmas week. I freaked out really bad. I told her I loved her. Now, this was obviously not the right thing to do. 1/3
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Hi /adv/, For reasons that I'd rather not name, I'd like to kill myself painlessly. I am aware of the usual anti-suicide arguments, but they really do not apply to me. This is only to speed along the inevitable, but painlessly instead. I live in the UK, so methods such as guns are not really viable. I'd also like to leave my family at as little risk as possible, so carbon monoxide poisoning would be a no-go. Can /adv/ help me out at all? Potassium Cyanide seems like a good idea (See picture), but I have no idea how to get a hold of this in England.
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Holla /adv/ So, I fall in love with a girl from my class. Apparently, she likes me too but both us cannot admit it nor even show it(she kinda shows it a bit), I tried to do some moves but didn't succeed, what can you advise me to do?
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So I went out on a date with the girl I like. I took her to the shooting range, we had lots of fun shooting my .22, and she was pretty impressed with my shooting (the look on her face was priceless when she saw that I hit that tiny target). Anyway, afterwards I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat, she said yes and we went to this sushi place. While we were waiting for our food, I was being too quiet and she noticed (I'm a quiet guy). She said "you really are quiet aren't you." and I said "well, that's just the way I am." She kind of rolled her eyes as she looked away from me. ;_; I was so fucking nervous. but once the food came, my quietness went away and once again we were having a good time. I think I may have saved my ass there. Uggh I just feel like I could have done so much better. I really thought she was beginning to like me at school because of all the nice thing she'd been saying about me, and now i'm convinced that she probably does not ;_; Do I still have a chance?
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Are women attracted to fit men? Does it make a difference?
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I have a date today, should I wear my game of thrones jacket or my the (possibly homosexual) american eagle jacket that my sister bought me?

Self help books

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How do you begin to trust people? I'm not going to write out some long sob story but have any of you read a particularly helpful book about gaining trust in others and shedding insecurity?
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Hey /adv/ i'm thinking about moving from my family home into a flat and i'm just wondering if it's hard living on your own or do i just have to get used to doing stuff on my own?
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I've finally gotten together with the guy I've had a crush on for like six years, after working for it (lost loads of weight, improved social skills etc). I used to be fairly wishy-washy and wrote a lot of poetry inspired by him (it wasn't all terrible, honestly). Now I'm thinking of showing him some of them. How bad of an idea is this? Will he get freaked out? He's not a dudebro and does actually read and have some sort of interest in poetry but I'm worried it'd scare him off all the same.
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Anyone else ever have a problem with hygiene? I have a problem with hygiene in that I don't do it enough (every 4 days, min). Any advice/books to read on the subject?
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So /adv/.. There is this 9/10 girl.. eastern european, hell yeah. I'm a 8/10.. She's a friend of a friend and she's clearly interested on me. We spoke a couple times through fb but there is always one issue.. She calls me out, i reply, she reads, and never replies back.. True eg: >Her: How about we go out me and you only?? >Me: Yeah sure, we should grab lunch on friday if you want to >never replied. (al of this on fb.. how shameful i know) Another time: >Her: Do you want to come out tonight? >Me: Its freezing coold :x what are you up to? >Never replied. Obvious statements that she wants to see me, and we're not even "friends" or close friends, or nothing. Now i would appreciate femanons opinions on what's going on with this girl.. Is she expecting me to put pressure on her to take her out? I never txt again when she didin't reply so.. Is she just teasing and this is not worth the trouble? Am i becoming her emotional tampon? like i said we're not even friends and we don't talk about ours problems.. What's going on in this girl's head? This got me really confused and you femanons might clear my head on this. Anon's advices always welcome aswell.
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this girl "accidently" sent me a screenshot of my own text convo with her. It was just me telling her we should chill this weekend and her saying ok sounds good. After i got the screenshot she immediately texted me saying sorry don't know how i did that. I think this girl is crazy and/or crazy about me. Seems very nervous around me. She telling the truth or is she sending this shit to her friends or something - should i be worried?
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Hey /adv/ got any tips for getting over a breakup?
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oh kay what now?
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Hey /adv/, I'm putting a resume/CV together for the first time. What exactly do I do? I have the basic details down, previous experience, and education, but what about hobbies and a personal statement? How long do they have to be? My personal statement as it stands is two lines long. I'm not sure if I should write more or less than that. What about a cover letter? What do I even write there? Any help would be honestly, very much appreciated. I'm not going for a professional job or anything, just for a part-time one in some stores.

is love worth the risk?

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sup /adv/, im here yet again.. since the world is now a fucked up place, i would like to ask, is falling in love worth the risk? fell in love once and the girl broke my heart real bad that i was depressed for about 4 months like a massive faggot i tried so hard to maintain the relationship, told her i love her everyday, call her everyday, not a day goes by where i dont text her (its like im the female in the relationshit) then out of the blue she called it off. the same thing happened to my bro and best friends.... im not saying we're the good guys but, i thought girls would kill to get guys like us and yet we were dumped. so /adv/, is trying too hard not attractive? im a 5/10 male but i have a twin (girls at my place find twins attractive), so basically, i can get any girl i want if i try hard enough. i want a serious relationship so once again, is relationship worth the fucking risk of being miserable 4 months after the breakup? tldr; >is falling in love worth the risk? >why do tryhard guys get dumped?
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>be 18 >had incredibly disruptive childhood. >been to 8 different schools all in different citys, some in different countries. >the only people that have really stayed is my sister. >Even mum and dad came and went (even more unstable than my schooling situation). >Go to uni. >Think everything will be fine. >Realise I miss her. >Try not to cry. >Cry a lot. Fuck /adv/. How do I get over this? I miss our late night talks when she would wake me up because she couldn't sleep, making me late for school. I miss her "Diets" which would always end with some fast food. I miss our ridiculously inappropriate. Our childhood has made it so I cannot feel that close to people, Hell when a few of my friends told me they loved my like their brother, and would die for me, I was confused. To me they were just more people I was going to move away from, they was temporary, but me and my sister always had each other. She was the only constant. What do?
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>21 >no social life >warcraft player for two years, wake up - wow - sleep. >recently quit, sold my account for a couple grand. >educated up to my G.E.D. >going to college this year >no social skills What now /adv/? I'm going to go to college but please tell me how a 21yo male who's pale and skinny as fuck with no social skills and no facebook is going to get a social life. I'm afraid people are going to think I'm gonna shoot up the school or something. What can I do to jumpstart this shit and get rid of shyness/lonerness so I don't feel like a freak in school?
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Well. I need advice. So I came to /adv/. On Thursday night, I got drunk. Very drunk. I messaged a girl a bunch of stuff, and basically asked her on a date. Facebook tells me she saw the message only 7 minutes after I sent it, but she hasn't replied. I do actually want to take this girl on a date. I just.. don't really know what to do now. Do I bring it up to her? Blame it on the alcohol? Do I just ignore it, pretend it didn't happen..? I assume she doesn't share the same feelings, or she would have said something by now.
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is it possible to get back with your ex? if it is, how?
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So /adv/, there's a girl I like. Problem is, she's 16, and I'm 20. I don't want to date her until she's at least a year older, because I think it'll be creepy, and judged as such by others. However, I don't want her dating someone else in the mean time. Do I tell her now, knowing that it'll take a year after that for us to date, or just stick it out and wait?
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I want an androgynous badass girlfriend who'd be willing to take the lead and actually enjoy my shyness. Do such things exist?
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So I got a note in the mail today- from my Sunday School counselor, a man we'll call Luke. The note basically said that he misses me coming to Sunday School and asking me to tell him what's up and how everything's going. He also put in that he has prayed for me. Now Luke, is a really nice guy; probably one of the nicest I know. But the thing is, I'm agnostic and I just don't really believe in the Christian God. I wouldn't mind start going back to Sunday School, just to learn more about the theology. But I haven't come out about my agnosticism to anybody except my siblings, not even my parents. So here is my question, /adv/, do I start going back to Sunday School? And if I do, what do I tell Luke? The truth- that I don't believe in the Christian god, or bs something up?
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>tl;dr how do i tell a friend that i am in relationship limbo with that i need commitment? i've have a female friend, a best friend that i was in the friendzone with for 2 years, that as of a week ago have been in a weird inbetween dating situation with. a week ago, after having a fight about our relation to one another, she kissed me and said that she wants to see where it goes, that she realized she had loved me the whole time. the problem is that i am immensely insecure when it comes to situations like this. i find myself getting jealous for no reason, and last night i freaked out when she hung up on me abrubtely when a guy started talking to her at a party. i lost my shit, and it is because i am not comfortable being in a non-committed "relationship" with her. i want her to commit, if that makes sense? tomorrow she is coming over to spend the day and night with me. but earlier this morning on the phone i asked if she was mad at me and she said that she was mad at herself. i asked her why, and she said that we should talk about it earlier. i queried her about if it had to do with me, or if it was something that would upset me. she said it would upset me, and i asked if she thought kissing me was a mistake. she said no, and that she had to go. her an i tend to make up from disagreement easily, but i am afraid ive already fucked up and she thinks our situation is a bad idea. when honestly, i wouldnt be jealous and freak out at her if i knew she was committed to whatever is going on between us. how do i tell her this without freaking her out? i dont want to ask her to be my girlfriend, i want to know that right now she keeps me in mind.. if that makes sense? so i am not so insecure. will elaborate if needed. pic unrelated.
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Working in a company. I'm applying for various other jobs while working in this one, but have no idea how I'm going to attend an interview at all. There's no annual leave allowed for people under probation (3-6 months before you're confirmed). In my experience so far all interviews I've been to were conducted during office hours. I leave the office well past office hours as you're expected to only leave after the boss. Things like death of a relative or medical leave have to be backed up with documentation. I'm not even allowed internet access at my workstation until confirmation, even though it would make my job easier. Anyone been in this predicament before? I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
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Is she hitting on me?
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What's better for footjobs: Fishnet stockings Nylon stockings Cotton socks (thin or thick) etc. I want to know what feels better beforehand.
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Anons of /adv/, please help me understand what's going on in this female's mind: She's an older coworker, she was always very flirty and smiled a lot around me, so i asked her out, she avoided giving me a straight answer, then i asked her out again the next day, she said "I'll think about it", so i completely gave up and stopped giving her attention anymore, this happened a few weeks ago, she seemed not to care until a few days ago, she started approaching me again, making up excuses to talk to me, touching my arm given any little opportunity and smiling at nearly everything i say. Yesterday, to my surprise, she asked me to go take an icecream with her after work, we did, she wanted to pay but i refused to ler her and paid everything myself, we talked a lot and then when we were leaving, she said "wanna go out sometime next week?" I just don't get what's going on guys, she just asked me out, right? Then why she dodged my advances two weeks ago and didn't talk to me for a while? Was she just being friendly or this is definitely a green light to go for her now?
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Hey guys. There's this girl that I'd like to ask out for a coffee. We don't chat a lot, but I have been on one date with her; that was seven months ago though. Would it be considered strange if I did ask her, despite my infrequent conversation with her? Honestly, I'd like to get to know her better, and I feel such a harmless "date" like this would help me do so. I have the message all typed and everything, just wary and shy about hitting Submit.
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tl dr how do you delete history on the windows registry editor? Can you even check history on the registry editor? I need to hide some shit from a roommate.
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I've been thinking for the past 2 months to reconnect with this girl I have not spoken to for a year now. I somehow got her phone number and I can message her on FB. But......there is a huge back story to why we haven't spoken. In short, she has a lot of issues with her image, addictions, and self esteem. Me, I wanted to help her just give her some damn confidence with herself but that ended up creeping her out. I have nothing to lose but just the thought that I'm pissing in the wind bothers me. Not seeking a relationship, fwb, or anything of that nature. I just flat out miss the strange conversations with her. pic not related
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Sorry if /adv/ isn't the right board for this, but I just couldn't think of any other place to go. >have a close friend on Steam >suddenly stops logging in >has been this way for the past 11 - 12 days >friend has been erraticlly logging into Skype during this time, but doesn't respond to anything I say to them I've known this person for 4 years now, they've never done something like this before. I'm actually a little worried.
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i got flirted with for the first time, while looking for bolts in a hardware store. she asked if i needed help, i explained i was just searching for random parts, and she told me i looked really familiar. since my college classes aren't normal campus ones i just told her where i worked, she was kinda cute i guess but i didn't take any action when presented with pretty obvious body language, she got a little closer than typical stranger conversation distance, and then she came back right as i was finishing writing my sales sheet on the cover of the hardware bag, just to see how i was doing. i definitely didn't even look up when i said i was ok, and i just paid and left. i felt bad after leaving but now i'm just wondering what i'm missing. it's like getting flirted with was actually making it worse, i can talk to most people no problem. help?
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>be femanon >just got out of 5 year toxic relationship >first bf >panicking I'll never be loved again
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Fuck this fucking shit, why am I such a pussy? You know back when I was kissless virgin I thought it'd be some kind of feat of courage to hit on chicks at parties and get laid, I thought I'd be a real alpha male then. Well fuck that, it literally requires 0 courage after you get over the initial apprehension because you don't have anything to lose. After I started uni last august I've hooked up with 7 chicks or something but I STILL cannot do ANYTHING about the girls I actually like. I still haven't been to a single real date in my life. Now there's this girl I've been friends with for some months, she's such a great person and so goddamn pretty too... I think she even might like me but I'm not doing any good to that by hitting on random chicks and ignoring her when we're at the same party. How the fuck do I get over being such a pussy?
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Well, fuck, /adv/. My tongue slipped and I told my girlfriend I love her. Obviously, she didn't take it very well and said we'll talk tomorrow about this. Well, /adv/, how do I unfuck myself out of this situation. I thought of either giving her some time or dumping her so I can go search for some other girl who can be with me without me thinking what I'm about to say, and if it's a good idea to say that. I'm clueless on what to do. Captcha: The Asucko

Have I been lied to this whole time?!?

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I honestly haven't a clue how good in bed I am, but during sex I get told I'm good, then I don't hear from them again. My first real partner said it was hard to make her cum but I managed it 50% of the time, and she didn't lie she just told me straight how to make her cum and when she was gonna cum. Last partner said she came 6 times in one session (shaking, gushing, spasms everything), then she makes excuses not to meet up again, and the lass before that said she came 5 times then she had to stop cause I hurt her. Then she told my bro that I was disappointing in bed and she expected more. MORE?! she was writhing around on my bedroom floor shouting "OH GOD OH MY GOD" after gushing all over my pillow and falling of my bed, my sister had to bang on the wall and tell her to shut up. am I doing something wrong? my dick isn't that small so it can't be that, can it?
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A little background I have been dating this girl (9/10 if that matters) for a couple weeks and things have been going OK. She's very quiet in public, very polite, proper, ect. At the start of our relationship she said, "I really like you, but don't expect super infatuation-style behavior, ie texting until 2am every night, wake up phone calls, and the like I am completely fine with this. A girl who has an amazing personality and won't put me through the stupid "cute games" part of the relationship. >will continue
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If you overdose on medicines, and fail, are there any lasting consequences, like stomach problems, or fugue ?
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So I have a female friend who wants to take me to a club and be my "wingwoman". Shes 23 I'm 19 and a kissless virgin how good/bad is this idea?
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Are you an awkward person? What's the most awkward situation you faced?
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hey adv I'm not really sure this is the right place to ask but can you reccommend me some youtube worth subscribing to. I'm interested in self development and science (physics, biology, psychiology, sociology), even phylosophy and spirituality thanks pic unrelated
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I'm going to dump my boyfriend the next time we speak. How do I make it as painless as humanly possible?
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What are the chances that watching porn since I was 7 and having my aunt grab my dick at night has had a negative effect on my sex life? Kissless virgin btw
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How do you kiss a girl?
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Had my first date yesterday! Told her I liked her and wanted to see her again. How long should I wait before I text her?
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Is there a non-creepy way to approach someone on Facebook? I went to an anime movie showing a few weeks ago, which was notable for being the only showing in the area. Afterward I checked the Facebook page for the company that brought it over to post about it and I noticed a girl who had also posted saying that she enjoyed it. Normally I wouldn't have taken too much note except that her profile pic made it look like she was dressed as a character I like. I clicked to her profile and she was. Not only that but she is only a year younger than me and going by all of her 'likes' she seems to like similar things to what I like and lives in the same town as me. I felt like a creeper though and ended up closing the page but I keep thinking about this girl that I've never met. Advice?
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Hi /adv/ I went on some crappy NEET course yesterday. Some activity challenge with a group at a University. I have to see an advisor for signing in on Wednesday. She asked me to tell her how it went. I can't think of a good way to put it to her that I didn't like the course. I haven't expressed myself a lot with these people except in anger once and I get the sense they are rather offish when being told something they don't like. picture unrelated
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I'm probably letting this fuck with my head too much, but there's this guy I've known for a few months... We kissed a few times, fooled around a bit, but haven't had sex. We used to text back and forth and talk on the phone very frequently, but since I saw him a few days ago, it's been one word answers on his behalf, and I always have to be the one to initiate conversations with him. Now, of course I acknowledge that he has a life outside of me, but in general he seems like the kind of person that isn't necessarily glued to his phone, but checks it fairly regularly. I'm trying to give him space and not be one of those girls that obsesses over texts and such... but how do I tell if he's lost interest?

Anxious dad raising newborn

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Any Protips for raising a newborn? i suffer from pretty severe anxiety. I'm not sure if i have some slight autism or aspergers or what but, certain sounds like chewing, slurping, loud breathing make me cringe and shut down. it feels like i want to slam my head against a wall or jump out of my skin. anyways, i am lucky to have a newborn baby boy. He is 2 weeks old. I was so excited for him to come. Since he's been here it has been very difficult. My wife has not included me in raising the child because i often get anxious and have to leave the room at night when the baby cries. I try my absolute hardest to relax and endure the endless shrieking and fussing, but i cannot tolerate it like she can. She just doesn't understand my condition or the way i feel. it really sucks because she thinks that i don't love her or the baby enough, that i am being impatient, or pissy. It's just so hard /adv/ i feel like i wasn't cut out for this whole father thing. I want to give up and leave her. any advice for me? I'm struggling bad
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hello adv I've fapped all night for the last 3 days my foreskin is puffy and sore how do I hasten its recovery?
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ok /adv/, I have been seeing someone for about a year. I love them, on the whole they make me happy. There are somethings they do that irritate me, upset me or annoy me. Petty things but they build up. I am planning to move in with them in the next year and we have practically lived together for a few months. They say I make them happy becuase I make everything else OK, but being with me in person makes them sad as I am a depressive person. I am depressed, and have been for years. Not always very depressed but a good week for me is one where I don't want to off myself during it. How can I make myself seem a happier person whilst working on my issues in the background (as I always am, I am making slow progress) tl;dr - How do I pretend to be happy whilst making myself happy.
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Ok /adv/ First time posting. Ever since a few years ago i've had this pimple-ish thing that grows on my nose time to time. So anyway, it usually pops itself when i dry myself off after a shower(abrasion from towel). Then I'll squeeze it and it'll deflate and be fine. Anyway, had one for the past week and it popped tonight. No deflation after squeezing. Any idea what it might actually be? Pops up every odd month on the nose.
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How do I get rid of my 4chan addiction? I'm wasting so much time here please kill me
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in the military atm for 1 year, gonna study afterwards. I'm still unsure about what to study, as I got mixed feelings with what I want to work as later. Right now, this is what it stands between: Bachelor in Economics and Business, possibly masters afterwards. Engineering and lower tier would be Logistics, Human Resources and Law. Question is, what would be the best "all-round" degree to have with me if I want to fall back on something else? And if I want to enlist to the military in a few years as an Intelligence Operator, what would be the best choice for that?
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/adv/ I'm in love with this girl and I want to text her, but I don't know the right thing to say to start off a conversation smoothly. We're been friends for a little under a year and there are 2 guys that love her aswell. A creepy dude who I know who pokes her, etc. And her bestfriend / one of my good friends. What should I do, I don't want to make it obvious that I'm just another one of them.
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How do I know if its time to give up? I've been with the same guy for 3 years. I've left him and he's left me but we've always came back to each other. I've cheated on him, and I'm very ashamed and sorry. We've been fighting since December. Sometimes it's all fine, but most of the time it's not. I've been really depressed and I know leaving will make him depressed. Essentially, I'm his only real friend. His home life is terrible and I just don't want to leave him alone and depressed. But I just don't know what Id do without him. I feel so torn. A part of me wants him. The other part doesn't. I just want to be happy and I just don't know what to do.
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>tfw all your friends have girlfriends >tfw you're a kissless virgin
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Ok here is my problem, Recently i had lots of girls speaking with me, and about 5-6 girls ended giving me her phone number, asking to do something in a few. Every single time i call them back, she seems to be always busy, and finally says no to my invite... I don't feel like i'm being annoying because i insist too much, i usually speak with her then ask her like 3-4 day after they asked. tl;dr girls giving me their phone number never accept to do something a few time later what do?

Love Triangle / wat do?

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So well basically: > Meet gurl go out a couple of times nothing happens > I know she has BF he is other side of the world > Third one we got drunk end up in bed > Say no feelings but fuck buddies > Next week we fuck like rabbits everyday I stay at hers all week > She starts telling me that she loves me > I feel so excited been alone for 2 years > I like her too much but know she's a party girl > BF comes back but he doesn't even live here in town he is like 400 miles away other city They have shitty 5 year relationship almost no sex or pasion.... Girl is slutty and he seems not to care that much or IDK (maybe i want that) On the other hand even if she had feelings for me i know she travels a lot and like boys a lot i don't know if i could ever trust her... i don't want to be the one she fucks up her relationship with... I feel so confused,. also im 31 and she's 22... fuck me she's the stereotypical moody girl (no father figure, mom died recently) she does study and work... i mean i could never haver a serious relation ship here... My biggest fear is not that this ends but that it might grow even bigger and blow up on my face. any words?
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I wanted to ask about some problems I was having to see what you guys thought I should do. I will go through a litle boring history and then lay down the main points. I have been working a lot recently in tech support and doing pretty well. I have recently moved from over seas where I was living with my mom to move into my dad's place. I have a little money now but making decisions is a bitch. I need some input. -First problem is that he is manic depressive. I think his pills have strange side effects. I am afraid that some of the turmoil caused by mental illness can affect those living in close quarters. Am I wrong? If I feel affected, should I be asking a doctor? What do you think my next big step should be? I am currently pretty lonely and maybe just need more interesting people in my life. I am living in Dallas where its almost like there is too much to do and too much to choose from. Am I wrong here?
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I just dont want to see my girlfriend as often as she wants to see me. I like her a lot, but I can easily go a week without seeing her, while she goes nuts after a day. She insists on calling me every night when we are not together. I have lots of things going on, I like and must prioritize my hobbies and I must stay in touch with my friends, which leaves maybe three nights a week for my girlfriend. Is this unreasonable? Is there any way I can make her understand this, without upsetting her? She has this insane power over me, whenever I pull away just a little bit she starts off by pointing out that she likes me more than her and that this is upsetting, before she goes into sad mode and just accepts everything I say which makes me feel like an awful guy. She is just extremely brittle. Please help.
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/adv/ ... My boyfriend is ignoring me :( How do I capture his attention and be irresistible to him?
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How's it going /adv/, I would like to ask for your advice on making an online dating profile. I've never done this before, and my circumstances prevent me from meeting girls in a more traditional way. I understand that there are a ton of dating sites on the internet, I plan to sign up for OKCupid. How would I go about making an interesting profile? I'm at a loss as to what pictures I would upload. I really don't have any extreme pictures of myself doing fun things and I don't want to upload a half-naked picture of myself onto the internet. What do I do? pic unrelated.
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Hey /adv/, I was just wondering what is a good way to start a text conversation with a girl. I have had experience with being good at this in the past but, I've been out of the game for a while. New lady who definitely wants me to show interest but I am drawing blanks as to how to start it. Don't troll me here and say I should wait for her, us men have to take the initiative sometime.
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I feel like my mental stability is slowly declining as the months (and years) pass. I'm 24 now and I've never been more of a recluse before. At work (not sure how I still work, because it's a very crowded work place and I dread the thought of going in every day) I get very paranoid, have bad anxiety, can barely make eye contact or hold conversations with people, and I'm very very self-conscious sometimes. 4-5 years ago I had none of these problems. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any supplements or medications that would work in these circumstances? Or meditations/ music/ lifestyle changes? Any personal experience?
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It's hard for me to simply leave the past behind. Because every time when it seems like nothing that would have me feeling self conscious is going to happen I start to feel very uncertain and paranoid. This would be my fault for letting people take advantage of me and being confused about whether that I should act or not. This would affect me every time I'm at home or college when I'm trying to study. I just can't but dwell on it. So what should I do?
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Is it too much to ask a girl that's into me (only as of the last week or so) out to a party tonight? Keeping in mind I only met her for the second time two nights ago She would probably only know one of the other folks coming too


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Hey /adv/. I’m really trying hard on making a new copypasta that will be really good, so let’s go for my GoodGuyGreg’s advice thread. I’m a regular guy from Czech republic, 22 years old, currently at an economics college. By luck I had the opportunity to become a great social person through my life. When I was a little kid I grew up in a big hotel in the Giant mountains, thus I got to meet different people every week. Then I continued to grow up in a skiing town where my parents ran a small family hotel. Later on I went to a diplomatics school in Prague, where I got (luckily) to learn a lot about girls, since there was about an 1:9 ratio of guy vs. girls. Since then I’ve been in two serious relationships, more then ten casual flings and had the honor to have sex with more then seventy girls. During roughly the last year I’ve discovered that I really enjoy helping people battle their problems and I come here to offer you knowledge about asking girls out, dating, pick-up and anything else can. General: >Luck You’re going to need luck to live a happy life. But since luck is just statistics, you can have influence on the odds. Or as the Bible says „God helps those who help themselves“ >Courage Works in connection with luck. Basically everytime you are brave you give luck a chance to work it’s magic. >Humor Whether it’s going to be to make the girl of your dreams laugh or to cheer you up after a tough break-up, humor is the essential. And actaully not that hard to comprehend once you look deeper into it. >Hygiene I guess this one is painfully obvious. If you look like a hobo, are grease or God forbid you smell, then you wont be getting anywhere with your life. >Style This doesnt mean following the latest fashion trends. It’s having a person style that suits you, suits the situations in which you find yourself. And there is one more imporant thing I’d like to say right in the opening post. >IF YOU LIKE A GIRL, YOU ASK HER OUT FOR A DATE.

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