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Threads added between 2013/01/20 04:00 and 2013/01/20 10:00

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I need some help getting over my misogyny. Is there any advice anyone can give me on this? I just pity the shit out of women, and I have such a hard time taking them seriously. Even the girls who are interested in me I find absolutely detestable. So many women have cheated on their boyfriends with me. I have been cheated on by a women. All of my female friends are extremely stupid and boring. Can it just be my crowd? I don't respect a single woman. I respect a ton of men though. It's getting in the way because I'd like to try another relationship again at some point but I hate every female I meet. A lot of times I'll wind up fucking them and then feel terrible after, and then I have to go through a lengthy process of getting them to fuck off. I never saw myself as this much of a sleazebag, but I can't help it. I just hate women. Fuck. What do I do?
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So, /adv/, I have strong feelings for two completely different girls: >first girl I lost my virginity to 3 years ago >she moved away >casually "dating" currently, if you can call it that, we skype a lot and play videogames on steam >she said she's going to visit me this year >hopeful, but it's uncertain whether that will actually happen >to me, she's a 10/10, I haven't been attracted to a person more than I am to her >she really isn't right for me though, has lots of issues, cheated on me and hurt me etc etc >goes between being sweet, where we get along wonderfully and have fun, to dramatic and argumentative >I know that I shouldn't want to be with her given our history, but I do regardless >second girl I haven't met in person yet, but she could potentially be visiting me this year too >have known her for nearly 3 years also >we consider each other best friends and have grown incredibly close >have weird feelings for her that I honestly don't fully understand >basically I just want intimacy with her, but not necessarily sexual intimacy >deathly afraid of telling her how I truly feel because she might not be reciprocal and I don't want to risk the best friendship I've ever had >would only tell her in person and she isn't definitely 100% visiting me this year, so I may not even get the opportunity I care about them both very deeply, but in very different ways. When I first dated the first girl, she was my first pretty much everything (kiss, sex, love) and for 6 months I felt so happy and in love, really strong feelings. I don't feel that for her anymore, but I still find myself caring about her. I'm thinking of just having a nice time with the first girl if she does indeed visit me, and ending things and getting closure when she leaves. As for the second girl, I really don't know how to approach that. Thoughts?
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I am completely fucking freaking out on weed right now. I have anxiety disorder and I knew this wasn't a good idea in the first place. What should I do to calm down?
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beard/facial hair advice?
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Femanons, would it be wise for me to avoid my pelvic exams and pap smears? I'm at that age where I should get my first but I'm thinking of avoiding it. I'm transitioning so I'll have my parts removed within a few years anyway, so what's the big deal right?

What to do with my life

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I am 25 (almost 26) and I am at a point of my life where I am worrying about what to REALLY do with my life. I graduated from UC San Diego as a human biology major (BS) two years ago. My general GPA is kinda crappy, 2.99. With that GPA, I am pretty much screwed with most grad school admissions. I'd say it was 70% my fault. I kinda lost interest in it my 3rd year and my grades slipped. I was a B student. I am trying to get into a radiology program (Associates) at my local community college. However, I need 2 prerequisite classes (anatomy and anatomy 2). Unfortunately, those classes get fulled a few days before I can even register for them. I checked another community college, but those classes were full too. I actually got my first job at age 25 (recently). I worked at the post office as a casual. It was ok. Of course, when I turn 26, I won't have health insurance anymore. So my grades suck and my job history sucks too. I am trying to start an anime store. I have a few local suppliers/wholesalers. I know two japanese wholesalers, but they are not ideal in terms of pricing, accessibility or solicitation speed. My shop is up, trying to get exposure and my first customers. My goal is to have the best prices out of all the other US based store. I would like to do do it as a job, but making a living out of this is probably not probable in the long run. I spent a year off to "find myself". I was designing clothes on and off during that time period. I was designing clothing that were based on anime character designs. Cosplay/Casual clothing. It had good reception from various people and I got a lot of input from various communities. Alas, I stopped perusing it. Lack of sewing knowledge and lack of consistent source of fabric (correct fabric). That was a big time waster. I just don't know what to do with myself. It is just depressing. This is also my first post on 4chan. I think i've only been on here 2-3 times since its inception.
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My IQ is 187 I'll be active on this thread for 2 hours if you want advice.
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Who needs advice? Ask me anything and I'll give the answer that will suit you best. Bear in mind that advice is a very dangerous commodity.
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/adv/, tonight, one of the closest friends ive gotten to know, fucking hates me now because she thinks I said something about her. She doesent beleive me when I say I never said anything. She blocked me on facebook and now is going to tell all my friends im a heartless asshole. What should I do? >tl;dr Friend is mad and is gonna spread shit about me

Another relationship thread

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I've started tutoring a girl who's in her final year of high school. I'm one year her senior, and we know each other marginally well - and sometimes I suspect that she has an attraction to me (I can list reasons if you want; it's not only vanity). The last time I helped her out (last week), we only spent about two hours working and then about an extra five where she kept showing me things in her room and we talked about France, literature and science, then listened to music while sitting side-by-side on the couch (she was curled up against the arm, so it wasn't *that* close). So, the main question: is it a sound idea to try to initiate some kind of physical contact next time we meet, if the mood is as open (vis. touching, maybe a tickle)? I was just suspecting that it might be an idea to try it out before I enter the confirmed friendzone, considering that I am a confirmed virgin and have never had a relationship in my life.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 4.jpg]
I have 2 weeks to prove to myself that I can be an alpha male and get laid at a party. If I don't, I will accept my fate that I can never be alpha. What can I do to put my self in the best mental and physical shape of my life to help me lose my virginity?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 119498958977780800stop_sign_right_f(...).png]
I've been thinking about ending my life a lot lately. I get so overwhelmed with depression that I just feel like I'm going to freak out. I just don't want to live anymore. I can't bring myself to give a fuck about anything anymore. I've been experimenting with drugs and drinking and I hate myself for it. Most people just say "man up" or "get over it" but its not that fucking simple. I'm constantly depressed and I can't do shit about it and I cant bring myself to even try because I don't give a fuck anymore. I don't know if anyone could help me or say something that will make me want to live but I really need help.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 80132f774d1ba12a5d2a86551a2e.jpg]
There's a 5min doc contest about poverty that I'm considering entering. If I were to enter, I'd probably go track down this guy (in pic) and see if he'd let me chill with him for a few days, documenting his life with his dog, Smokey, and how Smokey isn't allowed in shelters so he won't go either. I've met him before on the streets and we've chatted a bit, and he seems like a really nice dude. I actually wanted to keep in contact when we met. I also asked /p/ for advice, but I was wondering if you guys think this would be a bad idea and if not, had any tips on how to handle it, etc. He's 23 and he's been homeless since he was 18. I'm, well, 18 and female. Normally gender wouldn't matter, but it's essentially meeting a stranger.
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Anyone know of a good game for a virtual girlfriend ? I would like a real one, but I don't know how to find one.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1353494724853.gif]
What is the risk of gangrene when cutting the blood flow to your testicles and they die
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so this chick came up to me in a hardware store and asked me what i was looking for. she told me i looked really familiar, so i lied to her and told her i'd only been coming to this university for a year, and that i didn't go to class on campus, and i worked nights. she laughed, said "oh, well... good luck finding your stuff" and seemed to stand there a minute more before walking off. she came back seeing how i was, peeking over her hands on the end of the shelves, and made a little sigh when i was again all business and dismissive. but she was cute, and for the first time i got the feeling i was being flirted with. unsure what i'm doing. upset at myself.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 2765-3927-11500.jpg]
As the female, how do I make the first move? Me and a guy have had a thing going on between us for roughly a month but its nothing official/exclusive. We cuddle, hug, spend time together and do general things couples do. We havent kissed however. Its very obvious that he is into me and I definitely share this feeling. I want to be the one who makes the first move and turns this "thing" into something more... But I dont know how to do that. What should I say? How should I say it? Where, When... I also want to be the one to initiate the first kiss between us, but again I'm not sure how to do that. I guess I'm looking for tips on how to go about doing these things. I'm not afraid of rejection since I know he wants this too, I just want to do it as fluidly and memorably as possible. I'm kind of awkward so I'm afraid of doing/saying something stupid. Help?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Lightning_by_Stock_by_Kai.jpg]
Hello /adv/. How do I go about asking my boyfriend if we can have a threesome? A couple weeks ago, I had a dream I was fingering another girl and came in my sleep. I like the d, but I'd like to experiment with bringing another girl into the picture. The only problem is I don't want to do it soon. We only recently started having sex, and I don't want to mess anything up. So how do I maybe suggest that I'm interested without rushing things? And what do I do if he says no? I don't want to hurt our relationship.
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how does one ask another out?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 2Pac+tupacclassicpgi.jpg]
Alright, so I've found the girl of my dreams.. And I'm pretty sure i've fucked everything up with her, what do i do?


20 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1357176124045.jpg]
My girlfriend just asked me "hypothetically, if we broke up could we still be friends?". I had an inkling that she might have cheated on me, but i chalked it up to paranoia because there was no proof. This makes me second guess shit, but all i have is a gut feeling. Whats your opinion on this /adv/?

Liking a particular TYPE of woman?

7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: vida_guerra_test.jpg]
I don't know what it is.. but I really like women with tattoos and piercings. I am a black guy and I think not many women like this are attracted to black guys which leaves me in a bit of a pickle... I like heavy metal too but if you are black and go to a heavy metal concert.. you stick out like a sore thumb. I just never feel confident in myself around these types of women but I just happen to really like these types of women.. especially the ones with large tattoos. Am I hurting myself by limiting my choices? I don't really like many other types of women. how receptive are women with tattoos and piercings towards black guys? pic not really related to what I like.. but whatever.

What do now?

22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Untitled.png]
I'm 20, she's 19. We both ran away from our home two years ago and met each other at our friend's house. She fucks him, next night she fucks me and the the one after that she let's me do anal. At this point she's still 17 and the police eventually find her (don't ask me how, but apparently they tracked the ip adress of the house due to her using facebook) Okay, I decide to leave too. We meet up a week after that at her parent's house and we start dating. We both are addicted to weed. I work through the summer and occasionally stay at her house for the night. Eventually her parents let me move in. Live in the house for 8 months. In house pussy and we smoke weed whenever we had money to get it. At the end of the 8 months i get kicked out for lying to her mom about having a job. I had saved up enough money to get a loan on a car and we moved in to my mom's house. A month later my mom kicks us out because we don't have jobs and continue to smoke weed. So then we start living in my car (summer 2012) Pretty much hangout with the whole underground crowd of kids who just do drugs and party. Mid september my car get's towed because i haven;t payed the bank anything. We moved back into my mom's house and I land an awesome job at P.F Chang's. Okay she wrecks my mom's car and my mother flips the fuck out and told her to move out. I'm so fucking whipped i actually moved into a hotel with my girlfriend and spend every check on extending our stay. I eventually get depressed because i'm not making any money since its being poured all into the hotel, so I don't even go to my job and lose it. Her family pays for the next month and a half, but at this point she had broken up with me. Meanwhile one of our drug dealer basically becomes her best friend and she spends night at his place. (he's 6 years older than me) One day before new years we had to checkout from the hotel ( 66 days) and no one would pay for it anymore. She moves into her grandparents house..
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1313814838778.jpg]
I feel like I can't meet people anymore, and I'm starting to feel depressed about it. I got off work early tonight and am tempted to head to the bar., but I'm not sure if i even want to, seeing as I'd just be going alone. what should I do?


1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
So,my fiance is in the army and is currently halfway around the world.he has cheated on me once before...should I be worried?
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: not sure if trolling.png]
Anybody else ever seen this? Or something like it? My instinct is that it's spam; although how it got this particular address is beyond me (as I've never let it out).
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 10.28.56 PM.png]
Hey Guys, Lesbian here. Anyways, the girl I tried really hard to be with didn't want me. So what do I do now?Where can I just go meet girls and not have to talk to them but get to have sex with them? What i've been enjoying lately is girls being dominated and raped....Pic Related


3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: pops.jpg]
hello /adv/, recently my mother has been thinking that my father is cheating on her with his employees. My father and I both know that he isnt, and we have seemed to get that thought out of my mother head for the moment. But now, just because my dad had his phone turned off during work, she thinks that he is trying to ignore her. She keep saying that all he cares about is his buisness, and that he doesnt love her. I tried to explain to her that my dad was born into a poor farming family and has worked hard to support both sides of the family. And he wants to make it so succesfull that the next generation wont have to go through the work, or the "ku" ( chinese for hard , stressful labor ) he went through. But she is oblivious to that fact. My dad doesnt talk much and he doesnt really express him self, but he know when he loves somebody. But i think my mom has forgotten that. Today, my mom drank a lot of white rice wine, and started to say this " He hates me, i love you larry, i have to see you get married, graduate, and have children. thats why i cant die, not yet, must live for him. My son. ". Tears are flowing down my face as i write this. So please /adv/ please tell me what to do to make things all better again. tell me how to get my parents to start loving eachother again. thanks
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 249533_269723563130326_235787146_n.jpg]
I need advise on starting a relation ship with this girl i really like. >pic unrelated
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: madotsuki83.png]
I made some online friends a few years ago and somehow they stuck with me all this time, long enough that I finally felt confident enough to visit them. Long story short, I realize just how miserable I am here, on my own, too afraid to even talk to cashiers. With no one to talk to in person. It's amazing having "friends." But I am completely unfamiliar with living on my own. I'm pretty self-sufficient as far as food and laundry goes, but, realistically, how much money would I need in order to move cross country? If I work hard and keep my spending to a bare minimum, I could probably have five to six thousand by the summer, at which point I'd lose my current well-paying job. I could probably get another thousand or two at a summer job if I try. I hear job markets are awful, but I'd be moving to a major city, and I'm not particularly picky about where I'd work. Only issue is that I can't drive, and it looked like a majority of the jobs I glanced at either required experience or a license. I wanted to get my driver's license before moving there, but after visiting and seeing what big city traffic is like, I'm scared shitless. I was also offered a roommate with one of my friends, but the details of that are a bit sketchy, as he doesn't know where he'll be living in the fall.
28 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tAG_152458.jpg]
My fucking stalker bipolar Ex ruining my current relationship. >In relationship with great girl, together for about 9 months now, Ex finds out. >Ex creates fake email accounts, sends shit to me like dirty emails, disguised voice messages, flowers, pretends to be female admin assistant I work with to try and set me up. Stirs up all sorts of drama and almost works until its exposed. >GF comes home one day to find soiled panties hanging on her doorknob with note, "This is what a real pussy smells like" >GF had to change email addresses, shutdown Facebook account from harassment. Ex kept putting her account into password recovery mode because she kept trying to get into it >Ex met with my GFs parents, pretended to be a close friend of my GFs that was secretly warning them about me and caused a temporary rift in my GF's relationship with her parents until we figured this one out too >Started whispering campaign among acquaintances, mutual friends that my current GF had Herpes because she was loose and gave it to me as well >Talk to Ex, rationalize with her, seems like I she finally is done with this crap and she finally agrees to apologize and back off >Two weeks later, she writes a fucking essay about the sexual things we used to do to my GF, attaches a photo album of very explicit sexual pics she had of us. Somehow she had found her new email to do this. My GF showed me this today bawling, asked me how could I ever be with such a girl before, why is she doing this? She says she loves me more than anything but she didn't sign up for this. I see her point, but I mean what the Fuck am I supposed to do here? My GF has never done anything to deserve this, and I've put her in this situation. How difficult is it to get an actual restraining order? Will it even make a difference to her? I am just so fucking done too. This is tearing my GF apart having to constantly go through this and she doesn't at all deserve this. I'm ready almost just to give up and be alone I guess.
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: gghj.jpg]
What does it mean when a girl doesn't want a relationship but says that you can be friends and still kiss and stuff? Is she just waiting for something better to come around? She says she doesn't want to hurt me and she *looks* like she enjoys kissing me, but is she just waiting for someone better or is she really just scared?
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_mdcqyifOgn1qabkwjo1_500[2].jpg]
Hi, /adv, is anyone here on ritalin or concerta? I'm a 27 year old male who appears to be functional but can't finish jobs and work long tasks. I really want to get on track, leave my parents house and try to have a decent career, I'm intelligent, full of ideas and can't bring any to term... My therapist says if I don't go to drugs she can't help me anymore. I'm really afraid of the collateral effects and the "zombiness" that a friend of mine on ritalin suffered... Care to share some experience on this?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: imgres.jpg]
Hey adv, on the lighthearted side, what's a nice bodywash? I'm female and I fucking love how men's bodywash/shampoo/etc smells. So before I go around smelling all the bottles, what's a nice one that isn't too overpowering? I'm a petite asian girl so it would be odd to smell like a lumberjack Also, would it be off-putting for a girl to smell masculine? Floral scents just don't do it for me
40 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: thefuck.png]
So what the fuck is going on here? I have a great response rate on this site and a lot of success with actually meeting girls irl from it, so I can't tell if it really is my fault or if this bitch is just autistic as all fuck.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
What has better job prospects/salary, a career path in business or economics? (Most relevant pic I could find, I'm also asking on behalf of a friend)
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mmm.jpg]
So a couple of months back I was out looking to buy cologne after a business meeting with these two other mates of mine. When I got to the place I went to the first salesperson I saw. It was this girl that showed me all the colognes. The whole time though it was really weird, it was as if she was really keen to sell me (she was really stiff and on her toes you could say). Turns out she was a traveller girl, which meant she worked for an agency that outsources workers to other businesses if they ever needed extra help and they don't earn commission. As the fucking moron that I am, I didn't initially realise that she was extremely infatuated with me. I realised it when one of my other mates came over and asked her what kind of 'Asian she was' (he's Arabic). She said 'Vietnamese' then he said ahh 'Anon's viet too'. I then turned around and said 'oh are you Viet too?' I was actually gonna bro-fist her but she suddenly just started laughing really loudly, and it wasn't the kind of laugh like the whole situation was dumb, but like as if she was really really happy. Not sure if you guys understand that kind of laugh but yea, it was almost extremely obvious that she had a thing for me (my mate even just looked at her for a few seconds when she was laughing, smiled then just walked away). Another weird thing was that every time she sprayed a sample onto a small strip of paper for me to smell, she never actually handed it to me, but always put it up to my nose herself. Not sure if this is normal, because usually they always hand it to me then I smell it myself. >continued
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1254960630287.jpg]
Is it normal to want to change the group of friends you hang out with? I've been friends with my group for at least 9 years. I've been through it all with them, I love them. But I just get irked and annoyed at their tendencies every now and then. It's a really hard thing to explain, but is it possible I'm just "burnt out" on my friends? I've caught up with some (other) old friends from high school and I chill with them maybe once or twice a month or so, and I feel happier around them. I'm not saying my current friends bring me down or anything, but these other guys just bring out a different me that I really enjoy being. I get a different aura. It's almost to the point where I much rather be chilling with these other guys than my current friends. Is this normal? Do I need to go M.I.A from my friends for a little? Am I a horrible friend?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1357422711434.jpg]
Tried this last night, but I never seen a response. I work with a girl, and we have talked before, I asked if she would like to hangout, she responded with a resounding yes, no pause to think or anything, and later I asked for her number, but I hadnt texted her until the other night. She has asked my friend if I am at work with him so she could say hi and sees if we are coming to see her, so I can guess theres at least a little interest there (and my friends married btw so theres no worry about her being interested in him.) I texted her thursday night with a simple "Hey its anon" and was going to start a conversation but she never replied. My friend didn't receive a text from her either so we thought maybe she was already in bed or something (but common sense would tell me she would just reply when she woke up or was free.) and my question is should I text her again or avoid total embarrassment if she doesnt reply this time and just see her in person another night this week and ask her about it ? TLDR: I wasnt text back by a girl who shows signs of interest, and I am confused as to how go forward without risking further embarrassment.
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 3cHNG.gif]
Hey /adv/ >relationshit Okay, now thats out the way, I have been with my girlfriend for nearly 3 and a half years. I love her more than I have ever loved anything, ever. But every now and then, I get these thoughts, or desires to have sex with other people. I don't know how normal it is, but I really hate my chemicals giving me this lust for other people. For example, I was minding my own business on the bus tonight, and this woman started flirting with me (she was fairly attractive) askin me if I have a girlfriend. I said I did, but something deep in me wanted to say no, just so I could see where it would lead. Don't get me wrong, I don't want another relationship with anyone else. I think my girlfriend is beautiful, and my heart is hers completely, but I still feel like having pointless sex with other people, just to get these goddamn desires out of my system so I can have a normal, loving relationship. She doesn't know any of this. I have one hell of a poker face, I know how to lie to people easily (doesn't mean I like it) and I keep my mind to myself, but its driving me mad. I absolutely hate lying to her because she deserves the best in the world but my mind can't help itself. So is this normal? How can I fix it? Should I tell her? How? tl;dr Have long term relationship with girl I love a hell of a lot and want a future with, but want to have NSA sex with other people. It's making me crazy. How do I fix it?
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 129104886045232820.jpg]
Roommates sister comes over and stays with us like once or twice a week. I don't have a problem with that because she's quiet and normally just watches tv or uses her laptop. She's always walking around in an open robe without a shirt or bra on and doesn't really acknowledge me being there. So I think she is autistic or has some sort of brain damage. How do I ask my roommate if his sister is a tard without being a dick? He works nights and I barely see him. "Hey dude you sister is walking around with her robe open. Is she retarded?" Seems awkward to me.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: images.jpg]
I've caught myself in the mirror or in videos looking like the hunch back of notre dame, and even when I'm up straight I have a bump at the nape of my neck, which after googling seems to be a Dowagers bump. I'm so self conscious of it I almost never wear my hair up. Anyway, it seems like I have to do a lot of exercising to get my spine back into shape, and to always remember to keep my head, shoulders and hips lined up. I naturally push my hips out and since I'm always on the computer I'm ALWAYS hunched. Have any of you taken the steps into fixing your posture, and what has worked best for you? pic isnt me
16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Crazy_20Eyes.jpg]
Ok, so, me and my boyfriend had an argument and I want to get opinions from people who won't take sides. I will try to tell the whole story. So, it all started with him not coming with me to buy food. I go alone 95% of the time. He said he won't come and I told him that I am afraid of going alone because I am afraid of people, I feel like people are always staring at me and judging me. This issue comes from me feeling insecure about myself and it has interfered with my studies too, and caused me to drop out of college. He said something like "oh you poor girl afraid of people" in a mocking sound. It's like he doesn't understand or believe me. I told him I will not go alone. He didn't say anything but was just on the PC doing something. So, I repeated it, and he called me a lazy bitch. I got really upset because of that and started crying. Why does he not understand me? It is not my choice to not go, I just can't. There is also the fact that I was supposed to go buy food for a couple of days already, and we are sort of running out of food. Only spaghetti and a couple slices of bread left (with toppings). He also said something like that I am having these issues just because I enjoy being the victim (which is not true)...

Being treated differently from her other friends?

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I think I know the answer to this, but I want to get some opinions. She's 18, I'm 28. We met at an anime con since she cosplays and I'm an amateur photographer. Basically I take peoples details and email the pics on, but I got chatting to this particular person. I gave her my facebook details and left it at, "add me if you want", and she added me. We IM pretty much daily for hours now and have done for 3 months, and it's always her that starts the convo, pretty much as soon as either of us signs in. Basically if I'm on skype we /always/ end up chatting. What's bugging me is that although we chat so much and she calls me a friend (she's a little odd, sometimes she will greet me like "Hello friend!"), it feels like I'm treated differently. I will occasionally like and comment on her stuff on facebook, but she never does with my stuff, although she does post on her other friends' walls and comment on stuff. She ended up getting me to make a tumblr thing and I now post regular and we follow eachother, but she only ever seems to repost stuff from the same 3 or 4 people). We were playing a game on Steam together today, and last week she mentioned that she bought a mic. So I asked her if she wants to voice chat while we play the game and she said "perhaps" and when I asked her if perhaps means no, she said yes. However I'm sure she webcams somewhat frequently with her other female friends (even the ones overseas she hasnt met), and she's also put videos of herself on youtube singing and doing "lets play" things where you can hear her voice. So why wouldn't she chat to me?
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Lord what have I done?? >Meet girl on dating site >Talk to her for a couple days online >We hit it off >Arrange a date for tomorrow Tonight she's out with friends.. >Me bored >Log onto same dating site >Message a new girl because I'm bored, need someone to talk to >New girl turns out to be roommate of girl I'm suppose to take on date! >Small fucking world I wasn't flirting with her, I only just messaged her and introduced myself. Asked how her night was going, etc. Well, I couldn't live with myself and told the girl I'm taking out on a date.. Because if things progress with the date-girl, she's going to introduce me to her roommate and she's going to instarecognize me. I'm sure I'm not the only guy that date-girl talks to on the dating site either, because she's always logged on. Will date-girl be turned off from me now?
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>TL;DR -- 50/50 chance of getting back with my ex. Up to him. Need some encouragement. I went to talk to my ex last night, as well as to get some leftover stuff from him. We dated for almost three years, and I won't pretend it was an easy or pretty relationship. However, we kept going back to it because there was something there. After a long, painful conversation I had the courage to tell him that I missed him, and that I'd realized a lot of things during our six months apart. He told me it was too little too late, and then asked me nicely to leave. I lost my pride a little more, and then collected myself and he walked me to my car. And then he told me he wanted some time to think. He's going to call me tonight. /Adv/, can I just get some words of encouragement? I want to go into this conversation feeling at peace with either outcome, since obviously it's up to him now. Complicating factors: A girl just decided to leave her husband because she thinks she loves him. My family and friends hate him. I'm in the process of talking to a therapist to heal from all of this. Basically, getting back together would benefit no one but us.
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Just got a call from my mom. Her and her boyfriend had to rush our dog to the emergency vet and she's now probably in the process of being put down. I didn't get to say goodbye... No one is here right now and I'm really sad. Sorry this isn't really a request for advice. I just feel so alone.
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Hello /adv/, I've got some relationshit. Been with my boyfriend for a bit over two years now. We hang out together a lot, but I feel like we don't really talk about anything beyond the surface. The first year we were dating, we had very deep conversations all the time. It sort of trickled to a stop, and has left me feeling emotionally starved. I don't have a best friend, and they people who would talk to me are not people I want to have deep conversations with. One's an ex, one's a close friend I used to have mutual feelings for, and one's a guy who might even like me now. I don't want to make things difficult, but I want to talk to somebody. I have a lot of emotional baggage, and I don't know what to do.
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how do i get away from escapism and procrastination and laziness and self pity? i've been over eating and gaining weight like crazy and not doing important school work on time and the highlight of my day is basically when i get to go to bed because hey, at least dreaming is fun (although i never remember anything when i wake up). i can waste over five hours in a go refreshing social media and anonymous message boards. i'm going to university next year and while i hope a change of environment is going to do me good, i'm scared as fuck that i won't make any friends and stay in this rut. i realize most of this is self inflicted but i'm looking for any advice? what are some things i can do to get out of this situation :(
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I used to be a bit of an alcoholic. All I did for fun was drink alcohol and party. I'm pretty much broke now though and can't fund that kind of lifestyle and people don't party much lately anyway. I've pretty much forgotten how to have fun without alcohol. What can I do with friends that is cheap and fun? Basically, what do you do for fun with friends that doesn't involve drugs or spending too much?
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Recently I have been feeling more like an outsider among my friends. It is not because I am being weird or not being myself, it is actually the other way around. I have been expanding my horizons in friendship and have been seeing less of them. However, whenever I swing by to see them it feels off. I do not know why but they are beginning to act like immature teens that spout out nothing but internet references. I do not know how to properly put it, but they seem like a cheap ripoffs of themselves. Half the time I am lost amongst there conversations and input very little. I am beginning to believe this may be a result of their decisions, for example: One of my female friends has reconnected with her friend (let's call her Rachel) who has been proven a liar, has gotten her in serious trouble, and has been generally cruel to her friends to then turn around and say "I was mad, I never meant those things silly lol". And of course she buys into Rachel's flimsy excuse and continues to be lead down the wrong path. My male friend also has afilliation with Rachel, but that's a loooong story to tell. His main problem is his self-esteem. Despite having several girls fall for him he still sees himself as a lesser being. He constantly talks about how much he hates himself and everyone keeps on stroking his dick and go "Oh stop it, you're such a nice guy." this continues with them constantly complementing him. And I flat out tell him to quit this shit and stop being a whiney bitch/attention whore. This of course has really begun to strain our friendship. I know there isn't anyway to change it, I just need advice how to move on and to have a second opinion from outsiders.

Clinically Depressed Friend

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/adv/, how would you react if a good friend told you that before getting therapy and medication they were planning on killing one of two acquaintences and then killing themselves? Would you cut all contact? Would you always worry that no matter their assurances that they were better, they might go off the deep end and murder you someday? (The person your friend was planning on killing is someone neither of you particularly like, but by no means actually deserved to die.)
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Gonna do mah best to keep it short and simple. This is gf related so, if that is not your thing, stop reading now. My last gf and I broke up 7 months ago. Shit went sour towards the end, we both wanted it to end but we're both too chicken shit to do it. Or perhaps we both just wanted to keep having awesome sex and good company that 25% of the time when things were good. Anyhoo, a week and a half ago I texted her after 7 months of 0 contact. Told her I wanted to meet up and talk. We sorted a bunch of shit out and it was emotionally cash. We fucked and we both agreed that it would be best to cut out all the romantic obligations and just have our relationship consist of great sex and great conversation. We both still care a great deal about each other, but it isn't a romantic love. Somewhere above friend but below gf/wife. Anyway, (advice portion) I keep finding myself worrying about the future. Everything is really good right now. I get great sex, I get cuddles, I get a lot of things I haven't had for awhile. I just keep thinking, "what if one of us finds a bf/gf interest?". This isn't going to last forever. She says she's entirely lost interest in a romantic relationship, so I guess it's mostly what if I find a gf interest. I haven't had one girl up to my standards approach me that I had any kind of connection with in the last 7 months, so I'm not super worried about it as far as immediate future is concerned, more like a years time or so. I really don't like to hurt peoples feelings. I can see us getting really used to this arrangement and when it ends being depressed about it. I'm just having a hard time enjoying this awesomeness of my current situation, because I'm worrying about the future and how it won't always be like this. That this is going to end. Maybe in a month. Maybe in 6. Maybe in a year. I'm just very confused.
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I broke up with a girl because of her drug use and baggage from an ex-boyfriend but I really miss her. I don't want to do this anymore, I want to be free of this feeling but i'm so lonely. I have no friends around here.
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Hey /adv/, I'm the bigger guy in this picture. My small circle of friends and I went to a cabin a few weeks ago, and I lost my virginity to the girl in the white jacket. >Do ask if she is pregnant? When is a good time? 2 weeks? I'm terrified.
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Hey adv, first time posting. I need some advice/help on how to move on after a breakup that wasn't wanted by me. Dont want any sympathy or anything like that, just would like to know if any of you have been in the same situation and how you managed to forget about it completely and start living your life again? tl;dr how to move on after being dumped and get on with life pic semi related
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Hey /adv/, first time ever poasting on here, so lets give it a shot. Last night i was invited to a club by a friend (Lets call her Sam). Never been to a club before, so i was leery at first, but decided i wasnt doing fuck-all on friday night so i said why not, and went. Well when i got there, Sam was bragging about all the girls she was making out with, and blahblahblah, and when i got inside, she introdused me to her best friend and her boyfriend, and her cousin (Tina). Tina be pretty cute, and I've never danced in a club before, so she starts trying to teach me. First 20 minutes are awful as fuck, until i start drinking and loosen up, and then she basically grinds on me most of the night. Continued on the next post
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I'm aware that this will sound rediculous but here it is any way. I have a bet with a friend over who can get a gf faster. I'd like advice on where to meet females. I don't have problems talking with them, just finding ones that aren't 500 pounds or that are too young for me.
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ITT: relationship advice Just got back from a great "date"? We're fwb but we both like each other. He wants to ask me out but is too afraid... He knows I'll say yes but he's just nervous and wants a nice setting and what not. So, we go see a movie and go to the beach at night. We run around, we hold each other, we kiss and blah fucking blah. Perfect fucking romantic moments flying around like a giant fucking love shit spew fest. He doesn't ask me out, no idea when he will because the most romantic moment since the time we met just flew by and we probably won't get another setting like that for a while. What should I do, dump him or stay with him and give him more chances? TL;DR: Boy strings me along, nervous of asking me out and wants setting to be perfect. When setting is more perfect than the life of a rich white man, he doesn't do it. What do?
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Any tips for a first date /adv/?
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I find myself being very tense a lot only very recently, due to my new job. I'm tense in the office, when interacting with people, even when playing video games. One of my more friendly co-workers commented that I was visibly shaking when talking to him. I hadn't even noticed. I haven't been this jittery before in previous jobs or facing other issues. The only comfort zone I know is when I work so hard and long that I'm too tired to be tense. Unfortunately the work I've done in that zone is some of my best ever. Still, I gotta stop this, right? Being tense all the time will take years off my life.
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I can't sleep. I was doing very well for the past week or so, getting to bed at 8 or 9:30 PM. Now it's midnight. Anyone have any tips/tricks to help one fall asleep? Also, I have some Nyquil, but I'm not sure what will happen if I use that for the sole purpose of falling asleep.
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I feel like the type that was never meant to be happy or have fun. Is it weird that I fear happiness? It's like every time I love or enjoy something, it's always taken away from me too soon. I'm always on the losing team and not by choice. I've tried to look for things that make me happy as opposed to foolishly wait for it. I tried to be like my normal friends as a test because they seem happy with their lives. They have normal tastes, normal hobbies, normal everything, things I typically despise. In the end, it only made me even more miserable as predicted. Should I just accept my life as it is, regardless of my unhappiness? Should I accept myself, some not really noticeable or memorable person that has no personality, and is laid back and apathetic towards everything?
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anybody else getting the expired security certificate when they try to post? any advice on how to fix it?
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So i just cheated on my first girlfriend, now i feel absolutely disgusted with my self. I was fairly drunk and i should of pushed the other girl away, but now the thing is i cant even look at her without feeling disgusted anymore, i think i am going to tell her, I am aware this is going to cause us to break up but i just feel absolutely ashamed, my heart sinks when i look at her now... what should i do?

The D, does she want it?

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I'm wondering if this girl I've been hanging out with wants the D on some level. I'm infatuated with her, but so far have been too beta to make much of a move, we've hugged and kissed each other on the cheek, at a scary movie she pretty much jumped on me, but nothing more than that. She's extremely busy, working a few jobs in addition to being a college student, but she always initateds texts with me evry day. Sh'es had me meet her parents, and she has met mine. We've gone out to dinner/movies and such a couple times, and I told her that I'm watching a movie right now, and she's saying I should have told her so she can see it here with me. Do all these facts combined mean she might want the D? I need to know so I can maybe have confidence to make a move.
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I'm a fucking loser. I'm 19 years old and I've never gone out with a girl. Right now I have a girl I could message on facebook to ask her if she'd like to go out sometime, but I just don't. Why? I don't know, I think I have anxiety or something. Actually, I'm probably just bullshitting myself, to avoid taking a stand. I need to overcome this. Is there some way to force myself over this hurdle? What do?
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I've got this female friend with whom I have a bit of a history. She'd lead me on, apologize and say she didn't know what she was doing, rinse and repeat. Anyways, she got dumped by her boyfriend last night and I'm doing the whole comfort-her thingy. What's a good way to get some action? I'm not looking for anything long-term with her. Pic unrelated.
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I'm 18 and she is 20, She lives with me and my mother, is always on my bed, too poor to pay for her own stuff doesn't have a job always bitches at me about me getting a job telles me to consider joining the army because she calls me a pussy all damn day. Have to drive her every where. How do I sleep in my own bed and find a job and dump her? or make her leave me the fuck alone?
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tl;dr is it a date and if so what do I do cause Im trying to escape being beta So /adv/ the other day I asked the girl I like if she would like to go to x place over the weekend. She said yes, and its just going to be us two. She already knows I like her, because of very complex tl;dr issues. Is it a date? cause I don't even know about this type of shit, also how the fuck do I acquire hit points? Feel free to ask for more details
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Alright /adv/ I don't care if this is the right place or not for suicide threads. Give me one reason not to kill myself. I am getting extensively bullied in high school I have no friends to stick up for me. I'm the worlds biggest coward I never have the guts to go to tell teachers what's going on. I spend all of my time inside my room playing fucking video games not expeirencing life what so ever. I always rage when I lose in vidya and my mom and her bf are always yelling "shut the fuck up" and with my retarded brain I am assuming that means they don't care about me. My mom feeds me and everything but that's probably because she'll get in trouble for not. I seriously doubt she cares about me. We don't have much money either. I consider myself the biggest money waster in my family. I'm always hungry thanks to my fucking fast metabolism so I'm eating food like a fucking pig. And It must be costing my mom millions for all I know. I don't hear her complaining but you know. She does say she loves me but I seriously doubt that. I am failing school. Passing but my scores are fuck low. I have no fucking skill and I'm really clumsy and pathetic with everything and I have poor concentration because of my fucking aspergas,autism,ADHD I can't do fuck all math I have the worst case of discalcula and I'm stressing like fuck that I won't get a good job because I can't fucking do division or any of that higher grade crap. So /adv/ care to help a complete retarded faggot not take his life? >High school >Underage b& I'm 18 thank you very much its my last year in high school. >Your a faggot I know >Your a failure at life I know >Kill yourself I will. >Post pics How can I do that when I'm dead? >How you going to kill yourself? Ill stab my stomach a few times and if I'm not dead for the next few minutes ill slit my throat.
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K im looking for another motorcycle i just am looking for opinions to see if anyone has any good suggestions. For starters i not new to motorcycles ive had a 02 ninja 250, 04 gsxr 600 and a 05 gsxr 1000. I have had a crash so im a rider who has crashed not one who hasnt crashed yet. Im going to be getting about 2200 from taxes back and i live back with my parents with no bills and a good credit score. I would like to take a loan for the credit score and im looking for something preferably newers than 08 unless for the rare cool bikes like the honda rc51 and a nice interceptor 800. I have been looking a lot at the triumph daytona 675r. I would prefer not to have a 1000 inline 4 as insurance is considerably higher. I also like vtwins such as the Aprilla 1000r mille. Any ideas? also i wouldnt like to spend more than 8500 really and i would like used less than 5000 miles never dropped and the right bike up to 10000. pic related its my old 04 600
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hey /adv/, I'm feeling really down right now. I'll just get straight to the point. I have so many things going on right now. I don't even know what to do. I'll start from the top. I go to school in a different town than I live in, and I really don't have any friends because of that. I feel like im missing out on my high school experiance. also, everyone in my grades a total douche and I feel as though im the only individual. everyone has already got their friend groups and cliques, and I don't fit in anywhere. I play music, love arts, fashion, producing music, and i get terrible grades because I don't try, although i like to think I'm pretty intelligent. Anyway, what am I supposed to do when everyone in my school is a snap back wearing, lil wayne listening, ignorant as fuck prick and every girl is a rubber faced, barbie doll, dumb broad with no personality, and im stuck here being true to myself and living life my own way according to only myself...? please help /adv/, I have no where to turn because I honestly don't have any friends to talk to about this sort of stuff. I'm an only child and im on my own here... I feel hopeless because I have nothing going for me other than music and if that doesn't work out I'm fucked cause my GPA is like a -2. I know I sound like a bitchy 12 year old girl but I need to vent... anyone out there have some feels for me please?? picture related, my music set up right now

bitches be crazy

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>I'm 19 and there's this girl in my program in uni. >I start talking to her, and I make polite small talk >She tells me she has a boyfriend, been dating him for 2 years. >I respect that, and keep my boundaries, and I keep my distance. Not getting into that stuff >Can't help but like this girl, she's so different from all others. >Eventually she tells me how much of an asshole her boyfriend is, making her cry at night. >I talk to her, reassure her, just try to do what any good friend would do. >She tries to break up with bf, she can't do it. >Eventually, winter break comes by, we live on opposite sides of the country so we skype late at night, she introduces me to her friends back at home. >One night she drunk texts me saying my next girlfriend would be lucky to have me >School starts up again, and she comes to my house telling me she broke up with her boyfriend. >Again I do what any good friend would do, and take care of her. I still really like her, but I don't want to do anything after something that dramatic. >I ask her to come over a few days later, and we stay at my place watching movies and stuff, she stays over >Originally, we had an extra bed in the house, but she ends up sleeping with me. She tells me that she really likes me and wants to be together. >That's what I wanted too. >After that, she gets really distant to me, always having excuses to not hang out, stuff like that. I try talking to her, but every time I do, it's really dry. I get to spend some alone time with her, but she's distant, doesn't try to get close to me. >We go to clubs and parties together, she gets really drunk, feels bad, leaves without even saying goodbye to me. Texts me sorry later on in the night. >When she was with her past boyfriend, she told me she had a love-hate relationship with him. Now i feel like i'm the same way. >This has been going on for a long while now. >I have no idea what to do. I feel like i'm being lead on, but she's like no other girl ive ever met.
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>get degree >get job >get married >have kids >die FUCK THAT SHIT. i dont want to do it. to be honest i just want to climb mountains. whats a job that doesnt require too much commitment that will allow me to fund my mountaineering dreams
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hello /adv/isors i need some well.../adv/ice. im fwb with this girl and she says she doesnt want a relationshit cause of her last bf and it makes her scared when she thinks of the past and what can happen again. which is fine with me im not looking for anything right now but i wouldnt mind later on. anyways i noticed she is more affectionate saying stuff like i miss you, i want you here with me, i wish i could see you. stuff like that. last night we had a talk and i told her i kinda have a crush but im not expecting anything to come from it. we decided we would only be hooking up with eachother or doing whatever the fuck this is with eachother. my question is, is has she developed feelings or is this just a girl talking out her ass saying stuff like i miss you.
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/adv/, I'm a somewhat young male (25) who gets along better with older women (like 40+) way better than younger women. Is there an online dating site (I wouldn't even know how to go about it outside the internet) that is more "acceptable" or women are more willing to date young(er) men?
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Let's talk about acne treatments here and the net results. I'm curious as to how others treat their acne/blackheads. >Was on Accutane This worked, with the obvious symptoms of extremely flaky skin. I personally had pretty bad depression during this time too but unsure if I can attribute it to Accutane though >Proactiv Did not work and it is overpriced anyway. >Differin Worked well but very costly. Would recommend but due to lack of insurance coverage in the future, have looked into alternatives. >Acne.org Regimen Consists of Acne.org cleanser, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer Would recommend the cleanser and benzoyl peroxide but not the moisturizer from them. >Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Used in conjunction with Acne.org Regimen (it is covered on their website). I strongly recommend for those with scarring, as it has evened out my face. >Stievamycin Currently using. Very drying, but that is the point. Suppose to help with the scarring and so far, it is working. I hated myself with my acne for the longest time and although people around you won't directly talk about it, they will look at you differently unfortunately. My face is a lot clearer now but it took a lot of time and effort to get there. I still have a lot of scarring so I might have to look into laser.
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do i ask my mandarin teacher if she wants to fuck, be my girlfriend or whatever? somebody get in here and talk me through this please
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My life has become shit. My ex left me for some cunt who tries to fight me almost every time i see him. My family hates me. I dont have many friends. I have depression but i havent been diagnosed with it so i cant get meds. I get random anxiety attacks. I just want to be normal but i know i will never be able to. I have never been and i know i never will be. What can I do to get out of this state of depression and have a sense if normality?
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As much as I love everyone who contributes to /adv/, I must kindly ask the aspies to avoid this thread while I seek out advice from experienced bros and occasional femanon. Other night I was at a rave thing and I guess now that I lost weight I'm being approached more and about 5 chicks backed up on me I'm guessing to grind. My question is what exactly do I do with my dick? I wasn't wearing thick pants and didn't get a raging boner but you can easily feel my dick. I just wanna know if women care in that situation, and if they do, how to control it all. I mean, fuck, your ass is on my dick what do you expect...
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>invite girl in our circle of friends to hand out alone >she oddly says yeah >we hang out for 3 hours before our friends came around >we went to a cafe in a downtown area >came home and watched kanye's runaway video >she turns off the lights >we're both in my bed, but with about half a foot apart >we did nothing but watch it am i pretty much friendzoned?
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Hey /adv/ Need your help. To preface everything, I'm a pretty normal individual, well integrated into society with a job, friends, I'm friendly and somewhat social. No drug addictions, don't drink, work out, hobbies, had a girlfriend for multiple years, etc etc. Now to the main thing: I just came from /gif/ after visiting a thread where basically a bunch of women are being forced into sex. One of them was a video of a young (18-21) girl sucking dick for drugs in some apartment, clearly not enjoying it and getting slapped and forced by the guy to do certain things. I found the video to be quite great, but after reading the comments the general consensus was that it's fucked up and awful, and that the guy is a terrible human being for making the girl go through that. It brought be to a realization that I may be fucked up. I realized just how much I enjoy videos of thai hookers getting taken advantage of, most of it coming from how much they are not enjoying it but are willing to go through with what the guy is doing. I was very nice to my girlfriend back when I had one and never forced her into things she didn't agree to or enjoy, but I could very well imagine myself enjoying scenarios similar to the ones in the videos I've seen. How normal is it to feel what I feel about such videos? Is it something I should be concerned about or should seek help for, or is it fairly normal to have such fetishes? Bonus question: What are some of the things you do/enjoy others might consider fucked up. Thanks /adv/.
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>Freshman in college >Going into second semester with 4.0 average >Looking back on high school >Never had any difficulty learning anything in school >Never studied or did HW, always passed with high 80's/90's >Walked into SAT blind, got over an 1800 without looking at a single reference material >Walked into Physics AP exam blind, got a 4 >Never worked hard for anything in school in entire life >Currently enrolled in local community college because I haven't taken my education seriously enough up until now and kept delaying enrolling >Pulling the same shit I did before because I can That feel when you realize you have wasted so many chances at making something truly extraordinary of yourself but you didn't because you were too lazy to just do the work. tl;dr Is there any way for me to turn this shit around?

Weekly ask me anything thread

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As always, I'm here for one hour. What's new this week?
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Hi, /adv/. I have several questions for the people who know a lot about computers/laptops/computer-related stuff... I have a shitty laptop, it's a Compaq 6710b laptop. It's quite horrible, mono microphone, no webcam, shitty graphics card, basically everything you would never want in a laptop. The hard drive is SATA, does that mean that I can just rip this hard drive out and get a new SATA one and install it and it'll work okay? I'm honestly really new to the concept of installing hard drives... I also want to upgrade the RAM, I believe it is 2 GB, I want to upgrade to 4 GB, will any RAM stick work with a laptop or does it have to be a certain kind? Also, what microphone do you use on your laptop? Do you use an external one? I'm looking for a stereo clip-on laptop microphone without any static-y noisy stuff involved, has to be quiet without using any noise reduction mumbo-jumbo. Pic unrelated.
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Hey /adv/ basically i started tonight going to a friends house and ended up getting wasted and making out with some girl, now thats all god. problem is though i asked out a girl recently to a dance that i really like and she made out with a guy the day before that i just found out about. now this is realistically going to get out so should i be worried i feel like a huge piece of shit to be honest did i ruin my chances with the girl i asked to the dance or what?
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>be 19 > have first girlfriend > after 3 months tell her "i love you" > instead of her telling me back, she dumps me > be 22 > have one night stand > i am fucking broken emotionally > be 25 > have girlfriend > after 3 weeks SHE tells me "i love you" > be to scared to tell her back what the actual fuck is going on here for the past month?
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Alright /adv/ I need help. Should I get another beer, or not?
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Hey /adv/ What are you views on virginity? Currently in my first relationship, we are both 20 and virgins, been dating for 3 months. No I don't love him, but I trust him and we have fun together, I feel like I can talk to him about anything. I'm honestly ready to lose it already, I've been waiting too long, and it's not that big of a deal to me. However, my bf is a little bit reluctant to have sex, stating how we should wait, I'm going too fast, blah blah (not religious though). How should I convince him? Or wat do?
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Just a few months ago, my GF of almost 5 years broke up with me. She said she wanted to remain friends, still hang out and what-not because she still enjoyed the time together when we did. I live roughly 40 or 50 miles away from her so I think one of the main issues was that we couldn't see each other so much (she didn't like coming down to where I lived because it was in a city she really dislikes) So, ever since then, we would still talk to each other through instant messaging and what-not, but when I would ask if she would ever want to hang out, she would always say no. Earlier this week I had called her because it was a really shitty week for me and I wanted to know if she was genuine about being friends, or if she just said that so she wouldn't hurt my feelings. She told me she didn't want to hang out because she felt I would have tried to make a move on her. Out of nowhere, she also mentioned that once her best friend of over 20 years that we broke up, he had asked her out, this pretty much crushed me, but after a few minutes of thought, I was thinking if she just said that to simply make me jealous. She has been spending a lot of time with him, but many of her friends have also treated her like shit lately so I was always just hoping that she was hanging out with him because they have always had a close friendship from my understanding. The thing is, after 2 and a half months, I still love this girl and I want her back. I'm moving back to her general area in May so I was wondering how to approach the situation. Should I keep talking to her on occasion like I am now to strength our personal relationship again, or should I back off and wait till I move back before talking to her again. I'm also wondering how big of a mistake was it letting her know that I still wanted her to be a part of my life because our friendship meant a lot of me?
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So I sent this girl on facebook a message and she didn't respond. I also sent her a friend request but she hasn't denied it yet. Its been a month. Should I just be straight up and say im into her and would like to take her out?
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Some might consider this just extreme betafaggotry, but hear me out. I made a thread about this on here last night but I was pretty drunk and dont remember much of the advice. >20 >No car, live at parents house, got evicted last year and have been living there since >No money, shit retail job, $400 every 2 weeks at the most >No girlfriend for about a year, haven't really met anyone new, all the girls that I tried to get with I had all known for at least a year and all either played hard to get or were just sluts >Have about 3 friends, all I do is smoke weed and drink beer in my garage with them, trip on acid every couple months, play xbox, masturbate, I'm pretty sure thats all they do too. >Even though my life sucks I'm not really depressed, I make the best of it and have a good view on it. Than, a couple days ago >Working at shit retail job >Girl comes in >Haven't seen or talked to her since highschool, didn't talk to her that much in highschool >Shes 7/10, lost weight and got better looking since hs >Talk for about 20 minutes, she basically just tells me all of her problems, recent breakup, etc >She asks me for my number....I'm shocked, quite frankly >Usually I ask girls for there number and its just awkward, can't remember the last time a girl asked me for my number but its probably been at least 3 years. >She texts me a couple days later pretty late at night, I'm chilling with some friends but I talk to her for about an hour. >The way shes responding is ridiculous, if I dont text back within a couple minutes she sends another text. >Turns out she has a really good job, owns all her own shit, and is very well off. >Make plans to hang out next time I have off, she replies very positively. So afterwards I call my buddy to brag because he used to talk about this girl all the time because his friend was dating her in hs and he always thought she was hot...Turns out shes mega-rich, and her parents own a multi-million dollar corporation. cont
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I still love her,,,Can't stop it...Please help
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Some of my friends think I am an alcoholic and have stopped inviting me out because they are worried about me. My other friends however think nothing of it and drink around the same amount, though I probably ultimately drink more. I do not think I am. I enjoy beer and wine, but I almost never drink to get drunk; I drink because I enjoy the drink itself. I go through a ton of beer but it really doesn't affect my life outside of those friends. Any /adv/?
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Hey guys, I was just wondering. I have a few 5MG Valium tablets left, and I want the feeling to be as intense as possible so I don't freak out on this long ass car ride. What's the best way to take them? I usually do it sublingually but I've already had 40MG and I feel nothing. Would shelving do anything, or snorting?
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Any advice for a small party? We usually just sit and listen to music but that is getting boring. There will be around 8 or so of us, all in college. Alcohol and music is covered.
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How can I know my friends truly care about me and aren't just hanging out with me because of what they can get from it? I recently said goodbye to a friend of mine that I had known for about 10 months, and we had shared several adventures, but the goodbye felt bittersweet, as if she had just been around me to tag along my adventures and mooch off rides and a place to crash, rather than enjoy my actual company. It just changed my whole perspective on our relationship and I don't know if she's worth keeping in touch with anymore.
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Currently dating a massage therapist and, I am not too thrilled about their job. Don't really know what to think or expect. Hoping someone has some experience / stories of dating a massage therapist.
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I'm really mentally torn. I've been hanging out with this one girl for the last few months (see movies, get dinner, walk around), and I want to pull a move on her but freeze up and can't. I think she might like me and my friends say that she probably does because of what i've said. However when she leans towards me or gets very close next to me, I'll freeze up instead of physically flirting. I start fearing that my mind is lying to me and that it's all made up in my head. She doesn't actually like me and she only sees me as a friend to hang out with once in a while. She would be shocked if I told her I like her. I would love to kiss her but I can't get over the fear that she won't want to hang out with me if I did something like that. But then I also really do feel like she likes me. And I think that maybe next time I can push more a bigger move. If she does like me she can wait a few more times before I kiss her
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So, I've met a girl online some weeks ago. We wrote really really long messages, she seemed to like me and I actually liked her, she seemed nice and intelligent. So I suggested a date, she agreed and we met yesterday evening. I actually thought the date itself wasn't that bad. We both were a little bit nervous but talked quite a lot, made jokes, laughed, etc. - a usual first date. But then she told me after about 1.5 hours that she doesn't feel that well (actually already the entire day - that she was close to canceling the date as she was afraid of getting sick, ...) and that she would better go soon. She said sorry, we paid, I assured her that it wasn't that much of a deal - and yup, we left ... So, I am asking myself - was this just a lame excuse because she was disappointed of the date/me and that she simply wanted to go home - or could it be that she really didn't feel well? She might have seemed a bit peaked but it might also be that I'm just telling that to myself so I don't feel that bad. We also haven't chatted/messaged since the date (ok, there was a night in between - Europe here). What should I do? Should I forget her (I'm not the ladies person, so I don't have many dates anyway)? Should I write her how if she feels better? Should I thank her for the date? Should I ask her directly whether she enjoyed the date? Please help!
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Hey /adv/, how's your night going? Here's the thing; I decided that since me and my buddies aren't necessarily the crowd that goes out and hangs out downtown and all that shit, that I would try internet dating to start meeting girls. I've been on OkCupid for about 2 weeks, POF for about 3 days. I message chicks like mad. I either don't get a reply, or I just go no where with their reply. I'm tired of being relationship-less, /adv/. I'm not depressed about out, I have an awesome life otherwise, I just want to have a some fun with a girl and build a relationship with her.
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I met a girl at college online. We talk like everyday. We met and I was definitely feeling the buzz. Then we met a second time and it was amazing. We hugged and even spoke on the phone on the way back. Well, I thought I'd have a GF soon. The next day, she invited me to some project she was doing for class and I was away from the computer so I didn't get the message in time. After that, she became totally cold and barely responded to me. I didn't really push it. Couple weeks later we talk on the phone and I call her and say let's chill out. She said she wants to but not tonight. Well after that we haven't talked. One thing about her is she is the type that has many guys after her, to the point I'd say she loves male attention... but our two encounters were special. Can someone tell me what happened?
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When I was in my teens, my dad used to pay for my cellphone's monthly cost given I pay for the starting costs which was something like $400 (which was bs because the phone sucked). This no-term contract was under his name. The cellphone was also purchased under his name. Then I turned 19 and told my dad if we could work out a deal so he could pay for part of my phone. He said no but I bought it anyways with my own money under my name. This is where it gets tricky. I assumed that my dad stopped the old, no-term contract because I thought he would've known I got a new phone myself. Since my dad has been a revengeful turd since I declined to meet his gf, he likes to use every given chance to annoy me, especially financially. He now wants me to pay the accumulated cost of my old cellphone that wasn't in use which is under his name. Can he legally make me pay?

Atheist in Church

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I (16) go to high school with a girl (16) and I kinda have a thing for her. We text all the time just about school and other random things. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a thing for me, but this is where it gets intreating. She invited me to church with her family tomorrow. She is a good Christian (I have no idea how good) and I am for lack of a better term an atheist. How do I respect her and her families beliefs without sounding arrogant or uneducated? What do I say when Im first introduced and her parents ask "so, are you a christian?" (she is fully aware of my atheism). Any advice would be more than appreciated.

Advice please

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I accidentally insulted a girl's morals. I have no clue how to apologize to her guys. Any suggestions?

womas im lost

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sup adv, i need a real good advice the thread is this put the best advice to help. the context is this im a guy with 22 years who does not how to talk to womans and i don't know what im gonna talk in a real conversation. please somebody help me
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I have terrible memory, and more than a few times I've completely forgotten about people I've known for more than a few days. I'm assuming this is abnormal, but is it something I should be concerned about? (Besides the fact that is pisses people off)
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How can I tell if I'm actually gay or just have a cock fetish?
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I'm in a good mood. Ask and you will receive an answer. Sket-Dansu!
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How can I overcome my depression? I've been contemplating suicide on and off for about 4 years now, have very low self-esteem, and always feel like giving up on things. I seem to have things together on the outside, but on the inside, I feel empty. I have no resilience, I get down about things really easily. I used to smoke a lot of weed to deal with it, but quit to try and get better. No benefits as yet. Whenever I do strenuous exercise I feel 10x worse, I don't get the "high" from it that people talk about - it actually makes me really, really sad after. I'm coming to the end of my tether, I just want out of this life but I don't want to hurt the people close to me.
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Hi /adv/ How do I deal with incessant shaking when I go out to social events? I mean, I'm calm and collected right up until the point where I have to open my mouth - then I just shake around the head and hands uncontrollably. I don't feel scared. I know most of these people quite well. Yet, my body will just tremble against my will. I fucking hate it, and people always point it out - it's incredibly embarrassing. How can I ever work on my social skills and confidence if my body just does shit and I have absolutely no control over it.
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If you need a white gold wedding ring replated would that mess up any engraving on it? I was talking to my wife about this and now I'm wondering if getting anything engraved into our rings would be pointless due to them needing to get replated.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 200px-Phrenology1[1].jpg]
/adv/ how do I tell if I'm still on someones mind?
37 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: valentines.jpg]
Do you celebrate Valentines day with your SO? If you don't have a SO, do you still celebrate it? If not, would you celebrate it if you had an SO? If your SO celebrates it and you don't, what do you do? How important is Valentines day to you? >your advice is within your answers. Thank you.
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Is it possible to get a girl that rejected you before? pic unrelated

desperate for sex here.

16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: TigerHug.jpg]
Hey /adv/. girlfriend has been away for 5 weeks. counting down the days till she gets back, numbering like 3 to go... we had a breakthrough on skype when she was away and let out a lot of sexual tension. we basically talked ropes, lingerie, contraceptive, biting, blindfolds, cuffs, rape fantasy, and a healthy amount more. Either of us will do anything the other asks. she comes back soon, we intend to be locked in a room for a day at least. what should I do to her first? or should I let her do to me first? what is the best sex? suggestions of things to do? amazing (for both parties preferred) things you have done? TLDR. could have the best sex of my life in 3 days. cant even decide how I want it first. inb4 in her pooper.
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1348931541084.gif]
hey /adv/, ive been trying to avoid a few acquaintances or idiotic assholes as id rather call them. It was near perfect, my mobile started to fuck up, i had to move places and because of this i didn't have internet for a while. they couldn't contact me til my phone did actually get fixed but i placed them on reject number and also got internet but left them to see me invisible on fb. today a flaw was found, i left my phone on silent for the whole day, just looking at the phone again, i forgot to block 1 of them and now they've probably found out. i do this because i have friends that i trust more than them. tl;dr: trying to avoid assholes that do bad shit and use me for better friends that i have. what do.
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1287693114312.jpg]
I need the best way to approach a strange girl. Please. She's one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen and would like to develop a relationship with her.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358376569849.gif]
I don't know if I'm seeking advice so much as opinions, but here goes. I'm pretty much the sad epitome of what most people would assume a 4channer is like. I'm 23, a virgin, currently unemployed, dropped out of college, occasional depression, stay at home on my computer a lot, live with my parents, and I only have two friends really. The thing is, I've been working on improving myself, trying to work my way through the issues I have and things I don't like about myself. One of my biggest problems was (and maybe still is) putting myself in the friendzone and getting hung up over girls just because they talk to me. So I decided maybe I needed to focus on having (intentionally) platonic relationships with women, and quit trying to find a way to be with every girl who's nice to me.

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