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hispanics throwing trash in our yard.

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My boyfriend and I recently relocated to Colorado together, and moved into the "basement" of a house on Jan. 4th. We haven't experienced anything bad other than yesterday; We get along with our upstairs neighbor just fine, but we live right across from a house that has a bunch of hispanics that live there. I don't think we live in the ghetto to be exact, we live near a really urban area that is located a few blocks from Broadway and Santa fe. Anyway: yesterday, my bf, myself, and our friend were out most of the morning and came home in the afternoon. We hung out at our place, came outside to our car to drop off our friend and saw a some cholo's (literally) smoking and staring at us ***. We drove off and hung out at our friend's house, came back, and saw that there was trash dumped onto the front our house's yard and the (locked) bikes were knocked down. Cute. I live at the bottom of the house; You have to go through the front yard, turn corner, and go downstairs... So, the yard isn't necessarily ours, but it's our upstair's neighbor's I guess? Either way, it really bugged me that GROWN MEN thought it was hilarious to dump their trash and to knock over the bikes (which isn't ours, by the way) that were locked and attached to the fence.... I called up our upstairs neighbor and told them about it since they were out. I'm sure it was them because I saw an open amazon package with an address on it-- It was theirs'. So, if this happens again, what should my boyfriend and I do? I was thinking about just being friendly to them/say hi if I ever encounter them outside before I go out... And if it happens again, my boyfriend and I will just clean it again with gloves and ignore it :/. I don't want to confront them either about it. I'd like to think that they were drunk or something... I can't help but feel that it was a subliminal message that they don't like us, or if it's a "hate-crime"; My boyfriend and his friend are both caucasian and I'm asian.

Coming out

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I just came out to my dad. Waiting for a reaction. I'm scared shitless. I feel like he'll understand and accept but at the same time I have not been this tense in a long long time. Anyone wanna share? picture kinda related.
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Just want to tell someone. I slept with my friends fiance. Shes amazing and I don't know how he keep her. I have had feelings for her for years I obviously hid. Then the other day she texts me and we start talking and she tell me how she feels. She was really surprised that I liked her (I'm from /fit/). So we ended up fucking. Since then we have just messed around. I can't stand the thought of losing what we have even though its a big secret. I go to their place, he passes out, we talk and play with each other until the sun comes up. There are so many obvious signs she wants me. She says she loves me but doesnt feel that she is in love with me. I don't get that. She would have no place to go if she left him, other then my house. I am better in every way for her and better than him by a mile. I lift hes a mega skinny fag. Short manlet. He is not attractive at all. He has no style. He plays the same vidya all day. He has no ambition. He has a shit degree that is worthless. I am sexy. 6'1" maybe 6'2" master race. Good facial features. Actual career in IT/management (Im only 23). Have degree worth something. I can get her wet without touching her pussy. She has to fight to not touch/kiss me. She tries to not do anything at her place because she feels bad for him. We are hanging out at my place this week. I am hoping we fuck. She said she doesn't want to anymore because she feels bad. I fucking want her. I am willing to give up friendships for this girl. I have not found a girl that meets what I want other than her. Shes hot and when I saw her naked I was like how in the fuck does that dumb fuck keep her around. Well I know how she is (family issues and shit). I think she wants the same thing. I just wonder if I should be like look leave him, move in with me, Ill put you through school and take care of you. She is a nurse type things right now but has no college. They won't give her financial aid. I could pay for it and she can pay me back with tax credits. Advice Go.
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>Sitting at bus stop >Me and 2 oldies on the bench >Another approaches so I get up and give 'em my seat >Stand for a few minutes, realize bus is 20min away >Sit down on the pavement, cross-legged >African bitch across the street goes off at me >Weird look from everyone that walks past, stares from a few at the stop What the fuck? Did I do something wrong or is everyone just an asshole?
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I come to /adv/ every day to feed off of your misery. First class entertainment. Your pathetic first world problems make me feel GOOOOOOOD. Am I the only one?
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what's the best way to convince my gf to allow another guy in for a threesome?
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Yesterday, after being in relationship for half a year, I've said "I love you" for the first time and she said "I love you too" Never have i felt so vulnerable and happy in my life...
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>date scheduled today >get a text this morning >Hey, do you mind if we take a rain check for tonight? I've woke up dead ill x She rejected me didn't she.
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Hi /adv/ How do you guys start grinding on girls? When I have a few drinks (tipsy) I become confident enough to it lately. It was hard deleting the natural beta instinct of "this is wrong, dont feel up girls" but Im over come this. I want to know how you guys do it, go from behind and grab their hips? Feel up to their waist or what? Note: This is all happened from behind. ps. After getting into it for a long time and they obviously like me what do I do? Invite them to the lounge? Buy them a drink?
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do women find ripped and veiny arms attractive?


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Went to a party with a girl that is a friend that I really like and met one of my good friends there. He was with his girlfriend that is bi and basically to make a long story short my buddy and his girl and the girl that I like had a threesome. Now, I know I shouldn't be hating and this isn't even my girlfriend but wow this a really hard pill to swallow. I don't know how to act around my friends anymore and I've become a easy target for smartass comments. I just don't know how I'm going to live this down. Any advice would be great right now.
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Would I get more financial aid if I lived on my own instead of with my parents? Can I stay on their health insurance?
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>be out with qt neighbour >get taxi >start talking about stuff >asks why europe is so much better >I say, I guess cos we're white >She gets all upset I really didnt mean any supremacist stuff and feel bad now, Im going to see this chick wednesday so do i mention it or just leave things as is?
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>meet cute girl >we've been talking for some time, suddenly signs of interest >ask her out >she is uncomfortable because of her ex(recently broke up), and she sent a few texts explaining why and blah blah blah >didn't get a chance to talk to her for 4 days afterwards >I send another text(last time I asked her out by saying that I preferred dinner or a movie over studying for some exam) saying "so.. got another exam to study for today?" >2 days no reply so what's up /adv/? I'm not even sure she understood what I meant. How do I fix this? Can I send something like "oh well, too bad you aren't interested"? This girl be confusin' me yo.
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I'm having trouble feeling pleasure in anything at all. Everything seems dull and dark, I rarely ever smile or laugh. But yesterday I had some kind of spark that led me to roll down my window and tell people at a church fundraiser that god wasn't real. I felt like myself again for about 30 minutes laughing about it and thinking about that confused look on their faces. I've never been much for blasphemy so maybe this is just something new for me. Does anyone else have experience trolling religion? I live in a really religious area so I have a lot of options here.
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yo /adv/ i'll try and make it quicker by greentext >have gf >love her very much, she is attractive, kind and funny too. >known her for like fucking ages to so we are real close >this other girl >super hot, very funny >want to be with this other girl, whyisntshemygf.jpg i like both of them how do i decide. im 90% sure i could get with this other girl if i broke up with gf, but i dont wanna break up with gf. wtf is wrong with me /adv/ pic unrelated/
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/adv/, i'm dating a virgin; was it a dumb move to not have sex with her the first night we slept together? i really wanted to get her comfortable; i'm seeing her again today, what's the best way to make it as easy on her as possible?
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Do yall think its possible to be friends with a girl whos rejected you? Quick description to make it more personal to help you so its not just a blanket statement: >She had a BF and said some shit like we'd kiss if I was single >Very close friends, came over to each other houses, she'd randomly be like hey lets go ride roller coasters or come over lets do this etc >Some plans failing and shit, but still talking and shit but shes getting a lot more busy for me now >Becomes single, I go for it, rejected >She still msgs me nearly every night and we talk and stuff so she clearly still wants my attention or friendship or whatever but i guess just only on facebook. Its not an emotional tampon thing though, shit in her life comes up but rarely. So thats where I'm at. I've never been here before. I don't know how it ends. I still go and think about kissing her and hand holding and stuff once in a while, its about 30% those thoughts, 30% fuck this bitch acting cold to her from now on, 40% i dont care live my life thoughts. my biggest priority is improving my life and trying to do better and better in school, I am open to meeting new women and new life experiences and stuff. But I do want her and if she changed her mind I'd be down. Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? I enjoy the friendship like it doesnt hurt me to just msg her back at night when she hits me up, but at this point in time I can't see myself being like I do not want her to be attracted to me that would suck etc. I do want more, but that desire doesnt stunt the rest of my life at least at the moment. Also every time I say something to her or look at her I feel like she thinks lol I rejected this guy. Thats a weird feeling.

Law - Landlord

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Week or so into contract Landlord entered flat without notice and said as it was too messy he wanted to kick us out within 48 hours. Begged not to so he made us sign an additional clauses contract that stated that he could enter the flat without notice and that if it was too messy he could evict us in 48hours and keep our deposit. Also said he could get his 'boys' to physically remove us. We signed it (under duress?). A couple of months pass and one day he decides its too messy again and tells us to leave, then changed his mind and says we have a month to leave. We leave, cleaning flat before hand etc the whole time he is saying ''dont worry about deposit you will get it back''. Then when we leave he says hes keeping it and if we try and argue he will not only keep it under terms of second contract but then take us to court for damages to flat. The flat deposit was £1200. To be fair there are marks on the (shitty) carpet which ive already said he can take £300-400 for which is more than generous considering its 2 rooms which are max 4m by 4m each. He wants us to sign agreeing him to keep deposit or will keep it and take us to court with his ridic estimates for £800 new carpet plus new toilet new shower new curtains rails etc then phones me threatning to kill me, says hes going to call my job and say im a drug dealer, says hes going to call police and say i robbed his furniture etc. Im happy to call his bluff as long as that 2nd contract is void which I believe it should be as it was signed under duress whilst he was illegally in the property. UK Law bros help? Thanks
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I want to know if my expectations are too high. I'm in my mid-20s and in search of a girl that is wife material. Thing is, I want a girl that is at least somewhat experienced, but doesn't have "a past" per se. Basically, an acceptable girl to me has had maybe 5 or 6 sexual partners tops, most of whom were people she dated seriously with one or two casual slip ups in there. I feel like that that's a nice middle ground between the pure virgin, which doesn't exist unless she has issues, and the all too common girl who spent her young adult life whor-- I mean, "having fun" and now wants to be taken seriously in spite of it. I just never meet this girl I'm describing. Someone who says "I like sex as much as the next person, but as I have choices as young woman in her prime, I choose to be selective and only sleep with the people I'm actually involved with." Am I kidding myself? Do my standards need to be recalibrated, or do I need to be looking harder?
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I have quite ugly teeth and hate smiling, but of course people insist on taking pictures. I can't afford braces or other dental work, not in the next few years anyway How do I stop being self conscious about my teeth? I rarely go out, and annoying picture taking is one of the reasons
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Instead of crying about your life and how small your dick is why dont you go read some fucking books. >>>/lit/
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What are some good movies to get high with a girl to, that would increase my chances of sexytime? pic unrelated
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Yesterday I almost had my first time with a girl. We we're fucking... but I had a weird trouble. I don't know how to properly explain it, let alone I don't know if there is a name for this. But, you see, I'm uncircumsed, and well, the skin of the head of my dick just got very very little and tight when we were fucking. So the skin goes down a lot, and it's so tight it looks like a fat man wearing a very tight belt: the waist was very strangled. The head was even a little read -but well, she was on her period so...- This was annyoing for me. It hurted very little, but the thought that wasn't normal got me. She even got worried because it was weird! She got also a little frustated while saying "It's like I'm a newbie and It's my first time, I don't know what I'm doing!" Hopefully, she's mature and really apprehensible, so she understanded that and told me not to worry, that it could be worse. Of course, I finished her with my fingers, but still I'm pretty annoyed by the fact that happened. Does anyone know what could it be and a solution?
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Sup /adv/, have any of you guys tried online courses? What are the pros and cons? Links? pic unrelated

How do I go about making a girl feel special?

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This girl I like receives compliments so often that she no longer believes them. For example when I told her that she's one of the most beautiful girls I've seen, she said she hears that a lot and doesn't believe it. It's not that she's cocky or anything. I've noticed this with a lot of girls that I compliment. They just hear it a lot so it gets old. How do I go about saying/doing things to let her know that she is special? Give me some ideas
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i most probably have meniere's disease, but it'll take a few weeks or months until i'm going to get any treatment. i know there is something wrong with one of the canals of my inner ear, but that's it so far. otolaryngologists are so slow in this country. what to do until then? besides the dizziness, nausea, vision and hearing problems, the headaches, balance problems, etc. i started developing speech problems, and have a hard time understanding people. i have problems typing. i've always been very fast and precise while typing, but in the past few weeks i need to re-type everything. also cannot finish sentences i started while speaking. i just forget what i wanted to say. changed my diet (not that it was unhealthy before either), now i barely eat salt, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, loads of vegetables/fruits/etc, and that seemed to help. also sleeping well, excersicing, etc. still my condition seems to go downhill. not sure how i will survive until the next appointment. i'm mainly concerned about the speech and cognition problems. anyone with any idea on how to keep my cognitive skills up until i see the doctors again?
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/adv/ I need help. I meet the girl of my dreams. The problem is she has this brother. Her brother is like 12 years old and whenever I talk to him all he does is talk shit and make me look like a beta fag. What should I do to the little shit?
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I need some advice. I might have done something very stupid. I fucked this girl several times without a condom. Well, ""fucked"" because I didn't come in her. I didn't even feel I was about to come, but while taking out my dick I noticed some liquid getting out of my dick. It was clear, not white nor grey. It's that pre cum? I told her after we had sex and she laughed like "awww, you're really cute worrying about me!" Shit, I'm a beginner in this, and I want to know about this things just in case I fuck it someday. What are the chances? Tell me about it

Is there something wrong with me?

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Was a kissless virgin (age 22) in October. Become normal, had sex and made out with people, flirted etc. 3 weeks ago I was lamenting to a friend that I would like to find a girl to go steady with. 2 weeks I started dating a girl...and this Friday I realised I've found it dull. I can entertain this girl but I started to wonder if I don't like girls on a mental/communication level. I only enjoy them as a challenge and a mirror for myself to be entertaining. As in its not fun to talk to yourself, but talking to somebody else and entertaining them is fun. On Saturday I was at a house party. I was talking to a cute French girl, was fun, she wanted my facebook. Later at another place I poached a really cute girl from a guy, she wanted me to come to the club with her. Again really fun. I lost her and went to the club with friends. At the club I was denied entry until another girl helped me out. I made out with some club slut for 10 seconds then just left her. That Saturday further cemented that I seem to be a very shallow person and I'm too jaded to enjoy the companies of girls, unless its on a sexual level. So is there something wrong with me? Should I appreciate this qt 3.14 girl I've been dating? Should I feel bad?

TL;DR How to get someone to help themselves?

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Basically I have a boyfriend. It's a serious relationship. But for about a year and a half now (even before he met me), he's fallen into the trappings of misery and is depressed. >stuck in a cashier job as a casual >absolutely no fucking money >he's got a mountain of bills >no career prospects whatsoever >He dropped out of university because he hated the subject >but doesn't know of any other courses he'd like to take He asked me constantly to help him sort out his life, but whenever I try and give him advice or options, he just 'hmmm's and 'ahhh's until I drop the subject. It's like deciding on what to do is so stressful for him, that it's easier to just not decide at all. But I can't help him if he doesn't help himself! I don't know, /adv/. I don't know how to help him, but it's killing me seeing him like this day after day, all because of his state of mind. How do I change his mindset? TL;DR How can I help someone who wants help, but doesn't want to help themselves?
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Who are you Facebook stalking these days? What are they like/what's the situation?
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dear /adv/ what do you think about this? i thought i might be bisexual. so i was thinking hooking up with a guy was the only way to really know? i did and it was just really nasty, didn't like anything about it and now im just confused on were i fit in sexually. how can you think of sex with guys and like it. but when you do it you really don't like it. also when i think about women i like it. and if i do anything with them its been enjoyable. i don't know what i am or what i should do about it.
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soup /adv/, setting up a fishtank it's 10 gal. i plan to get a Pleco(already have) and 4-8 guppies can i get some /adv/ and/or fishtank general.
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So I'm not bad with talking to people. I can talk to anyone and I've had compliments on how people enjoy talking to me. I have no problem talking to girls who I dont have much in common with and i can get into relationships with them. But, when it comes to the girls I'm really interested in, nerd girls, real nerd girls who know what they're talking about rather than some girl who only know games from nostalgia standpoints. I have no idea why. I was just talking to this girl who lives near me, is into the same things I like and is interested in meeting up, but as we continued talking, I just kinda froze up and the conversation sorta died. I have no idea what the problem is. (picture not related)
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I can't bear my mother anymore. > She treats me and my siblings as if we were 8 years old (we are about 20). > Because of that, the eldest sister acts with her as if she had never grown up, she gets scolded for coming home at 21:00, etc. She plays all the time online video games (she's 22 years old). Never heard her talk about leaving home to create her own family. > It's impossible for me to talk to my mother but she is an immigrant who doesn't understand half the things I say. > Example of what happened one week ago : I bet 2€ on a football team for the first time of my life. I win 14€. I save half the money and bet the other half. And my mother is suddendly saying "Ah no, wtf are you doing, why are you betting, who allowed you to do this, you must stop this or you'll become poor, it's dangerous!" > Then I explain that logically, I only EARNED money. I ask her if she has understood. She answers "yes". Then she tells me "that's bad, you must stop it!!". I ask her again if she has understood. This time she answers "no." She keeps talking and she looks at me as if I were a 6 years old who was almost going to take the worst path possible in life, but thanks to her fabulous warning I'm not going to become a delinquent. I'm fed up. I can't take it anymore. For her, I and my siblings aren't even humans or people with awareness. She is clearly persuaded we will be forever her little babies who know nothing about life. I think that in 2-3 years I will go live on my own in another city and cut off all my links with her. Can you please give me your opinion about this?
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What's up guys. So I went to a party and did some cocaine. Now i'm home and my heart wont stop beating rapidly. I'm calm and not freaking out cause I know if I do it'll get worse. Anyone have some tips?
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Hi /adv/, how do I stop being insecure? My girl has been out for most of the day in a studio helping out with a photography shoot. It's now 10:30pm and I texted her Good Night, expecting her to be home and ready to sleep now. She replied saying she was not home yet, and was at McDonalds with the photographer. So my mind keeps thinking, why has she spent the whole day/night with him, and what if he tries to come on to her, and what if she gives in and sucks his dick or something, cause she likes to give head. How can I stop thinking like this?
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>new at job at bar/grill >couple of cute girls also work there >try to start conversations with some of them >feel like i'm hitting it off with 2 of them >flirt with them >they flirt back >they laughs back at my stupid jokes Thursday I get off work chatting with them and my boss, one of the girls(bartender) asks me if i want a beer. Say yeah, if it's okay with the bossman. He says it's alright, but only when it's just him there. >drinking my beer, chatting with the girls and boss >find out the 2 girls I dig are roomates >Prostitution is somehow brought up in the conversation >the bartender girl says she is a prostitute >the other girl also implies she's a prostitute too >my face when I hear this >finish beer and leave Really the non-bartender girl is the one i'm into but not if she's a prostitute. How do I find out if she is one by not directly asking her?
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I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what I should do with my life career-wise. Though I am sure the majority of people here are probably highschool - college, I'd like to call upon the people who have already started their careers, mainly computer science degree holders or medical field degree holders. I'm at ends. My parents have a business and I am going to be running it by the end of this month (I am taking time off of school to help them). I love computers and videogames, but am very afraid of going into such a vast and overpopulated field. I also enjoy creative writing and sci-fi books/shows. These past two years, I have been going to community college towards credit for a biology degree. It was my original intention to go to dentist/pharmacist/optometrist school, but upon closer inspection, I am unsure if I want to do school for 2 more years for my graduate bachelor's, and then 4 more years in a post graduate school. tdlr; anyone in the medical / computers field please tell me about your job.

My Friend is a Dumbass

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My friend just broke his nose. It's crooked and bleeding and he says it's really painful inb4 i graduate med school pic kinda related cause noses
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Hey guys , i need some advice from you if you are kind enough. So my GF added some ex-boyfriends of her on facebook and i'm not to sure about it , she might even talk to them. I told her that she has by tonight to remove them from her friends and never contact them again or i will break up with her. Is it the right thing to do ? I'll answer any questions of yours . Bumping with wallpapers.


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OH GOD I'm going to apply for graduate school and I'm scared to death I won't get in because my overall GPA is a 2.99 :( my last semester was awesome, got on the Dean's List and all the goodness but will this just make it impossible to get in? I just took the verbal portion of the GRE (practice test) no studying of any kind, and I got a 490-590. So, uh, is there hope? Thank you
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Hi /adv/, Should I go outside for a little bike ride, even though it's quite cold and I didn't sleep at all last night?
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So I turn 21 this year and my friends already got plans for me for my day. I don't really drink at all. Never been drunk. So, my friends want to buy me alcohol and get me drunk that day. They want us to play a drinking game at one of their houses. I said no at first because I really don't want a hangover and I'm really not that into drinking and getting drunk. But after insisting they told me to choose the drinks I would like to drink with them. Me not knowing anything about alcohol I would like to ask you guys what would be the safest drinks for a first timer. Something that won't make me feel like death the next morning maybe and that tastes good!
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alpha giving advice with females I specialize in flirting and small talk inb4 yur not alpha
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How to disregard females? I've come to the conclusion that the singlemost thing holding me back is that I always feel down about not having a gf etc. Now, before you think otherwise, no, I'm not some forever alone beta. I've had sex with more girls than a large chunk of my friends, I've had girlfriends in the past (although it was a long time ago), and I have a good social life. But everything is always about not having a gf to cuddle with or me feeling lonley and stff like that. It doesn't help that I keep hearing about the girl I'm still not fully over having sex with a bunch of guys and shit, but I want to just shut that shit off and live my life, but I don't know how. I'm always down about girls and it's driving me nuts. I just want to genuinly be able to walk in a room, see a girl I think is cute and who I think seems really cool, and just don't give a fuck about her, and don't feel like I missed some opportunity or something. As it is now, I'm always "oh god I gotta talk to her so that I can make some moves and maybe get something". I don't want that shit. I felt shitty about this when I was dead certain that I was gonna die a virgin, and I feel shitty about it now that I've had a decent amount of sex. But wtf can I do? I try to keep my mind occupied. I play vidya, I hang out with my friends, I do some school-work, I work on some of my hobbies (warhamms, cosplay, whatever). But the moment I turn the game off, the moment I head back home from my friends, it all comes back. It's seriously driving me crazy Pic related, I want to be able to play FF9 all day errday like I did when I was younger with no care in the world. tl:dr I want to disregard feamles completley, how to? Any help apreciated.
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Hello again /adv/, I posted here a day or two ago because I was flipping out because I've been prescribed guanfacine and bupropion for diagnosed adhd and minor depression/anxiety. today I feel like the intended effects and not the whole unstable adjustment period kicked in. and I fucking hate it. I can't even describe it, it's like the joy was sucked out of my life and my body was out of my control, there were moments where I just felt like I was an outside observer as all my thinking just fucking stopped but my body kept plugging on with whatever it was doing. I don't like it. I hate it. I'd rather be my old defective self than feel like a fucking automaton. and I haven't even started taking the 2mg doses instead of the 1mg doses. I'm driven to stay up all night because only then does the bullshit start to wear off.
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My computer won't load any videos past a certain point. i'm am buying protective software tomorrow but it hasn't had it for the last month and I think it was a virus or something, any information about this would be helpful
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help guys girl rejected me I was only looking at her for 3 days god she's beautiful and I think I love her I've been with her for a week now and this guy is better than me but I don't want to improve myself and how do I go out and talk to people I want friends nobody likes me where do I meet people where do I meet girls I'm feeling depressed no one loves me and I look ugly help me /adv/
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So I have a film idea. It's an art film, kind of in the style of fantasia as it would be short animated segments put together. I would like to make it based on other people's animated entries. First off what I need to know is what are some good funding sources and what would be a good way to advertise my film to help recruit people to make animations for it?
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>that feel when a girl likes you and you like her back >that feel when you start being nervous and awkward as fuck around her and she stops liking you >every time >that feel when you could get pretty much any girl except the ones you actually want >that feel when good looking but so forever fucking alone
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I feel depressed. Incredibly depressed, and hopeless. Due to failing community college(1, this makes my parents upset, they don't technically know yet I've had to bullshit about being wait listed and not getting into classes due to that, but the upset in my fathers eyes in return depresses me...), I am out for this semester and have in turn decided to take up two part-time jobs (2, all the depression and stress involved in these) . I wanted an office job or something that does.not.involve.people (or at least not lots of them), but I am doing retail, and recently picked up fast food (will be starting soon). I'm treated like shit at my retail job. The bitch in charge of the cashier area snaps at me, and does so whenever I need help, even a customer said, "what a bitch...". The atmosphere is depressing, all old cranky people. One old man came in and I said "have a good night", in response he replied, "if I live that long...". I feel a little embarrassed with the new job I picked up, since it's fast food. Never done this before, and it's going to be extra strain/bullshit to deal with, as well as hours well into the night (3am). (to be continued...)

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