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Threads added between 2013/01/23 16:00 and 2013/01/23 22:00

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Hey /adv/. All finals succesfully done, so let’s go for my GoodGuyGreg’s advice thread. I’m a regular guy from Czech republic, 22 years old, currently at an economics college. By luck I had the opportunity to become a very social person through my life. When I was a little kid I grew up in a big hotel in the Giant mountains, thus I got to meet different people every week. Then I continued to grow up in a skiing town where my parents ran a small family hotel. Later on I went to a diplomatics school in Prague, where I got (luckily) to learn a lot about girls, since there was about an 1:9 ratio of guys to girls. Since then I’ve been in two serious relationships, more then ten casual flings and had the honor to have sex with more then seventy girls. During roughly the last year I’ve discovered that I really enjoy helping people face their problems and I come here to offer you knowledge about asking girls out, dating, pick-up and anything else can. General: >Luck You’re going to need luck to live a happy life. But since luck is just statistics, you can have influence on the odds. Or as the Bible says „God helps those who help themselves“ >Courage Works in connection with luck. Basically everytime you are brave you give luck a chance to work it’s magic. >Humor Whether it’s going to be to make the girl of your dreams laugh or to cheer you up after a tough break-up, humor is the essential. And actauly not that hard to comprehend once you look deeper into it. >Hygiene I guess this one is painfully obvious. If you look like a hobo, are grease or God forbid you smell, then you wont be getting anywhere with your life. >Style This doesnt mean following the latest fashion trends. It’s having a personal style that suits you, suits the situations in which you find yourself. And there is one more imporant thing I’d like to say right in the opening post. >IF YOU LIKE A GIRL, YOU ASK HER OUT FOR A DATE.

Worst Restaurants to Take a Girl on a Date

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http://theawesomecave.com/the-4-worst-restaurants-to-take-a-girl-to-on-a-date/ ugh...i've done a few of these. where else should you avoid?
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Hey, /adv/ how do I get my boyfriend to enjoy giving me oral? Long story short, he refuses to do it, on the claim I "taste sour." Yet I know I don't have a bad taste, I clean regularly and have tasted myself before. He also eats sour things like whole limes so that's a bit of bull. Is there anything I can do to persuade him?

Weekly ask me anything thread

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Man I should have kept track of how long we've been doing this. I'm here for an hour, what's new this week?
39 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1322399064025.jpg]
I feel this is absolutely necessary to state because of what comes next: my girlfriend is a very loving, caring and loyal partner. I know for fact after almost a year together that she doesn't have whorish thoughts and wouldn't cheat on me because of her words and attitude. However... She studies art at university. They have classes where they must draw naked people and she enjoys those classes. So far nothing wrong, but she has hinted a couple times in the past that she wanted to pose naked for one of those classes, which is not exactly something I'm inclined to agree with. She had not touched this subject again for a while, but today she suggested it again. In what I presume was an attempt to get me to agree, she suggested that we *both* posed naked for her class. I never wanted to pose naked myself, but this is not what bothers me, it's the fact that other people (including man and possibly lesbians) will see her naked. I told her the truth, that I would find it uncomfortable for other people too see her naked, but she just said I was old-fashioned and said that in the 70's all the people would do crazy orgies, and what she was suggesting wasn't anything out of the ordinary. However, I am indeed old-fashioned and conservative about these kinds of things and not quite convinced I should give in... This is really frustrating for me. How to deal with this situation, /adv/?

I give up

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I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since 2009. I've also been diagnosed with endometriosis since 2011. I've had depression my entire life, ADD, anxiety, insomnia and I've recently developed seizures. I am on disability for life because I can't work thanks to my diseases as well as the medications I have to take. And today, my doctor told me that I probably have inflammatory bowel disease on top of everything else, so I get to add something like Crohn's Disease to my list. I don't even feel sad. My life has shit on me so much in the last three years that it is literally comical. I keep expecting to wind up with cancer sometime soon or something. I feel like I'm collecting diseases that are horribly painful and debilitating but not deadly. I am 24 years-old. Should I just off myself? I feel like a worthless butt. I have no value in society and I probably never will. I am asexual, though not completely aromantic, but I cannot imagine anyone wanting to settle down with someone like me. The worst part is I know I'm not a bad catch and a lot of men are interested in me, but I just feel so inadequate. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is disabled and antisocial? Am I just being weird? I mean where do I go from here?
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How to tell a woman you want to be just friends without hurting her? She is a great person to hang out with but I just cannot bring myself to see her in a romantical way, while she is trying to make her moves on me.
39 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: toenterwizardbattleyoumustbeawizard.jpg]
I'm stuck at a fork in the road. Have any of you had to face this problem before? How did you deal with it? How are things now?

So horny ALL the time

13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: female_ath_shorts2.jpg]
I am a 21 year old male and I find that I get horny so much that its practically annoying. I have been trying to do that no fap bullshit but I don't think I can do it. I foolishly made a new years resolution to not masturbate until I have had sex in a committed relationship. How foolish was that? I have came at all since then and its starting to fuck with me. All I really think about is fucking a woman until I cum inside of her. My fantasy is to cum inside a woman and have it not be wrong or disgusting. I feel very attracted to most women(except fat women) and I just want to see them naked. However, I have a problem with one night stands. I can't do them. Too much guilt and too dangerous. What if I have a one night stand with a crazy woman? then what? My life is over. What should I do? Should I break my resolution and just masturbate? Kind of afraid how big the load will be. I spend so many hours still watching porn even if I don't masturbate to it. What should I do /adv/?
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: sleeping woman.jpg]
Sup /adv/, My sleeping patterns are completely fucked up to the point where it is actually ruining my life. I often (about half the time) sleep 12-18 hours at a time. Some days I can't sleep at all until the next morning, and I'm regularly awake 48 hours at a time because of this. I've tried using melatonin to reset my schedule but that just makes me completely unable to sleep for a day. Waking up is impossible. I set 3 or 4 alarms around the room (alarm, alarm, laptop alarm, phone alarm), and wake up and turn them all off even if I have 6-8 hours of sleep already by the time they go off. I don't consciously remember turning them off but I do it. I miss like 50% of my classes because of this, I recently missed a mandatory medical examination, etc etc. Shit is all fucked up. Anyone else had to deal with a completely fucked up sleep schedule? WAT DO things that didn't work >Going to sleep at the same time every day >Getting 8 hours of sleep every day >Getting 6 hours of sleep every day >4 hours etc >Taking melatonin as recommended by almost everyone >Setting more alarms (I don't have the money to set more alarms.. I already have 4..) any advice appreciated

College troubles

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So I registered for two of my classes too late (I thought I was registered, but I wasn't), and therefore I'm not eligible for financial aid (the deadline was last Friday). To make matters worse, I owe the school $750 for moving out of the dorms too early, and since I don't have enough credits, I can't cover that with financial aid either. I can write an appeal letter, but from the looks of it, the only exceptions are for extenuating circumstances, like if you were hospitalized before you could turn the forms in. Is there anything I could say that could make for a successful appeal? Has anyone else been in this situation?
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358808423219.gif]
"Man up", they say. How to man up, /adv/?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 68034.jpg]
I've got a job interview tomorrow. It's for a position in an office where the attire will be smart but not so smart you wear a suit everyday. Is it acceptable to turn up to the interview in shirt and tie, or do I need the suit jacket too? I don't have a jacket, I'd have to buy one on the way.
60 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: OkCupid-Logo.png]
http://www.okcupid.com/profile/anoonis So I was here yesterday and you guys gave me a total reaming about my profile on okcupid, I've since updated it numerous times and am still looking for advice/feedback on it Do I mention my family too much? Do I come off as a psycho? Am I ugly? I posted on /soc/ with my face but I only got one response so now I'm posting here. Also, can someone remind me how to link to threads on other boards so I can link my /soc/ thread?
22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358923668426.png]
>be 17 straight male >virgin >very socially awkward >the most I can leave the house is for school >no clubs open >have hard time meeting new people Well for various yet important reasons, I would like to lose my virginity, can I have some advice /adv/?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Okay adv I need to get this off my chest >out drinking last Saturday with a few close friends >in the scruffiest pub in town >already pissed off cause the landlord had a go at my friend for spilling a drink >cousin walks in with her mates ( she's 21, I'm 18) >long story short this other girl Tries to start a fight with her >I get up and drag my cousin away to calm her down >I tell her to either go to another pub or home >be about 4 hours, 5 pints and a pizza later >I walk into grannies house to pick up my secret stash of beer, cause I planned on lurking for a couple of hours before bed >mum, granny and cousin are sat talking about what went on earlier >after a few cans there, I ended up showing my cousin some texts I got from a female friend I was interested in >she kept saying how she seemed nice and I deserved someone like that >eventually mum goes home and granny goes to bed >me and cousin are both completely gone by this point >she jokes that if the girl who I as texting didn't want to go out with me shed have a word with her >"thanks cuz, you're the best" >for some reason I think she looks really hot, (I mean I know she is hot but never looked at her that way before) >end up making out and fingering her on couch >she leads me up to spare bedroom, where we end up drunkingly fucking like rabbits >fall asleep in each others arms Haven't spoke about it since, I have no idea how to break the awkwardness between us now, Help me adv/? Pic not related
18 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: hnnnggggfggh.jpg]
>looks matter you guys need to grow a fucking pair and go gain some experience >news flash YOU HAVE TO GET REJECTED, it's what gives you that edgy badass vibe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pj6qhHYLeMU#!
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1346729874337.jpg]
>Be in college >Meet girl that is interested in me (compliments, touchy, personal questions...) >I like her too >Party >Spent most of the night together chatting, laughing, starting to know each other better... >Ask her out before leaving the party, says yes and seem glad that I did >2 days later, I send her the details of the date by text, she confirms it. >The next day she cancels the date 3h before it because sick, doesn't reschedule specifically ("another time !") >Comes back to class after 2 days of missing classes actually sick, says that the thing "seemed nice". I say I didn't go either anyway because I woke up too late so it didn't bother me. >Ask her out again a few days later by text (yes mistake). >She doesn't answer for the whole week-end, then says she can't because of finals (which is true I guess, I wasn't passing them at the time) >I decide to put some distance. I never go toward her or anything. During the week I did that i noticed she'd always come towards me, saying things like "it's nice to see you" or coming to speak to me when I'm talking with friends she doesn't even know. Still I can't ask her out again because... >Holidays... she goes back to her parents. No contact at all (no texts etc except for wishing the happy new year, which she answers) >Comes back just for one exam 10 days ago. See her just this day. Still acts interested, but she has a train to catch just after the exam. >Now starting from tomorrow I'll start seing her on a regular basis again. We'll be done with our finals at the end of the week. Question is : should I ask her out again ? Should I just keep flirting with her in class & all, even though it's kind of annoying this way (other people around, always splitting up because different classes, etc etc)
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
How do you guys handle talking to a girl who'se never had a boyfriend before? Like when to make a move without moving "too fast" for her. I'm in uni atm, and there's a girl i've been talking to for the past 40 days or so. Ive gone on about 5 dates or so, just recently made a move to at least hold her hand, we've talked about 'liking each other' or rather, being interested in each other... BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Usually a girl has an idea of how to drop hints and things like that, but she's never had a boyfriend... I'm not sure if that's clear in her head. Tl;dr girl never had a boyfriend, how the hell do I make moves without moving "too fast" in her eyes
34 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: the-very-best-of-the-confession-bea(...).jpg]
Hey adv/ is this normal? I love girls who are taller than me, I don't know what it is about them I just find them extremely attractive. I love how I have to look up to them to talk and how they tower over me with their breasts being level with my face. When a tall girl wears Heels, It automatically makes them a 10/10 in my eyes and I just love the dominance portrayed by a big tall female, I love the feeling of being side by side with a girl significantly taller than me and her looking down at me, I would take a girl several feet taller than me over an average girl any day. just thought I should share this, I've never told anybody and It's been my dirty secret for years
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 345fg.jpg]
I am sick of women and their bullshit. I want to be gay. Gay guys get to fuck whenever they want and have fun without any emotional baggage whatsoever. Is it possible for a straight guy to be gay? Can I fuck guys if I think about hot chicks and take viagra or something?
17 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Untitled.png]
USA legal question. the main mens' room in my office has been busted for weeks (!) now, and the owner/manager has yet to call a plumber. I understand he is busy, but I also understand that he doesn't give a fuck because he has his own private bathroom from his office. meanwhile the rest of the staff is going down 6 storeys to use a restroom in the lobby. this is undeniably costing the company and its owner money. so my question is this: if I were to take some cash from petty cash and call a plumber myself, could I be charged with theft? I know I could be fired for using petty cash without authorisation, but I think he would have a hard time justifying that to my coworkers. I may have another job offer in the pipes as well, and if that comes through, I would really like to call the plumber myself and pay with company money, bc at that point it's just a nice 'fuck you do your job' on the way out. so, could I be charged with a crime? I'm in california if that matters.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1353885289873.gif]
I almost lie constantly. Not because I don't want to tell the truth or make others look dumb or make me look especially good, but just because I don't care for saying the truth and lying makes having a conversation so much easier. These are not big lies (I never intentionally lie about important stuff), but rather small - for example I'd say that I really hate riding a bike instead of going by bus when actually I don't really care about either. Is this a bad thing or something I should get rid off?
14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1349822241652.png]
Hey /adv/, I have a problem. I'm trying to have sex with my girlfriend, but my dick is a little bended toward bottom-left. When we try I always "rip" on it, get selfconscious and overthink, and at that point I usually lose my boner. She says she doesn't mind because I can't help it, but I feel bad. Is there anybody that been in my situation ?

Help me, please.

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Alright /adv/, I have two questions for you. First off; I’d like you to tell me more about myself, so you don’t think the problem are caused by that I’m a friendless loser. >Just turned 16 >Funny, outgoing >Have a lot of friends, don’t smoke weed or party >Play guitar, been playing since I was 7 Alright, so here goes. When I was 14, in 8th grade, I met this lovely girl. Or so I thought she was. She was two years older than me, and we became really good friends. We had the same interests, liked the same music and we could communicate really easy. We could chat for hours, (Keep in mind that this girl was in 10th grade at my school). There was only one problem: She was batshit insane. She was mentally ill. She had bipolar, ADHD etc. She was very suicidal, had problems with self-harming and so on. She had a boyfriend (One year older than her, 16 y/o) who abused her both mentally and physically. He was cheating on her with a lot of girls, and she found out. She then asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, just for revenge. I told her that I couldn’t do that, because of my self-esteem. Anyways, she came over my house. We watched a movie, and things got heated up. It ended with me fingering her, and she came in 5 minutes. Seeing how she cheat on her boyfriend like this, with no regret at all really fucked me up.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Koala.jpg]
Trying my luck again. Is there a (good) software to convert digitalized books (pdf) to text (.odt) ? Picture not related, obviously.
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: gusstylin.jpg]
I'm going to visit my dad and sister soon, they live together in the same house because they work in the same town and I'm going to go visit there for a couple of weeks. I'm going to go full out and say it - I'm a kissless permavirgin and during this trip I want to bone bitches. Basically, my cousins (female) live in the same town with my sister and dad, my sister and my cousins have the same social circle (hot girls) and a few of my classmates live there as well and they also kinda sorta belong to the same circle. Anyways, I was always a beta loser my entire life, but I've worked to improve my appearance and personality significantly. Basically I've gotten more confindent, outgoing and talkative, I've also learned how to listen to people and have interesting converastions, I've stopped dumbing myself down to fit in. I also have been working out for a bit over a year, so I went from an utter DYEL faggot to a decent physique. Anyways, my goal is to bone as many girls as possible on this trip, lose my v card, party hard as fuck and get with tons of girls. Any advice you can give me on how I should go about doing this? I almost have no doubt we'll be drinking like the day after I arrive. Also, neither my cousins, nor my classmates not even my dad and sister have been me after I've gotten bigger (from 135 to 180 6'0)
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: llama.jpg]
I'm a little confused what I should be doing with my love life, /adv/. - Be 29-years-old - Dating a beautiful girl that is extremely intelligent, actually nerdy and very playful - After five years of dating she wants to take a 3 month break - Tells me not to contact her at all and give her some space so she can "fix herself" - I'm incredibly distraught, spend a lot of time at the pub - Within a week of the breakup, I'm in a new relationship with a woman pushing 50 that has three children - Ex finds out and completely shuts me out of her life - Almost a year later, at 30, I'm still thinking of her every day - Dating a new girl that I just don't like nearly as much Should I go stand outside her window with a boombox or something? I really want this girl back.
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1344208088081.jpg]
Looking for online store to buy my first piece and general advice for being a good smoker/ good habits etc. Also what kind of lighter would be best for smoking regardless of budget.
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1326591598667.png]
Okay /adv/ I've got three questions 1. Should I drop out of my 2 year course considering I've stopped going to my classes, there's tons of group work and I don't really like anyone in my class? 2. Does anyone know how I would see a psychiatrist/psychotherapy in the UK? 3.What should I do on valentines day? Thanks for your time
67 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: daddyandsis-t.gif]
Is this normal /adv/? I found out my SO lied to me. SO had lost their virginity before we were together, but I was told they never had interaction of any sexual sort, not even kissing. SO's ex revealed to me that they had in fact been together doing everything a couple in a close distance relationship would. I thought they were long distance. This has made me severely lose attraction towards my SO. I'm not even thinking of having sex with my SO at all, I view my SO as dirty now.. I thought I was my SO's first everything, I felt pride(?) I guess.. I loved it. And now... It's just sheer disappointment. Is it okay to base the end of something that wasn't even good to start with over this? (ask questions, will answer.) Tl;dr: SO lied about being virgin every which way. Now disgusted by SO. Why these feels? Is it normal?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1351516189300.jpg]
Soup /adv/ So i am currently working as a server in a local steakhouse, and have for the past 5 and a half years. Today we are holding a meeting to announce me as assistant general manager. Most of my coworkers i have worked with for a long time. Anyway, i'm going to hace to give a short speech... what should i say???


5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: HNI_0003_MPO.jpg]
This female that I know claims to have fallen in love with a guy she has never met nor had any contact with. All she does is stalk him on facebook. Her cousin has even encouraged her to believe she is ''in love.'' I just don't know how to deal with this kind of thought processing. How do you even deal with this? pic unrelated
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: what is that.jpg]
Can someone tell me what is that? It just happened to appear in my mouth... [oh and I was drunk the other night so it might be due to drunk related behaviour]
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 41.jpg]
This is going to sound weird, but for the last week, I've been jerking off like a fucking wild man. Like, typically I'd go for once a day, and I was content, no issues for the rest of the day, but like I said, the last week, it's been every few hours. I hit a personal record of 4 yesterday, and I just finished up with my second. So what gives man? I'm 20 years old, so maybe my testosterone is going whack? I also take a weak dose of zoloft, that I've been on for a month, could that do anything? pic related
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358973603374.jpg]
I am going to have sex with a hooker. What are some things I should avoid if I don't want to get the AIDS? Kissing and oral are obviously out of the question. Should I even bother with foreplay our just whip out my dick and go to town on her? Do people usually tip in this situation?
66 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 609248-220x165.jpg]
/adv/, what the fuck am I supposed to do here? >Be male USAF enlistedfag, in FOB in Afghanistan >See female Lt bawling her eyes out, alone, sitting up against sandbags >I go over to see what's wrong >"Oh Airman Anon, I'm so sorry you have to see me like this" >"What's wrong?" >"My boyfriend cheated on me then broke up with me back at home and the pressure of this job is just getting to me" >"You're not considering suicide, are you?" (note, we have to ask this now because of the number of deployed suicides that occur) >"No anon, I'm sorry if I seem that way" >She brings me in for a hug >at this point, i'm thinking wtf >Starts crying into my shoulder >"Ummm, Lt, I don't know if you should..." >"Just stay here with me for a bit" >I reluctantly hug her back and try to talk her down >This is away from most activity, so nobody sees us >Finally, after talking to me about her personal life for like 5 minutes, she lets go, a little less shaken up >"Thanks Airman Anon, it really means a lot to me" Now, whenever I see her, she either avoids me or deliberately is an ass to me and power trips and is generally unpleasant (she's an officer, I'm enlisted, so she has the power to do this) I don't want to report this up CoC because of the recent sexual harassment cases it would almost certainly end with me getting in trouble. Also, sorry for posting this again. I was away from my comp and it 404'd last time

Giving a lonely MILF a dicking, part 3

17 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1352437525223.jpg]
(Same OP pic as previous threads). Hi /adv/, the guy with the neighbour MILF (one of them), if anyone remembers. Briefing for those who don't: Moved to my first own apartment in October. Couple of weeks passes, and I have to do laundry. I finish my business in there, when the neighbour in question walks in. This is my first time seeing her, we small-talk for a bit, I learn which one of the neighbours she is. I make the first thread about this a couple of days after this. I devise my plan on getting her into bed in said thread, and what I do is intercept her "by coincidence" in the laundry room a couple of times, while doing some discreet spying on her (I have window view into her apartment). I learn some facts about her, and make the second thread in the middle of December. The relevant facts are: She lives alone. She doesn't have kids. She seems to have a boyfreind, but it's possible he's just a fuckbuddy. She doesn't know shit about vidya, but she has a SNES with Donkey Kong Country. The day before the second thread, she actually called me and invited me to play DKC with her, after me saying half-jokingly that I should come over sometime and do just that. I devise my plan further. End of briefing, cont in next post.

Girls I want to date has a BF

7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: feelclub.jpg]
>This one girl >Good chemistry laugh to all my jokes even the lames one >seems to blush when we talk and blush >she has a BF >it hurts like a bitch >should i continue to talk and laugh with her ?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358872349298.jpg]
Hello /adv/, I need your help. I was in love with this girl I knew 6 years ago (back in high school), but was to beta and fucked up to even look at her. Now, 6 years passen and today I saw her on the bus, and pussied out to approach her. My concerns are: 1. I was really a fucked up beta back than. I'm concerned this could rise negative associations inside her 2. I can only approach her in the morning, after getting out of the bus (our ways to work are crossing). But, I really cannot think of any time of the day where a human is more pissed off than in the morning while walking towards workplace, so this isn't playing into my cards either. So, how should I deal with this situation?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: dwdw.jpg]
Need some advice about a female in my network. I know all the basic stuff that indicates that a female likes you, like laughes at your non-funny jokes, always catching them looking at you and so on. The only thing is that she is sleeping over at a buddy all the time but they are not together according to them. Should I move in or not?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Ok /adv/ I live near Ventura CA where is a good place to take a girl out on a date? I've been living here for about 6 months and haven't really gotten used to the area
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Okay so I just finished my final year of school a few months back (Australian school dates) throughout lower school right up to my second last year of school I was always pinned as someone who would be a high achiever but I got pretty bored at school, made some pretty good friends and ended up getting some of the very lowest marks in the entire school. I just didnt have the motivation anymore. I'm now starting a graphic design course and I do plan on completeing that as graphic design is actually one thing I like. Ever since I can remember I've lived with an abusive alcoholic father, until I was 15 I actually thought fathers were meant to get drunk every night and be abusive and I always thought if I ever have kids I'm breaking that trend. Older now I realize it's definately not right. A couple of weeks ago he got really drunk and stabbed me in the leg at 12 am, that's just added to how shit I've been feeling recently. I actually haven't seen any friends I'm close to in almost 2 months because recently I've been having suicidal thoughts and I don't want friends to see me like that as hardly any of them actually know what's going on. Anyway, I've also got a really short temper, caused by my father and I don't see much point in anything anymore, I'm not going to kill myself but I do often feel like everything would be better if I was hit by a truck or something. I don't even sleep anymore which is something I've never had a problem with in the past... I do occasionally wish I had a girlfriend that I could talk to about shit but everytime I ever get close to anyone I fuck it up because of one thing or another (right down to the fact that I apparently refuse to even hook up with people if I'm drunk because I've spent ages chasing one girl, she liked me at one point to but I fucked that up). Anyway, everything feels so wrong and I have no idea what I should do, should I see a psych or something? Do they really help? I just don't want to feel like this anymore...
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Individuality. Hello guys, I just ended a relationship and I really need some advice/motivation about being alone, I feel like I was stripped of my own self.
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Recently I've been depressed and I want to start over in my life. I was pretty much a loner 2-3 years ago, and after I left everyone I knew behind everything suddenly got better. In the last few months I've made enemies out of a lot of people I met over those 2 years, with only some closer friends remaining. I've recently started uni and I'm thinking of doing the same thing again, my close friends go and I've met a lot of people I suppose I could call friends now. I'm ready to abandon all my old relationships except the previously mentioned few, if it means I'll be happier by the end of it. This would mean removing my acquaintances, relationship and all other negatives out of my life, in order to get that feeling of freedom that puts me back on my feet. All I feel at the moment is the feeling of being trapped with all these negative influences. I currently don't enjoy company with any of them, however it is 'secure'. Am I being reckless, or should I just cut the cord and start over again like I did before? >tl;dr I want to leave my acquaintances, distant friends and relationship behind to start anew, but I'm worried that this may be a mistake.
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what something good to do for a second first date? pic related, AOTY 2012
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/adv/ i need a serious advice. Me and my friend (let's call him A) are from eastern europe. He is in a deep shit. He owe's about 500$ to some dude. A's friend is also in on this, and he is being held by those guys who they owe to. His cheeks are cut, he is beat and he is starving. The dude that they owe money to knows A's address and all other details. If he doesnt give money in 3 days they will do things to his family. I have nothing to do with this, i am just a friend of A's. I know it sounds movie'ish but it is serious. I couldnt believe it myself but now i believe. A is considering commiting suicide because he is in too much of a deep shit. What do you suggest /adv/? He tried everything. Reltives, friends, unoficial crediters etc.
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So here's the deal /adv/ Been with gf for a month or so, break up for a month, get back together. During this time, I get closer with one of my female friends from before we started dating, and I hang out with her one day. She starts talking about her bf and such, then goes on to talk about how she has no gag reflex and shit. Nothing sexual, just really suggestive. Is she coming on to me? What do?

Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

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Hi there. I am 100% sure I have borderline personality disorder. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. Should I go to a psychologist or psychiatrist first to be diagnosed and treated? I know psychiatrists prescribe medication (which I would definitely need for my severe mood swings and almost-constant anxiety) but BPD isn't a mental illness like bipolar disorder or manic depression is, so I feel that they wouldn't be able to diagnose me with shit except maybe an anxiety disorder or depression, while the MAIN problem is my personality disorder. I was thinking that a psychologist, who focuses on psychotherapy, would be able to diagnose and then treat me, but I don't know! Now, please, be nice, I don't need to hear "HURRRRR YOU'RE SELF DIAGNOSING YOURE PROBABLY JUST A BITCH" or "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM BORDERLINE PEOPLE, THEY WILL FUCK UP YOUR LIFE" you will just be ignored. Thank you so much.
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I find Moot to be incredibly handsome and intriguing. How does one go about making a big shot admin their boyfriend?
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I have this problem and i need help on getting over it.I was dating this girl and we dated for 10 months, i know it doesnt seem that long, and then she broke up with me out of no where and even after she said she didnt plan to anytime soon. After she lied to me and broke up with me the day after i was depressed and all. Then i find out that she left me for another guy and i was really pissed. I felt like she left me because i did something wrong or i hurt her in someway. I just want to know how to stop caring about the whole thing completely Any advice on this?
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So I just moved into a new apartment, and three months in I finally decide to play a few online matches of League of Legends. I got around 30 ping with 2-5 ping jitter in the weekends when I'm most likely alone here, but I spike up to 3000 ms in games when I'm not. We we're told it should be enough for all of us. There is something like a limit to how much bandwidth you can claim apparently, something like 3 mb/s down and 0,9 up per IP, but I shouldn't I be able to play videogames seamlessly with that? The router is inside a storage in the middle of this one-story building, meaning it's pretty close, but still behind a few walls. Could this be what is giving me the pingspikes from hell, or is it a bad case of having a technologically impaired neighbour with an infected computer? Or maybe we are simply too many connected? Whats the deal?
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>Has had friend for years. >Always thought she treated me horribly, but blamed it on her depression. >Now have a new best friend and realise how horrible my current friend is in comparison. >Really don't want to hang out with her anymore. >Stop talking to her. >She starts ringing me up and making efforts to call. What do, /adv/? I feel sick to the stomach at the thought to speaking to her, but I'm too much of a coward to tell her that, and she doesn't seem to be getting the message that I don't want to speak to her.
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I need to voice this with someone, sorry if it gets long. >long distance relationship >Met irl at a boarding school, lived in different cities, had to move home afterwards. >Soon 2 years together. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder autumn 2011, I recovered but I put on a lot of weight afterwards, when my bmi hit overweight I turned around and started eating healthy and exercising (all healthy) I'm in the process of losing weight atm, but I'm not really comfortable with myself yet or how I look. I haven't seen my boyfriend at all over this year, because of self issues, tomorrow is his birthday and he's asked me to come visit him. I'm completely free, I have the money, and I'd like to see him, but all my insecurities are getting in the way. I've had a series of anxiety attacks ever since we spoke and I've had a few days to let it nag on me. I have no idea what to do, I'm afraid I wont handle things if I decide to not give a fuck and just go, or if I should just ask for more time. I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be ok with going once I lose some more weight, but that could take months. I'm also overall ashamed that I've let it be a year already, and I feel guilty about keeping him waiting, I know he's free to sign off at any time he wants to but I still feel guilty, and I'm thinking I maybe should just break off the whole thing and start dating when I'm more secure. But then again I really care for him.

Please.. read it all

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Hello people of /adv - been giving advice every now and then, now i need it back. i will try to make this as quick as possible, i might leave out important info so please ask if you need to know something before giving adv. I used to be that "kid" that was ALWAYS happy, no matter what the situation was, i was a happy bastard. Everyone liked me, because i unconsciously used psychologic methods to be interesting etc. (saying "whats up?" in chat every day first, for a while then theyd do the same to me and i acted less interested in them and they would crave the shit out of me. and alot more, like. giving negative body language but positive verbal lang. i would talk to everyone as a friend, everyone wanted to be my friend. i was legitimatly the most craved and popular boy in my class. [not the other classes they all went to sports i didnt and we never saw each other unless recess for 10 minutes] i would meet every friend in order and not be with the same person alot so everyone "got a piece of me". i was always happy. people legitimately loved the shit out of me. Every.. single.. girl, wanted me, all the boys and girls called me, texted me, all the time! almost like a plague.) and i was a legitimate nice person that meant no harm. in big social groups i would have a really fast brain to combat the arguments we had and i always won and people took my side.


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My girlfriend and i are ready to have sex we want to use lube. My friend suggested using jiffy lube, will that be effective?
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Am I just interacting with bitchy girls? My body language is fine, I'm interesting, and I am good looking. For some reason, girls don't respond positively to me (guys can't get enough of me). They always either ignore me, or seem annoyed by me. Any advice or thoughts on why this might happen?
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This is going to be two questions, one being a scenario: Me and a couple of my cousins went out clubbing a few days ago, we see some of their friends at the club were at. Long story short, they were accompanied by two females and they were, for lack of a better word, hard to tell if they were on a date or just mingling. We get to the next club and I tell their friend "is it cool if I talk to her? He said yea man don't worry about it, my cousins wife says later that night "I think he was trying to get with her" I said we'll if he was he didn't act like he wanted to. Question: is that violating the bro code by talking to a girl who wasn't really talking to him in the first place? Number two: There's this other girl who I meet who is a friend of my cousin. She's really busy having two kids, going to school, working and learning to play guitar. We the texted for a couple of days than she stopped, I waited a week than said "your busy, lets go on a date sometime" Question: is it moving too fast if you ask them out on a date after talking to them for awhile?

Dick rating thread

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I will start. You know the drill.
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how to prevent a longer period of bad mood to develop into a full-blown depression? Always had a terrible love life, which kinda crushes on me in the last few months. Have lots of friends, but eventough they are willing to help, they don't really understand the feelings/thoughts i'm having these days. I always thought that i was good at my profession/hobby, but it just seems like despite the growing effort i put in my work, i still get to be average.
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Let's say you're in a very loving, long-term relationship. Now pretend your next closest friend (aside from your significant other, who is actually your best friend as well) has obviously developed feelings for you. These feelings also tempt you. Your close friend does not physical act on their impulses (neither do you), but they often say things which make you feel uncomfortable, like "I just want to see your face" or "I need to hear your voice right now" or "I really wish you were here." After making it a point, over several months, that this makes you feel uncomfortable, you decide to stop talking to your close friend abruptly. It is entirely your choice and not one prompted by your significant other. Months later, you apologize for being rude, because you did value their friendship, and explain that their feelings were putting a strain on your relationship. Now your close friend thinks it's acceptable to keep talking to you every day and indirectly hinting at romance all while supporting your current relationship. Without being a total asshole, how do you tell your close friend that you can no longer be friends with them?
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My ex. She's now in a 'casual relationship' with someone I'd class as a friend, this bothers me as I still love her, as she says she doesn't like me that way anymore atall. She want's to be 'friends' even though she knows I still like her she goes out of her way to say and do things that she knows will piss me off when talking such as saying 'Oh I'm going round to suchabody's house tomorrow ;)' out of nowhere.Then I'll ignore her for awhile, have a mini argument and back to square 1. She always initiates the conversation, literally, I haven't in like 2 months but everytime we speak it's boring as fuck because we have nothing to talk about, we don't meet up or anything, we don't flirt, I get pissed off when she talks about the new guy she's fucking which means our conversations are pretty awful now. I can't be the only one thinking this, if you read our conversations you'd know what I mean, so surely she does aswell? I don't know why she's still talking to me...
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alright /adv/ i have been trying to get a job, any job for months now and nothing seems to be working i feel like its either just me thats not working or i need a better resume what are your best resume building tips/sites/formats my job experience is very limited which is making it difficult for me to fill one out
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Hey /Adv, I have a big problem on my hands. At least for me it seems big. I had a girlfriend for about 3 months around a year ago, I really liked her and thought that we'd be together for a long time, but she was kind of a popular girl, went to parties and what not. And you see I had this friend, that talked shit about me, talked to her behind my back, messaging each other, things like don't tell anything to anon, etc. And I had a really hard time letting it go, it bothered me so much that I broke up with her. Thinking she cheated on me, which I know she hadn't. And let's just say that me and that guy aren't friends anymore because of excuses, lies and other things connected with my relationship at the time. But my problem is this, now that I have a new girlfriend, I can't trust her at all. Hell, I can't trust anyone anymore. And I keep getting paranoid that things are happening behind my back. It often leads to me checking up on her in a casual way as she has no idea I'm this troubled. And I think she might have done something behind my back as I get these hints. And I know she would never tell me, but I just need to know for sure and if i can accept whatever she says as truth. Any ideas?

every morning i wake up miserable and in pain

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I really think I'm going to end up killing myself, eventually. I'm only living so as not to hurt my family. Maybe I should seek help, but I never stick with it for long. No motivation to accomplish anything. Crippling depression and anxiety. I'm lost, and I don't have anyone to reach out to. I think maybe I'm very sick.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 12858377274JA2q4.jpg]
Be my doctor. Recently I developed around 10 tiny (under 1mm diameter) white spots on my glans (not on the edge of my glands like pearly papules n shit, just on the side). The hell is this? Is this some dink disease/should I go to a real doctor?
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I need 8,000 today... Is there anything I can do at all? Other than robbing a bank or becoming a hooker.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: depressed-girl (1).jpg]
What the hell do I do now? I never got a job in the buisness I'm educated for so after a 1 year of unemployment I finally got a job as a cleaning lady. I have managed on the thin pay for almost a year but some weeks ago I got this rash on my right hand. I think I'm allergic to rubber. I can't afford to look it up so I've tried to treated it on my own but nothing seems to work. And I read that probably the only way for it to go away is to stop wearing gloves meaning I can't work with cleaning. I got almost no money left and the mere though of looking for job or move back home can get me to hyperventilate. I don't want to go though that shit again.
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Hey /adv/ I'm 18 A full time student at a community college I have a job right now and I'm looking for a second one. I applied for a job at a local library that pays $10.45 an hour, and had an interview last Saturday that went pretty well. The woman who interviewed me said that I would hear back from her if I got the job OR not by Tuesday or Wednesday (of this week). I though this was very kind because I know that most jobs just leave you hanging unless they want to hire you. I haven't heard from her yet and the library closes at 6 PM EST. My question is, would it be improper of me to email her tomorrow if I don't hear back from her today? I have a lot of homework to do and I can't focus on it because I'm anxious about getting the job or not. All replays appreciated, Thanks /adv/
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>win a prize of 6 million dollars >no cash but get a house, 2 cars, a yacht, a plane and a motorcycle >have to pay 51% of 6 millions to the government >can only sell the house at 50%, the cars at 40% and the rest at 45% >even if I sell them I still have to pay 3,060,000 euros because the government's fucking retarded What the fuck do I do? I'm pretty much fucked
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: henna_tattoo.jpg]
i want to do a henna tattoo by myself. anyone got experience with that? how long did they stay on your skin? any suggestions?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I have feels for a coworker. I can't act on them because: a) I'm in a serious relationship and b) Technically he's my boss Now, this is the first time I've been in a situation like this, but I've done a tremendous job of keeping myself in check. I don't do the flirty, touchy-feely bullshit. I avoid situations at work where we'd be alone together. I even encourage him to get other girls' numbers. But goddamnit it's killing me. I have this pent up mixture pf jealousy and guilt, and there's literally no one I can talk to about it. To be clear, I am not going to pursue my coworker because I have sense enough to realize that this is probably just an infatuation that will pass with time and it's not worth jeopardizing my current relationship and my job, but do you guys have any tips on coping with this until I can get over him?
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Pic unrelatde.jpg]
Hi /adv. There is a forum where I like to participate. It's a forum for people with a lack of confidence. But recently, there is an invasion of trolls responding with critics to every thread. I think it's the same guy using mutiple accounts. How do I prove that? (I think I could compare their IP but I have no clue how doing it) I'm not an admin or mod. And they won't do anything about that. Thx! PS: Pardon my poor english.
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I'm so beta, I was dating a girl for two years until she found out I had feeling for her. FML. Anyways, how -- besides, obviously telling someone you like them (which always ends poorly for me) -- does one go about having a meaningful relationship with another person? Or, shit, any kind of relationship with someone? I've asked out plenty of girls, but I'm apparently doing something wrong because nothing's ever clicked. -Sincerely, 18 Male betafag
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: whiskey.jpg]
I come to you wizards of /adv/ for advice. I can't forget this girl, but im not the typical tfw no gf.. it was.. well... >be sophomore year >always been the uglyish kid but i had been swimming, lost weight, straightened hair, and acted more alpha >somehow this gorgeous japanese girl likes me >we go on walks and talk a lot, she says cute stuff like being nervous and those things. >one night on fb we tell each other we like each other but without actually saying the words, and we say we will tell each other at school tomorrow, >note: her parents dont let her date >I FUCKING DITCH SCHOOL >had big test, didnt study, i was scared of telling her >she waits at said spot for 2 and 1/2 hours, friends say she looked sad >never really the same >stops liking me >she turns into bitch because lots of guys like her in HS, kind of conceited now, meaner, swears, but still cute and flirty like before >i still think about her, i'll have a random dream like every couple weeks about her. just talking to her or at some school fuction with her. >i went through HS, had GF's, played a lot of sports, went to a couple dances, etc. >still can't forget her in college now with a gf, but can't shake this first lady. Is it her? or the idea of her? because we never got that close for me to see her flaws. Am i just seeing the epitomy of a perfect girl? Or am i ashamed of my betaness? You guys are great at this stuff, any advice?
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>at school gym during early morning hours >no one around >finish lifting >switch to treadmill >15 minutes in qt 3.14 walks in >uses machine next to me, 10 others avail >go to say something to her >has earbuds on Mixed signal, or over-analyzed? I don't get why you would set up right next to someone when there's plenty of other machines to use.


18 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: IMG_20130123_182844.jpg]
Hi /adv/ Feeling ugly as fuck. I need to change. Will begin with haircut. What should I do ? Thanks

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