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/adv/ Advice

Threads added between 2013/01/23 22:00 and 2013/01/24 04:00

things people don't like about you thread

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>Mfw im black >mfw nobody likes blacks >mfw im not a nigger, but im black >mfw im a mix of nearly all minorities, but mostly black and hispanic >mfw people say I act white and they see me more as a white person >mfw I can't even talk to the stereotypical black man shit sux, oh well
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I could use some help, How do I stop pushing people away without knowing it? >Friends say I'm being a dick (which I've been trying not to be) >Say it's because I've bottled something up and haven't told anyone (Idk what that would be) >Ruining friendships I just recieved a super long text from one of my friends, I can post it if it'll help. Help?
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Dear femanons is my penis subpar? This is what i have heard from places online and I'm not going to lie I'm insecure as of late and has kept me from approaching girls really
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Adv, so I hail from /fa/ and I was wondering if I could get some help on a social issue. So I like this girl who I cannot tell if she likes me back, she is friendly enough but I cant really tell. The main reason I cant tell is because of her IDGAF attitude twards men, she always turns down guys that are the typical alphas, so therefore I cannot use my typical approaches. So what do I do now.
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>may be getting laid tomorrow >nervous as fuck >what do >also STDs but say she's clean and got tested like a month ago but still wearing a condom What do guys?
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I have no problem talking to girls and I look pretty decent(dress nice, work out, etc), but my problem is that I cant tell if a girl is intrested or just really nice. Any ways to tell?

View of mankind & Earth

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I believe humans are a bunch of jerks. I feel connected to everyone & it's painful. Everything's being exploited & it's all vain. What do you think?

Meeting women...like...actually meeting them

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-22 year old boomerang kid -Currently doing crummy call centre work -Possibly going into half decent job soon, probably earning decent starting salary, standard working week. - fairly confident with women, decent looking/social skills - Social = scattered friends from university. Regular-ish meetups but with ultimately male-dominated groups and sports teams etc. Here are my problems - I can't possibly invite people back to my mum's house and so can't host - Meeting women in bars/clubs sucks. Women have men coming onto them all the frickin' time and the only girl you'll ever be able to get anywhere with are just sluts. Not that thats a problem in itself, but I'm looking to meet someone meet someone, which seems to be impossible unless: - You just...y'know MEET them...regularly see each other in a common social situation, have a chance to build up a rapport and friendship, before finally making a move at some kind of event. Anyway, thats how things worked for me in the past Point I'm making is; it seems impossible for someone in my situation to really meet a girl; since even when I do hit it off (we're talking outside of bars/clubs and whatnot here), sometimes very well indeed, I'm left with two options, lay may cards on the table and make a move that is too early, too forward and just inappropriate or shrug, go home and think "wow...if we were somehow in the same social group I could easily work up to asking her out and probably getting into gf territory" Well I've waffled on enough, but overall; its a girlfriend i'm looking for, not just a quick bang. I'm looking to meet a girl...like...MEET a girl. Or more to the point, find myself in a situation where once I've met a girl I can take things further gradually and naturally.

College Textbooks

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So the new semester is here, and long story short, I make $9 an hour and I don't want to spend $500 of my hard-earned money on a few college textbooks. Unfortunately I am having a hard time locating the textbooks that I need. Google searches have either lead me to a website with 0 results, or I am being asked to sign up to the website and give my credit card information before I can download the material. I'm not sure what to do, and need some advice.
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I don't want to go to college anymore. I just absolutely hate it and the idea of going to class, memorizing a bunch of bullshit and to never use it again after the class ends. What are some alternatives? I was thinking maybe working outdoors would be nice instead of sitting in the office from 9 to 5. CAn you guys give me some advice

My sister is never made accountable

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Hey guys I am just after some quick advice... Yesterday my sister used my desktop computer and broke it. Physically broke internal components and despite this she is denying any fault (she was the last user) I asked her to replace the parts and she refused. Then my mother told me to stop hassling my sister about my computer! So now I'm out of pocket for a computer that was decent and I'm forced to use my unreliable laptop that was made years back.
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When I was growing up, I always thought my mom was alot worse than my dad because she actually disciplined me. And even though many times she was rough on me, and to this day I don't agree with the punishments she used to lay on me or the things she'd punish me for, she shaped me and gave me common sense and a personality and really made me who I was today. Now, i'm 20, I moved back into my parents house cause I got evicted due to my roommates not paying rent, I destroyed my car a couple months before that, you get the picture. I pay my parents $200 a month, plus all of my bills. I dont really mind paying them because I realize i'm a burden on them and my siblings, but I dont really see how i'm actually a burden >Pay for all my own bills >Live in basement >No one else comes in basement >Pay for food >Do my own laundry >Literally the only time I come upstairs is if we're eating or I'm doing chores, which I do every day, because I live at there house and I feel like I should >Have my own door to leave the house so I can come and leave in middle of the night without waking anyone up And my moms fine, but I constantly am getting in arguments with my dad. He ruins my day every day. Literally he is stingey as fuck and always scheming to get more money out of me, even though I bust my ass and try to impose as little as possible on him. I'm at a pretty difficult point in my life and trying to save up money to get back on my feet....but I can't with this fucker around. He's constantly asking me for money, asking to borrow money, asking for "next months rent", which he later "Forgets" that I gave him (Luckily, I've learned to let my mom know I gave him the money, who keeps track of all of it). He's constantly accusing me of stealing his alcohol, which is ridiculous cause I don't. I have my own fucking booze, and canadian club is disgusting. cont.
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Hey /adv/ how do I tell my dad his jokes suck, of course when I see him and he makes a joke I smile to be nice but everything he says is retarded and It makes me feel bad how he says no one understands his jokes but me. I can just imagine him making a bad joke and cracking up like usual, people must think he's stupid
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I'm feeling particularly frustrated, /adv/. You see, the woman who I have been unremittingly perusing just dropped the fact that she has a boyfriend on me in casual conversation. This is especially frustrating because every fucking time I meet someone who I feel is a good match I end up vying for her attention with some other shmuck who's already wormed his way into her circle. Fuck my life. I really like this girl. What should I do?
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Got this stupid paper on Black History month I'm black and I think it's stupid So I'm looking for factual criticizms of the month Shit that don't sound racist but obviously right You guys got any starts or links??
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>Girl says yes to go out >Cancels on me again >This is the third time Shit man, what the hell is wrong with me and that I can't take a hint or something. Should I just make her choose the date? Which is probably never.
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Help me /adv/ Today I failed my permit test for the second time. It makes me so nervous when I take it. I'm trying again in the morning. what can i do to pass?!
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Hello /adv/ i come to you now not seeking advice but to share something I learned about easing heartache. If your heart is currently broken, stay a while and listen. I learned this through experience, wont bore you with the story butx ultra super short version: I was in love and it didnt go my way. Advice coming....might take a few, doing this by phone with fucked up touchscreen.
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Hey people, long time /b/tard here. I need some relationship advice. I've a girlfriend of 2 years. We are both good looking, social, and love having fun/going out. However she graduated last summer while I'm still a junior in college, and moved to NYC in search of jobs. Two months ago she asked me to be in an open relationship with another guy in her office, and I agreed because LDR fucking sucks. But then I found out over the Xmas break that she's already been fucking him before that (i.e. she cheated on me), and planned on doing it with or without my permission. Worst of all, she doesn't think it's wrong - don't ask me why, her brain is wired like that. We've been a a break ever since. Now, I don't know what I should do. On the one hand, she still loves me very much, but on the other, I can't stop being jealous or suspicious of her whenever she mentions going out with other people. Sometimes I feel like I still love her, but other times I feel like I'm just trying to hold on to a doomed relationship. pic related, it's her.
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ITT: Happy feels / advice actually working too much tfw no _____ sad faggots on here
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So my friend got into this thing and pretty much dropped out of college in hopes of "living his dream" like his apparently millionaire mentor. He has a pregnant wife who needs supporting. What to do? Or is it too late for him?
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: don-draper-1024x802.jpg]
Topic is highly sexual and is not a whiny gf/bf help thread. I'm basically FWB with an ex of mine. We ended terribly, met up on decent terms and decided that we should meet up once or twice a week for a days worth of sex. Cut out all the romantic obligations we used to have and have it just be good conversations and lots of sex. She was always a dirty fuck(choking, hair pulling, anal, gag balls, facials/swallowing, etc), but not like this. Since there isn't any romantic obligation, she does not hold back at all on the dirtiness and has pretty much told me she wants me to just do whatever I please within obvious reason(I'm guessing no scat, but that's gross) to her. The last time we fucked she started calling me "daddy" which is something I wanted her to do when we were dating, but she refused. She begged "hurt me" during sex last time. I'm unsure if she just thought it was something hot to say during sex, or if she really wanted me to do more than spanking/choking/hair pulling. I plan on having a rational discussion with her, but on to the whole point of this post. Anyway, I'm meeting up with her this Saturday for a good 'ol romp and I want to step up the kink I guess. Looking for serious suggestions on what to do to her in regards to sex. Ladies are welcome to comment as well, please note that you're a femanon in your post please.
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Hey /adv/ I don't come to this board often but have a question. Was in walmart earlier today and left 3 cases of monster energy drinks in the bottom tray of my cart. They were covered by my contents (grocery shopping day) and i legit forgot they were there. I've been home for about 8 hours at this point but want to make sure I don't get a trip from the police over it. I would consider going back to return them but I'll admit I'm scared they will just think I stole it and charge me with a misdemeanor. Sorry I sound like such a pussy but I'm paranoid enough in my life and this situation doesn't help. Help please.
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I can't decide on two men, /adv/, please help me find the correct path! Man #1: >26 year old physicist who works at the NSA, ex-military >Tall, average weight, moderately attractive >Caring, but emotionally distant and unexpressive >Extremely busy and career oriented >Average to below average in bed, not very passionate Man #2: >24 year old criminal law associates graduate, currently unemployed >An inch taller than me, very overweight, not attractive physically >Extremely caring, loving, and emotionally expressive and open >Not busy at all, plenty of time for relations >Best sex ever, very kinky and open in bed Myself: >25 year old biochemist, recently laid off due to budget cuts >Average height and weight (5'7" and 125lbs) >Currently looking for a new job and my life path HALP?
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why do men ask for advice so much more than women? is it because women really have life that much easier?
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I need some serious help here /adv/ There was this girl who I worked with for a while thought she was kinda cute, no more no less. But I didn't even know that she really liked me until a couple of months later when she took a vacation in Guatemala. I was awestruck because I always thought no girl took an interest in me before. Long story short I ended up freaking her out and we never spoke to each other. Now whenever I see someone who looks like her I freeze, I haven't spoken to that girl or seen her in over 2 1/2 years. I got over her, but idk why I feel that way when I see someone who looks her. What should I do /adv/?
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Hey /adv/ What can one do with a major in Computer Science? What kind of jobs can you get? Pic unrelated of course

Asshole Time.

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Brief intro: I'm a high school senior who's been friend zoned with a girl I've been in "love" with since 6th grade. We talk everyday but I just want to cut her off, I'm graduating soon and I gotta stop thinking about her. I plan on doing this tomorrow when she's waiting for me in the morning in front of my homeroom. This is how the conversation is going to go I assume. Anon:Go back over there, I'm done talking to you. Bitch:Why? Anon:Because you're a hoe and I'm done talking to bitches like you. (What I plan on saying) I need your help to help me think of something meaner to say that hits her like a train. Any suggestions? Also, when I say go back over there, I mean to her homeroom.
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So the last psychiatrist who takes my insurance is officially refusing to treat me because I've rescheduled too many appointments. Then I see all of this shit on the news about people shooting up movie theaters and schools and people ask "WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST GET HELP?" There is no help. There's 8-month waiting lists to get on with a psychiatrist who may or may not just throw you out because they feel they're 'ill-equipped to handle [you]' and at best you actually get in to see a shrink every month and a half. Where is this fucking help they speak of?
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Hey /adv/ I've come to the conclusion that I'm a transgender (male to female) lesbian and need advice. Will my face become more feminine by taking estrogen pills? I'd like to request transition images of those are prescribed these pills for this purpose.
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Guys I need to know how to say awake for the next five hours (specifically five hours) and do things during it (read, study). Will an energy drink work, or would it make me stay up longer? (no five-hour energy either).
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My three year relationship is slowly falling apart. My parents decided to move out of state and I have no where else to go if she kicks me out. I have no money saved. I work at the same place she works. What do? I'm thinking of being a vagabond.

I'm boring.

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I feel like i'm boring, socially awkward or too stupid to talk to. I mean, I could listen to others on what they have to say, but not the same for me. When they do tell me things, good or sad, it's way more interesting than what's going on with me. I do like hearing others about their lives, that way I can talk to people, but I can't really say much back. I'm not so interesting. I would have small talk about alright things like: >hit the gym recently >anime/comics >what school I plan on going to And I don't want to bore them with my crap: >no job >no cash >no hobbies >lazy >friend-zoned >on the internet too much >not driving This is like 80% of what's going on with me and I dont want to tell because I don't want to bore them, don't want to think my life sucks, say it get better ( I don't know how), and I don't know if it's best to say something, so I'll just keep quiet. I want to talk about cool things I did, learned, or experienced. (I'm turning 19 btw) tl;dr: I feel like it's better to talk with a wall then me. What do?
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Hey /adv/, what's the best way of getting to know a shy girl who rarely talks and is extremely socially awkward?
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>super shy friend of a friend likes me >try to to her at party >she gets overly shy so I think she's not interested and leave the conversation >she keeps looking at me for the rest of the night >her friends tell me she likes me >leave party before I get a chance to talk to her again >message her on facebook a few days later (we're not friends on there) asking her out >no reply What the shit /adv/. Is there any reason a girl would just not respond if she's interested? I can see she's been doing other stuff on there. She's Italian if that's relevant. Maybe she wants me to ask her our IRL?
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I'm tired of the fucking bitches using me for my brain >Hey anon can you help me with my homework >Hey anon can you send me the notes for today >Hey anon can you be a little beta and do the things I'm too much of a cunt to do How do I politely tell them to stop using me?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: happy-dog.jpg]
Alright /adv/ story time and a question here >start dating a girl at the start of last summer >I think things are going well, but suddenly she decides to break it off >I take it pretty hard, and kind of stop talking to her >she doesn't initiate any conversations so figure she is fine with it >start talking again this October >turns out she was hurt by me not talking to her, and we start hitting it off again >Ask her out in December >She says she is dating somebody >I again kind of stop initiating things and she does as well Now I have seen that this is kind of the best step to take for this kind of thing, but I was wondering if this could ruin my chances with any of her friends. I have started to like one of her pretty good friends, and I am afraid that maybe she has kind of given me a bad rep because I stopped talking to her and such. (Pic unrelated)
14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Kyoko.jpg]
I've accidentally fallen in love with my best Guy friend but I don't want to be his girlfriend
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: fat-scooter-underwater.jpg]
Simple question here >There is a girl (fucking surprise there) who I am beginning to like >We are at different universities an hour apart but meet for a weekly club on tuesday evenings in another city >Seem to be flirting, tickling each other and stuff >Mention I will be near her university at some point in the next few days and she says come visit >Today got her address over text >So the question is when to visit >Tomorrow I am free, but is it too soon? >Friday until sunday I am away >Monday is monday... >Tuesday I see her anyway, then there's wednesday and thursday of next week... >The weekend after that we are both away on a reservist exercise So, when do y'all reckon would be the best time to go down there? I need to go down there anyway to pick up some parts, visiting her is a useful bonus. Aid my decision, if you don't mind, ladies and gentlemen.
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Good waya to turn $1000 around into $1.500 or higher?

I need a job

2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: need-a-job.jpg]
Hey /adv/... I need a job. I was hoping to do something online. Has anyone made any money online before? Not like whoring in front of a cam but something else. I am pretty antisocial ADD and I would love it if I could just work from home.
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Somehow my thumb always gets lodged up my anus in my sleep help!
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1331073938168.jpg]
"I still think about partying and seeing other people" "I'm scared to commit deep down" Messages from my gf of 2 years. They bother the jimmies out of me. Red Flags or normal? >I feel like giving us a break so she can relieze what she has >were both madly in love tbh more on her part bc she's a control freak and selfish with me and that's why I am confused. >Should I be worried? How can I let this stop bothering me?
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1354634474585.jpg]
So there's this lady I like and recently I got her into one of my favorite bands, who just so happens to be playing in the same town we live in and they're coming here April. So, I was thinking about saving up some money for the both of us so I can pay for tickets and take her with me to the concert. Should I save up the money first then tell her she's invited or vice versa?
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358790823876.png]
>Be me >20 >Get kidney stone a couple days after new years >After about a week, pain goes away. >Every couple of days, I start to feel pain again. Not nearly as bad as the kidney stone, but still hurts nonetheless. >Thought I had lodged kidney stone, went to dr a couple days ago, got xray, dr says no kidney stone >Today and yesterday I still get funny pain in my side, urethra kinda burns after masturbating/peeing Whats wrong with me? I want it to stoppppp

Chronic Procrastination

9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1341810542757.jpg]
How do I fix it? I want to get around to it... eventually. It'd be nice to finish things on time, but I don't exactly have motivation and I'm insecure about my work.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: welpwelp.jpg]
Hi /adv/, I honestly don't know what to do. My younger cousin (he's 15 if it's relevant) kind of got SWAT'd last night. Third time it's happened, and all of his electronic stuff got confiscated except his phone. I'm really worried, because he's been into hacking for awhile... Like, he's coding his own programs to do his hacking business,and he's got all these government/FBI documents on his computer. He also said he installed honey pot servers on some government websites, I don't know what the hell that means but it doesn't sound legal. He tried to an hero last night. He's currently home alone, his social worker is there. What the hell should I tell him to do? I'm worried they're going to find the things on his computer and do something to him. Also, from what I understand, he can't leave the house. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, I'm just really fucking worried. Please tell me what to do/tell him to do.
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While sorting laundry I banged the top part of my thigh against my bed pretty hard. It hurt pretty bad but I was able to walk around still. About 45 minutes later it swelled considerably and it hurts really bad. It almost feels like a cramp that just won't go away. I'm home alone right now and I just barely made it to the refrigerator and cabinet. I took a shot of vodka and took two tylenol pills. Then I read the bottle and it says don't take with alcohol. Shit, will I be ok? Also are there any other ways I can relieve this pain. I can't walk anymore. My girlfriend should be home in an hour or so... I hope.
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/Adv/ I spend most of my days doing nothing of importance except for maybe learning a bit of 3D modelling every now and then, but mainly just letting the days pass me by... I'm kind of depressed all the time, and just feel lethargic and not in the mood to do anything.Is there anything that would break me out of this cycle. Which would get me motivated to do more and take more risks. My friends never go out these days so I'm kind of on my own at the moment
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"So do I get to take you out this weekend? ;p" what do you guys think? this would be the second time we go out (if she says yes) her sister says she keeps asking her friends if she should date me because she is four years older than me and she is worried about the age difference! so i'm assuming she likes me... also i don't see her in person so i can't ask in person help me out /adv/! thanks

How do you access someones fb

0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1277248886599.jpg]
How do you access someone's facebook account that may live in a different state from your computer? Some may call it "Hacking" an account.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1301420869241.jpg]
>Me: Hey if you're free this friday wanna chill? Maybe catch a movie or something >Her: Oh I can't, I'm actually out of town this weekend >Me: Cool, no worries Did I just get rejected...? If she was interested I would've expected her to say something like "but we can meet up after" or w/e. Any advice on how to proceed?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1357514587048.jpg]
If I wanted to learn how to draw, how should I proceed?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1316917672564.jpg]
I feel like giving my relationship a break so she can relieze what she has. >messaging a mutual friend of ours >see previous message "deep down Im scared to committ and still want to party and think about seeing other people" my gf's text >her friend says "its normal" >My gf has never wanted love or anything serious. >I never forced her into this and she in fact is the one who initiated "us" into a relationship which confuses me. >she's wonderful to me we both have changed immensely. I was like her too (just wanting sex) but we fell for each other hard. > I don't think about parties and having sex with other people. I know everyone thinks different but hearing it from her kind of bothers me. How can I stop letting this bother me; should I bring it up? I kind of feel like giving us a break; so she can realize what a stupid mistake it would be to end us. I'm just confused and feel insecure. captcha sleeping oolsow
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How do you tell if a Guy likes you? I talk to him regularly on Facebook but he doesn't seem comfortable talking in person. My friends said that he likes me but I'm not sure. He's pretty smart and I drew chess with him does this matter?
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Oh Hay hypochondriacs!
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1349146546744.jpg]
So, the college I attend has a "missed connections" board, where we can say things like "I saw you at the library, nice butt" and put your email for a reply back. About a month ago the hottest girl in school posted something on facebook about 'I will fuck whoever brings me a blunt in the next several hours' so I thought I'd post a troll post asking if she was still interested. She actually replied, and said she wanted a blunt and was interested in fucking pretty much anyone. What are some things I can say to either get it in or troll the fuck out of her without being a creeper? My email is "sexy sailor sinbad" not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I feel dirty using a missed connections site in this manner.
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Hey /adv/ Is it normal to look a people and think I could reduce you to nothing and laugh about it. I'm not an evil person? Just wondered if I'm not alone? (Pic unrelated)


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So, girl I like.. we been texting... last night.. told her i miss her.. she said she missed me too. said she wished she was with me where I am (until may) half the time she acts like she barely likes to talk to me.. the other half the time she flirts a ton.. what is going on here? would it be weird to ask what she thinks of me as? pic 100% completely irrelevant
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Sup /adv/, So lately I've been noticing that during workout/intense sweating, my balls simply, smell like balls. But the smell is quite amplified. I'm not sure if this is a /fit/ issues or a /adv/ issue, but I'll start here. What do you guys use/do to get rid of or deal with the odor?

Butthurtproof advice by a woman for men who want to get laid

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I've come up with these notes from all my experiences on watching people date, reading, and experience. - -During a conversation with a attractive girl you have just met DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT turn torso towards her directly during conversation; instant turn-off even for me. Also to create sexual tension during the conversation look at her lips constantly, it's a turn on, maybe even bite your lips in a subtle way. -"PRE-SELECTION" is the key concept to getting girls attracted to you; make her think that you have a list of girls waiting to date you, it does not matter if it is not true. Females tend to want the man other females are having sex with. -Lastly good looks, money, and hair does not matter (well not much anyways; a little icing on the cake doesn't hurt remember that ;p) BE FUCKING CONFIDENT! It's easier than it seems, especially around the right girl. But if you are looking for a lasting loving relationship use this JUST to start off, to get her to like you. The rest is all up to how your personalities fit together and the struggles each of you are go through.
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Having some serious feels /adv/, give me your best feel images. Also share your feels and I'll see if I can help to take my mind off things.
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Let's see if someone is smart enough to help me on this. There is two problems.

help, comic book|strip

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I need advice guys, I would like to create a comic strip, book but don't know how, but I do have characters already created just need to know how to tell the story, any advice?
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I used to mess around with this girl, she's about 5 years younger than me. We stopped when she was about 13 and I had just turned 18, or rather I stopped it, and it hurt her a lot and began to just be into guys. Now she just turned 18, and I've been trying to hang out with her again just because I felt bad and I think she gets bullied at school so a friend never hurts (this is when I learned what happened after we stopped hooking up), and all of the sudden we are hooking up again. I don't get this girl, I thought she was a lesbian now. What's up with that?
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I got a text from a cute girl all it says is "I miss your face. bye." What should i text back..I have the worst text game ever. Should i try to start a conversation or should i reply with a similar "throw away" one liner text like she sent me.
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How do I talk to her /adv/? How do I break the ice? what do I need to say? what are methods that you guys have used that have worked?


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I was wondering, how often is it normal to shower each week? I have, since I was about 13 (18 now) showered every two days (Monday, Wednesday etc.) Is that normal or do you most often shower every day? I've always been a "dry"-person skinwise, meaning I don't have much palm sweat or such, nor am I greasy. I tend to shower maybe 3-4 times a week (that's a week with no special physical exercise), Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, I tend to skip Fridays because I always do shit on the evenings then. I should mention, I always shower on the evenings since I take so long. Lastly on the subject of hygiene, how come my dick starts smelling really bad (cum, grease and garlic kinda) after eating salami? I love salami but I tend to only eat it if I know that I am gonna be showering soon. TL;DR: How often do you shower and why does my dick smell bad after eating salami?
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ok say i have some health problems that keep me from working a traditional 9-5 kind of job and i ont want to live on benefits. what kind of things can i do to earn enough to support myself?
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/adv/ ive been hanging on something for the last 6 years and im talking about it for the first time here, maybe you can put my mind to rest/help me understand? please note im keeping gender references out so as to avoid bias. i lied to my first partner about my virginity, as in i told the partner i was not a virgin. the relationship was going great for a good while and the sex was great, however one day i let it slip that they had, in fact been my first. things changed almost overnight. my partner lost sexual interest, didnt speak to me as often and was just generally distant. this continued for a few weeks until the relationship dissolved. i told this ruse so as not to make my partner feel uncomfortable about having lost their Vcard before me, which resulted in said partner believing i was only with them for sex. its been awhile since ive seen or talked with this partner, but i still think about this ex quite a bit. ive had 4 other partners since btw not obsessed because i got no play. thoughts?
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I highly, highly value my virginity, Would only ever dream of giving it to someone who could offer me a true commitment, even if that meant getting married and STILL not losing it. With that in mind, you'll understand how bad I feel about a girl lying to me to the point that she could convince me into a situation where it was almost, ALMOST, lost. I have only darkness and nervousness to thank for the fact that the deed was never done. I'd thank divine intervention, too, if I believed in such a thing. The whole ordeal ended in..manual stimulation. Ever since I've felt so violated, so damaged, so unable to trust anyone again. I've grown to hate myself completely, and worst of all, I can't identify why I feel so bad. Am I feeling guilt, unable to forgive myself? Or maybe I feel traumatized, like the victim of someone else's misdeed? or robbed of something that has value to me? I simply can't tell.


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Hai /b/, I just started a new youtube channel, check it out? <3 /user/Bunurz Let me know what you think?
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>tfw trying to find a part-time job during school Where is a good place to look for a part-time job. BUT I live in a college town, so theres no shortage of cheap labor here. I tried applying for the job of a cashier at Walmart, but after I changed my hours, they let did not call back. Anyways, Job Hunting General I guess
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Dear /adv/, let's have a discussion about a situation which may happen to anybody, for the sake of a good mutual sharing of opinions: You would like to deepen (pun intended) your knowledge about a young girl you have recently met. >The catch is, 1) there is another guy who is trying to do the same thing; 2) you do not know what is exactly their situation, but it seems they're just friends; finally, 3) you do not know him at all, so no "bros b4 hos" applies.
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Do you guys have any /adv/ on how to interact with stupid people? I'm on a group with a less than intelligent girl during this school project. All she does is spew out bad ideas, and I'm finding it really hard to control my rage. What to do? pic somewhat related (she's not a tard, but still)
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I need help deciphering some body language. I've recently started chatting occasionally with this girl at work. She's pretty reserved and quiet, but she's been warming up to me. I've noticed that whenever I run into her in a hallway or something she'll smile at me or cock her eyebrows or something, always interacting with me in some way. Today, I was rounding a corner as she was going into a different room, I was intentionally focusing on the cart I was pushing so I didn't have to interact with her. From my peripheral vision I could definitely see her face change to a smile, but I she didn't look at me for more than a second before continuing into the room, still smiling. I'm trying to feel this girl out, but being co-workers at a very busy job isn't very helpful. I chat with her occasionally. On a few occasions she started the dialog, one of which she asked me how old I was, among other things about me. Finally, would it be weird to add her on facebook out of the blue?
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Anyone "started off the wrong foot" and somehow managed to end up somewhat near where they want to be? If so. How did you do it? Did you have support from anyone? I'm asking because I feel that I'm stuck in a position where I never intended to be I have a career, a decent apartment and a few close friends. I Used to have a girlfriend while I was pursuing those things. A year and a half ago she left, and since then I've started to realize that my life is shallow. A facade. I do too little of the things that matter, and too much of things that have no meaning to me. I'm not expecting things to just turn my way without taking any risks or putting in any effort. I'm just scared shitless and want to know if it's worth the trouble to just leave everything behind trying to find something that even remotely matters to me. Right now it feels like I have nothing to loose, but I'm not sure that I will feel the same way tomorrow. Is this maybe some sort of life crisis? (Turning 25 this year) Discouraging or motivational, I don't care, share your knowledge.
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GUYS: What is the best way to get you to desire seeing us (females)(asking us to hang out often and miss us when we are gone)/open up more?

relationship advice

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You are now thinking about HER. The one who always gives you feels. What is her name? Post pics.
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>be 18 year old >start chatting with exbestfriends 15 year old sister >live in sweden >doing a 15 year old is legal >awesome >one week of chatting >she asks me out >never been that before >panic for a week >still chatting every day >ask if she wants to go on the date in 3 days >she says she's busy for the next 5 days >the day I asked was the last day she wasn't >okay.jpg >ask next day if she wants to do it in a week >also busy then >try to make her change plans >she won't >say I will keep on doing that the next day >she says good luck >write 4 solutions to her >no reply >ask if she's giving me her "guy-she-hates-treatment" after 3 days >no reply >haven't heard from her in 16 days >feelsbadman.jpg What to do guys? I tried /b/, no success there... Pic related, it's her.
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I took this girl's virginity and we broke up months later mutually cause we lost interest in each other. Then at first it was still great cause we were still talking like friends and it was pretty laidback. But then all of a sudden she finds out that I kissed some girls before we dated and she thinks im just a player and she's really mad going on about how nobody would want a non-virgin now. And it's making me feel really bad because when we were making out, we had some touching going on and she felt it was weird after the first time and said she doesn't want it anymore. I was too carried away by it that I went asshole mode and said something like is it because you don't like me enough and she eventually gave in and after a few makeout sessions we ended up having sex multiple times every week. And now, she's saying that she felt she was "forced" into having sex in a way and made a mistake. I felt really guilty and I apologized a lot of times already but she just said I just can't make up for it. Im having panic attacks now because I can't comprehend why she wouldn't listen to my explanations or anything and just keep saying things that makes you think that the time we spent together didn't mean anything I'm afraid I'll get into trouble or feel guilty for the rest of my life...
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Here's my issue /adv/, maybe you can help. Dated this girl for about 5 years. We broke up on good terms and have been friends since. That was 10 years ago. Now we're talking again about a relationship together. I love her very much and think she's amazingly beautiful and could see having a family and spending the rest of our lives together. One problem though is I've put her in a category when I'm not attracted to her sexually. I kinda view her like a sister or a guy friend. I've been struggling with this for several months now and time is running out and she's ready to get serious again. How can get this girl out of my own mental friend zone.
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Hi guys, this is my first time on /adv/ Yeah, this may not be the best place to go for super serious stuff, but any help is appreciated. And any personal stories that related are also welcome. So, I failed out of college after riding the academic probation line for the last couple years, and went back to summer school this last summer to try and get back in. I didn't quite make the grades I needed to in order to get back in. So I took last quarter off, planning to apply for reinstatement this quarter. I did, and was denied. The problem is, I told my parents I was in class, and that my grades have been good. But they're going to find out tomorrow for sure, that I'm not, and then in turn that I was lying about my grades. They're traveling up tonight, and are going in with me to the registrar's office tomorrow. What do I do? Of course I have to tell them, but how? And how should I deal with the consequences afterwards? The only thing I can't deal with is moving home.
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Requesting generally good literature and/or video tutorials that would benefit a potential or aspiring to be con-man or heavy duty successful closer/seller. I feel like I have the personality but am lacking the right tips and ideals to achieve this. Please park your morals aside for a few moments. I'm only requesting information. Thanks in advance.
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My girlfriend is very atracctive and there are always guys who confess their love to her i´m tired of this, i mean she always says that she love me and dosen't want them but i think she may send the wrong message what should i do?


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Shit life. Should i jump? 3rd floor up.
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Hey /adv/ I have a family history of chronic migraines, and have been suffering since I was 8, now 19. I'va also had insomnia for almost two years. Last summer the doc put me on Topomax (it didn't work for shit) and then Propanolol for my migraines. I started to sleep a bit better, but still got migraines. Just before Xmas, I was prescribed Amitriptyline (25mg) on top of the Prop. I am now sleeping like a baby. I go to bed at midnight, but don't fall asleep for awhile, but once I do, HOLY TITS. I sleep for like 12 hours. It's good, but I am missing my classes, and I'm actually tired now, like back in insom days, I'd lie in bed and get up. Was so used to it, I was never really tired. All I do now is sleep, all I wanna do is sleep. Any suggestions? I kinda wanna stay on Ami, cause it worked for MoM so well.
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okay, clearly i need /adv on something, i'll try to be as brief and concise as possible, but it's somewhat complicated. and i realize everyone feels that. i was with my friend since 15 for several years. we're now 25. we broke up two years ago and i've been pining. there are a million reasons why we broke up, mostly his inability to commit. we stayed friends, basically were together but he wouldn't give the label i needed. i'd finally had it a few days ago from a build up in my life reminding me that we're not really together and i told him i could be his friend but needed to move on. so basically, take some time to myself and then act strictly in a platonic way. he turned it around and asked me back, explained himself thoroughly and that he's wanted this and wanted to do it at a good time where we were both stasis. i suffered so much for him. please and thank you for the advice
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Hey, /adv/. Relationshit advice needed, though not for someone I'm fucking or want to fuck. It's girl related, though, so female advice is particularly welcome. Ladies: What could make you start to hate someone you've been friends with for three years, when that friend hasn't changed in any negative ways?
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The main topic of this thread is: >if you had very few limitations on fucking a girl, what would you do to them? Everything from this point on is just a quick little story explaining the sweet situation I've found myself in. I'm basically FWB with an ex of mine. We ended terribly, met up again on decent terms and decided that we should meet up once or twice a week for a days worth of sex. Cut out all the romantic obligations we used to have and have it just be good conversations and lots of sex. She was always a dirty fuck(choking, hair pulling, anal, gag balls, facials/swallowing, etc), but not like this. Since there isn't any romantic obligation, she does not hold back at all on the dirtiness and has pretty much told me she wants me to just do whatever I please within obvious reason(I'm guessing no scat, but that's gross) to her. The last time we fucked she started calling me "daddy" which is something I wanted her to do when we were dating, but she refused. She begged "hurt me" during sex last time. I'm unsure if she just thought it was something hot to say during sex, or if she really wanted me to do more than spanking/choking/hair pulling. I plan on having a rational discussion with her, but on to the whole point of this post. Anyway, I'm meeting up with her this Saturday for a good 'ol romp and I want to step up the kink I guess. Looking for serious suggestions on what to do to her in regards to sex. Ladies are welcome to comment as well, note that you're a femanon in your post please.
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How do I get a gf if I have aspergers syndrome?
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Hey /adv/ Just some background info: I'm 18 male, going to Community College. I am a Freshman in my 2nd semester now. I'm a Liberal Arts Major as of now (mainly just so I can get the credits I need in order to transfer to a 4 year school). My only thought of a career thus far is a history teacher, but that's just the most solid idea I have, not sure if I REALLY want to be doing that until I die. I'm really not into going to college. I really think it's bullshit, but in today's world, it seems like that's the only real option if you want to make some kind of living. I was wondering a couple things; 1. How did you find out what you wanted to do career wise? 2. Is a liberal arts B.A. a good thing to stick with until I know what I want to do. I really have an clue what I want as a career. 3. When should I switch my major whenever I decide to actually change it?
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So, i was a teensy bit drunk and commented "lol" on a girl's facebook status. She replied later, "lol yourself, Mr. 'Nobel Laureate'. Such a way with words." referring to my profile picture in which I added my name/face to a list of nobel laureates. Is she mad at me? I don't get her.
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Hey /adv/. How're you guys? That's good. I have an issue. Two months ago I broke up with my girlfriend because of a bunch of mutual reasons. I was a mess for the month thereafter, but she wasn't. She felt great the day after. A week or so ago, she Tweeted that she didn't even remember when we broke up. She doesn't even care. Now I feel like I have to get a new girl before she finds a new guy. Like if I'm not the first to get someone else, she "wins". I don't want to feel bitter towards her. I still consider her a close friend of mine (even though she probably wouldn't care if I ceased contact with her entirely). But I want to feel like I could get someone as easily as she could. Is this an unhealthy, vengeful mindset or is it a good way to get over her?

talking to people.

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i have always felt that ive been at least decent when it comes to talking to women, but recently my friend who is in good relation to a girl whom i am beginning to get to know, and he told me i had a chance if i stop being such a dumbass when i talk to her. any advice?
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Just got out of a relationship with an older women with the most severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder I've ever seen ( I haven't seen it in anyone else ever but I read up on it all on the interwebs ) How do I break free of the mental bonds I manufactured into my brain to still "love" her?
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Shall i stay living with my mother? Or move in with my father? Obviously i live with her now. (All my stuff is here) But i'm currently unemployed and it's hard to find work. It's also close to my friends. But if i move in with my father he basically works where he lives. I can work there with him. I'll have a job, the pay is whatever but i'll be doing something. But i have to take all my stuff over there and it's away from my friends. I can still talk online and visit, but i'd have to get a bus or train which costs a lot for me. But it's still decent. I also am not close with my father & do not respect him. But i'm also not very close with my mother and am getting sick of living here. I dislike the atmosphere. (Two sisters also) What would you suggest i do?
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How does one be confident? My looks aren't bad, I'm good at plenty of things, and I have a lot of friends. But when it comes to my confidence, it's shit, and it shows a lot when I meet new women. The only time I'm confident with women is when the girl is flat-out ugly or shy. If she's average or good looking I turn into a softspoken, spaghetti-spilling idiot.
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I can't stop thinking about her /adv/, I really can't... What do?
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Hey /adv/, /r9k/bot here. What is a good engineering field to go into for someone that can draw, is practical, and make a good income?

How do I know if I am shallow?

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How do I know if I am shallow /adv/? How do I know if my standards are too high? I personally don't like fat women.. at all. I know it sounds fucked up but I use to be fat and now I am in shape.. I just feel like fat woman remind me of my past. I hated being fat. I also don't like women who... get that orange tan? you know what I am talking about.. that "joisey shoore" tan. I never liked it. Whats the difference between being shallow and having standards and having preferences? Am I shallow?
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My brother just showed up at my house drunk off his ass saying he ran away from home. What should I do?
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So here's a basic rundown of the current situation I face: >Have a 2.5 year relationship with girl >Were both about to finish 60 credits (college) >She is looking into moving to Boston (art school) >I'm conflicted. Here's the catch, if I stay in my home city, my education will be payed off 100% since I have one of those pre-paid programs. The relationship was broken off for about 4 months and we are now back together, trying things out. She is a very messy, disorganized, selfish, grouchy person. I'm very clean, organized, jolly. The talk about moving out together came up again, and I didn't take it so well. >dismissed. Cont.
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How do I know if a girl is out of my league?

Book Help!

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Um how do you go from the present to a flashback in the story? Should i make a new paragraph and add in the date? Need help! My fav Pic
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I've been going out with my gf for nearly 2.5 years. On Monday we had a big fight and we nearly broke up. She said she'd talk to me on Friday to talk things over. The way I see it, there's about a 50-50 chance that we'll break up. But that's not the important part. So, since then, I've been going to classes and generally been having a good week. I smile at the pretty girls and entertain thoughts of flirting and maybe starting a relationship with them. I'm really enjoying all the possibilities there are and all the cool people I could meet/go out with. But part of me still wants to get back together with my gf come Friday if she wants to. We've had a really good time together and I really love her, even though we've been having a rough time recently. The point is, I'm not broken up that we might be over and I'm sort of enjoying that I might be single. Is it even worth staying together? There's just this part of me that thinks we could be really happy together. I'll bump with random gifs.
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How does one deal with a girlfriend that is a fangirl for a singer / football player / moviestar etc? In more detail, I work close to a pretty famous person, and the girl I have a huge crush on has the same job. We both speak with this certain celebrity a lot, and we can contact him privately if we need to for work. This guy however is really 'alpha' where he just loves attention from girls. He will make sex jokes to any girl, flirt with them, etc even though this guy is married and has a kid. My crush always loves talking to him and will laugh out loud at any shitty joke he makes. On the other hand she seems to care about me when he is not around. How does something like this work? Do I have *any* chance here? Do I have to live with her being like this and stop minding it? I'm afraid he contacts her in private and that she will be too much of a fangirl to say no.. Need advice, /adv/
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hey guys I need advice My roommate's girlfriend is coming down for his birthday in a couple months. His gf is bringing a friend and after what seemed like freaking negotiations, she said that she thought I was cute and that she wanted to fuck me. Doesn't really sound like an issue but here's the catch. I'm a virgin and she doesn't know that, and neither do my friends. I think. What should I do to so I can keep embarassment at an absolute minimum? I'm 18 by the way. Not too bad I guess.
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Well, /adv/, I've kind of come to terms with the fact that I tend to be slightly awkward and spill some spaghetti when talking to women. But I've been thinking, is there a type of humor that can be used that implements awkwardness? Sort of like using using your awkwardness to be quirky. Like taking both your and the girl's (if she has it) spaghetti, creating a meal, and eating it together. Share your thoughts, /adv/. I know some of you aren't horrible with women.
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Long story short, my girlfriend of about a year broke it off with me out of fucking nowhere about 4-5 weeks ago, which made me suicidally depressed and generally listless and apathetic about life for several weeks. Starting about 3-4 days after she broke up with me, a girl I hadn't seen in about four years started hanging out with some of my friends, and she and I ended up hooking up a few times, and we spent pretty much every day together. When we both left to go back to college, she said she had wanted a relationship but probably didn't anymore because she couldn't be romantically involved with someone who was "apathetic, listless, and completely unable to assert himself". Which I think is a bit unfair considering the circumstances. I think she wanted me to fuck her senseless and take control and tell her what to do, which, at the time, was totally beyond my capacity. And right now, is exactly what I want. Essentially I want to hang out with her and drive around and get high and watch sitcoms and go on walks and cook pretty much everything and eat chicken nigglets and drive around some more and watch meteor showers and go to poetry readings. And fuck a lot. Like, all the time. Basically, my head is so full of bullshit that I can't concentrate. I can't relax, because I haven't done a thing, and I can't do a thing because I can't relax. I wish she had waited until even two weeks after I had been broken up with. Did I completely fuck this up or do I still have time to show her that my entire personality doesn't usually revolve around "oh shit my partner is gone what am I doing with my life". Should I try to meet up with her in person asap, or wait a bit (as in, until spring break)? I really like this girl.
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How did you learn to drink? Is it just something you do, and find out what you like? Or did you learn about it from others? I don't drink very often, and I get invited to go out drinking all the time. I do t want to look like an idiot, being 22 and not knowing anything about alcohol.
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I'm a pityful excuse of a human being /adv/ I'm not even attending class anymore, and i need 90% attendance or else i don't get my "Highschool/Professional" degree ( Don't ask, it's a weird school system but it works ). I'm a bother to everyone and lately ive just been wasting my life on the computer day by day. I still have a chance to recover my lost ground but i'm sure i'll hit another rut somewhere down the road and have to skip school again. Is there any shred of hope left ? I've been one of those "problem-ed" kids fo most of my life and i highly doubt it will get better now, so i have no motivation to go forward, at all

I couldn't do it

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I couldn't have sex. Last night I had a chance to have sex and I couldn't do it. I got SO close. The woman and I were both naked, I had the condom on and I was ready to penetrate her. But I couldn't. I looked at her pussy and froze.. it was a normal pussy but my sexual hang ups got in the way. I will be honest so you guys can help me.. I have an EXTREMELY irrational fear of hell. I am not a super evangelical christian but when I was younger, I use to watch these crazy sunday EARLY morning evangelical TV shows at like 4-5am and the pastor would always be talking about burning in hell for doing this or that and premarital sex was one of them. Fuck.. My family isn't even evangelical super christians. They are really laid back christians actually. What can I do? I really did like the woman I was with but I fear hell so badly.. I know it all sounds silly but please try to see it through my eyes. Could you give me any advice?
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How do you make friends if you're a NEET? I can't go to school because I have no money, and I can't get a job because there are literally no places hiring in my area that don't require degrees or certificates. I tried meetup.com, but it's entirely mommy groups and wiccans here.
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I've had an online friend for a few years that visits me by plane several times a year. We have fun hanging out, but all my friends and family and all of his friends and family tease us and say that we're secretly together. He gets angry when they say that and I tell people that, and their response is a 100% always "He's just really nervous! Don't worry!". I'm not going to lie, I indulged in the idea that he did. This week he straight up confessed that he has absolutely no romantic feelings for me. I feel pretty angry and embarrassed since I feel like I've been led on (he calls me his wife, asks me if I find him attractive etc). I'm finding it hard to readjust to the idea that there is now no chance that anyone loves me and my mood/emotions have really taken a hit because of it. He arrives in a few days and I have to cook, clean and take care of him for a week while resisting the urge to cry and scream at him. What do I do? I still want to be friends with him, but I feel really raw right now.
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How do I tell a co-worker to fuck off?

How to get rid of obsessive ex-gf?

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I'll quickly greentext the backstory (leaving out the depressing small details). >Have first gf, we had our problems but things went well. "Love" each other and all that other bullshit. >Dating for ~7 months, pretty consistently. >She goes to senior week, goes to a party, gets drunk, and has sex with some dude >She tells me about it. Obviously upset, break up with her officially. >Several days later she says she lied about having sex to get back at me (we had a fight before she left), another several days she says that she actually DID have sex with someone else (yes, she lied ABOUT lying.... if you can believe that). I'm pretty much over it and don't really care anymore (neither about her or what happened). But this was SEVEN MONTHS AGO. She still texts me almost every day with the same shit (pic so related). I haven't seen her in over seven months, and it's getting old. it went past obsessive awhile ago. Now, I don't need advice on whether to get back together with her. I'm completely over her and don't want to get back with her at all. But how to hell do I get her to leave me alone? She texts me when i'm working, when i'm sleeping, she even has her sister call me to make sure i didn't change my number. I know the pic sounds like a sob story, but i'm hoping /adv/ can see things from my point of view. I've tried ignoring her, I've tried to "talk things out" but she never accepts the fact i don't want her in my life. If there is any advice someone can give me, please do. I can also bump with more texts (I got fucking hundreds, even when i don't reply.
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Being a female, what can i do to be good in bed. Just dont want to disappoint my boyfriend. I want to give him a reason to stick around. Suggestions?
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A fellow photographer and I are talking over the idea of a photo booth at comic con this year. The target market would be cosplayers, and they would later be able to buy the .jpeg online for $10 or so. Is this something that would appeal to any cosplayers out there? Does anyone know if the artist alley space is large enough to set up a photo booth?
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Last minute job interview tips!


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PLEASE I NEED YOUR VOTE https://www2.axeapollo.com/es_AR/128239/gonzalo-blotta?image=1 IF YOU HELP ME, I WILL GIVE YOU FREE HUGS <3 (IM 90-60-90) AND I WILL LET U TOUCH MY BOOBS.

Mental Illnes

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Explain to me in your own words, what is 'disorganized schizophrenia (hebephrenia)' how does a person with such an illness act?
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/adv/ I am curious. What is it exactly that turns women on, I know that girls say what they want really don't know what they truly want. Now Im not asking for some PUA master to approach me or some shit, im just wondering what it takes to have sex appeal in the eye of a female (besides money)? pic unrelated
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I have an older relative who is the paranoid, "You never call me because you don't like me, right??" type. I'm 30, married with my own life. I've told her this. SHE KNOWS THIS. But she still throws a hissy fit when I don't call her back or take days to respond to emails. How do I peel this woman off of me and tell her to get a fucking hobby without burning bridges? Woman's driving me banaynays.
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Hey 4chan, I need to have an uncomfortable conversation. My closest friend has been acting weird around me for the past couple of weeks. Just, it's very awkward around us, and she seems to be ignoring me at times. How should I go about this conversation? Any thoughts?
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I think my husband's a closet gay. Not even trolling. Help?
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What the fuck is a point of a relationship? I had a strong relationship with my girlfriend for 2 months. It seems short, but when you literally spend everyday together and live together, the bond grows a lot faster. But I just found out she has a long distance boyfriend she's been seeing for years and plans on marrying. Obviously, I broke up with her. The worst part is, I still love her. And the fact that I can't be with her makes me want to kill myself. How do I get over the fact that I gave my heart to a person I love, and watched as she crushed it so easily? How am I supposed to trust anyone after this? Why is it that logically I know she completely killed me on the inside, yet I still love her emotionally and want to see her everyday?

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