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Threads added between 2013/01/19 04:00 and 2013/01/19 10:00

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What are some mostly solid guidelines for fashion? Examples: "Match the color of your belt and shoes" "Don't wear an outer shirt/coat/hoodie that is the same color or close to your inner shirt" Captcha: the assummor

Love & Dreams

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I'm a 22 year old virgin male- I've never had a girl friend- and I currently have no true friends. No, I'm not ugly but I do have my share of unfavorable circumstances, especially regarding my health. My serious question is... How do I seduce a 16 old girl (or younger, but I would avoid sex until she is legal) and make her my lover/wife? I'm convinced that modern culture and experience corrupts females so that they are not 'long-term partner material.' Therefore, I need to catch a potential partner young before she becomes like all the other 'women'... unappealing, not necessarily physically, but mentally, psychologically.
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Okay, so here is what happened. I text my male friend, who I have feelings for, to let me know the next time he will be in my area so he can pick up his Christmas present from me. I wasn't looking to try and have a conversation with him, but he replied saying >>"Oh, alright :) well how are ya?" and I decided to reply honestly with him, seeing as he is my friend, and said that I was dealing with some stuff, but I'll get through it, and proceeded to ask him how he is. All he replied with is >>"are you alright?" and I never talk about feelings, always keep things optimistic, but I thought he is my friend, so I told him that my dog passed away last night and i'm also just dealing with the normal ups and downs I usually have, but I don't want to be a downer. He texted back saying "I'm so sorry, anon :( if there is any way I can help you feel better or if you just need someone to talk to let me know, and I don't think you're being a downer" and I replied telling him >>"thank you so much, I really appreciate it. You were actually the first person I thought of calling to confide in, but I didn't want to burden you. Anyway, enough about my sorry ass, how are YOU?" and then less than a minute after sending that text, he calls me. and we end up talking for 45 minutes on the phone, which we never talk that long on the phone, and he was much more talkative than usual. It honestly didn't even seem that 45 minutes long because the conversation was just flowing and everything. I'm trying not to read into things, but could I get a males perspective on this? also, I wouldn't be thinking much of this if he hadn't already done things in the few years we've been friends that seemed out of the ordinary. Your opinions would be great. Thank you.
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Long story short. I was dating my friends childhood pal, and I broke up with her. She tried to make him chose a side, and I was fine with him still being her friend. She tries to get him to white knight for her. He confronts me about shit, and we all have a good laugh after dealing with the accusations and realize shes just either lying or jumping to conclusions. He moves away and gets a job and girlfriend, but still kept in touch with both of us. Thus we remained friends for a few years with no problems. Finally last year he confesses that before he met his girlfriend, he fucked my Ex when he visited her. I didnt give a shit. We already broke up. And we stayed friends still. However a few months ago, he went to visit for the holidays. Ever since then, hes been ignoring me and pretending I dont exist. And then out of nowhere he starts talking to me like were still friends, then promptly avoids me and goes out of his way to talk to me. As far as I know, nothing has changed and the drama between us has been resolved years ago, but now he makes weak excuses not to talk to me again like he doesnt want to confront the issue and then ignores it. What the fuck is going on? Since nothings confronted and no ones saying anything, I dont know how to react.
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hey /adv/ I'm a third year student at university, and one of my professors seems to be making advances on me. He teaches social media classes, so we share various connections online. A few months ago, he's messaged me on Grindr. All he said was hi and hewas not directly flirting with me in any way. This past week we've messaged on Facebook, but it's been strictly about school. But now it's 1:47 in the morning and he's messaged me on Facebook again, and seems to be drunk. If this was another student I'd call it a textbook bootycall. I'm openly gay, and I know he is as well. Am I reading into this too much? Or, is this professor actually crossing the blurry line of student-teacher relationships?
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how do I last longer? I only last like a minute. I want to go like five minutes but as soon as im in her it's a countdown
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>>that feel when you go a week without masturbating. >>that feel when you finally masturbate and you do it 7x that day to make up for the days you didnt
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My fiancee cheated on me with one of my close friends. How do I ruin her life? And I mean ruin. Some details: She's had a miscarriage She's fucked so many guys when drunk/high that she can't remember She's cheated on every one of her boyfriends because she's never been in a serious relationship and they usually did the same to her. I have nudes on my phone, but I'm on the shitter. Might upload later. Also, she fucking deserves it.
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so /adv/ how do i make some good friends? ive always had trouble making friends and it took me a while to notice but after new years it was clear to me the people i thought were my "friends" are just assholes. on new years i was going to throw a house party but had to cancel it. new years came and none of my "friends" told me about the plan they hadf to hit some clubs. even then they would never ask me to hang out unless they could get something out of it. so /adv/ whats a good way to make friends?
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So she sent me a pic similar to this one. Basic history: >become friends in college, I'm a freshman and she's a sophomore. >Ask her out once and get "I want to be friends longer." >Ask her out second time late in 2nd semester. >"I would but 3 months is a long break" >Don't go back after summer because bad grades >We keep in contact, mostly her texting me first >She flies through my city on way to break so we hang out during layover >we come to now So I have no idea what's going on. I really need help. She'll fly back through here in about a week. I've had this dream of moving out to where she's going to school and going out with her but no idea how to actually do that. I want to completely tell her how I feel on her way back through as well... My brain is just so full of fuck.

Wat do

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Invite girl I like to if she's interested to go see the hobbit. She says no thanks sorry. Should I just give up already. She watches many movies. Wat do.
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sorry /adv/, but i'm going to be using this thread as a way to rant. i don't really care if anybody comments, i just want to express my feels. i hate my fucking life. i have only 4 superficial friends in high school and, although i don't have enemies, everybody else simply ignores me and regards me as an outcast/loner. all i want are some close friends that i can talk to, who can understand me. the few friends i have sometimes ignore me and never listen to me whenever i have some problems. they always expect me to help them out even though they neglect to return the favor. the girl i've known for 6 years and loved for 2 no longer wants to talk to me and constantly flirts with other guys. worst part is is that i'm unable to tell her about how much i'm into her. everytime i'm near her i feel anxiety rushing in and pressure to say something cool. i lost all passion in life, no hobbies, no sports, nothing. i used to have such an exhilarating life and loved what i did. i was motivated to work and study hard for a brighter future and believed that i would be happy in the end. i wanted to be somebody with a group of nice friends and a girlfriend, but now i'm just a dejected piece of shit. nobody wants to be my friend and i'm always by myself except when they need help on their homework or some other bullshit.
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How do I stop putting the pussy on a pedestal? Seriously... It's completely ruining my fucking life.
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Seeing as I've never had to deal with anything like this before, I figured I'd come here. My girlfriend told me tonight that she has been "self-harming" herself as of Novemeber. (She scratches herself until it's raw, sometimes until it bleeds. No cutting... yet.) There were a few times I noticed scratches on her arms, and once on her stomach, but though nothing of it as she plays softball, and is rather clumsy. She informed me that she is doing this because she's not happy with her weight/looks/etc. (She's 5'6', and about 145lbs. So not fat, but a bit above average.) There was also a time after a large meal, when she tried to make herself throw up because she felt "disgusting". She didn't actually make herself vomit, because she couldn't bring herself to do so. The next day she told her mother about it, and it turns out it's not uncommon for women in her family to be bulimic. That was the only time she tried to make herself throw up. She is always very hard on herself, even about small things. (She was worried that she did the worst in a group because her name was last on the list, however it went alphabetical and her last name starts with S.) I knew that she was unnecessarily rough on herself, but was not aware of the "self-harming". She's the kind of person who constantly needs to please all around her, and doesn't like to do anything for herself. (She has knee issues, sometimes so bad she can't stand up, but won't see a doctor because it would interfere with her softball, and would let her team down.) (Not sure if this plays into what I should do, but it might.) I come to you asking for what I can do to help her stop this. I already made her clip her nails, and now whenever I go over there I will check to make sure she has no more scratches, and the ones she has are getting better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is very concerning to me. Picture is extremely unrelated.
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anxiety attack, tachycardia, no oxygen feeling and stupid thoughts. Please help me or something.
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What am I supposed to say to make her feel better? I'm not good with people and she suffers from depression.
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Sometimes I feel like I'm more serious about my relationship with my girlfriend than she is. Like, sometimes it seems she doesn't really want to talk. Or we are going to meet up somewhere and she never shows up. Then i get frustrated about it and she gets mad and tells me to calm down. So it makes it seem like it shud be no big deal even though it is to me. And yes, my feelings for this girl are very very strong. What are your guys' thoughts?
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I have trouble making friends. The advice people always give is "Put yourself out there, get hobbies, etc." But that's not it. I'm around people quite a bit. It's just that, once I am, I'm just an awkward person. People tend to not like me. My problem isn't not being around people, it's just being someone that no one wants to be around. I'm just boring. Any advice on how to fix something like this? In real life, when people give advice about making friends, it's always "put yourself out there", but that's not my problem.
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hey /adv/, how social are you in your everyday life? do you live by yourself? do you live with your parents? how many roommates do you have?
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Well /adv/, I have a relatively simple question with a difficult answer, so here goes: Is it worth telling a girl I like that I like her when I live four hours away at college?
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Hey everyone. I posted a topic last night that lasted until this afternoon. It was about driving 8 hours to visit my long distance girlfriend after her father flipped out when her and her mother told him about it last minute. People asked for an update of my weekend so I said I would post one around 11 each night if possible Im typing from my phone so if someone else who was there for the other topic explain more to newcomers that would be great. Anyway here's the update, the drive was long and when we arrived her and her mother met my father and I and then went out for dinner. We got seperate tables and it was really wonderful. Everything went great, she wasn't distant or anything and was very loving. Saying that all the drama was worth it. When we left I found her father was waiting for us. I sense he was serious but was putting on a show with the talk and the threats. May have been a little bit drunk. Im used to the berating and I've been told much worse by MTIs in bootcamp. I was nothing but respectful, expressing my care for his daughter while letting him seem like he was intimidating me. He wound up shaking my fathers hand and then mine though I don't think I have earned his respect. He kept the show on right to the end. Basically saying "I can't take his daughter" we agreed to go out to lunch. (All of us. My girl, my father, her mother, my father) where we will continue the conversation. So now I ask, what can I do to earn her fathers respect? And I also will answer any questions about the date and the trip.
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Are men supposed to use pet names when they talk to their girlfriend? Lately my girlfriend has been using a lot of those cute little couple names that people use when they're dating, things like honey, sweetie, etc. I like it a lot, but I feel weird about how I never return it. It just seems very strange for a man to say sweetie or honey or anything like that. Even thinking about saying it makes me cringe, but is that normally what girls want to hear from their boyfriends? It just seems so feminine.

How do I look?

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I'm trying to figure out how to do my hair and things.

Small Towns : How Do I Deal?

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I'm stuck in a smallish town of less than 25,000 people. I won't give away the location, but it's somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the demographic here are either elderly folks, people over 40, and teenagers. I am 24, and a university graduate. I live here with my parents with *no job* currently. I'm working with a job-developer as well as on my own to find employment, but I'm stuck in crapsville in terms of what's available to both do for work and for fun. In college, I had fun. I had friends. Now, I'm all alone. I'm a big-city kinda guy. I don't have a lot of hobbies, but when I was in university I LOVED the club scene and love a lot of stuff that maybe some small town folk wouldn't be open to. I'm young and liberal in a town designed for old people and soccer moms. Wat do?

wat do

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Hello/adv/ I come here seeking serious help, someone who will listen, or someone who can help me, maybe just give me advice. Long story short I feel as though I am finally done with life. Its surprising to say with me being a 14 year old High school freshman.But I really have gone through alot of things. Surprising at my age for some. I have a very poor family setting. Parents separated, mom slowly leeching my fathers money like the leech she is while she's with her boyfriend. My father has a partner too, but I do not wish to speak about her, it was because of her that I got traumatized as a child when she killed my two pet kittens just because she did not "like"them. But all is not as happy as it seems with my mom and her bf either. They fight alot, which all ways leads me to call the cops. He's a jealous drunk and he's very manipulative. I live with my mom. With him.and with my 2 brothers. Or I did until he brought his 2 kids, a 8yr old boy. And a 15 year old girl. The apartment we live in is a tiny little piece of shit. Only 2 rooms. Meant for a family of 4max. Prefect without him.but now its 7 people cramped into 1 house. Its horrible. (inb4 I'm a whiny teen) I am an All honors student. My school day consists of about 9-11 hours with me being in Track,Drill team,progressive learning,. I like to think of myself as an average student. I don't believe I'm smart, although everyone begs to differ. So having a long school day means I need sleep. And alot with track and all. But I can't. With all these people in my house. I share my room with my "sister" and she never gets of her phone, she's always with the must annoying ghetto, spanish music. Then next to my room is the living room, which is now my brothers room. Who blasts music and guitar hero( he has the drums and guitar) at night making it harder for me. I wake up everyday at 4 in the morning just so I can go to school and practice drill (daily). And the lack of sleep just has me on edge. > Cont
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hey /adv/ so...how do i deal with being alone? how do i deal with it to the point of being ok with it, to be by myself, sexless, loveless and just overall being happy alone?
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I think I fucked up /adv/ Been going out with new girlfriend for a few weeks and we haven't been having protected sex because she has a contraceptive implant. She was previously in a relationship for 6 years and as far as I know never had issues with STDs. Anyway today when I was taking a piss I noticed there are a lot of small red spots on my shaft and a bit of redness on the head. They don't hurt or itch but I've never seen anything like this before. I'm mainly scared that I might now have herpes. Earliest I can see my doctor is in 2 days time so in the meantime I was hoping anyone here could give some useful input.
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There's this waitress I'm crazy about at a small coffe I frequent with my friends. She's not astonishing looking, but she's pretty, and a bit serious too, her coworkers smile 110% of time, and talk very loud and fast when taking orders, this girl does it like a normal person. Anyway, I try to stay cool, but is obvious I like her, I'm too coward to talk to her, but I do look at her (I make sure I don't stare). I recently noticed that even when I haven't looked at her, she looks at me; these days she rarely takes orders, but she's in the kitchen/whatever-is-called preparing the drinks, she's always looking down at the table and materials/ingredients, but she looks my way at least once whenever she's doing so. In the end, she looks at me not a lot of times, but also not so few, sometimes I catch her and look back at her, she doesn't turn away fast, but she does still, after 1 or 2 secs (when I turn my head in less than .5 secs when a girl I'm looking at looks back at me). Shit, I wrote a lot of nonsense, anyway, those looks, are they the "I might like that guy" look, or "he's a fucking creep I can't stop looking at". Again, I never stare, but is obvious I'm attracted to her, and she doesn't look at my friends as she does me. pic completely unrelated (have no pics), but is a great game
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Hi /adv/ So I just got back from a 'date' with a friend, I'm not really interested in her (well I'd fuck her, but still). It went pretty good I figure, other than I wasn't as talkative as I usually am, I'm just unsure at this point how/when I should contact her, or even if a 'have a good sleep' or whatever would be suffice.
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Hey, /adv/. My balls really hurt, and for no apparent reason. It's been about an hour now. What do?

Should I ask out my boss

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Been long time friend with a girl (now my assistant manager, I work at a gas station) Through most of our friendship she was in a serious relationship as was I and we talked ect. She broke up with him months ago me less than a month. She just found out the guy she was dating had a GF.She told me she is really lonely today but she has also said she does not want a serious relationship. Long story short im wondering if it is acceptable to ask her if she wants to go out or would that be weird? I've been the only guy who did not hit on her i've worked with and she talks to me about relationship shit. I'm not just some creeper she doesn't really like either for example she helped me move out of ex's house and wanted me to go to our work party (im working though) Also she is like 9/10 and 23 she is the girl every guy wants that meets her. I am like a 6/10 and 19 So should long time friend (1 1/2 years ish) ask out my now boss?
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Ok guise. I need to make a choice. Between 2 females. One is my gf. We broke up early just before our 3 year anniversary yet remained friends with benefits until we got back together mid2012. She's really nice and caring and generous and very loyal. Also, the sex is fantastic. Another is a redhead who i've a lot in common with and whose passionate. I started hanging out with her few months ago and we instantly hit it off. She is much more interesting in many ways than my gf. Also, whilst we haven't had sex, the fooling around we've had has also been amazing. She thinks that my gf is still my ex who I see a lot and spend a lot of time with as everyone knows we're very close. It was never my intention to cheat but our relationship was strained a few months in due to my gf getting drunk and cheating on me. She's completely the kind you'd never expect to do this sort of thing so I was shocked. Our relationship strained and in the meantime I found this other girl, the redhead and we'd hang out with our friends and created a lot of chemistry really quickly. We never made a commitment to each other as she never really had a bf and I told her I was going through a tough time emotionally. Occasionally she'd speak out and say whilst she doesn't expect a commitment from me, she doesn't really like the whole friends with benefits thing which I understood so a short while ago we decided to just be friends but that in future we'd defo look at the possibility of starting a relationship. During my "affair" with her, things really started to pick up with my gf after some really argumentative weeks where we were at each others throats. She was being very jealous of all the time I was spending hanging out with "guess who" but after she got over it, she really started being the perfect girlfriend though she still is quite insecure and has jealousy issues. As for looks, whilst both girls are incredibly different, yet beautiful and sexy in their own right. Wat do?
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Advice needed anon, before I murder a brat. Teenagers next door's parents are out again, second Friday in a row throwing a big ass party. Friday to Saturday is the only night period I get home early enough to get into bed before ten and hopefully sleep until 8am if I'm lucky. Last Friday, I ignored it, eventually passing out from exhaustion around 1am. I spent all week looking forward to this Friday, and now they're at it again. I'm 25 btw, but with a demanding career. I get it, I used to party, but these fucks are loud as hell. I don't want to be "that guy", but at the same time I don't want to have to wait another week before I get my much looked forward to sleep. Yes, I did ask them (once) to turn it down tonight. That was half an hour ago, and nothing. Thoughts?
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How do I know if this guy I kinda date is into me? I feel like he gives me weird signals: >He usually tells me to have a good day/sends a smiley face when he knows I am at work >He tells me details about his day >Chats with me even though he's busy, or will respond to messages in a timely manner >Sends me pictures via mail with stuff he's doing or just bought that came in the mail >Took time to skype with me last night even though he was in the middle of working on a project for work >remembers odd little quirks about me >wishes me good night But then there are days/nights like tonight where he seems kind of distant. He said he is going out with some friends to watch a friend's band play (told me the name of the person). I was curious and looked up their band, but they have no dates listed. I know the friend's birthday is tomorrow so maybe they are out celebrating? I dunno. Sometimes when things are going right he just kind of throws me through a loop. Do these seem like the signs he is into me?
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my 4chan is broken all the options that are suppose to be turned on in settings is disabled, although the box is checked. What i have tried 1. checking the box on and off 2.check box, close 4chan, recheck I also recently have a java update, could that be the problem?


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Guitarfag here. Any input from other guitar players would be appreciated. I started playing the guitar a while ago, when I was 15, and because I was an arragant shit I downstroked EVERY SINGLE NOTE despite my teacher telling me to practice alternate picking. Though I do it automatically now, my frethand is far more advanced that my picking hand since it has been playing that way for longer. I play a lot of Slash/Guns type blues-influenced rock, and sometimes when I play single notes in solos and breakdowns and what have you, my picking can be a tad out of time with my left hand, or my alternate picking causes me to hit the wrong string every now and again. When I'm not thinking about it I can play everything fine without dropping a note, but if I focus on what my right hand's doing things start to fall apart. Are there any exercises or techniques I can use to specifically tackle the problem? Thanks in advance.
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>Be 18 >Dropped out of University >Parents kicked me out of home >Have a 14k student loan >Have 1k overdraft from bank >Have about $700 of cash I stole. >No job, never had a job before. Have dropped CV's all over town and had a few interviews but no job due to "lack of experience". >Only had a GF once in my life. Lasted about 4 months before she dumped me. >Going to the army this April because I have nothing else going for me. Does anyone else have a life as shit as mine or coming even close? Any advice would be nice... > inb4 am hero


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Im short and male and young /adv/ tell me how to cope with this
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This is good advice. I think everyone should read it.
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This is going to take a bit of explaining, so sorry for the incoming wall of text. This isn't relationshit though. My parents have been divorced since i was 4 years old, and I've lived with my father since then. I'm currently 20, enrolled in college, still living with him. For the last year we've been living on 1300 dollars a month from his retirement and nothing else. We've had to borrow money from multiple family members and friends and it shows no signs of stopping. We were forced to move out of our house and are currently living with one of my aunts. I've been looking for a job for quite a while and have been unable to find anything, basically because i'm a student. I've had several interviews, and the minute they find i'm a student they tell me they do not want to work with my schedule. I'm almost certain that my dad has stopped even trying to look for a job, yet he still wants me to be financially dependent on him. I've stayed a student for a year (thanks to grants and scholarships) during all of this shit because the whole time it seemed like things might get better in a month or two. They haven't, and they won't. I've tried to talk to my dad about not taking courses this semester and finding a job till we're better off, and he flips his shit. He starts yelling "not taking courses this semester would benefit you in no way and would just make it take that much longer till you start earning major money." I get that he cares about my future and I've tried to explain that to him, as well as the fact that me getting a job would help us a great deal. We'd be able to move out of my aunts spare room and actually pay for our own food for a change. I've also told him I wouldnt be completely quitting, just taking a semester off. He doesn't listen and keeps spouting what he just said. I don't know what to do /adv/ the next semester is in a week, i have two weeks after that to drop without anything counting against me. I really want to get a job though.
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My penis has a pronounced downward curve. Is there any way to fix it?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1338942175926.png]
How do you get a job operating big pieces of machinery. A job operating a bulldozer, crane, or one of those giant mining machines. Im an accounting major but I have always had an interest in big pieces of machinery and a job in that would also fulfill me as much as an accounting job.
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How do you get over fear of authority? I feel like every boss and professor I've had over the years has intimidated me so much as to force me to hide completely in my shell socially, whereas I feel like everybody around me was befriending them/making jokes with them. I've always been under the impression that distance between your superiors and yourself is a good thing, but everybody else has me thinking otherwise. Is there something wrong with me or what?
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Normally I hate to ask for help, but here it goes. I've been texting this girl for the past 5 days. Sounds great right? Well.... We send each other about 5 texts or so a day, just joking around, smiley faces all over cause I herd bitches love dem. What I want to know is where I stand with her, I don't quite understand if I should keep trying, or stop texting her because it's a waste of time.
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havent really been on here much just browsing /adv the past few days this is my story. i'll try to make it short move to new school around fed met this guy (also new). in the same friend group. he's flirt.. ass touching, squeeqy hugs etc started txting, became really good friends.. heaps in common flirted with eachother heaps.. friends party. me and him are together the whole night (still arent dating that time), acted like a couple txts my friend the next day that he wants to be with me, and he had a good time with me. goes off with another girl.. the girl only does it to piss me off.. he finds out.. comes back to me.. he gets kicked out of school for some silly txts locked up for one night my parents get a phone call about him and how i shouldnt talk to him everyone hates him, except me hes not allowed facebook or his cellphone he calls me from home phone every afternoon i was the only girl he'd talk to get feelings for eachother asks me out - finally he moves to a new school i know a few people from that school introduce him to my mates he makes new friends says we would still work out not being at the same school, and he'd control his flirtyness. we're still dating my parents find out about him, theyre cool they meet few weeks later parents get new job in another country we move country is 3 hours away by plane said long distance would work.and we'd try doesnt try break up 2 weeks after i move says feelings fading away ima mess tell him i still love him still friends acts awkward towards me. tell him im over him stops acting awkward towards me continue as good friends. go back to the country for a few days last month talk on the phone for hours meet up smoke weed.. make out, dry hump, almost had sex.. said shit like long distance wouldnt have ever worked, and he wouldnt date anyone at his new school.. he cares about me etc etc introduces me to League of legends.. end up gaming together, skyping, him teaching me gaming till 3 am some nights still flirt

How do you guys deal with your emotional issues?

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Hey, /adv. First time posting a topic here, but I do lurk and post tidbits of advice when I can. I'm here to ask you guys some advice on how to go about 'manning up' and dealing with stuff on your own, psychologically. To give you guys some background, I come from a single-parent household. Specifically, a single-mother household. I'm not going to go into the dramatics of it, but it's the usual story. Mom falls in love, dad cheats, has several kids with other women and he didn't pick my mom. That's the jist of it. They were divorced before I turned two years old. My mom, being alone, became the dominant figure in my life and she has acted as mother/father for all of it. I'm also an only child. For the most part, I consider myself a social individual with a healthy attitude towards life. That being said, however, I have trouble communicating my dilemmas or emotional issues from time to time with friends or my mother. My friends either treat my issues lightly or brush it off completely, and my mother is sometimes way too harsh. My mother has practically lost all of that 'motherly' charm or 'warmth' that women/motherly figures are known to have. She's pretty much a man in a female body in the way she conducts her life, how she approaches life, etc. She's very aggressive, direct and somewhat unfeeling/unsympathetic to some of my emotions. Although I can be the same way, at heart, I was raised by her during a time in which she showcased an enormous amount of affection, love and tenderness. In the past ten years or so, however, she's turned rock hard and very stand-offish. I know she still loves me, but she recently admitted to me that she can't even empathize with me the way she once did and she knows it. Since I can't talk to my friends or to my mother, how do some of you guys deal with some of your emotions? Certain things which bother you, that you keep locked up?
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So there's this... girl. we met in texas, and she's really sweet. We traveled together and went to a wilderness retreat, and I met her family She travels a lot. She's going back to Texas this season. She invited me along, but I'm going back to school. I'm not seeing her again until February, and haven't seen her since mid december. We're still in contact though. Can anyone advise me?

trust issues

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/adv/, how do I learn to trust? Every time I get into a relationship I get super paranoid and worried that she's gonna fuck someone else, and then I break up with her. Loneliness sets in, I get a new girlfriend, repeat. how do i fix this? is it even fixable?
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I come for some serious /adv/ice. I've been with my current girlfriend for nearly two years. She has anxiety issues and post-traumatic stress issues and has been seeing a therapist for about the past six months. She's getting better, but still isn't psychologically fit to hold a job. I'm planning to go into the Air Force this year, however, she would like me to stay with her longer as "I'm her main source of strength" and she'd feel like I was leaving her for good if I went. I have sacrificed so much for her already in this relationship, letting her stay at my place after she left her mom's, financially supporting her, helping her with anything she needs, etc. The problem is this: I planned on getting my bachelor's degree and finally getting out of this dead, ass-backwards state this year, but she says she'll feel betrayed and left behind if I do. I don't know what to do here. Help me out, guys.
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So, I've been seeing this girl who I've been having "fun with". We're not in a relationship, and she said that all we're doing is having fun. She wouldn't honestly be doing this unless she was either attracted to me or liked me, right?
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>graduated from HS 3 years ago >walk into Starbucks for a quick coffee >girl I haven't spoken to in 3 years since hs drinking coffee with 2 friends >come home later and see she sent me a Facebook message saying she thought she saw me etc. >mfw she never talked to me in hs but I hit the gym and got a stylish haircut since then Bitches be bitches What do I do? I sent back a nice reply
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T: I want to ask you out and I probably will tomorrow, willing I don't puss out at the last second. -A


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Looking to stretch beyond what I can right now at 1.5" diameter. Would like advice on 5 toys (budget $150) to get me limbered up. Thanks!

Ever do a mid date switch?

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>go on blind date >Sea Beast from below >Friend is Gorgeous me and fiend hit it off very well and she is a cute red head into video games. My date likes me as well despite looking like honey boo boo teenage mode. I have another date Monday with both of them that is going to be at their house...How do i get with the friend?
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Hey /adv/, Mental health problem here. So over the past couple of weeks, I've been feeling worse and worse about my life. I feel like I have no control over what goes on in it, and I don't have what I want in it. I'm a disabled student stuck in a school I hate because a medical problem one semester fucked my GPA too much to transfer. I basically have one friend from high school, and a few people I talk to every now and then (2 out of 3 are also from high school), but never hang out with. I never have the balls to approach anybody new, so I've spent the past 3 years here wishing for a better social life. I try getting in shape, and I in fact love lifting (th-thanks /fit/), but due to my medical problems, I often have to take long breaks from working out, thus losing progress, and motivation. I know my situation is better than like 90% of the world, but that just makes me feel worse about my being a little bitch about this stuff. I've been thinking about suicide more and more lately, but don't think I could act on it. Most nights I go to bed hoping I don't wake up. What the fuck should I do, /adv/? I can't keep living like this any longer, but I don't know where to start...
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Sup /adv/, phimosis fag here. I posted this on /b/ but no luck. I've been dealing with phimosis for a couple of months and I want to sort this shit out. At the moment I'm stretching daily and using a betamethasone cream (Diprosone), but I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions. How long does the stretching process take usually? Luckily I only have relative phimosis so I imagine it would take roughly a month to fix up. Can I masturbate at all during the stretching? I've tried, and although most of the time it either slows down or even reverses the stretching, sometimes it doesn't. Is it normal for the skin to become red and puffy for a short while after stretching? I stretch the skin for five minutes at a time, four times, once a day. Are there any stretching techniques you can recommend? Any useful advice would be appreciated.

Craiglsit TG girl

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A TG girl replied to my craigslist add, shes hot, and is a little too dtf(but that doesnt make her a scammer automatically i know) my question is whats the harm of texting or calling her? she gave me her digits. pic not her but you get the idea.
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PLEASE!!!! tell me why it isn't the "hidden option" in the threats. Is just me??
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Gentlemen! I have not been on 4chan for some time, and the board that I was looking for is gone so I am hoping that /adv/ may be of help... I am looking for hacks/ exploits to use in accessing private post on Tumblr. Keep in mind that I am several years out of the loop so links to any tools would be useful also.
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How can you kill a femboner without masturbating? I can try doing stuff but the throbbing won't go away. I've tried ice but that gets me more aroused. The only ways I can figure out are to take a shower or to go to sleep; the former takes too much time to do it often and the latter is hard when you're aroused
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I don't know where else to post this, please help /adv/. Last week after I got back from work I went to the bathroom to take a shit and when I whipped I noticed a red color, it was blood, it made me pretty nervous and I decided to ignore it for a couple days. Today it happened again and a bit more blood could be seen on the paper. I'm not gushing out blood and it can't be seen on the toilet water either but it's freaking me out, is this hemorrhoids? I'm really afraid it could be colon cancer, I think I should tell my mother (highschool fag) today if best. Could use some advice, personal experience would be very much appreciated.
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So I went on a date tonight with someone I really like, we went to the movies and it was amazing and we kissed a bit and I felt like I can be myself around this girl and I just had a good time and I actually thought I found girlfriend material.. So I take her home and I go back to my house and I get on facebook and I see "In a relationship with so and so" So I texted her and she said her ex just asked her out and she said yes. WTF? Like I dont understand how she can be kissing me and made me feel like there was something there, then she starts dating her ex again, I dont understand.. I just got played like a fucking fiddle, what do I do


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Hey /adv/ I need some help. My roommates fight all the time, they throw things, yell at me for lighting incense when they aren't home, and overall make me scared to live here, I have to hold out till June but what should I say or do when they corner me in my room and just yell about life in general and how they are so down trotted and I'm just going to work and being here on days off. In scared to leave my to room for fear of violence or just being yelled at again. Any reasonable ideas would help me out a great deal
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Four days ago, my girlfriend accidentally soaked my 3DS with water in her purse, when a fall caused her water bottle to open. She made a thread at the time to get some advice and commiseration from you lot; since then, we've had it sitting in a container full of rice, on top of our space heater, warming it and pulling out the water. I've just put the battery back in and attempted to turn it on, and it's functioning great, now. It seemed to take a few moments longer to load up than usual, and there seems to be a small spot of water remaining in the middle of the upper screen, but we're not having any problems resuming normal use of it. Just updating you lot if anyone happened to be in that thread; did any of you wonder what happened? captcha soak EPpres

Spanish women

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Dating a spanish woman for 1 week. I know that generalizations are a bit simplistic, but i'd like to have /adv/ opinion on the most caracteristic psychological features of spanish women. In order to be in tune and understand her better.
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I need to stop falling in love with every girl I sleep with. Someone please help me combat this. I end up obsessing over them for weeks, even months. It's one of the worst type of pain someone could feel

4chan could you...would you? help me..

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i recently met someone,and well i really like my friends friend.And we frequently flirt.but he would constantly tell me that he would actually be together.like as a couple. i came out of a series of bad relationships,and he did too. so we just dont talk that much ,.we lost touch. when we did meet back up,he was living with a chick n they made out in front of everyone..they slept together too.Everyone knows theryre fucking,to me its so disgusting and it broke my heart honestly.. i left early,i couldnt take it much longer. And this guy (Dave) he tells me he's serious about me and that me and him can escape and be together.He's 25 and im 20 im currently a student,and he lives free. Should i persue this more..or let myself fade away ? i need an honest opinion,you cant know how confused i am and i dont talk to people ethier. I really like him,my heart has grown to like his sweet heart. but he keeps throwing me away like trash.and he's gourgeous,he can have any girl/guy he wants seriously i dont even know why he says he would like a future with me.. im confused someone please help..even if your gonna call me a fag or loser..
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So I have no idea where to post this. Just a general question really. Why is the "Update" button that appears at the bottom of a thread gone for me now? Dunno if anyone else is experiencing this... But I dunno. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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Here's my story >meet guy start of freshman year of college >become friends, text a lot, spend a lot of time getting to know one another >develop big crush, never actually tell him >distance myself because he's trying to get the whole 'college experience' >starts acting like a douchebag towards me, tell him off last day before winter break >stop texting >text him randomly tonight "hey" >Quick response >wat do???

A story

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Yes this will be a beta/fml story. All true. It pisses me off enough to throw it out there. Posted leading up to this b4 Ok, so last week I got the balls to ask a chick out for the first time.(fist pump). Cute girl and all the other /adv/ pedal stool shit you know. Basically I had a crush on her. She said yes and made plans to grab coffee the following weekend cause schedule conflicts. So assuming to me it was going to be a "date", my first date at that. Anyways fast-forward to next week(this past Wednesday) and I talk to her after class and she says she wanted to bring a friend along. Which was a huge wtfisgoingon.gif, and later that day I message her about it and come to find out it wasnt a date at all, she assumed we were just hanging out, reallywtf.jpg. So i told her what I intended when i said for us to go out and well denied.jpg. We talk more about it and all goes ok, no awkwardness, just typical wtf this sucks feels. Still manage to leave a little light on it all with plans to still meet up. Grand finale, Go to class today shes not there, wow mixed signals thanks. Go to work do my thing, get home tonight. Get a message from her not to long ago saying car problems(true/false idk or care at this point.), cant probably go but tell me how it all goes and if its recommended. Again mixed signals. Not wierd at all. So im pretty flustered now as I have ever been over the entire fucked up ordeal. Kowing its all gone to crap. I say id pick her up if she wanted. To see what she comes up with. 2 hours later no reply just seen. So here I am writing this cause it really leaves me pissed. Going from a girl that I really liked and woulda done the (insert every beta good/nice bf idea here) for her. To just completely nothing at all almost, I honestly can say seeing her will be in a different light for sure. Though I still like the girl for the person she is or that I know of. It really has ended in the most fucked up ordeal. tldr: Good idea So ask me anything?
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Hey, /adv/. I posted about this a week ago, but didn't really get any replies. I suppose there's nothing anyone can do. But thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. What can you do when someone is depressed and suicidal, but refuses to get help? That's my boyfriend right now. I knew he used to be depressed, and once attempted suicide, but he led me to believe he was better. Apparently, he's been depressed since he was 20 (is about to turn 30) and has never stopped thinking about suicide. Because he's always been depressed, he doesn't believe he's sick. He thinks it's just his personality, and won't go to the doctor. He said he wants to kill himself this year. He won't make any plans for the future because he's not planning on being here. I'm so depressed and lost. I think he's only made is this far because of me. But I can't wrap my head around his refusal to get help. Does he want me to just wait until one day he's gone? He's cut off contact with his parents and old friends. Nobody else knows because he's so good at acting happy and normal. What the fuck do I do...
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I am going to make this as simple as I can. I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years, and all of the following is true: - Travels well together all over the world. Always have a great time, enjoy meeting people and being outgoing. Just the right mix of having naughty drinking vacations by the pool and doing some activities. Never fought on vacation or any arguments. - We love the same types of food. Indian, etc and just about anything else. - We Do respect each other and would never fight crazily calling each other rude names etc. We take care of each other. -We both don't do drugs or would ever really do something horrible to hurt each other. - We love our nights sitting in the backyard and eating and sitting by the fire. - I watch her crappy reality shows with just to be next to her. - I more than deal with her crazy work schedule. - We both don’t want kids, and can’t possibly have them. - I don’t have kids from a past marriage. - I don’t have loads of weird friends that I like to hang out with all the time instead of you. - I don’t smoke. - I don’t have parents that abused me as a child. I was raised properly. -I understand everything about your personality, and don’t really get offended about things you say when you blurt them out. - Our sex life is great (when we have it) and we know EXACTLY what to do to each other. - I actually like your crazy friends and was never offended or put off by them. I had a life-set back where I lost my job and sense of self, and who I was. I drank too much. I was depressed, and only thought of myself. If this out-weighs all of everything else on this list, then I’ll truly never understand it. We’re not losing our house, and I do not live off your money. In the time I have been out of work I have totally had our house completely re-landscaped, and put in a big pool. I was financially able to do so, and had a nightmare time getting it all done. Oh and she pays $0 to live here. She dumped me
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Trying to sell my computer for $1400 (spent $1700 building it) Looking for ideas to get rid of it faster. Problem is I want to sell it locally. No way I'm shipping this. I posted an add on craigslist and other forums, but if I had to guess people who look on craigslist are looking for super cheap deals. Specs: 120G SSD drive 24" Asus monitor 700w Power supply semi-modular Corsair vengeance 8GB Ram Geforce GTX 660 GPU ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS LGA 1155 Intel Z77 Mobo Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz Quad core CPU Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth Edition 2013 Keyboard RAZER Black 7 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Optical/Laser Mamba 2012 Elite Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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Okay how do I interpret this. Get F in class. Shoot teacher a message if it was due to lack of points or plagiarism(only other explanation for an F). (by my calculations I should have had a B+ but, his grading system was much more harsh than I anticipated). He essentially contacts us exclusivley from facebook via his facebook account on the group he made. The god damn pm even says he saw the message. So he just fucking saw it and chose to not answer it? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? And what do.
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Are guys generally interested in deflowering virgins or is it disgusting to them (all that blood)? I'm a virgin but I'm constantly horny, and I'm sick of waiting for the right guy, so I might just fuck some random good looking man. Pls respond
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My Great Grandfather died in July 2012. He served during WWII as a naval officer. He left me $10k in his will. What should I invest it in? I would like to spend around $3k of it for various things I need. So that would leave me with $7k that I want to invest in something. I've heard of Roth IRAs, S&P 500, etc.... I really need some good advice from somebody who has experience with investments.
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Where do I take a chubby girl on a date and not be seen by anyone I know? I just wanna bang her big round ass and marinate her teddies and never see her again....
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Anyone here think they can jizz through a cheerio hole, without any cum touching? moar accuracy equals moar points. After all, that's one small hole.

Guys D:

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I'm currently getting the prerequisites done for medical school -- but I keep freaking myself out over residency requirements, the STEP exams, the possibility of being sued, the boards .... and possibly having to be in the Caribbean for four years ... D: Should I just apply to Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant programs instead?
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Today, I come to you seeking different perspectives /adv/. I will green text, for brevity. >21 year old male >has a handle on depression after years of difficulty >thinking about future and kids >considering vasectomy because doesn't want to bring another depressed person into the world >loves kids and would gladly adopt tl:dr, I'm 21 and thinking about a vasectomy. Yay or nay and why?
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left an open can of Joose out the other night... pretty much full. think it's safe to drink?
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How can I possibly mush potato with my dick? I'm trying to whip up a batch of mashed potatoes but I've got no utilies. See my parents took all of the cooking utensils to my aunt's place to help her with her party. So, I'm technically stuck at home with nothing at hand besides my trusty "natural" pole. Anyone willing to offer some helpful insight for a friend in need?
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I already posted on /b/ but I need help fast I need some help, my friend is passed out in the kitchen on my stove... very drunk. I already tried to wake them once, and they looked at me and told me to stop and put their head back on the stove and went back to sleep. I do not want them staying at my house, and I can't carry them out, I made the mistake of picking them up vs making them drive. tldr HOW DO I GET MY DRUNK PASSED OUT FRIEND (AND THEIR DOG) OUT OF MY HOUSE
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Hey, >Please don't think I am a bitch Well... I will explain a little first. I am tired of being a total burden. >To everyone i know basically I don't want to kill myself because then my family would have to go threw the funeral process plus pay of my debts. >I also wouldn't want to bring them the shame of a child suicide. So... I no longer want to be a burden on anyone I thought about a few choices. >Join the Military >Just lay low in big city >Live in woods Those are just a few things I have been debating. >Question What would be the best or if some one has a better idea then do tell.
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Hey there /adv/ I need some new perspective on a situation: I work with this girl, who works in a separate department, same age, I see her and talk to her, so I am not some neck beard. This girl is friends with a co worker of mine who's married, and trust me not interested at all in the girl. Anyway, my friend has been helping me try and get with the girl from the other department. I have been doing well so far, asked her in person if she would like to hang out, got her number and whatnot, and she always asked my friend via text if i am around so she can say hey or see if I will stop by her place to chat for a sec. I finally got the balls to text her for the first time last night to see if she might want to hang out tonight, but she didnt reply. I think she may have been in bed, but I am not sure. and I didnt see her today, but I am confused, she seems really flirty and shyish around me, the typical girl signs of liking a guy, but she didnt say anything at all to "Hey this is anon" so I am worried if I dun goofed by even just sending this simple text. I dont want to text her again till after I see her in person and see if anything has changed or whatnot. what do you guys think of my predicament and what should I do ?
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I sucked a guy off for the first time today and it was horrible. He kept complaining about my teeth and eventually went soft in my mouth. I always kind of just assumed that there wasn't anything to it by just putting it in there. It kind of kicked me right in the pride. I just feel....less attractive all around now. Is there like a good instructional video or book I could read or something to improve?
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>confess to a guy I like him >no reply other than "thanks, i didn't know what to say." >don't talk much after that >trying to get over him, but still want to be friends So, how do I ask to hang out with him without making it seem like I'm retrying to go in for a date?
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Sup /adv/, 19 year old here. About to take my baby steps into the real world, and my biggest worries revolve around credit. As of now, my spending habits are awful. I have an established debit account with decent money flow at a local credit union, but I spend most of what I make. I've heard of people who go their entire lives without establishing a credit line. If possible, I'd like to do this and never worry about my credit score. But more and more I'm hearing that the best way to live is on credit with good spending habits. I guess I'd just like to know my options and have a more clear idea of what to do with them, because for all the reading I've done, things still remain a little foggy as to whether credit is a viable option or not.
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OKay basically I am really depressed. I hate talking about life circumstances because I think they have to direct affect on how I feel, like I don't want to do anything I used to enjoy. I used to get like this sometimes when you look in the mirror and your not sure if what you are doing is the right thing. Now I just have no friends to help pull me out. My friends I all left back at the university it seems like the easy answer would be to just go back right? Is is that easy?
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>friend moves across the country >keeps sending me pics of this girl who used to work with, knowing shes my type >i start to get attracted to her >he comes to visit for a while and tries to set me up with her while shes working (at a cafe place) >i dont know what to say, so dont really talk to her much 1 month later >see her at my school between classes >shes looking right at me, but too far away for me to have talked to her I'm pretty sure she noticed me, but don't know how to go about asking her out. I'd like to try dating her, but don't really know her as a person. What should I do, /adv/?
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So /adv/, some people have been scouting my house and/or the office below for like 5 months now. Always at night around 7-10 or 11...they're extremely vigilant to even me poking my head out the window for a moment, at first at thought they were different people but yesterday I saw one of the cars, after being here for about an hour, come back and tell something through the window to another guy... So how should i do this besides call the cops? i wouldn't want them to put out a hit on me. tldr; black tinted windowed cars scouting house for 5 months, what do?

What does one do in this situation? [Im 21]

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Well , To shorten it , I had met a girl start of november , She was after breaking up with her ex of 2 years back in august, And we started hooking up essentially , and this was going on for about 3 weeks. And like.. It was at the point we were always talking in some form , Video chatting , Meeting her downtown for lunch.And like.. everyone thought we were a couple saying how cute we were , and i was falling for her. So I said fuck it im gonna ask her out to dinner or something , And she gets all distant , Saying she needs time for herself and to focus on school, So on so forth , And i said w.e I can respect that , We have a nice thing going now. So.. Like , The last time we were together [nov 24] she just like.. stopped talking to me after that , And like 2 days later , i was like. " whats going on , Your avoiding me " , And she tells me she is back with her ex... So like.. Mid december , She goes into school and tells everyone shes pregnant..? and a friend of mine who goes to school with her tells me.. and shes like uh.. I thought you should know, To which she randomly messages me later [ First time in 2 weeks} , With ' theres a bun in the oven , me and [Said guy] , Have been planning a baby :D And im like WTF ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS. Which was like.. all within a month of the last time we had sex... and that bugs me because like.. idc if they were ' 'Planning " it , It has a chance to be mine , Even though we did use protection. And shes all like ' Oh yeah its his kid , And basically doesnt even talk to me anymore". Now , According to a friend of mine she goes to school with shes 8 - 9 weeks pregnant , which makes no fucking sence , because that would put her back to 10 - 13 of november , Which is around the first time we had sex. Ugh.. I dont know ,at this points its pretty much " its his child , No questions asked " But he didnt even know me and her were together
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Sup /adv/ I really need advice on my couple. My Gf is a bit unstable. From what I understood, she was nearly raped at age 12 and was intimidated throughout high school. She constantly wants me to be there with her (I live about 40mins away from her place so its not exactly easy to go there) to the point she is borderline yandere. Lets say I'm playing LoL, she starts freaking out a bit if I don't answer her messages quickly. I told her a few times that even if I don't always answer immediately, it doesnt mean that I dont care about her but she seems to think so (abeit involuntarily) Now, I do love her earnestly, but I'm scared that she just uses me as emotional support and doesnt actually care about me as long as there is someone with her. She is also extremely uncomfortable with her body and intimate contact (2 months in our relationship and no sex yet, not that I care much about sex in the first place but she is adamant about not being ready AT ALL) I don't know where i'm supposed to go in this relationship anymore... I want to stay with her but I also want to keep doing the things I like. I also want to help her get over her problems but I dont even know where to start...

Dealing with emotionally abusive parent

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>TL:DR I think my mother has a mental illness and it makes her emotionally abusive as fuck. How do I deal with this? Alright, I'm 18 years old and I still have to live with my parents, because I've got to think about school and prepare for going to university and just don't have the time to find a job and support myself. The problem is that I live with my mother and she's making my life fucking hell. when I was little, she would yell all the time at my father. He would just be chilling at home and she would do everything to get him angry. Then, once he had gotten angry, she would start crying and telling him that he starts fights for nothing. Eventually she chased him out of the house, but not before 15 long years of hell. She would always find something in him that bothered her, either he was eating too much, thus spending too much money on food, or sleeping too much, or she would yell at him for smoking weed. Now, once my father moved out, my mother started hating on me. She started seeing everything I do as an exact reflection of my father. When she understood that I was smoking weed, this made everything worse. For years I've had to deal with constant everyday yelling over complete bullshit. She does the same thing that she did with my dad - she will yell at me until I snap, and then she'll tell me that I am a drug addict and keep yelling. Whenever I try to call her out on what she does she tells me that I'm paranoid because I'm a drug addict or that I'm developing schizophrenia like my dad (my dad didn't have schizophrenia, but my mother seems to think that everyone who disaggrees with her has some sort of mental illness).
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>be me >not laid in year >20 >Every girl I meet is a slut, or plays hard to get, or something like that >Have no car, live at parents house, all of my friends are either alcoholics, or shutins that smoke weed and trip on mushrooms while playing video games all day long Than yesterday >working at shit retail job >girl walks in, haven't seen or heard from her since highschool >She came to our school at the end of junior year from new york and was really nice but didn't make that many friends cause she basically was only there for 1 year >Talk for 20 minutes, she tells me about how she just got out of an abusive relationship, etc >SHE asks ME for my number >Im pretty shocked at first honestly, give it to her Tonight >She texts me >Talk for an hour. Find out she already owns her own home and has a completely legit job and all of her shit together. >I tell her she should come hang out with me sometime next week, she replies very positively >Call my buddy and brag to him, he informs me that this girls parents own a multi-million dollar corporation but she tries to not let people know that Fuck yeah. Heres the problem. I'm 20.I'm living my life right now, I smoke weed every day (Im pretty sure she doesn't smoke) I do other drugs somewhat regularly. I have no money, no car, and no real plans. I'm pretty sure that I could have a legit relationship with this girl, but I dont know if I'm ready for this kind of responsibility. And if it turned out to go further than a relationship, and I cleaned up all my shit for her, I feel like I'd definetly have a midlife crisis at some point in my life cause I never followed life the way I intended too, and settled for easy money and a trophy wife. Than again, I'm thinking way to far ahead for this kind of shit. what do /adv/? Pic unrelated, on friends pc

sex toy

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Would you buy a dildo for your wife/gf? Or would you be uncomfortable with it?
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I'm slowly losing my mental health. Not like psycho-crazy or anything, but the lines between reality and fantasy are starting to blurr together. I have a girlfriend, and she knows I've always been a bit quirky. But idk how to tell this to her. I dont even know what her reaction will be. How do i tell her?
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I feel like my lines between reality and fantasy are fading. I've always had a world inside my head but reticently it seems like the two are merging. What do guys? Seriously I feel like if I don't figure this out soon I'll need to go back to the home and I really don't want that.


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So I believe that I may have a tapeworm/worms. I'm about 135lbs and have alway had a fast metabolism but lately I've been eating way more than usual (bottomless appetite) and as of tonight I feel a bit anemic like even standing on my feet feels like bruising and vains in my arms are looking really prominent which I've never seen before. Also my rectums been itchier than usual and I feel really gassy both with burping/flatulance and internally (upper chest lower abdomen). Lastly I feel super sluggish I can usually skateboard for hours on end but the other night I could hardly stand 30min and left the skatepark early. About a month ago I consumed a piece of very rare steak basically bloody rare so I'm assuming if I do have an infestation, that was the cause. I'm going to my health clinic first thing in the morning and they've always been very hasty during walk in hours and I fear they won't give me the examination I deserve. Again I DO NOT feel normal almost as if whatever I eat isn't being digested and oh yeah I haven't been pooping much at all an when I do it's really pale and super loose:diarrhea. Any /adv/?

Why is everyone a fuckin retard?

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Everyone is always trying to prove they're better than someone else. When really, I can just punch people in their fuckin face to make them shut up. Why don't people realize this? When I punch someone in the face, they suddenly stop acting like such a little bitch. It's such an effective measure, surely, not taken enough.
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I don't know who else to talk to, so why not /adv/? >Be happy as a kid, carefree, discover online gaming >shit tier stuff like Runescape >develop PC gaming habit, ADD, and anxiety >Dad buys a telescope and I get interested in that atronomy and science shit >Later get more interested in Runescape and WoW rather then education >Continue in catholic elementary school, public middle school, then we hit high school years >First 9th grade year >Be Swaggot >5'5" 110 lbs >Have 8/10 GF (for 15 years old) and lots of sex for 2 years >1.7 GPA got 5/7 credits had to repeat 9th grade >2nd highschool years still dating her >Texas education is fucking easy, 3.0 GPA without trying >9/7 credits that year, made them all up >In between First freshmen year and 2nd freshmen year I moved states but free flights so I still see her >My dad making us move really fucked me and my mom up emotionally. >Break up with her last year in may Here's where I need help >Go through a HUUUGE personality change >Love education now, going into an astrophysics major next year >Anti-social, not shy just hate everyone and how fucking stupid everyone is >Go from an extrovert to an introvert >Become a strong Atheist, mom is a fundie protestant, dad is a deist >Have been obsessively gaming from the time I started RS to even today >tried to quit my gaming habit but can't >Have 3.7 GPA >honors classes So you get the point, I basically went to swaggot secret nerd, to outright nerd. But I feel like I don't know who I am I also feel like I have conflicting emotions at any given time I try to just sit down and think, but my anxiety + ADD drives me off track my thinking process I feel confused all the time. I have about 2 good friends and I don't want more, but I feel so alone at times. I applaud you anon, if you're still here, here's the advice part. >Why do I feel conflicting all the time? >How can I truly and concretely know who I am? >How can I control my emotions? Thanks /adv/ I'd really appreciate some help.
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what does /adv/ think? http://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/guilt-is-good-but-responsibility-is-better/
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Sup /adv/. General problem thread. Post your issues and I/other Anons will give advice.
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Hey /adv/, I feel really bad right now. Im a 23 yo male virgin and I was about to have sex with this really nice girl yesterday. We hit well off on first date, which included cuddling and making out. Second date yesterday we spent maybe 4 hours cuddling and kissing, where I was basically hard the entire time. However in bed I just couldnt get it up, and when I did It just died again. She also made a comment about it which made me somewhat sad, as I know shes more experienced. I havent told her Im a virgin, and I was basically left to do everything myself...which didnt go too well. She said she would meet me again, but how can I even get over this? Im stressing out since im getting older and need to get this shit over with.What can I do?
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€100 tu fuck this, would you go?
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anons and femanons please help me out I really dont know what to do so just read the story and give me feedback please. >Be me >I am liking a girl for ehh 9+ months >Bitch obviously likes me >Show off my mad fucking drawing skillz >I drew dat bitch majora's mask >MAJORA'S. FUCKING. MASK. >colored that shit even with my colourblindness >Fast forward 7 months of small talks >JEAAAAH YAH BOI BANGS YOU KNOW WHAT I MEEAN >BE summer band camp >get to see her yeah >try to talk to her but she just really doesn't care >keep in mind most of this is IRL >fast forward 2 months >November 5th >buy flowers >aww yeah gonna ask her to the homecoming dance >I ask her in front of everybody >she says sure >FUCKING SURE >whatever its still a yes >be homecoming dance day >waiting for her outside the place where dance is held >she is looking 10/10 >she brought a friend to make her feel confortable >fuck you you little fucking bitch >my friend is being my savior by telling some fat lard to get off my sack >We chat and i mean we just go full on conversation shit >fat lard always interupts us with a kissing gesture telling me to kiss her >ask her to dance >they played some good slow songs >did what i was taught in ballroom dance >MLG pro >dance ends she leaves early >but.. but :( >her ride didnt even get there till i left >She never spoke to meafter that >I still wrote her letters in hope >Well fuck you too you mango muching bitch :'( >she posts many subliminal stati about me >ask her the next day over facebook if she liked me or not so i could go on with my life >She says no I don't like you in that way >Still struggling to this day.
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let her have the dildo dough! shell wake you up in the early mornin' by sucking you off real good den
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Hey, /adv/. This girl i've dated few times likes to sick and suck on my ear. Why does she do that? Does that mean i have a chance with her?

forever alone

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>make 2 dating profiles >account is decent, im maybe an 8 or 7, (according to ex's im 9 and or 10 but you know they are lying so i bumped it down) >only a few hits from chubby girls >profile viewed by lots of hot girls, non interested wat to do?
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So, wtf is wrong with this two motherfuckers? I don't remember hurting them or something, and I clean my feets really good while taking a bath, they sudenly appeared and started to grow
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How do you stop anxiety? I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Panic Disorder. I have no clue what to do. Like right now. Two hours ago I had some anxiety, I got my mind off of it, but despite the fact I'm not thinking about it I still feel all the signs of anxiety. The headache, the queasy stomach, the inability to breathe properly, everything.

l4party advice

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what is a warehouse party? there may be one tonight and i have the opportunity to go not sure what to do, i havent left yet and have continued to delay. party stories?
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I am a female from Iran. I moved to the US in an arranged marriage, as an obligation to my faith, but I feel trapped with him. He is a terrible husband who resorts to violence, verbal abuse, short temper, and forced sex. Our iranian american friends and my family at home are unwilling to even entertain the notion. I need your advice.
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questions for older anons who know these feels' : have you ever experienced a relationship that made you feel like a teenager again? interpret that however you want (for me, it is both good & bad) : if you can relate to that, tell me how i should best approach this situation; give me any advice that you would have wanted to hear yourself if you were in this situation
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Sup /adv/. I have been bullied all my life and suffer from extremely low self esteem. I was bullied all throughout school and recently bullied into quitting my job. How do I stop being bullied?
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Hey /adv/ see if you help me out here. Currently a freshman at college. During the orientation, I was in a group with a girl I feel might have a crush on me. She's pretty introverted from what I can tell, and she mostly likes introverted nerdy stuff like vidya and anime. I don't really feel any particular interests in her myself, but I feel like I should even though I don't. My suspicions are that she had a tendency to agree with my ideas in this orientation group when we had projects. Also she had a tendency to talk to me for help instead of another girl. I made it clear that I was in the nerdy crowd just by hanging out with some nerdy male friends, but I did a pretty good job hiding my power level. I also attended a few meetings at our campus anime club, which she had been to a couple of times. Again no direct contact or conversation, but she wasn't talking to anyone else either. A few months later a friend if mine (who became friends with her) came to my dorm to hang out. After a while he invited her over. We just talked about Internet stuff, played slender, watched a tv show. I didn't see her for a while but then at the beginning of the next semester we ended up in the same swimming class together. There are about 7 people in the class and it's pretty weird. I have no idea what to feel. I'm confused, but not infatuated or flustered or anything like that. Help me sort this out. I think I'm just over thinking it, this isn't my field of experience. I'm pretty sure I sound like an idiot
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Best websites for learing mandarin? ive been using iknow.jp, but would like something with a bit more customization. Also, audio books
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Sup guys, figured /adv/ would be the best place to ask this question. I live in GA, my W2 came in reporting that I had 2800 federal withdrawn and 1300$ state withdrawn. I am not very privy on the newer tax laws, but I filed as a single male/no dependants/ no itemization and towards the end found that I would be receiving about 830 total betwen state and fed. Now last year i had several less withrdawn and received a decent 1300$ or so refund. Am I doing something wrong or is this just how bad the new tax laws are fucking us? im right at the 30k bracket, by the way. any accountant bro might shed some light on this for me? I haven't filed it yet to be on the safe side
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Hi /adv/. I usually hate posting about my problems but right now, I have no one to turn to. I met this girl about a year ago. We were just friends then and flirted a little. Then we stopped talking for a few months and lost contact. She came back into my life a few months ago and we really hit it off. Long story short, we fell for each other and had plans to be together and so on. She lives some distance away and we planned to meet up in April and start a proper relationship. Just that lately, we've been having some problems. We would always tend to get into fights and arguments. Sometimes my fault, sometimes hers and we always work it out. She's so patient with my temper, a lot more than my previous girls. She asked me for a break today and I said we can have a break till end of February. Not long but it makes me sad since I really do love her. She might not even come back to me. I don't know. I guess I'm just paranoid that she'll never come back. Have anyone ever dealt with this or had a problem similar to this? How do you deal with it?
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Getting a PS3. Which games should I definitely get? I like immersion/story more than glitzy graphics and I hate Online.

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