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Threads added between 2017/03/30 10:00 and 2017/03/30 16:00

Asking a girl out

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Hey guys, I posted this on /r9k/ yesterday and was told to post this here (perhaps asking incels for advice isn't the best idea). Anyways, I'm planning on asking this girl I have a crush on out for a date. We've been talking for a couple months and have been getting to know each other a bit better; I'm quite nervous because I don't know exactly how she feels about me, as I haven't really dropped any major hints that I'm interested in her. How should I go about asking her out? How have situations like this worked out for you guys in the past? I've pretty much only gotten rejected, but then again I haven't asked anyone on a date since high school. Also, feel free to give general advice or ask me questions; I'll try to reply to everything you guys post. >Stoned Larry David pic is unrelated
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I'm gonna be sent to a psych ward known for abusing its patients and making them do jobs. I'm from a third world shithole [spoiler]Armenia[/spoiler]. So, if anything happens, what can I possibly do?

Finding a Username

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I want to stream on twitch but cant think of a good name, I feel like im overthinking everything because I need to get viewers before my name matters but I want it to be something catchy. Most names I wanted or used for years have been taken so idk how to think of a good one.

Am I retarded?

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I have no idea about activities for dating women. I am seeing a woman now and I have only taken her to dinner and a movie since I met her. I have been on like 7 or 8 dates now with her. Have not had a chance to hold her hand but I am working towards that. What are some other activities for dating? I feel so inept at coming up with fun stuff to do. Dinner and a movie seems perfect to me. I hope she isn't bored with me. Help. What do you guys do for 1st, 2nd, 3rd date?
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>Like this girl. >No idea how to approach her at all since she's so shy. >End up enlisting her best friend for help. >Me and best friend hang out all the time while coming up with ideas >Get so close to best friend people constantly think we're dating. >Drama shit happens and girl I like yells at me over a misunderstanding. >Best friend ends up comforting me over it. >Realize then over the pass couple of weeks I connect more with best friend than the girl I like. >Misunderstanding gets cleared up and girl I like actually ends up agreeing to go on a date with me. >Go on the date and end up disappointed by the end of it. >Now can't stop thinking about the best friend and how much I'd rather be going on dates with her. I feel awful. Because I thought I really liked this girl and still feel like I do like her... just not as much as I like her best friend. She's so much easier to talk to and conversation just happens whenever I'm with her meanwhile the most I really ever say to the girl I liked first is a simple "how was your day." and then the conversation dies there tends to die there. In fact on our date we had nothing to really talk about other than the movie that we saw. Normally I wouldn't be so troubled and probably would have already started going after the best friend. If there weren't a couple things getting in the way. Mainly how the best friend has repeatedly said that we're "just friends" and has made comments about being unable to like people who she knows has liked her friends at some point. That and I did straight up tell her I kind of liked her and she said she "didn't like me in that way" cont.


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What is a good place to eat for a 3rd date?
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I broke up with my now ex because I felt my depression was getting worse and it was affecting the relationship. I was faking it till I make it for a while and didn't want to drag her with me. Better off with someone who didn't feel like I did. She's been supportive since, being there for talking and whatnot. Would letting her know that I appreciate it when she could've just ghosted completely? I don't want to come off as clingy or seeking sympathy/pity, just grateful that's she's there
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Is it possible for a single male to adopt a daughter? I doubt I'll ever find a girl who loves me, nor do I particularly care, but I do want to eventually raise a child.


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So I have a fairly new girlfriend but we have been friends for years. Sex is great. But she kinda wears me out like, I am tired and that is not important but if she is tired it is. We made a bet over march madness were if I won I would get to play with her anally. (This of course was not a real bet on my side tho if she said yes I would have taken it, it was more to see how she would respond. Keep her word? Be open to new things? When she saw she was going to loose she flipped shit and said how gross I was for even making the bet, even tho her bet was like a high priced dinner and a trip somewhere. Mine was mild. But like I said a test. I even wrote up a piece of paper right after the bet saying it was null and void should she want it. But how disgusted she was with the bet when she lost, how demanding she is of my time, and how unapproachable she is with new ideas really got me thinking. I mean what do I do with this? I do love the girl I have chased for years. But the other day we were watching the show "The Voice" and there was a lesbian singer on there. Me: I dont give a fuckkkkk. Her: Ew that is so gross(She has a gay, lesbian, and trans-gendered cousins and she said that) it totally turned me off. I love her I really do. But is there a way to change that? Because I will not tolerate that kinda hateful shit. I go to pride parade each year for fuck sakes and not because I am in any way gay. Its a huge party. I have lots of gay friends and she doesnt and its looking less and less like its ok.
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Guess my last post was too personal. Tips for dealing with stress? And knowing when stress relief isn't an option but instead to get the fuck out

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