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/adv/ Advice

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I really felt like ending it today, not sure why. Guess I just don't have much to live for. Help?
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Alright /adv/ I need big time advice I messed up a few months ago and now things seem to be falling apart towards the end here. I need to pick it back up. I guess I’ll green text a little bit of the story. >be 19 >sophomore college >move in to 9 person boarding house near campus with bestfriends >one of them I’ve only known for a year and not that close >breaks up with scum boyfriend, we talk A LOT more and become SO close >we start to mess around and get intimate >we get really close and end up dating >things going GREAT. Probably best relationship either of us have ever had >few bumps here and there >actually took my virginity. Just how I imagined it. Not her first though >love her but afraid to tell her >continued…
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I just adopted this beast. What should I name him?
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So, I am not really sure what to do...I am way to insecure about myself, and anything based on my appearance and it is really hard to be able to accept that not everyone will manipulate me or lie to me all the time. I find my insecurity about my appearance as well really affects my relationship sometimes, and it's alot more than me thinking I'm fat, its like, I cant even deal with having a guy I'm with look at porn if it is say, a specific person or something because it ends up making me feel absolutely horrible and like I'm not good enough...I know its really irrational but I honestly would like to figure out a solution to help me overcome besides see a therapist, because that never works for me.... >was bullied all through school, like squishing against sides of the hallway yelling fat names at me, guys actually beat me up and i had hair falling out from when people pulled it >Always was called fat and ugly >now the only problem i have with guys is that they just say whatever they can to get in my pants, which to me obviously doesn't mean shit about my appearance. Pic related, its me I just need a little help thats all,..I want to be happy about myself, with more than just appearance and feel like I can trust my boyfriend even though I know I can..

About to go into rehab

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So my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me a few days ago, it's been an intensely painful experience so far, I thought this girl was going to be my wife and have my children, so Im a bit of a wreck. I've been abusing alcohol to a dumb extent and harmed myself last night. I'm having lunch with my parents in Perth as I write this and when we finish here I'm going into some kind of mental rehab, before I enter a doctor is going to assess me and I'm hoping he will give me some form of medication to sedate my pain. Is there a drug that will make me feel happy and stop the pain? And It must be a legal drug that the doctors will give me, what do I ask for and what should I avoid saying? Picture is me two nights ago
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anyone have any experience with moving into a place from craigslist (A "room" in somebody's house)? It looks like it may be my only option and im pretty scared of how uncomfortable it may be

i hate being crazy

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I blow up over nothing and act completely insane, and then I worry so much about what I've done and what everyone thinks of me. I'm bipolar, and sometimes I do really crazy things, and feel ashamed for weeks or months or years. I don't want to say, "Sorry, I'm just crazy, I'm figuring out my meds," because that is embarrassing. I just want to fade away from everyone's memories, and I want someone to talk to that understands how crazy I am and accepts me anyway. I stopped talking to my friends because they can't stand me and I don't want to be "that person", but then I AM that person to every other new person and it's like I probably shouldn't even be allowed to interact with other people at all. I feel so ashamed, I just wish I could die.
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So I'm trying to not be a piss ass retard by making an attempt to better myself and fight my ADHD, OCD, and I'm looking to stop procrastinating with everything. I have a lot of schoolwork, I do my schooling online, and I need to get it done relatively soon. I'm not looking for help to do my schoolwork, assuming I could get my ass on that shit I can do it, but I'd like some help with tips on how to focus better, be less of a scatter brained ignoraneous, and just all around succeed. I'll be dumping some life hack images that I have in the hopes that someone can drop relevant helpful images, URLs that I should read up on, and practices that I need to make into a hobby. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. tl;dr I'm dumb and need help being a better person in regards to not being so ADHD; help concentrating and not procrastinating in general.
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Hey so I was eating my girlfriends pussy earlier, then I'd begin to accidentally lick her butthole... then I'd get more in the moment, tickle it with my young every so subtly, then I just eventually began full on licking it. I'm concerned of some kind of bacterial infection? I'm going to finish up this bowl and go brush my teeth, but is there anything major I should worry about?
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I need some help /adv/ I have an embarrassing vore fetish. Not only that, i'm actually exclusively attracted to it. Because of this, sex is very difficult because I'm not sure how to apply it to sex other than just thinking about it. I feel really weird and disgusted by myself all the time. I don't even look at porn because of the sheer embarrassment I get from being turned on by something so weird. How do I accept my sexuality without turning into a freak about it? It's so off and repulsive to me I'm not sure how to embrace it exactly. Wat do?
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I started a thread last night about my fear of potentially losing my closest friends because I don't enjoy partying like they do, or more specifically, I'm afraid to try drugs and I don't want to grow apart from them by being the only one who doesn't get high. Having resolved to at least try to get over my discomfort and make an informed decision about trying euphoriants, I've decided I want to try being around my friends while they are high to become more comfortable with the idea, and if I become confident enough and feel comfortable, I'll try taking something while they are around me and not high. This probably won't be particularly soon, but in the meantime, I can research drugs clinically all I want, but that won't help me really understand the appeal, safety, and culture of recreational drug use. I'd be pleased if anyone could share their own positive (or even negative) experiences with drug use, or offer advice you don't really get from reading some clinical article about a substance on the internet. I'm hearing a lot of "drugs are awesome" but not a lot of "this is why I like to get high, sometimes this happens, this is good and this is bad about this drug, etc". Thanks in advance; I was really nervous about this last night but I feel a lot better after talking to everyone. The people of /adv/ are great.
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need help I met this asian girl who was here on a work visa when I was working at a resort. She instantly liked me, but I didnt move on her until 3 weeks later and she said that she didnt want to just be a one night stand, so we hooked up that night and she said that she did have a bf at that time but didnt really like him that much. After that we were together but she asked me if id cheat on her for at least a whole week and I had to keep saying no. She also wanted to keep the relationship secret from other workers there at the time. one day i was supposed to take her back to my house when I left the resort, but my car was broken down, so I said id find a ride back and she thought I was ignoring her and going to go by myself, so she went to this really old guys worker apartment and didnt come back until night time. she was gone 6 hours and said he wouldnt let her leave and they drank alcohol and watched movies. she cried and said she was so sorry she made me miss my ride and stuff. we broke up right before she left back to her country, but then a year later we were still talking on facebook and we got together again, and when she came back she started saying how in love with me she was and i was the only one in her heart, and she asked if I wanted to have kids, and if we might ever get married, but then said she was uneasy about bringing it up because she said I might think she just wanted to get to stay in the U.S. that way. she has been in europe now for two months tourist and we keep in touch but Im worried about trusting her. What do I do?
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A friend hasn't gotten paid in 10 months. Despite all our advice and encouragement, he hasn't solicited for a different job even once. He just got up everyday and went to his non-paying job. The end is near for him. Soon he'll need (financial) help. But I'm getting angry at him for not doing anything. Ain't it his own fault by now? I don't know what's more important now: the loyalty and helping my friend, or the fact that he hasn't taken responsibility himself...
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>apply for student job >get email back from employer asking for an interview in two days >I reply saying I can't make it because of a previous commitment (I was volunteering that day), so I ask if there are any other days available >get no reply, after a week I send an email following up on my application >never hear back from her again >send email to assistant and he confirms that the position's been filled Was I in the wrong? I know she probably got tons of applications but I thought if I had gotten as far as the interview stage I would've at least gotten a reply back saying that no other days were possible. I think it's a dick move but my friends think I'm a retard for not cancelling all commitments for that interview.


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Sup /adv/ I have a girlfriend that ive been with for 1 year and 7 months and she wants the dick all day everyday but i cant go to her house bc her grandparents are always home and i take care of my grandmother in her home and she would kick me out if she found us together. my question is how do i start having sex with her on a regular basis bc im tired of waiting for every other holiday bc those are the only times we have a chance to fuck. like where and when, any suggestions? pic related its her
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I just got a offer to be a rigger's helper a large shipyard. Can anyone tell what the work is like?
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I think I may be in some testy waters in my love life. Girl #1, let's call her Emma, and I first hooked up a week ago after grabbing some food. After it happened and we were parting ways, I asked if she was interested in a relationship; she didn't outright say no, but her response was not positive. Along the lines of, "We should talk about it and not rush into it." Girl #2, let's call her Amy, and I hooked up a while back one drunken night, and haven't done anything since. I've sort of amped up my efforts to go after her over the past week. Between now and then, Emma has admitted to having a crush on me. Fast forward to today: Emma and I went to some stupid school event together and her house afterwards. She blew me. I like Emma, but I have some holdups about a relationship with her. Last week I was all in for one and she was ambivalent, and now it seems to be the opposite. I'd like to have fun with Amy. Is going after both of them at the same time bad or reasonable? If it's bad, how should I explain it to Emma? If you were Emma, would you think we're in a relationship, or does that need to be verbally communicated?
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I'm 28, male, I'm a virgin, and have little dating experience so I'm on the extreme older side of the spectrum here. I guess you could say I'm a late bloomer. A very late bloomer. I've had one girlfriend in my life, and the relationship was very brief. Other than her, I've had women that I liked but I'm never the one they end up dating. Anyway, I guess what worries me the most is that women expect certain things of men my age, and one of those is that we're supposed to be more experienced Since I'm a virgin and don't really date much, I have little experience. I want to be able to please a woman and be a good boyfriend, but the only way I can is through experience, and the older I get, the less women are going to ignore the fact that I'm so inexperienced with all this. Should I just give up? I sometimes feel that I'm a lost cause. Not helping is that I'm still in school, working a crappy job and living with my mom. This isn't going to change until I'm at least 30 unless I win the lottery or something.
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Sup /adv/ Been dating this girl for a little over 4 months, we had sex about a week ago. I'm the first guy she's ever done anything with, which is really cool, but it seems like it's impossible for her to return any sort of favor, or even help me out during shark week. I've gone down on her/fingered her countless times, and she's only helped me out once... Which was after I basically refused to talk to her for a day (not something I really wanna do because I don't like playing games in relationships). Anywho, she basically said she was 'afraid' to go down on me because she was worried she'd be bad at it. I'm getting relatively sexually frustrated, as I've only ever gotten off once with her (not even during sex) but it seems like an unreasonable amount of times for her. I understand she's new, but how do I break this? She says she's totally comfortable with me, and I'd say I have pretty good hygiene, so that shouldn't be the issue. Thanks in advance.
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I was wondering, how to I go finding something I can be passionate about. I'm that cliche guy who doesn't know what he wants to do for a living. I'm not particularly passionate about anything (It's not that I dislike everything, but nothing stands out to me). Is there something I could do to FIND what I truly like? Any tips or stories about how you found what you like? At this point anything helps. Pic not related I guess
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>Your pretty freckles beautifully glows >Like fine brown sugar sprinkled on your nose, >A cute smile, >That makes being with you worth the while Any advice on how I can flesh out this poem? I'm a terrible writer and I need help, thank you.
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What are your phobias /adv/? I have omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons) and chelonaphobia (fear of turtles).
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Dear /adv/ im 26, m, usa, i work in a factory making about 15 dollars an hour. i have no close friends. I have a few acquaintances, i go out with seldomly. my job is not very hard, but i am thinking about getting fired and collecting unemployment for six months, despite the fact there's no way ill find another job the way things are. i really feel im leading a worthless life. work, eat, ps3,sleep, repeat. i want my life to have some kind of meaning. i was thinking i could just set up the unemployment to direct deposit my bank account and taking a trip cross country. how would i make money on the road? The purpose of life is a life with a purpose. So I'd rather die for a cause than live a life that is worthless - Immortal Technique I keep thinking about that lyric, my life is completely worthless, i do nothing but work for just enough to get by, i see these old guys hobbling around work saying 'im just grateful to have a job' and i get sick to my stomach, thinking someday that will be me.... that ll ill be happy to be a slave making other men filthy rich. what should i do /adv/? should i just go for it? let whatever happen happens? should i just accept that that is the way the world is? how could i support myself in a nomadic lifestyle? any advice would be appreciated.
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A monkey lady honked at me for not blocking an intersection that couldn't be entered and cleared completely. Should I complain about this on /adv/? I need your /adv/ice. Thank you.
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Should I ask this girl I used to be friends with if she was in a porn? hers the back story of our relationship >be best friends with my bro >he gets married >become friends with the wife >shit happens and i stop being friends with them >they split up later, not sure why >a year or so later add wife on fb never talk to her except once, were on good terms now heres the vid >its an amateur gangbang vid >girl getting ganged or whatever and theres other girls there playing/feeling her up >i swear to god shes one of the girls thats feeling her up Should I ask? I normally wouldn't have an issue with it but shes engaged to some other guy.


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My teacher assigned a speech to us that must persuade the audience but must fit a criteria and be 6-8 minutes long. There are only two main points and are set up like so: Intro: I. Criteria II. Application (basically applying the criteria) Conclusion: Does anyone know if this kind of speech has a certain name? Also any ideas of a topic I should do that would be somewhat easly finding a criteria on and being able to find how to apply it.
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So I have a choice to make, for about 3 years I have worked at a newspaper company, on the evening shift, working Sunday - Monday 6pm to 2:30am and Tuesday - Thursday 5pm to 1:30am. On Sundays and Mondays I get a night shift premium that basically amounts to an extra $22.50 a week. I work between the editorial and the presses, setting up editorial with the ads, before sending it off to the presses, usually doing 4-6 papers a night. I don't think my job is hard, and I get down time while waiting on pages, so I browse the internet, and listen to youtube stuff, and generally not bothered because we only have one supervisor at night. Now I have been told I have a chance to move to days, working either 8am - 4pm or 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. I spoke to my department boss today, and there is a possibility I can keep that extra 22.50 even if I go to days. Now I am still not sure if I want to, I mean there is potential with having "normal hours" but over the past 2 years I have gotten used to having my days to do stuff, and a kind of laid back evening. I know during the day there are a lot more bosses around, so no goofing off, and apparently some bosses will watch people's computers. I don't know the workload they have during the day, it could be worse, or could be the same, I see people struggle with the night stuff, which I find easy. Another concern is that I go to the gym in the mornings. Is it hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym after work? And I'd have to wake up earlier to walk my dog, but I don't think that is too much of a big deal, though I would miss sleeping in till a little later. I don't really have a life, so I don't really care that working during the day has more social ramifications. I'm not big on change at first, but I can adapt, so my gut is telling me "stay on nights," but perhaps I should give it a chance.
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I'm efficient in both Illustration and Photography, however I just can't do both as a fulltime job. Anyone have any advice on which is the more marketable of the two? Thanks!
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>tfw thinking of leaving part-time job after 4 days only because you don't have time to study (online) anymore. why can't student jobs be more entertaining, my internetinduced ADHD is driving me crazy, depression just came back, shit.. ... but i need money for new laptop tho. Wish my parents were some bourgeois scum, wouldn't have to worry about that.
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Vague question, but if I majored in mechanical engineering, would I be able to go to grad school for chemical engineering after I graduate? I am trying to debate whether or not I should immediately major in chemical engineering or if I should postpone it until after graduation with a bachelor's degree. Currently, as an undecided, I'm closer to completing a degree in mechanical engineering than I am for chemical engineering. Bachelor's in... Mechanical engineering would take 2.5 more years Chemical engineering would take 3 more years at least. I just don't want to do mechanical engineering. I'm not a very handy guy and would have a tough time building things. Chemical engineering seems a little more profitable and I would probably have less physical work to endure. I just don't like the fact that it would take 3 more years. That's my hangup here.

I need Advice

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Hello /adv/ newcomer to 4chan here, I just figured I'd come to you guys for a little relationship advice. I just need some help. We'll start from the beggining. Back in 2011, I met this amazing girl, from the moment im met her, I knew she was the one, I think she felt the same, not long after exchanging names and getting to know eachother a little better, she gave me her number. To which we started talking everyday. She told me everything about herself. From her sexually abusive dad, to her being raped in school. I told her everything about myself, from being bullied in school, to growing up with abusive men as my mothers partners, one trying to kill me, and one pawning all of my stuff to pay for his addiction. Not to mention getting my mother into a shit ton of debt (all fixed now) Fast forward a month or two. We get together, April 15th. 2011. I couldn't be happier, soon after we went on holiday together, and things were better than ever. I was falling for this girl. I loved her, in such a short time. Fast forward. new years 2012. party, drunk, sex, that sort of stuff, shortly after coming back from our new years holiday together, we found out she was pregnant. From then on, I was a complete asshole. I asked her to abort the baby, but I told her I would stick with her through whatever decision she would make. She decided to keep it. Obviously I was scared. I was only 17, I wasn't ready for a baby yet. I went of the rails a bit. I started talking to girls online, exchanging pictures, I done this multiple times, and she took me back every time. I stopped after 7 or so times. I realised what I was doing. Fast forward. We hadn't been the same since I'd done what I did. Ruby-Jade was born. on the 14 of August 2012. I had agreed to stay at hers with her parents for the first few weeks.. We did well together, we were doing well, and it was all fine.
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Is there some kind of difference between love and lust that only people who have actually experienced both can know? I'm 26 and have never even kissed a girl, and all I've ever felt is one thing: wanting girls. I have no idea how to even describe that feeling. It's like a bunch of different emotions rolled into one. All I know is that I'm lonely and just want to experience these emotions. I feel like there's a huge empty void in my life that I keep trying to fill with other things to take the loneliness away. But they're all temporary distractions and the loneliness just keeps creeping back. It's gotten to a point where the distractions aren't even enough anymore so I've decided to do something about it. I'm trying to get out there and talk to the opposite sex now, but it's SO hard after a lifetime of completely avoiding them and repressing myself. I have no idea how to express my feelings, despite how so very much I want to and how lonely I am. And the fact that I don't even understand what the difference between love and lust is is very discouraging. Will I ever be able to change or will I be lonely forever?
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so, what are some good hook-up sites?
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>meet girl on OK Cupid >she tells me straight up she has a condition which makes her right leg swell up almost twice the size of the other >decide to give it a chance, maybe it won't be that bad, plus she's really cute otherwise >It's that bad >start fooling around, receive blowjob because horny >can barely stay half erect for obvious reasons >end up nutting on her tits, realize what I've done and regret hits me >both really quiet for an hour before I leave, spaghetti as fuck So yeah I'm a really shitty person and I wish I could have given her a chance but it just wasn't happening. Plus I probably made her feel real shitty and led her on. I don't know what to do, not sure what she thinks of me but it can't be good.
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Ok /adv/ so here is the deal. It's a long story but bear with me. I just got out of my last semester of my Junior year of college. I had a girlfriend back home that I have been dating for 2.5 years. She has some bad habits and I keep falling out of love with her. My last few days of school I start talking to a girl I had a crush on for the past few months. She likes me but keeps her distance since I'm already dating someone. We hang out for about a week and I go home. I realize by this point that if I'm into other girls and I'm losing touch with my girlfriend that we should probably break up as she was transferring to my school next semester and we may share an apartment. I wait till she finishes her finals then tell her the news. She takes it harder than me obviously because I already am talking to someone else. Keep talking to girl from school. Says she misses me and wishes we could have spent more time together. Turns out that one of my friends needs to go back to school for a two week class. I ask him if I can tag along. I tell the girl and she gets excited to see me again and talks about all the things we can do for fun. I come back to my college town Sunday the 12th. We hang out her apartment that night. We watch a couple movies, talk, and cuddle on the couch. I go to sit up and she grabs me and starts making out with me. we make out for about 10 minutes and it escalates a bit. >>TURN FOR THE WORSE She gets scared and says that it's moving too fast. She stays playful and is cutting up with me but says she should take me back to my friend's place. I go to bed that night happy. I'm really into this girl and I'm excited to see how my two weeks unfold. >Continued below
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I'm looking to find a girl to femdom me, but I dont want to directly exchange money. I'm thinking of buying steam games for her. Thoughts?
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I'm not too sure this is worthy of advice but a few days ago I went to watch a movie with a girl from school. I was planning on asking her to prom which I ended up doing by the end of the movie. She told me that she was not planning on going with anyone as none of her friends were taking dates either. Now this was fine but what she said after was that I should ask her best friend to the prom. The friend she made mention of was someone I have had my eye on for a while but why would she tell me to approach her? What does it mean, is there anything behind? And what should I do?
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me and my gf have been together for a little over a year. she has given me a bj a bunch of times but ive never gone down on her. She didnt think she wanted to do it cus she hasnt ever before and she is uncomfortable and nervous. Now she might want to tomorrow or this weekend. I have never gone down on a girl before so what should i expect and what should i do to make it the best for her. Also is it gross? any tips or anything are appreciated
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Going to an outing tonight with my girlfriend and some guy we don't like may show up. The guy is typically a beta who is jealous of me getting with her. I'm half expecting him to start making things awkward for me and her. Question is, what do I do in the situation where he starts acting (passive) aggressive beta to my girlfriend or I? Defensive to show I'm protective? Ignore, or will that make me seem wimpy? We'll be in the presence of maybe 10 or so others.
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So this is my last year of high school summer is very soon and my mother decides she wants to take a month off in Egypt with her mother as a vacation, maybe this isn't too big a deal but the situation over seems kinda crazy and I want my mother safe. Every time I try talking her into staying she thinks I'm just trying to be selfish by trying to keep her here to things like laundry and cooking. I don't know what to do, I want her to do what she wants but at the same time I don't want her to get killed over there but at the same time I don't want her to think I'm selfish. And again maybe I'm completley wrong and egypt is actually perfectly safe but from what I understand the place isn't doing so well.
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Simple Question Is it possible to shave with just and only a razor like in my picture? Ill have water and shaving foam but that's it. Along with the razor of course. Thanks.
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Girl advice, I really like her but I suck at this whole dating thing so I don't wanna fuck up certain situations: If we play vidya games or games like darts, chess, etc, should I let her win? Should I be competitive? Should I gloat at all, even if in jest? When is innocuous physical contact inappropriate? A shoulder grasp, a hug, that sort of thing? How much do you value humor? How much should I tell jokes? How much should I be serious? When is the right time to make a move, and how often should you hang out beforehand? Also, what kind of "move" is appropriate? Moving in for a kiss? Just telling her how I feel? A song and dance number?
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what do you say when you're stuck with someone & both of you are silent? what are the possibilities?
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My gf has problems with cutting herself, bulimia and anorexia, to be completely honest with you, I don't know what route to take (since I've never had problems with said things), so I was wondering if anyone in here had any idea on how to apporach the subject of quitting them (where to begin, how to go on, etc, etc)

Career Troubles?

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Got some career and job problems so bare with me... >be in video game industry for over 5 years >knowledge of all disciplines in video game development (art, engineering, production, design) >have mentored and trained up other artists before >be a go to person >still feel like never good enough >guess it shows and don't get promotions or raises within my own discipline >two months ago get put in charge as art lead for established project because other art lead left abruptly >doing same job on top of taking care of all other duties the new "title" demands >am not guaranteed to get the promotion despite doing the extra work So I'm doing the extra work and I'm being told I'm doing well by my art director, but I just feel like he's not telling me the complete truth. It feels like I was given this position not only because I was the only person remaining who could do it, but because I was also the cheaper option. I basically feel that since I've accepted this responsibility, and not being a rock star artist, just one that understands pipeline flow and stuff, I'm going to be kept on at my current salary and title while doing all the extra work. So what would you have done /adv? Would you have said "naw, I don't want to take on all this extra work without the actual title" or would you have taken my option and do it to try and prove ones self even though the title is not guaranteed?
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Hey /adv/ i`m a male 21 and i love to wear panties..... idk why but i do. how should i go about purchasing them at my local meijer/wal-mart. without feeling awkward. its 12:30am right now.

Swollen nose

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hey /adv/ what do i do I woke up yesterday morning and my nose was red and swollen theirs no center area as if it were a zit. I got to get rid of this by tommorow, I'm meeting up with a girl I haven't seen in a while. I'm beggin you, what do?

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