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Threads added between 2013/05/29 16:00 and 2013/05/29 22:00

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Sup /adv/? I'm a 20 year old. I'm still living at home. I've been dating a girl for just over a month and her birthday is today. I got her just a little bracelet and a card, and my mom got her a $35 gift certificate for the same place I shopped at. The bracelet was only about $15 bucks. My mom went out and got her a card & a present after she asked me if she should get my girlfriend something and I specifically told her not to. I'm so annoyed by this. Do I have a right to be? I feel like she's being sort of...I donno, condescending to me by getting my gf something that is worth more than what I got. Almost like she's calling me immature or emasculating me. Do I have a right to be angry? What should I say?
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Hear me out /adv/, I have fucked up royally. >dated great guy for 6 years, love him but have zero physical attraction to him, also he's kind of a lazy bum >left him because I met a guy who I'm extremely physically attracted to, and also have a lot in common with >blissfully happy to be with him >he turns out to be a psycho, and not want a serious relationship with me >sad and confused, wasn't aware we were just FWB tl;dr I suck. I left a guy who loves me for one that doesn't. Is there any way I can properly apologize to my ex? Should I cut ties completely with the other guy?
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dear /adv/, should i dump my boyfriend in favor of backpacking through south america for a few months with my best internet friend who i have never met but definitely want to fuck? or should i stay with my boyfriend, move in with his family for a little while, and proceed to live a perfectly average life? that feel when you want to say fuck everything and leave, but don't know if it's actually a good idea.

Long Time no Fox!

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It's been a while folks! feel free to hit me up for advice about any topic! I'm just here to help. or entertain trolls too I guess. If you've got relationship problems, make sure to give details about age/sex/ sexual orientation, etc And feel to give as much information about the issue as well >greentext is earns you a hi-five from my eyes!! FoxFAQ >AdviceFox, why do you tripfag instead of giving advice anonymously? the best answer i have for that is this: I DO answer anonymously all the time, however the advice I give takes into account that not everything gets fixed all in one sitting, and it's nice to pick up with anons where you left off. So....ya that's it more or less it.

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