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/adv/ Advice

Threads added between 2013/08/07 22:00 and 2013/08/08 04:00

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>meet girl >go out to eat a few times >fuck her a few times >hints at wanting to be my GF >ask her about ex >"it's complicated" >suggest FWB till she is over him >hasn't hit me up for sex, rarely sends smilies, doesn't hang out as much, doesn't seem as excited to see me since that. If she's still hung up on her ex, why did she want me?
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Do you guys think my lip ring is trashy? I am trying to find a girlfriend after my last one left me for some black guy, and I have changed my appearance up. This is what I have so far. Any ideas? Maybe rate?
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I am not a native english speaker nd want to improve my english but I feel I have hit a wall witj progress and don't know what to do. normal studying doesn't seem to help too much and I feel like I have a good grasp of grammar rules. I can hold conversation well enough but think I could br much better but don't know how to improve. I talk english a lot but don't feel I'm getting better. I even try watching movies without subtitles but its either too hard or i dont feel i am improving. advice?
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Let's get straight to it, here's my problem I'm essentially addicted to porn and masturbating. I've tried to stop quite a few times and I've only gotten so far. I've tried guilting myself, using facts like it lowers my sperm count, and hell, I don't even get anything out of it half the time yet I still manage to get horny and then go for it. I'm 18 now and I probably started when I was 14. I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid if I keep giving in, I'll never be able to commit to anything serious. Please help and thanks in advanced
84 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1357706161574.jpg]
Why the fuck do women/gf's insist on telling you about other guys they've fucked?
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Dianna-Glee-premiere-party-S2-diann(...).jpg]
I don't understand how it feels to "know" your sexual orientation. How does it? How does it feel to be attracted to a sex and then how does it feel to not be? Not just sexually; romantically, emotionally, and so on. I realize this seems a silly topic. I feel "blind" because I can't identify what's what concerning it. Thanks to anyone who answers.
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Glute-Med.jpg]
To the medfags of /adv/, I've come here in a state of 'what the fuck do I do here'. Almost right on my tail bone on the top of my ass crack I've noticed a painful lump that feels like it's getting bigger, and I don't have any idea what to do, and figured I'd see if anyone here had any insight on this before I consider letting a doctor touch my ass. I assumed maybe I fell on it the wrong way about a week ago but this is not a bruise. I notice it anytime I'm sitting. Thanks for your time

How I Beat The NEET

26 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: This image is the only one that fits.jpg]
I was a high school drop out who got his Good Enough Diploma at the age of 16. I spent years of my life hooked up to the loving cyber womb of online gaming. I grew fat, unhealthy, and depressed. I had no social life and the thought of talking to women terrified me. All I cared about was grinding on that virtual treadmill to get my character to the next "level". it was the only thing that gave me a sense of mastery and fulfillment in my life. I min/maxed all of my characters, I did korean-tier grinding to get the most miniscule of stat gains. Then it all came crashing down. my accounts were hacked. everything i thought i'd "worked for" was gone. My PC shit itself the next week. I was devastated. I walked around the house in withdrawals, concocting MMO fantasy quests in my head. I dreamed of doing dailies and grinding and gear, just so i could see those stat numbers go up by just a point or two. I thought i was becoming delusional. Maybe i was, maybe i am. then, as i sat at my parents kitchen table. a 21 year old with no job, no friends, and no "endgame", i prayed. or maybe i was just talking to myself. either or. i said "my life would be so much better if i could just have better stats". My mind raced back to the thoughts of IRL quests i devised in my head. Then i thought about all the shitty classes in all the shitty MMO's that i just grinded (ground?) on to min/max. so lets say i do have stats. so the fuck what if they might be low or have really retarded distribution. I took a long honest look at myself and set about creating some base stats for a new character. Me. Level 1 Me STR: 3 INT: 4 DEX: 3 END: 2 CHR: 1 This was the stat spread i gave myself, i knew i was playing an underdog class. These stats are pretty shitty, how can i make my stats better? Well, all the stupid shit i did in MMO's were mostly "Find X amount of Y" or "Swing Sword 10 times". Seemed like a fair enough mechanic to me. Cont.
24 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.44.01 PM.png]
Any advice to a girl about her virginity? Been offered sex a few times, but never felt like it was the right guy, and have always been glad I refused. Finally found a guy I really like and I don't know if I should keep it or lose it. Advice? Technique?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1361658159672.jpg]
Hey /adv/ I like BDSM and was wondering how would I get a girl to like it as well? femanons, how would you react to bondage? Share stories too
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: overbearing_GRAY_THUMB.png]
Been feeling very introspective recently, /adv/, and in particular this introspection has been getting into my past relationships (yes, another relationship thread - bear with me). So I just need some advice for the future. Currently single, early twenties, above average with maybe some neglectful parenting. A lot of my past relationships have fallen apart mostly due to me getting bored, but something I realized (which has irked me hard in retrospect) is that in each one, I was called (or it was implied that I was - example to be provided later) overbearing. Now, I don't think I am. In fact, I think it may be a mix of both misunderstanding what an overbearing person is and a misinterpretation of how much I care for my SO. I've dated free spirits, or independent women who (in their pasts) lacked a caring male figure at times. That runs the risk of sounding fatherly, and in some cases, being a turn-off, but it never seemed that way - only me being "overbearing". Or my favorite one, the implication - "You have to let me spread my wings sometimes, you know," in response to me suggesting against her decision to hang out with a friend of hers that is typically as much of a nuisance to her as she is a bad influence. There were always extreme examples, such as one of my SO's driving home drunk one night after time out with the girls. Now, I've driven drunk home too, so I can't throw stones, but we can understand the worry and concern for either party. Minute ones too - little things, like one taking extra shifts at work when really sick, or staying up late (again) with the girlfriends and coming home only more ill than before. Not that I get frustrated or anything, just suggestive - "You should stay in and rest today," "It might be a good idea to call off work," "Would you like me to come over and take care of you?" >continuing in next post
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1375666873021.jpg]
So I started at a hospital 2 months ago and it's tough meeting girls since you're running around all the time. So there is a really good looking girl I see maybe once a week riding the shuttle to work. She never talks and kinda keeps to herself. She's got no ring on so that's good. How do I start a conversation on a shuttle filled with other people with this girl? Also I've noticed she has a ankle tattoo of dog paws and a Star Trek bobblehead in the back window of her car.

You probably get this thread 5000 times a day but whatever

54 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1373662684574.gif]
So what's the most painless way to suicide besides shooting a gun in your face?
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 5 o'clock shadow.jpg]
Hey /adv/ - I began going out with a guy in April after meeting him last September or October and being close with him since January or February. After I broke up with him toward the end of May (yes I know it was only a month) he basically stopped talking to me. It's been a couple months now and I'm wondering if we'll ever be friends again. I hung out with him and some friends a couple times this summer and he was nice but didn't really converse with me, but then we were at the same party and he didn't say anything to me or look at me the whole night. I'm not sure what to think right now. Any advice?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1343085698947.jpg]
My brother shipped out for military duty recently. It's depressed much of my family, mostly my mother and myself who haven't been more than a day away from him since he was born. She's had plenty of time to cry and it's slowly moving out of her system, but I can't say I'm the same. I feel awful but can't cry. I don't mean that like in a social sense, I mean that like I am physically incapable of crying and it is beginning to worry me. I've felt on the verge of tears for quite some time but even when I feel like I should be crying I can't do it. I know I should be, but I can't, it's like the worst case of emotional constipation and it's killing me. Is this something I should be talking to a professional over or what?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I want to take my boyfriend to the beach for a weekend. Problem is, I can spare no more than $300. Between gas, food, and hotel, I'd be stretching it pretty thin. He probably will not be able to contribute, as he owes a lot of money. I'd like to do it at the end of August or the beginning of September. Any advice for vacationing on a low budget? I've never NOT had a summer beach trip, and it's driving me stir-crazy to think I might not this year.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: timthumb.jpg]
>be friends with girl all through high school >never really hang out outside school, but really tight in class >had crush on her >awkwardly ask her out, turns me down but still wanted to be friends >whatever, continue being friends until graduation >both go off to college >both back in hometown for summer break My question is would it be a bad idea to text her to see if she wants to hang out and catch up? We haven't talked in two years and I've always been socially retarded, especially when it comes to girls. I genuinely just want to rekindle our friendship and that's all. How would I go about doing this without seeming creepy considering the length of time since we last spoke?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Unknown.jpg]
I met a boy on a grey hound on Monday. I sat next to him to see him playing Oracle of Time on a game boy colour, I pulled out Oracle of Seasons from my purse and we talked all the way from Ottawa to Toronto. We got kinda flirty, and everything was positively wonderful. I thought we clicked very well, and for the first time in a very long time I felt like we should be together again and possibly for a while after. He asked me for my number, and he gave me his. He walked me off the bus and helped me with my luggage giving me a big hug goodbye, asking me to text him sometime soon. I texted him, but I havnt heard back from him in a day. I'm sorta anxious, and afraid I read the signs all wrong. He's a dancer and hes around beautiful girls all the time, I feel like I do not compare. It just sucks because i want to talk to him but i dont want to be that creepy greyhound girl. what should i do? How long should i wait before giving up?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Heroin2.jpg]
Guys, serious question. I'm really worried about my friend right now. He showed up at my garage not to long ago with a a guy who is a known drug user. The drug users voice was very shaky and he was kind of hyped up. My friend almost fell asleep while leaning against a truck within 5 minutes of being in my garage. We left because i didnt want the drug user to eye up my scrap pile. we arrived at my house and sat on the porch for a little bit. Withing 5 minutes of sitting down my friend ran off the porch and started puking. Do you think he took drugs? Im serious about this and i dont know much about drug use. Please help.
38 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: www-spiderbytes-ca.jpg]
Hello /adv/. During sex my boyfriend goes limp often. I'm not sure if I'm just terrible, or if there's something wrong with him. I am 99% sure that it's not me, judging by his reactions when I'm doing things to him. He stays hard longer when I give him hand/blow jobs, but even then he gets soft sometimes. He's even gotten frustrated and gave up. I didn't want to bring it up with him in order to avoid embarrassing him or stressing him out. Is there anything I can do? Sex isn't exactly pleasurable when I'm concentrating on keeping him hard the whole time. Does anyone else have this problem, or have any advice?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1374685813281.jpg]
Some days I seem to mix up my words and be a generally bad talker that can't articulate words quick enough. HOW DO I FIX THIS. I hate it and it makes me look like a tard.
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1371015572259.jpg]
Been posting here lately about a guy Ive been hanging out for the last few days, we went through ups and downs but we clicked and have spent good times together. Tomorrow is his last day in town and I would like to meet him one more time to say goodbye. I managed to say this to him on our last email exchange but his reply was... vague. He mentioned how tomorrow was his last day, I replied sayin it would be nice to say our goodbyes, he replies sayin "yes it would be nice" I was expecting for him to say somethin like "yeah we should meet around X time" What should I say to him?
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Ok so my ex and I had sex on July 17, my period was due July 16 (it's known to be a little irregular). We used a condom and he didn't climax. A couple of weeks passed and I still didn't get my period so I got a Family Dollar pregnancy test and I took it in the afternoon around August 1st. It had a negative blue line. I don't really have any symptoms, but my breast started to feel a little tender. I still don't have my period. COULD I BE PREGNANT??
14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: funny-douchebag-pictures.jpg]
Have any of you left a DECENT, and I emphasize decent because it is literally that, not fantastic or great, just decent, relationship to go back to regular poon with a variety of broads? Like I love my girlfriend but I find myself getting a tad bored. I just wonder if I'm justified here. And no, I will absolutely not cheat on her. I just want to know if leaving her to be able to hook-up with randoms is considered douchebaggery.
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1373842548232.jpg]
i can really use some outside prospectives on my current situation. yesterday i was at a local concert and i meet this girl. we had danced together and she shared her cigarettes with me. we had alot in common. the one thing is she is 21 and im 17. she had thought i was much older and we are going to hang out soon. i already connect more with this girl, then the other bitches from my school. i really want to get with this girl but i'm scared our age difference might fuck with that. i mean i've heard of girls dating older guys but not so much the other way around. i am defiantly going to try getting with her. i just wanna hear what /adv/ thinks

Greetings! Please help me understand.

10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1145441136.gif]
My Mother is dating a psychologically manipulative cop. He constantly berates everyone and everything. He even belittles me as a human being by saying I'm to dirty to sit on the living room couch. My mom is an alcoholic, she basically hands me over to this guy like, "he's your kid now..." Mind you I am currently 16. He has no boundaries, just loves to search my room when I'm not home. When confronted he says "I pay the bills, it's not your room." Trust me, I have already tried countless times to run away to a friends house, so he copied all of my phone contacts into his phone to make sure that wouldn't happen again... I have no way out, and I don't have any friends anymore because of this guy. What do, to make it through these next two years? I'm losing hope like a mother fucker
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 20130718_134306.jpg]
Alright /adv/, I need your wisdom. Although Ive sorta already made up my mind, I need a 'outsidethefamily' opinion. Heres the story: >Meet girl online >We hit it off >She lives 4 hours away >Visit for New Years, lose vcard >Come Feb, were dating >She moved into my house in May >June, she goes back to her moms to house sit >Her sister leaves as well, so she house sits for her as well >While there, she takes in a dog she cant afford >Then her cat dies, in debt from that >She loses her license from something that happened months ago and she thought she was free from >She wants to go to Japan, courtesy of a guy that she knows that lives there >So basically, no license, in debt because of cat and the dog, and she decides to get a tattoo and her hair done On top of this >I think the only reason she moved is because her mom mentally abuses her >Her sister takes her for granted >Only time she ever talks about coming back is when her mom is bitching at her >Everytime I tell her about getting a job to help with payments, she finds a reason to get away from it (mom needs a house sitter, trip to Japan) So basically, Im thinking of breaking it off with her. She doesnt know how to manage her money with this spending shes done and it seems she doesnt have her priorities stright. Two weeks I asked her what her plans were when she came back, and she said "well, I need a job for a passport", not "need a job to help you with payments, like I agreed to do when I first moved there". Ive already spent over 1000 on her, not including cost of the trips back and forth to see her/take her back. So do you think I should end it? tl;dr Im gonna break it off with this chick because shes just using me to get away from her mom and she has no interest in helping me financially. Pic not related, just a puppy
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1321051087050.jpg]
hey /adv/ i need some advice here. > two months back i posted my kik on leddit (because i dont trust 4chan on these kinds of things) >got a few responses >with one girl i really hit it off (sort off i guess) >we talked about where we live what like ect... >in about a week an a half i ended up googling questions and joke >im such a beta at this kinds of things >after a month an half she told me that she really liked (not sure wtf i did ) >i alpha up >i told her i liked her too >we've been going out almost a month(ldr) > last week we she has been telling me that she want to skype with me (i beta down fck) >yesterday i told her that i would try to get my skype account (havent used it but i knew my login stuff) >today txted me that if i wanted to skype with her >i alpha up again and told her yes >so we exchanged info >she called me (im too shy i have social anxiety) >it was so awkward >my brain stop working and i didnt have any topics to talk about tl;dr posted my kik on reddit, few responses, i hit it off with one of them, she became my gf after a month talking to her, im in ldr, she wanted to skype, we did it became awkward. so /adv/ what are topics to talk about wirh a girl ?
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1328295750316.jpg]
>be 5 >babysitter start molesting me >she shows me different sex positions with my action figures >too young to realize this is wrong, she tells me its a game >my sister catches her grabbing my dick one day >tells my mom >never see her again >never talked about it again. EVER. Is there any chance this had some long term effects on me mentally? Im very introverted, having a hard time making friends(especially girls) and I dont really trust people if they are nice to me, I get this weird notion that they are just trying to get my guard down. Plus sometimes I get really depressed out of the blue. Looking for input from amateur psychologist/ other people who were molested.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1317052865138.jpg]
>20 yo kissless virgin >talking with friends, conversation turns to girls or sex, not sure what to say, say nothing or >girl walks up to group of friends, not sure what to say, say nothing >not sure how to introduce self >stand silently, awkwardly or also >talking to any girl, even girl I see everyday at work >not sure what to say, always mumble/stutter/say something strange >they ask what i said and I say nevermind what do /adv/ wat do
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 12.27-doctor.jpg]
I just started taking my prescribed medication, and when I take it I notice these pangs in the area near my ribs. It's not painful so much as a bit irritating. It's confusing because usually I hear of heart palpitations, but these aren't coming from my heart, but my rib area. Anyone have any advice? I know to talk to my doctor, but right now, what might this mean?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 2500.jpg]
Hey adv! I need $2500 and the sooner the better. Does anyone have any tips that don't involve selling sexual favors?

Please help.

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: depressed-woman.jpg]
I'm here to ask for advice -- I assume by logic would be the best place to post. I'm 21 years old and my father recently passed away a few months back due to cancer. I was notified to go to the hospis home he was at due to the fact he passed away. It was roughly a 4 hour drive, a very long emotional one if I must say so myself. Once I arrived there I was taken to his room, the nurse pointed at the door, looked downwards and walked away. I opened the door to see he was on his bed and not moving. I felt like a child, seeing this was my only parent that could teach me life lessons and wanted to teach me right from wrong. I sat on a chair crying, still having the mindset of what most would describe of being childish. I held his hand with the mindset that he passed away, his hand was cold and I broke out in more tears. I kept asking him to wake up so I can help him get out of this house and he didn't move. Once again, I already knew he passed away I simply did not want to let him go nor do I want to still. Every single day the image of him and me laying beside him stays in my head wishing I could of done something, anything. I feel like there's so much more I could of said to him or time spent with him. I don't know what to do and I don't want to see a shrink about this. I'm lost, confused, and quite literally alone without him. This is not counting his funeral. I lost my grandmother on my mothers side and my grandfather as well on my dads side within a 1.5-2 month time period not including my fathers death. Perhaps there can be any advice from similar experiences?
36 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Penguins.jpg]
My girlfriend and I have been dating a year and a half, and it's the best relationship I've ever had. We almost never fight, she supports everything I do and is honestly amazing. I'm in love with her so badly it hurts. The problem is, she's going to college. I'm going to college. She lives in DC and I live in Ohio. We made it through ~8 months of long distance no problem. But, she wants to continue living DC. Graduate college, go to grad school, get a job there. I don't. I don't know where I plan on going, but DC is low on my list. I don't doubt we can keep the long distance going, but I don't know if it has anywhere to go. We may never be able to live by each other again and I feel like the longer we stay together the harder it's going to be. I'm really really stuck. I have no idea what to do. I brought it up to her and she ants to keep it going. But I don't know. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_lw864bmZy11r7e4slo1_500.jpg]
Hey /adv/, I could really use some unbiased input on this situation I've gotten myself into. This girl I went to high school with, who became one of my best friends, moved a few hours away with her boyfriend to live with his parents after she lost her house here. We graduated 2 years ago (we are both 20, and both girls if that changes anything) and back in high school we both had feelings for each other and only really admitted that much later, after she began dating her boyfriend. We just went on with our lives like it didn't happen. Quite a bit of time passed and then I began dating another girl to get my mind off of my friend, who I had/have been hung up on for years and who now lives in a different state. When I told my friend I was dating this new girl she confessed that she loved me, thought we were soulmates, that if things didn't work out with her boyfriend and she couldn't be with me then she'd be alone forever, and that if I wanted to be with her she would leave her boyfriend and come back home. I'm an idiot for even getting myself into this, but I told her that when I move out of my parents house in a few months that she could come live with me and we could work things out. Her boyfriend got extremely upset and started threatening suicide if she left, and even now that she's talked him out of that she feels that she "can't hurt either of us" even though she "loves me more" and would be happier with me...I've tried many times to talk her through this, that a breakup is going to be painful no matter what and that if she really felt that way she would deal with the consequences. I've since broken up with my girlfriend because I found it unfair to put her through this, regardless of what happens between my friend and I. We're friends now. I really do honestly love this girl and if there is any chance that this could happen I don't want to sabotage it--but is this just a toxic situation that I need to get out of? Please help.

Creating wealth in America today

15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: money.png]
If I make about $5000 a day, is that considered decent nowadays or am I falling behind the Joneses? I'm worried I won't have wealth when I'm 30. What do you think, guys?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1375514483084.jpg]
Hey guys, I've got a quick question. I've been given an essay in which I've to write about something within 'contemporary European society'. Now, does this mean contemporary in the most literal of senses as in society within the past few years, or over the last century? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I thought I'd check with you guys first. Have a great night bros.
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1374102067266.jpg]
I'm trying to get a ln A+ certification for computer repair. Anyone know some good online courses for it?
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Maxpayne.jpg]
Anyone know anything about parole and parole violations? I know someone... >Locked up for heroin. >8 arrests. >Currently in Prison for the 3rd time. >This time he got locked up for Parole Violation,Heroin,Petty thefts, Writing to inmates (illegal when on parole), having knives and paraphernalia >He used to write letters, call begging for money. >All of the sudden letters stop. >Left wondering. How long dis nigga gon be locked up?
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: images.jpg]
So /adv/, I think i have mild/moderate depression and want to try an herbal remedy as they are relatively low-risk. So, ive narrowed down my options to three Saint Johns wort Vitamin-B complex 5-HTP I realize these work best in tandem, but i just want to take one thing. If you had to recommend one, which would it be? Specifically, how have your experiences with saint johns wort been? I hear mostly good things about it but some people insist it does nothing. Thanks for your help.

Whelp... Don't know what to feel anymore

36 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: KILL.gif]
I am not bitter or angry... just discouraged. I had been dating a girl. Went out on two dates. She told me we aren't compatible. I guess I somehow deserve it. What is happening? Why does this happen to me? It has happened to me with every girl I have ever dated. I have dated 3 women in my life. I am 23 now and I am left with nothing. NO relationships... no experience in relationships. No experience. I am not bitter... just so fucking discouraged. I want this to stop happening. So badly. What sucks even more is that I just told one of my friends(who is a girl) that she would be able to meet the girl I am dating and we could go out on a double date. She would bring her boyfriend and I would have brought the girl I am dating. Now.. I have to call her back and tell her it won't be a double date anymore. FUCK! Why /adv/? Why does this happen to me? I guess I should probably say that I spent 40 dollars on the girl. For the first date I payed for the dinner and the second I payed for the little carnival thing we went to. Damn...
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1304839238158.jpg]
What can I do to stop my neighbors from autistically cranking their bass up every day (at pretty much any given hour) even after ive politely asked them to stop twice already?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1237435848143.jpg]
So I have this friend (Bob), who seems to have gotten himself into quite a pickle. Another friend of ours and myself are pretty sure that Bob's new lady friend is trying to scam all of us. Mainly because she is offering 60k jobs to 5 of us and a 200k job to me for Blizzard in a city that they don't have a studio. Bob's chick is also apparently a millionaire, was a medic in 9/11, among other considerably dillusional things. My question is: How do I keep everyone from signing this bullshit application she's going to have us all fill out and not lose 4 of my closest friends? From their point of view they have no idea whats going on and any sort of, "your gf is a lying bitch" will end in said lose of friends. The best input I've gotten so far is to just let it happen to them so they learn from it, but that isn't quite how I'd like to work this. Any input is greatly appreciated.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: adsensers.png]
I made this thread earlier, but now that I'm back I can see It's dead. I'm not gonna rephrase it so just look at pic related.
28 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: this rabbit can't be caged.png]
Sup guys, I'm about 6weeks pregnant with a history of miscarriages (4 and by pregnancies I don't mean scares I mean positive tests.) and shitting myself I'll lose this one too. The problem is, most of those miscarriages I never informed my doctor about as I was very young and embarrassed and ashamed. Two were from rape. My problem is I'm not sure how to bring up this history with my midwife and am worried they won't take me seriously. What do? >pic unrelated..I hope..
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What is the single goal or thing you've done that you are most proud of having accomplished? Right now, I'm finally getting into the habit of consistently planning my activities and goals such that I make fantastic use of my time, I feel much more organized in my daily life, and I'm actually making progress in learning about the subjects I'm interested in, like learning to draw, how to talk to people effectively, and getting in excellent shape.
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Does anyone know how to remove non ascii tex from a documentt? There's programming ways but i don't know how to use them.
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Hey /adv/, what are some good OTC treatments for social anxiety? I really want to be less of a recluse but every time I go out I get so wracked with nerves and unrelenting self-consciousness that being at home alone forever just feels like such a better alternative. >inb4 alcohol Pic related: tried it, didn't work
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Note to all foreveralones: If you are wondering when the right moment is to kiss a girl you're on a date with, the answer is NOW. If she has agreed to go on a date with you, you are already 90% of the way there. Unless you're a complete aspie, it's pretty hard to fuck it up from here on in. Just believe in yourself, believe any move you make will succeed, do it with confidence, and make it happen, don't wait for it to happen. Example: standing at an intersection, waiting to cross the street. She says 'Wow it's cold'. You say 'Maybe this will warm you up?', reach over, gently turn her face to yours, and kiss her. Simple. Works every time. Grow a pair and make a move, instead of whining about it. You're a man (or a lesbian), act like it.
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hi guys I'm a rather creative guy with an entrepreneurial view. Thing is, when I start something I go for it 100%, really putting work into it. In december I had the idea to start a party photography duo with a friend of mine. I made us a website, got stickers, and got a lot of gigs. 5 months later, we don't talk anymore. He didn't do anything and it pisses me off. New idea now with one of my best friends. Start a youtube video with him as the main character, going backstage at festivals, meeting all those artists and doing funny things with them. I make all marketing and social media accounts, buy 200eur of filming stuff, arrange interviews and backstage passes. Last weekend we had our first festival, and he didn't want to do anything we agreed. Not talking to anyone, nothing funny. Today we had our second festival, he picked me up at home, at 11pm, festival ended at 00.30am f*ck this, I'm just someone who wants to have fun, being creative and it's so hard finding someone with the same views. I don't even know what I want to ask you guys, I just thought it's just better to write it here, cause I think else I'll call him tomorrow in rage mode.
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would you take a job in a field that you previously had an interest in but that interest has since cooled? i've been unemployed for 2 months now and recently a friend put me in touch with her brother who works as a financial journalist. his company needed sub editors/copywriters and he recommended me for the job. i went to an interview and the interviewer said that they were looking for a person with either an editorial background or a finance background but they'd still consider me seriously. (they haven't contacted me yet but said they would either this week or early next) now my previous job was at an airport and i loved working there. so much so that i really want to find a job in aviation. i want to be working with planes as a career. i would be able to walk back into my old job except that its not a career and that's whats holding me back. if i took the subeditor job it'd be quite a departure from what i really want to be doing. BUT i previous had considered doing journalism at university and i also have a journalist friend who moved from subediting to journalist i've applied to about 15 jobs in aviation but so far none have replied. tl;dr should i consider a different career path or should i hold out for what i really want to be doing?
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I keep finding women's clothing at my boyfriend's house that isn't mine. He hasn't failed to explain anything away yet, though. Items and explanations: Panties (x4) >ex-girlfriend left it >ex-girlfriend left it >ex-girlfriend left it >mother's laundry got mixed in with his Shirt (x1) Haven't gotten an explanation for this yet, I just found it in my car with some of my clothes that I grabbed from his house. None of his explanations are really unbelievable, considering he had a lot of girlfriends prior to me, one of which lived with him. He has given me abandoned dresses. Plus, his mother does visit sometimes and probably does do laundry. It just bugs me that I keep finding this stuff, considering how many times he's thoroughly cleaned his room since we've been dating. Also, these articles of clothing have been found months apart. But, we aren't apart often, so if he is/was screwing around behind my back, he's doing it very skillfully. Should I be suspicious, or should I shut up and enjoy my new shirt?
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I need advice in my situation because I'm unsure if I should worry or not.. My girlfriend was in the bathroom one day. She left her phone beside me and I felt a urge to go through her texts. Apparently some guy that I don't know, nor has she ever told me about, has been messaging her off and on. He's always asking if she's single yet, but she always denies him and says she has no plans of leaving ME. However, the last thing she wrote back to him is that she still wants to keep in contact or talk to him. Should worry about this?
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Hey /adv/, how do I show that I'm not that desperate on a date? How do I start a conversation? Would it be weird to give gift on first date? Is it bad to go to Danny's on a date?
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Alright, story time. >meet a girl through some friends >don't get to talk to her much, but enough that I'm comfortable adding her on Facebook >not expecting much, figure I can come up with an excuse to talk to her more based on something she posts, etc >she starts sending me a lot of messages, liking all of my facebook posts, and so on literally within the first day >we keep talking, learning a bit about each other >couple days later, go on vacation, out of town for a week >still having moderate to long conversations every day >near the end of the trip, stuff slows down >figure its because she's wondering if I'm really interested >so first thing when I get back, ask her to see a movie >she says yes, we go to a movie, hang out and talk for a bit afterwards, go our separate ways >before I'm even home get a message saying "I had a really great time, we should do this again" >conversations are back to being good again, everything seems golden >give it a couple days (literally less than 2 full days) to not seem too eager >things get suddenly quiet again >ask her again if she wants to go do something when shes not busy >"I don't know when I'm free, I'll let you know." >give it a few days, conversation disappears, still nothing >ask her if she has figured out when shes free, says she still hasnt >assuming my chances are mostly gone, give it another day, still nothing >ask her again if shes free, says shes busy all week >fed up with the dodging, tell her politely that if she isn't interested, she can say that and I won't be upset or anything >she responds with "okay". Silence since So obviously I've got no shot anymore, but why couldn't she just say that? Is "No" that hard? And what went wrong here? Did I do something? There was really no conversation that was even slightly offensive, just standard chit-chat. Did I wait too long between dates? Did she just meet someone else? And don't bother with "don't be beta" or anything like that, since I did ask the girl out.
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Guys, I need help. So I just started talking to these girls, and now they both like me. Internet relationships are not my thing, but I'm a nice guy. How do I tell them that I can't love them? Both are average teenage girls.
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>be dating cute asian girl >want to marry her >afraid to introduce her to parents because they're racist shitheads I lost a friend when I was 12 because they called him a nigger to his face. What do I do
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I need ideas on what I can do for a whole year in Gainesville while my Visa papers get sorted out. I can't study in a University during that period. So far I have: learning a new language or two (know English and spanish), practicing piano and guitar, reading a shitload, sports, gym. Just need stuff to fill my schedule and not feel like I'm leeching off my parents doing nothing. Also considering selling shrooms (easy to grow) or getting a job that pays under the counter. Would appreciate input from people with experience.


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I need some heavy advice. Pro's and cons would be appreciated too. Im in a fuckin pit right now. Theres a guy I used to sell coke eith back in the day and we consider eachother family. His brother works at some place and just told us about this hookup he has access to. He told us if we put in $30, we'll get back $60. If we put in $100 we get back $1000, and if we put in $500, we get back $5000. Whatever itis, it has to do with an A.T.M Machine. What would you guys do if you were in my position? I need advice, not mindless insults.

College Withdrawal

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So the story goes like this, Yesterday My college University of California: Irvine decides to tell me a week before registering for classes, that my admission had been revoked. Due to some grades changes of receiving a D+ in an elective class, and there is this process that might get me back in, but it takes time and it isn't a a for sure thing. My two options now are to fully back out of UCI and quickly register at a nearby community college and reapply to UCI next year, or to follow up this Appeal process which might or might not get me back in, Any Advice?

Need a sound system

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Good evening /adv/, I come here today with a Sound System related question for you. You see, I have a problem. I require a sound system. Now my sound system requires a lot of bass, needs to be able to connect to my laptop for films and music, and needs to be able to dock my iPhone 4 for music and charging. It needs to be within a reasonable limit of price- less than £200. Ideally I would like either 2.1 or 5.1, with a powerful sub-woofer, as I am the fool that listens to Dubstep. Can you help me out /adv/? I don't have much knowledge when it comes to this branch of technology.
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hey guys, i got a fucking red light ticket in montebello. i read some shit about red light camera tickets being invalid in la county. do i pay it? wat do?

How to make friends

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Okay gonna try and keep it short as possible. I've always been shit socially, and that hasn't bothered me much since ninth grade. I've got the best girl in the world, a fair amount of natural talent, and I can manage my own thoughts like a champion. However, being twenty with essentially no job history is starting to become a bit embarrassing. After about four years of constant applications with two total interviews, as well as just observing the world around me, I'm seeing that I might need a foot in the door. (I have an Associate's degree and I was turned down for a job that was literally cleaning toilets. It's getting silly.) continued
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Anyone here familiar with the steam program? A friend is trying to join our group's chat room but steam is complaining that his account does not have full access (you need to purchase something on steam to get full access). Is there a way to get full access without paying for something? Steam forums were of absolutely no help.
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So /adv/ part of my impotency stems from the fact that I am literally too small to adequately perform intercourse. What is the best way I should proceed short of killing myself?
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What are some signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore?
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Okay, first time at /adv/, because I know better than to ask /b/ for this kind of thing. >8/10 girl at work. >Want to ask her out. >Think long and hard about what to say. >Everything sounds either corny as fuck, or is simply not me. (Read: Girl is also my boss. So, I positively CAN NOT afford to screw this up.) Any suggestions?
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Every day in the morning >im good looking and I will get lift >im intelligent and i will study >i will get a qt gf Every day at night >im ugly and i wont get life because my pectus carinatum problem >im not really so intelligent and i feel so bad i dont want to study >the girl i love is been fucked >i just want to kill myself am I the only one?
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I feel like I've forgotten what it's like to connect with people & build relationships. There's people in my life, but it's different than when I was younger. How does this work again?
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Two years ago I was fucking obsessed with the moles in my skin. I was counting them all day and I hated them. I although was afraid of skin cancer. How is it possible that two years ago I was so obsessed and sad about them (I thought they were very ugly) and now I don't give a shit
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How do I build skills that will make me successful in college? I really want to do well but I keep on fucking up. I'd say my biggest problem is time management and my crippling video game/porn addiction.
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So, /adv/, I feel like I have some kind of combination between OCD and depression and maybe anxiety. Of course, I'm not on meds or anything. I'm not even diagnosed yet, I think it is because I'm afraid the doctor won't take me seriously and say I have nothing. I went to the doctor about 2,5 years ago and he told me I have nothing "as bad as depression" since depression is pretty serious stuff. He told me I was just bored and should hit the gym more. I'm not fat or anything btw, but I didn't have a job at the time and he figured I was just bored of sitting in the house. Now, we're 2,5 years later and I still feel depressed in the same way as back then. People like to say it's all in your head, but when I really feel down, my heart begins to beat faster in some kind of anxious way. It's also combined with some form of OCD. I tend to wash my hands more (though not as bad as some of the OCD cases) and I even have to clean my entire room if I want to use my pc. This goes as far as freaking out if anyone tries to enter my room. I can't control it. I can't even explain to them why they can't enter my room. It's like I'm slowly becoming crazy. The strange part is that some days I just feel fine and I function normally. Then, a few days later I become all OCD/depressed/anxious again, thinking the worst things possible and losing the will to life. This usually last quite a while until it goes away for a few days again... The problem is, I have no idea how to tell any doctor about this. Because of that one doctor who rejected me 2,5 yrs ago, I just don't have the courage to go anymore. My family also looks down at people with psychological problems, so I'm very hesitant to go (again)...
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Help I don't know if I should gain weight or lose weight or what. I am 5'1 and 86 pounds and I am shaped really weird. My legs and stomach are fat but my legs are the worst problem they are fat but they look too small for my body and they are shaped really ugly and they are indented a little at my hip it is really weird. I want to lose weight because maybe I will look more normal but I am afraid that might be unhealthy. should I just cut off the lower half of my body??
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How do I get a long term relationship? I'm not very good looking, but I'm in decent shape, I work out, I have a job, I have good hygiene. I hook up with girls from time to time, but girls NEVER want a long term relationship with me. One girl once told me that I'm not the type of guy you "Show to your friends" and I asked what the fuck that's supposed to mean and she said "You're no the typical 'pretty boy' every girl wants to see herself with" apparently girls take a lot into consideration when dating dudes - how it's going to relfect on them, how they'll look to people and shit like that. I'm not good looking, I'm kinda goofy and I'm going to say it - a few people have called me really ugly in the past. The constant rejections from girls aren't helping. I hooked up with a girl and a few people asked her about it and she denied it with such vigor that it seemed like she would rather be dead than be the girl that "Slept with Anon" and when I texted her to go out she responded with "In public?" (Not in those exact same words, but that was the gist of it) two girls have already done this to me. I feel like shit. What do I do?
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What do I say now?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Thatguy.jpg]
Hey /adv/, right now I am working at a machine shop, I sweep the floors, and do other maintenance jobs. On occasion I get to use mills, drill presses and bandsaws to do small jobs. My boss wants me to go to college and work more with the machinery, but everyone else has me clean the shop and get coolant for the machines, only giving me the jobs no one else wants. I am tired of feeling like I am not going anywhere in life and getting asked to do all the shit jobs. I have been doing this for a year and still make $10/hr, the same I have been getting paid since I started. I just got a job offer to inspect pipes containing gases like Aron, helium, and other deadly gases. I would make the same amount of money and I wouldn't have to go to college, but I am not sure it would be a job I can turn into a career. At my current job however I could end up being a CNC machinist and even eventually a CNC programmer if I go to college, but I doubt that anyone in my work would let me work with the machines, as it is easier to hire another person who already knows how. Should I take the job, even if it doesn't lead to a career, or should I stay where I am at and learn what I can while going to college?
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Theres this girl that messaged me out of the blue. We talked a little bit. And the convo started to slow. And she replied to my last text a day after I sent it. I meant to reply but busy with work, and I was recovering from an injury all last week, still recovering. Now three days have gone by, and I still havent replied. Should I even bother replying at all? I remember she said something about not being a phone person before. But every time she texts me I am busy. Now I cant think of anything to talk about, because I lost my train of thought. Feel weird letting the convo end like that
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: i-might-be-retarded.jpg]
Hey /adv/. I have a short background story, and a question following it. I lived in a pretty crappy schooling area growing up. I was always getting my ass kicked, and I always tried to make excuses to stay home. Because of this, I got so terribly behind in schoolwork that my parents decided to pull me out of school. The trouble is, they never actually began home-schooling me. I've just turned 20, and I have an education below that of a general grade school education. I want to obtain my GED and start college. My question is, what are some good, free resources that I can use to catch myself up? And could it be done fairly quickly?
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My wife wants to celebrate "half Valentine's day" next week. Can I just say no?
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1374565037247.jpg]
People tell me that my virginity is sacred and to cherish it but others tell me that it is so great and ask why I'm still a virgin. I've had plenty of opportunities to have sex but it just didn't feel right in my gut.. Did I make the right choice?
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ahue.png]
i wasn't prepared for this. HELP

Befriending people while they work

2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: dont-be-a-male-cheerleader-they-said.jpg]
So I made a quick stop at Michael's today to pick up some silicone glue sticks for my halloween costume project, but I had trouble finding it so I approached the first staff person I found and what do you know, she was really hot. I asked her and she radioed it in since she wasn't sure, and I was told to go to isle 106. When I went there I found another staff person waiting for me, and guess what, she was a pretty young girl too. She pointed out the glue sticks for me and asked me if I needed anything else, and I said no, so she left. I grabbed my sticks and a small stretched canvas on my way out (fucking Michaels, always walk out with more than I intended to buy) and all the cashiers were cute/hot girls. I go to this place every other month or so for different projects and I had seen some of the girls before, but never all of them at once. It was nice. So, since I still have more stuff to pick up for this project, I was thinking of approaching one of them and see if I could befriend all of them, figuring they all must at least know each other. Any experience with this? In the off chance one of you work at Michael's, would you get in trouble if I tried to chat you up for more than a couple minutes? I'm not a complete imbecile around women (just a tad) so I don't want to be that annoying guy that they'd run away from, specially since I go to this store often. Also I don't know how I could tell if they were too busy to talk or just doing busy work.
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: JKLJ.png]
my boyfriend wants to break up after a year. we just celebrated on monday but he's been planning this since the weekend. i'm sad, /adv/. he's mad because i fight sometimes and i get jealous, but i try my hardest to make up for it. he always talked about my qualities. i'm half asian and he liked that, i really like computer science and vidya, and i play jazz and classical guitar and saxophone. if i give it a few weeks, will he miss me? if not, how do you suggest a more sheltered girl get over a breakup? i stay home most of the time and didn't really socialize unless i'm with (ex)bf. my only friends are shared friends with him. i usually just played vidya and made internet friends.

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