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Threads added between 2013/08/07 and 2013/08/14

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Advice for a butt-man on dating a girl with a big butt

89 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 02a.jpg]
So I'm an ass man. I've finally admitted this to myself. There are many qualities I enjoy in a woman; mental, physical and emotional, but when it comes to a woman's body, nothing turns me on, makes me blush, or gets my heart pumping more than a big, round, plump, curvy female butt. Even better if she's got wide hips and thick thighs to go along with it, and loves wearing tight jeans or skirts to show it off I've dated a good number of girls, but none of them have particularly stood out in the curvyness department. So I decided that for my next girlfriend, I would focus on finding a girl with a big butt. Life is short, you so might as well spend it with what makes you happy, right? One hurdle on this journey is that on most dating sites, even when a girl freely admits that she has a big butt (which happens rarely), there are almost never any decent pictures of it, because almost all people take pictures from the front, so you kind of have to take her word for it until you meet her... This being the case, I think it's probably easier to talk to women and ask them out in a public setting. (Continued below)
56 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1331316293046.jpg]
How do I get over the possible fact that my girlfriend sucked another man's penis several years ago when she was dating him? I'm the first and only man she's had sex with, however, it just kills me to know she might have given another guy a blowjob. I'm not 100% sure she even gave him a BJ, I'm just assuming. She's awful at blowjobs which makes me think she has never done it before. I don't know why this is bothering me so much. I know she would never cheat on me, and before I was with her, I was with my ex for 5 years, and I've had every sex imaginable with her.
26 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I keep finding women's clothing at my boyfriend's house that isn't mine. He hasn't failed to explain anything away yet, though. Items and explanations: Panties (x4) >ex-girlfriend left it >ex-girlfriend left it >ex-girlfriend left it >mother's laundry got mixed in with his Shirt (x1) Haven't gotten an explanation for this yet, I just found it in my car with some of my clothes that I grabbed from his house. None of his explanations are really unbelievable, considering he had a lot of girlfriends prior to me, one of which lived with him. He has given me abandoned dresses. Plus, his mother does visit sometimes and probably does do laundry. It just bugs me that I keep finding this stuff, considering how many times he's thoroughly cleaned his room since we've been dating. Also, these articles of clothing have been found months apart. But, we aren't apart often, so if he is/was screwing around behind my back, he's doing it very skillfully. Should I be suspicious, or should I shut up and enjoy my new shirt?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1363154955374.gif]
When I'm really angry I get really intense pins and needles in my hands, face and chest, feel really light headed, start shaking, my joints feel rigid as if they don't want to move and I have the urge to go scream and hit out at whatever is in front of me (although I've never actually done the latter) The pins and needles are really intense like the ones you get from a dead leg Does anyone know what this is or how to stop it? I'll bump the thread in a while with whats caused me to be so angry this time
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mediocre[1].jpg]
it's late at night and I'm bored so I thought I could see what replies i'd get. i had a depression earlier, started ~3 years ago and was up and down for 2.5 years (to early this year) i'm feeling a lot better, on the depression scale, but everything seems mediocre now i still laugh if i find something actual fun, but mostly everything is mediocre and/or bad i dont want to do anything really, i like playing games sometimes but generally "prefer" doing fuckall on the computer, which is actually pretty damn boring i'm not on any meds and never have been im not sure if the depression is over, if it only lightened or if it got worse any help?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: intersting.jpg]
i want to throw a party next month, money is not a issue (lol get a helicopter an fireworks then lol.) ... ok moneys a issue, but i have like 3 grand to throw it with. so with that in mind, what do i do? It's i cant think of much else to buy, except liquor. but i was thinking about renting a hall for the night, having a open bar, a DJ, and caterer. but i donno. what are some good ways to make this party epic. what parties have you been too, what made them epic. i have one month to plan.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: X2Hlj.jpg]
i could use some /adv/ on student loans and grants >graduated high school 2 years early >pc junkie geek that can do just about everything except write code >avidly into politics and has nearly entire constitution memorised >has OCD and is a workoholic >very anti social and paranoid >iq is greater then 150 >for some reason is terrible at math and has no desire to learn it
45 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1376165254294s.jpg]
i need help /adv/. im getting married and i dont know if i made the right choice i have constant stress and my chest hurts ever since i asked her. i just watched 2 movies, one is end of watch the other is jarhead in end of watch there is a conversation that goes like this, one cop talking to his partner. >when i got married my grandma asked me one question. "can you live without her?" and if the answer is yes, then man up, and dont string her along i could live without her. i mean, shes awesome and all, but if she died tomorrow id be sad but i could get over it and be ok. right after this i watch jarhead and the one dude gets a vid from his wife of her fucking the neighbor my dad, who has always given good advice, once told me never to get married. hes ben through 2 mariages and both ended. now he tells me to follow my gut. i just... fuck... i dont know what the fuck to do. i swore oaths upon oaths to myself that id never get married. friends all my life has said marriage changes women. like the hulk turning green. ive watched friends marriages kinda go like that, esp one who just got married. now that shes a wife shes much more cold, agressive, and maniuplative whereas before she was all smiles and flowers and such

I want to be surrounded by beautiful women...

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: trips_test.jpg]
What is it like to just be SURROUNDED by beautiful women. I want to get rich so I can just fund women to stay out my house naked all day and night. I want to go to sleep with women(not necessarily fuck them) and I want to wake up with them in my arms. I want to walk into my kitchen and see naked girls laying on the counter tops. I want to walk into my living room and say naked girls playing video games while laying on the ground spread eagle. I just love the feminine form... This will never happen though. There is no way I would be able to get any women to do this without breaking my bank account. Hell, I can't even get a girlfriend yet. How the hell would I get a harem of girls to sit around naked? This world is cruel.. Should I give up this fantasy /adv/? How would you women feel if you dated a guy who had a "bachelor" dad and his dad kept a harem of girls laying around the family house? His dad is no longer married and can therefore do what he wants. How would this make you feel about the guy you were dating?
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: gyup.jpg]
My plans changed abruptly for this week. Suddenly I find myself with >5 days free in a row, this hasn't happened since last December >$300 extra in my pocket from overtime in my last pay cycle >absolutely no plans What would you do with yourself? At my current rate, I think I'll end up binge reading the week away.
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1336153429042.jpg]
ok /adv/ someone i don't know who lives hundreds of miles away from me randomly started texting me today and things started to escalate and we swapped nudes then i stopped replying to her for about an hour then she sends a message freaking out telling me that she is going to ruin my life with my phone number for fapping and leaving i replied that i did not ignore her and i was merely just busy but she is still mad and asking personal information >mfw i didnt ask for this shit storm please halp
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Human-eye-0011.jpg]
hey guys, i want to go on a rant situation: in my last week of an engineering internship with an oil and gas company problem: today, a last minute meeting was called in which the COO informed the engineering department that their department head was leaving the job. he also commented on the interns (I and another guy) and how he would love for this "other" guy to come and work for the company crux: I and this other guy had presented beforehand to the COO and had a lackluster presentation. i was extremely nervous of course, but i have always been this type. unstructured: i feel like shit. i think i have an anxiety problem. since this was my first internship i especially wanted to make a good impression these folks, but to the best of my knowledge, i didn't do shit. i am fucking constantly thinking of what others think of me. i feel like a nervous, unprepared, whiny child right now. so what's the deal? i tried pretty hard this summer. i guess my personality is off. i guess i am just an awkward motherfucker. How does one succeed in the workplace? kiss ass? be silent? become a social god?

obsessive compulsive disorder

4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Untitled.jpg]
was watching a youtube vid and i have no idea on what the title "with file support means" wtf...? god damn ocd wants to know what it means
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 563270_1393792647512976_426481370_n.jpg]
I'm in dire need of resetting my sleep schedule, but I have far too much trouble resisting the urge to lie down, and I always fall asleep. How do I remedy this?

is it cheating?

9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: downloadfile.gif]
so /adv/. I like going to strip clubs. is that cheating? I've always been faithful to my gf, and I've brought her along a few times. I don't even get dances that often, I just like to drink there. and I don't go alone, I always bring my best friend, she's a girl, and we just chill there. she's kinda jealous, but she says its fine with her. so is it cheating?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1359100015610.jpg]
how do i tell if she is more interested in me than in others? girl working in gym as receptionist. maybe not the most beautiful, but pretty enough and always smiling, always nice. she is very friendly to everyone. one day i was in a bit of a bad mood and walked in. she just greeted me with her smile and i told her my thoughts: "you know, it's so nice to come in here and always be greeted with such a great smile". since that day she always giggles when i say something - be it simply about the weather. i tried to see how she reacts to others but it's hard for me to tell because you know how the brain tries to bias those observations. i would really like to get to know her and i'm leaving the gym in three weeks. what would you do, adv? if she were just another gym-goer i'd just asked for her number because nothing to lose, but as shes the receptionist i'd feel retarded if it failed..
48 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: SNN0403A_1613678a.jpg]
hi /adv/ My boyfriend left his facebook on this morning and being a paranoid woman, i looked on it. I've not long had a baby with him and I saw that when I was pregnant he was messaging women saying he was single. I really want to make a fake facebook to see whether he would still do it, I know I shouldn't care about stuff like that. But I just really need to put my mind at rest. >inb4 shouldn't care about facebook when I have a child, I'm a good mother I just want to be sure.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1314025715686.jpg]
ive been with my GF for a year now.. randomly while chatting we try to say things we know about the other that the other might not know.. she tells me that she knows i dated a 15yo at 19. asked me to be honest and admit we tried to have sex. this was 5 years ago now she is so upset and angry by this she says not to get my hopes up about us when we talk after work tomorrow. what can i do as i cant change my past??
27 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: hoddie.jpg]
i need help /adv/ >about two months ago >posted my kik on leddit >got a few responses >im boring as fuck >dont have a life at all >for some reason these girls still talk to me >after one month of talking to one of them she tells me she likes me >ive never had a relationship with a girl >so alpha up >told her that i like her too >now were in a ldr >last week she told me she wanted to skype(i beta down, fck) >yesterday she told me that she really wanted to skype >i alpha up again told her yes >i didnt wanted to be a dick >we only skyped for 15min >most of the time it was awkward silences >we didnt know what to talk about what are topic that i should talk about with a girl?? >inb4 how her day went
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: hot_girl_ugly_guy_1.jpg]
my girlfriend is, hands down, the most attractive woman i have ever seen, definitely a solid 9 if not 10. we work at the same restaurant together and she's always getting hit on by customers and our coworkers. she's tall and wears glasses and has a great body and she's always smiling. i, on the other hand, am....not so good looking. kinda short, bushy eyebrows, really need to work out more... the types of women who have been interested in me have always been only moderately good-looking at best, so when this girl approached me and we started talking and eventually dating, i was at first confused and then eventually just dumbfounded as to why she'd pick me out of everyone. of course, i never questioned her directly, i just decided to be happy with it. as we talked more i started to realize that she is extremely weird (but in a good way that i like) and has a ton of confidence issues (clearly she was a late bloomer, not always so beautiful) and so that explains why she isn't with someone more attractive i guess, she doesn't really seem like she's very confident she'd be able to. anyway. so we like each other and stuff....but when we go out in public, people stare, men give me mean looks, women laugh. looks like they can't believe a woman like her would be with someone like me, and it feels....really shitty. even shittier is the looming fear that one day one of these people may actually speak to her and tell her she can do better....and she might believe them. it's hard to feel happy with my relationship when i can't stop feeling scared that one day she'll suddenly realize she's out of my league and leave me. what can i do about this? pic related -- it's not us but that's pretty much what we look like

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