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Threads added between 2013/08/28 and 2013/09/04

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50 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1311907405271.png]
Sexpert here. Done pretty much everything you can imagine with both men and women. Need some sex advice? Ask away. It's not too hard, people. If you do well in social situations, you'll do well in bed.
21 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: nintendo characters.png]
I'm 18, my mom keeps saying I hate her and my sister believes her. My mom is menopausal and going through mood swings like crazy, as well as divorced my dad and constantly argues with him on the phone. Any anger is taken out on me. I don't hater her, at all. I just want her to be a little bit fair. An example. Tonight my sister is staying at a friends house, but I couldn't stay at a bros house. She said this because the only two reasons for me going out is because (a) I have a girlfriend or (b) I was getting drunk. She also said that because dad is gone I am the man of the house, and therefore I have to be there to take care of her until I find her a replacement. If I don't go out with my friends, she says I should be out with people. If I do go out with friends, I'm either having sex, sneaking around with a girlfriend, or doing drugs and getting drunk. If I don't do anything, I'm useless. If I do anything, she doesn't approve. I do have a job, by the way. I am attending college in January. My friends vary in ages too, but she has a lot of shit to say about every one of them> 1. My cousin, a year older. Working but not in school. Has a house his parents gave him that is paid off as well as a paid off car. Deadweight and going nowhere. Always talks about how he is on "happy pills" (he has anxiety and depression) 2. Closest male friend, he's 19 and still in high school. Talks about how he is a druggie (he's been clean for a year), as well as how he is going nowhere because of low school marks. 3. Closest girl friend, she's like a sister to me, I'm like a brother to her. I wouldn't date her, but I talk to her about everything and she talks to me about everything. She's 20 and going back to school soon. She's also doing modelling for Victoria's Secret. 4. Another close bro of mine, dropped out of high school, got a ged. He's 21, still living home though. Going to a trade school soon. Mom always tells me he's deadweight for playing video games.
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: OH YES I SURE DID!.jpg]
Ok /b/ros, I need some help. I'm wanting to propose marriage to my wonderful gf tomorrow as opposed to giving her half my shit and just leaving to spare myself heartaches and bad times later on in life, and I completely lack creativity. Any ideas will be considered! Pic unrelated.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: asset.JPG?id=4F13DA5C-F4C8-4D22-8A0(...).jpg]
Tonight I wanted to ask your opinion on a decision im going to have to make /adv. To start, I have a very great job where I take home 80k a year minimum without overtime and I only work 6 months out of the year. It's great and I've been doing it for three years, but for as good as it has been, I haven't felt fulfilled at all. So I finally decided to join the army reserves since it was my dream to be a soldier since I was a kid and as a reservist I'd still get to be in the military but actually get to make some real money as well. Unfortunately, with the military in Canada downsizing and the military being the slowest most inefficient organization ever created, it took them nearly 6 months to even call me that, so I applied to join the fire department and got offered a position as an on call fire fighter. It turns out I enjoy it quite a bit, and they are going to pay for tons of courses for me and I finally found a purpose for my life. Now the army's calling me and I've gone through a bunch of interviews and basically all that's left is my aptitude test and a few other things which I'm going to have no problem passing. The thing is though, between working a full time job, I'm not going to have time to do both I need to pick just one, and the fire department is much better for me in the long run I will get a lot more out of it and its related to my career/future career plans more, but at the same time it's been my dream to serve my country overseas for as long as I can remember. TLDR; Follow through with life long dream or take option with more career related skills?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_lw4cyfp5Q51r89nufo1_500.jpg]
Hello every one . I'm getting kicked out of my house. I have no money and my friends all moved away.I was thinking I would become a drifter and start with a 200 mile bike ride north to humbolt county to get really high. I'm thinking if I take my bike it will make hitch hiking harder but I don't want to leave it.any way I'm wondering if you guys have any hitch hiking,drifting,cross country biking or getting kicked out expirence,storys or tips.
22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I love my girlfriend... to one point. Damn, i make always the same mistake. I assume that my girlfriend uses logic. And that is always a bad assumption in terms of a woman. No matter what she says, no matter how she act, what he tells you about her it is mostly shit, there is always something else in the past, in her mind and so on. How the hell i deal with it? I know this world is an illusion and we make too much assumptions. I know that everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, always.. but sometimes bulshitting piss me off..
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Sara-Underwood-Lace-Bra.jpg]
>be the class clown/party animal in high school, cool with everyone and fairly popular due to my hilarious antics >getting laid nonstop >graduate 08 joined the army not giving a fuck about a recession >had a few close bros again fairly popular with my group was comedic relief of our deployment. >still getting laid although nit as much >get out in 11 because my mrap got blown up and my knee needed a 2 surgeries. (we were leaving in a month) >get civilian job,find gf,living happily back in my hometown >gf and me break up all my friends are drifting away I'm mostly by myself,no sex, just broke a 4month dry spell with a 5/10 that wanted my d back in high school >car meets and work are basically my only form of social contact and ,feel like a has been.go to bars alone sometimes I meet people, sometimes imI'm just that akawkward alone guy. >I just tinker on my cars in a lonely sadness or play vidya most days. the only worthwhile girl I'm talking to lives 600miles away what do?

Getting over

16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Sunset-Beach-Seas-Alone.jpg]
How can you get over someone when she's popular? When she's always on your Facebook wall even with other guys? When she's the girl of your dreams and even though you have tried everything to keep the relationship, she has broken your heart? So /adv/ Is going on a vacation trip worth it? Can you spend the money you have saved for your future like house? I mean this changes all the plan you have set right?

Ebay Complaint

25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1372914687993.jpg]
any people here who sell on Ebay? I sold an item last week. The buyer recently messaged me and said he isn't happy with the item because he was expecting the full package. I was selling the case of a videogame. I said in the description that it is just the case only. Buyer expected Game, Manual, and Case. Buyer only got the case. Buyer wants to return the item for a refund. Buyer said they didn't read the description until they got the item in the mail What should I do?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: scotty no.jpg]
Need some help /adv/ So my job is going through a shut down since August 18 and since then I only worked 2 days since then for like 5 hours or so. I know I will be getting no check at all for one week and the other week will be for labor day and 2 days supposedly for Wed and Thurs as Thurs is the end of the pay period. After that I will be getting back to normal on my pay periods. Also we are suppose to go back to work on Sept 4. So tell me what can i do. PS...I barley got hired at the end of July and did not know about this till maybe a week before it happened.
83 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: FUCKYOU.png]
Men, If your girlfriend told you she wanted to have breast implants, would you support her even though you don't agree with the decision? Why or why not?

Asked to be drawn Nude

29 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1377418182524.png]
Hey /adv/ what is your take on the situation? > meet a guy in anatomy class > Quiet reserved type, though initially think he's a bit shallow since his broad frame and circle of friends talk about gym and workouts and all that jazz. (basically thought meat head) > one day I forget my book in the lab, I see him in the anatomy lab alone, Drawing. Holy fuck he can draw. > he said stuck a deal with professor to draw the cadavers for extra material for upcoming students. > Asks me if I wanted my portrait drawn. Naturally I said yes... it took a short while needless to say it looked AMAZING. >We got chatting about a lot of topics and he became my gym advisor (long story). Fast forward 8 months. > I feel fantastic more athletic > my parents and siblings notice that I look different, friends commenting, got up to a healthy weight, more curves than bones now. > Actually feel a lot better in more figure hugging dresses > Thank him for advice and guidance when we had a chat and coffee. > says I've progressed very well, "would you like me to draw you again?.. this time in full" >"like another portrait? I've got this killer dress I bought- " >"oh no, no,no" He looked me dead in the eyes. and said "without your clothes" >"I think you deserve to be put onto paper, you don't have to answer now, think about it, if you're unsure don't hesitate to ask" I have intensely mixed emotions about this. I trust him, but can't help but feel anxious and vulnerable. Is there something I should do or prepare? I was asked to wear my favourite perfume, no anti antiperspirant deodorant and up to 2 of my chosen jewellery he's online atm is there something else I should ask him? I haven't given him an answer yet. Pic unrelated but funny.
23 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1354521151577.jpg]
>18 years old male >230 pounds >5ft 11in >Virgin, never kissed a girl; way too afraid to ask one out or even really approach one >At college, just went to grand-reopening of recreational and fitness center in the college town Basically, I wanna get fit, because I know it'll help me in a ton of ways! I know it'll help me with my social anxiety, my self esteem issues, and my overall health. My problem is I have no fucking clue on what to work out with or how much to do or how long or what to focus on. And I'm afraid about keeping the weight off. I also feel that I'm really weird and that no women would want anything to do with me. Girls back in Highschool used to talk about how gross and smelly I was, and my male friends kept making fun of my weight and I couldn't go anywhere near the weight room because everybody was shirtless and sometimes just in their underwear and they were blaring heavy metal and punk music while the lifted like 300 pounds while I could barely do the bar.
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 3.jpg]
Need Advice! I'm 17 years old and living in the UK Been talking to this girl for about a year now, purely as friends, I think nothing more of her than a friend although she is very attractive. A few weeks back she said she wanted us to be friends with benefits. I told her I was unsure but would think about it. I'm meeting with her today, pretty sure she wants to do more than just hang out. Problem is, she is only just turning 15. Would it be wrong for me to be friends with benefits with her? any advice would be great, questions are welcome. tldr : i'm 17 in the UK, barely 15 year old wants to be friends with benifits, should I go for it?
43 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 137719141532.jpg]
/adv/, please tell me straight. Would you ever date me? I don't mean just fuck. I know guys would fuck me. But date. Would you ever be interested in getting to know me if you saw me?

Life Advice

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1366342963914.jpg]
First of all, inb4 "op is fag" comments. I really fucked up in my life, guys. I didnt finish highschool. Im a pathological liar, that tells my friends.im in college, so I wont seem stupid, and I actually started believing myself. I was smart enough to finish school, but when i was younger, my dad died, and I admit, it made me go off the deep end. Drugs, gangs, criminal history, etc...The fact that Im from and live in Detroit isnt helping either. Well im 19 now, and I was listening to music, and "Daughtry- It's not over" came on, and I really reflected on my whole life during those couple minutes. I really want to get my shit together, and live better than I lie and say I do. My grandparents are millionaires, and my grandfather said if I get my GED, he will get me his.old job as a pipe fitter, starting off making $20 an hour. I'm 19 now. I live with my mom. And i work at Mc-Fucking-Donalds. I want better for myself. Theres 2 GED programs I can do. One is real deep in the ghetto, but I'm able to take the classes home, online, and should be able to get my GED by january. The other is on a college campus and really professional. But its in-school, and getting my GED will take a bit longer, but I feel better about this.one. My mom says she doesnt want me to cut my hours, so shes pretty much making me do the shitty one online. I just have a very bad feeling about that school though. I really wanna go to the campus one. What should I do? How can I convince her? She already said "im not arguing about this". But im so inclined to go to the campus one, that I dont mind working fulltime and going to school, but she wont accept that. If you're gonna comment, just to be an "edgy" slut, take that to /b/. Only serious posters here, please.
31 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 249014_10152112114049966_662098944_n.jpg]
As an intelligent individual I see flaws in society and the people within it. They believe they are free, but in reality we know consumerism keeps them on a grid, they are merely cattle grassing in a paddock. So my need for advice is basically, is ignorance really bliss? Should I accept the flaws of society and ignore the reality? or should I stay the way I am, realize the flaws but remain in a frustrated state?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1374986632758.jpg]
I just paid off all my credit cards. Now, I have $100 and a full tank of gas. For the next two weeks, I have only this $100 to feed myself and my wife. tl;dr How does one feed oneself on $25 a week. >could use credit card to eat if needed >would prefer not to
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Hello /adv/ I'm in class right now and there's this beautiful redhead girl with hipster glasses and hnng Anyway I don't know this girl at all so should I approach after class and if so what should I say?
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: eating-alone-canuckshutterer.jpg]
How do you enjoy life without a boyfriend/girlfriend or sex? Tired of wallowing in self pity and craving being touched so I'm just going to try to enjoy my life My plan so far: - Immerse myself completely in my hobbies - Cook and eat delicious food for myself every day (I deserve the best and healthiest ingredients, organic, free range, grass fed etc), give myself nice massages, lush bubblebaths and foot soaks after a long day - Go out by myself to museums, restaurants, cinemas, not feel self conscious about going alone and I'll buy myself all the books and trinkets I want, no more saving up money just-in-case What else can I do for myself? 21, female and never been in a relationship by the way

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