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Threads added between 2013/09/11 and 2013/09/18

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What do women think of men who have sex with trannies?

15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: whktst.jpg]
I don't know what it is but I have had sex with transexuals. I am not sure what it is but having sex with them is just really fun. Most of them don't care if you get rough with them. They know their way around anal sex obviously because they only have one hole back there. Most of them are actually pretty feminine and some even refer to their asshole as their "pussy". Which makes the experience that much better. However, I don't really intend to like marry a tranny or anything so eventually I am probably going to have to start having sex with regular girls again. Anyway, women, if you some how found out the guy you are dating has had sex with transexuals... How would you feel? pic related, this is actually a transexual.
77 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Tattoo.jpg]
So my GF just got a tramp stamp and I'm fucking pissed. It's one of those stupid fucking butterflies that seems to be so fucking popular, and it's not done but it will cover a large portion of the lower back and be colored. I guess I have to admit at least it's a good design, and I hesitate to imagine how much she is paying for it as it requires multiple sessions. It doesn't change the fact that it's a tramp stamp though But I fucking hate it already. She has the most beautiful back with such nice skin, and now there is this monstrosity covering up a good chunk of it. But my big problem is that she just went out and did this and didn't discuss it with me beforehand. Now I already hear certain segments going all "Hurr Durr it's her body!". Whatever, yeah I get that, but come on. Ultimately it is her decision but I feel that in an honest relationship, this is just something you would talk to your partner about first. So we got into a huge argument last night, and I straight up told her, she has no respect for me, and has no respect for our relationship. And she starts crying and says some bullshit like how she is sorry and can't we just go to bed and be intimate. Like pretend it never happened. I was so out of there, grabbed my keys and coat and on the way out I gave her a parting shot, congratulated her on her slut certification. It was mean and a stupid thing to say, and I regret it this morning, but I'm still upset with her. Not sure where I go from here or what I'm supposed to do. On a side note I fucking love how girls get these tattoos to be "wild" and "individualistic" and then they fucking get a tattoo everyone and their fucking mother is getting as well. Fucking awesome job there expressing yourself and being an individual.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1279827163617.jpg]
I am a 25 year old NEET who is hitting the wasted life crisis. I am fully aware that is no ones fault but my own, its just that my heart is so full of grief and regret that i want to make a post about. I have nothing marketable other than poor labor as i am very out of shape. I also dropped out of college because i could not handle it, so i have that debt to think about too. Basically im useless meat. Im sure you already guessed that I would be thinking about suicide, I am really considering it, but the thought of leaving behind the people i have lived with my entire life with the grief of me killing myself stops me from doing it. Staying in my room for most of my life outside of school makes me very uncomfortable being around new people and trying new things. It only got worse after highschool since i would spend all of my time indoors. I dont really know what i should do. I have a small food service job but its nowhere near a living income and its not something I can see myself doing for much longer. I know the common and most sensible answer would be to stop wasting time and DO SOMETHING but i get very discouraged and sink back into my old habits, or not even attempt anything at all. The shame and embarrassment of not even being able to provide for myself is crushing. I dont really know what my options are in life. All i want is to be able to keep living like i do right now, shelter/food internet and I dont have any desire to be wealthy or anything like that, I just want to keep living like this without having to spend long periods of time doing service/labor jobs. I know its outrageous to complain about something like this if I cant find my own way to make a living without having to work the worst of jobs and I know its very lazy. I guess I dont really have much of a reason to post this other than it makes me feel a little better to put it out there for someone to see.

fucking my mom

3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: IMG-20130910-WA0000.jpg]
Hey /adv/ I want to try to fuck my mom and start a sexual relationship with her. She's a 36 yrs old average looking brunnette(for her age)short, and a bit curvey. Shes single since 4 years and hasn't had sex since 3 years. Finding a place and the right time to have Sex with her wouldnt be a problem, but what consequenses Do i have to face when i get rejected? (Pic unrelated)
44 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Jellyfish.jpg]
My girlfriend used to sleep around a lot. This REALLY bothers me. So much so that I get really angry just thinking about it. It's justified me being annoyed, right? She said it was to feel cared about but fuck that bullshit. If another girl was saying that my first thought would be "Whatever, you're just a slut." but seems as I care about her this seems a little harsh. I just really don't know what to do, it annoys me more and more each day. Any advice on how I can get over this? >tfw new laptop no pictures
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: iamnotansweringmyphone.gif]
i need help but i don't want to get better. am i an attentionwhore?
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1348578884826.jpg]
how do i approach a girl that is in a group of friends? places like clubs or bars, i have no problem when they are alone, but i cant if they are talking with somebody

Escort advice

17 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: toronto-asian-escort.jpg]
I'm a 23 year old kissless virgin. I want to rent an escort but I don't know if I should have sex. Theres a local escort that knocks off 50 bucks if you don't fuck her ($250/hr with sex, $200/hr without). On one hand it feels like something I should do, but on the other I don't want to end up craving it (right now I'm mostly indifferent to it and I can't afford to support this as a habit). What do?
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1376759079486.gif]
>20yrs old >no education >unemployed >keeping hearing about kids my age making 2 grand a week from things I don't really understand yet So apparently there's guys that don't sell drugs or anything illegal but... I saw this guy on... just watch this and tell me what you think: http://energydrinkrep.net/
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: bald.png]
I have a mild case of trichotillomania - I constantly pull out my eyebrows. It's a subconscious disorder and I can't seem to do anything about it. My eyebrows are all patchy and bald. It's gross, what should I do? I'm not pulling right now, and I'm hoping they will grow back soon so I don't look like such a freak. Pic related - it looks a bit like this.
24 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: feelzz.png]
I need some help, I haven't had a job for 5 months. And I have no money at all, I'm living with my parents again, which is stressing me out so hard. I only have high school education, and almost all jobs here require a fucking college degree, even waiters/painters ect. ridiculous. Does anyone here have any advice on what the fuck I should do? I also have a criminal record, which makes stuff even harder. What can I do?
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: szb1rQf.jpg]
What can I do to improve my concentration? >>depressed >>bf broke up >>demotivated >>don't want to fail in college Is there any drugs I could use? I already work out/eat health/meditate, but I reached my limit.
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Rage_face.png]
Good evening, /adv/. I was hoping to earn some of your opinions on the events that made up my day today and the way I feel about them. I'll try to keep it short. My girlfriend wanted me to accompany her, her sister and her brother-in-law to a family friends' wedding ceremony and celebration party. I basically got home about a half hour ago, ~10:30pm PST when I left my house around 10:30am. The wedding ceremony wasn't so bad. It was pretty boring and she and I took turns taking care of her nephew since her sister and brother in law were made of honor and best man. The kid wasn't too much trouble and I wasn't too upset, just bored. Right after, we went to the mall because her mom had arranged for them to take family pictures which I luckily was not to partake in. After checking in with the receptionist, she and I go grab a bite to eat. When we're about to order, my girlfriend snaps at me because I don't know what I want to eat or drink when I'm asking her what drink she would like to get so that we would share, out of courtesy. I give her a "Why the fuck are you being such a bitch?" face to let her know I don't appreciate her bullshit. We go back to the picture place, she leaves with her family while I sit there in the waiting room eating my shitty pretzel and holding her food for about 45 minutes.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 4356245559_f2c7743bfe_z.jpg]
I posted here before, about my almost-boyfriend leaving for school and us cutting contact because of reasons I thought ridiculous the very day he left. But I let him go, considering how straight-out evil I'd thought I'd been (mentioning suicidal thoughts I had at the time, etc.) We arranged that he'd call me if he got a girlfriend. He did, but he didn't call me. Instead he ignored my calls, and I had to beg him to call me. He did in the end, and we talked. After just a month and a half, he was totally over me. He said we're done, and that we had no future... all the things I feared the most. I'm not over him at all, and still hoped we could build a future together when he got back. He said we wouldn't. I said I still loved him, and hated myself for it. He wouldn't even mention anything about ever loving me, or thinking we'd have a future together, and now he's not even sure he'l come back or move even further away once the school year's over. I planned to ask him to "break the ice" today, so the timing was just brilliant. He said that we had to say goodbye for now. I wouldn't, but alas, he said "Goodbye and good luck" before hanging up. I'm just so hurt, /adv/. He's with someone better while I'm stuck loving him. I don't see any way out of it. I'm genuinely suicidal now. I don't even have any friends around. I don't have a job or a life at all. I just don't know what to do to stop loving my first and only love.
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 292599main_image_1227_1600-1200.jpg]
Hey /adv/, Bit of a heavy one here for you, I apologise for the wall of text. Long story short - GF has been on holiday for 3mo, since the end of her Masters, living in a forest in France, climbing shit, going into caves, all that fun stuff. She's on her way back now, but won't be back for a couple of days because driving. I need to have a serious, serious fucking chat with her when she gets back, and I'm trying to work out what I want to say. So I've put most of it down as a rough outline that's probably going to be completely ditched, but I wanted some feedback on it. So, from the next post onwards;
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1373266073410.jpg]
Is it morally wrong to watch rough hardcore porn? I love watching the girls on facial abuse get tore up.

girls and not texting first

12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 302729_10151550499335750_338530535_n.jpg]
Just curious in regards as to why (in my experience) most girls never text first, but as soon as you start a texting conversation they get into it and are happy to talk. Thoughts from girls and/or experienced men (pic unrelated)
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: int_res_llc_circuit.png]
Writing a report... Does this make sense? >To do this, the required functionality was detailed and best approach envisaged. Picture semi-related.

Help me out, here

1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: images.jpg]
>Started hanging out with girl. >Develop strong feelings for her. >Man up, decide to ask her out like a man. >March over to her hangout spot. >See her hug and kiss some guy... probably new boyfriend. >Can't man up, decide to cry like a man. How do I break them up so I can make a move?

my former landlord is a jackass

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: amsterdam.jpg]
Foreigner living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Just left my old room (from an apartment i shared)2 weeks ago, my former landlord was doing everything to take some money out of me since he still has the money of my deposit(670EUR). Charging me for the day I was moving out, and he didn't give me the option to clean my room(although i did clean it), he told me that anyway the cleaner will come and I will have to pay, cleaner took 5 hours to clean the room(room which was clean and empty) and was trying to charge me a ridiculous amount. I went to see the service of the cleaner, and I just said I didn't agree, they told me that anyway they would take the money from my deposit, anyway druing that meeting my landlord was on holiday, and the sister of the landlord(who is a bit crazy) was taking charge, and she starte to scream to me, telling the type of person I was, that I didn't want to spend any money, that she had experience in courts.. and indeed I googled the company and it looks like they have a huge history, my landlord was in jail during the 90s, he was bullying people that used to live there, he got the complex not in very legal ways, murdering in the complex some years ago, etc. And when she said she had experience in courts I told her "yep, i know.. there's enough information of you guys at google".. that's the moment where she exploded, she said she was going to sue me, she was pushing me and trying to lock me in, i could escape and left.. . it has been 15 days and they still got my my 670eur.. I have no idea what to do, she was kind of threatening me while telling me that I wouldn't be able to do a public complain because I have no money. (She doesn't know my salary, but I earn 2200eur net per month) what would 4chan do?

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