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Threads added between 2013/09/25 and 2013/10/02

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14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1236617_665944163430477_1158053480_n.jpg]
I have facebook pictures of my crush saved to my computer. They're the only thing I've been masturbating to for over a week. Is there something wrong with me?
67 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tokyo-magnitude-8-05-mirai-embarrassed.jpg]
My boyfriend is not very experienced sexually, is rather shy, and lets just pure beta. I've been trying to get him to be more open about his fetishes, fantasies and preferences in the bedroom. I try wearing lingerie, bringing toys, all kinds of things. When I ask him what he likes or what he wants to try, he gets shy and says "Whatever you want". The only time he really tells me is after we've been flirting in texts about it, he'll briefly mention "Oh the bunny outfit you had one time? I loved that.." How do I get him to be less shy about these things? I want to do anything for him, but this makes it so hard. Also doesn't give me much input when I ask. Just very brief answer. This weekend I tried anal for the first time with him and I think I was more into it than he was, he just said "it feels pretty much the same" and switched back. Any advice on how to break his shell? We've been dating nearly a year and been having sex just as long, so there's no real reason why he should still be embarrassed...
15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1378533649221.gif]
I heard somewhere you can get too jaded from regular porn if you watch it too much, and start searching kinkier and weird stuff. I saw reliable, like neurocientists or those researches speaking on TED talks, and also unreliable sources, like people telling that from experience. In both cases I heard situations of people that even go from straight porn to bissexual or questionably gay porn. Well, I went through this myself and after too much porn (because i'm a shut-in loser) I got jaded and slowly progressed into weirder stuff. Eventually it got to a point the idea of guy on guy started turning me on for being more perverted and wrong (in terms of personal internal psycology, not as a judgement of moral or vaue over it). It is now so bad that it actually turns me more on then straight porn, although that works. Now my questions...Is there a way to know if I'm just Jaded from regular porn or if I really have bissexual tendencies? And if its the former, have any of you any experience, first hand or not, about you being able to 'change' back to just straight? I'd prefer not to be Bi for a number of reason. But mostly because it sucks for guys socially. (I'm a shut in, but not AS much of a shut-in, I'm still able to find a girl maybe once a year or so and I have friends and fuck.)
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: url.jpg]
I need a free lightweight server-side voice-chat software for my site. I want to start podcasting but I need a software that can be called in. Skype requires subscription to take multiple calls so I think using my server space just makes sense. The problem is that a lot of software out there is outright spammy. If anyone knows a good solution for a simple voice chat to add to a website let me know. pic not related in the least.
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 2.gif]
i dont know what the fuck is wrong with me /adv/. i made a bunch of new friends when i went to university, as you do. now in my second year and living with most of them, however i am a year behind as i started on "level 0" type degree instead of "level 1". i constantly think about how everyone i'm living with is going to be finishing a year ahead of me. its really fucking screwing with me. i've met some amazing people and the thought of just losing contact with them after they graduate.. its just a constant sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. surely this isn't normal? if i'd made "true" friends i wouldn't be worrying about this or feeling this feel? i just feel like my time with these people really is limited. part of me is saying "shit you've got two years to really befriend these people so they'll actually want to keep in contact" but the rest of me feels like a desperate fucking loser just trying to stave off the inevitable. fuck
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: homer-simpson-20081017022225473-000.jpg]
I have to write an 800 word piece of fictional dialogue for some extra credit at Uni. I can't seem to picture what 800 words of dialogue would look like though. I'm trying to decide what I'm going to write but I can't really plan it, I think I'm going to start writing and hit the word limit before I've really done anything. Can anyone help me out here? How do I visualize this?
14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1178746212807.jpg]
How the fuck do people live? I'm 25, and about to be forced out of my parents house. My current job is about to be terminated due to the company closing the location I work at, but I was making about $300 every other week. I cannot find a place to live for under $600 per month (and that's for shared bedrooms) The first priority is finding a new job, but I have a shit degree and barely any experience or references. help
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1377327835250.jpg]
Hey s/adv/irgins. How do I turn my life around? >23/m >live at home with my folks in very wealthy suburb, work in family company >have own car; money >studying STEM degree part time >can't progress my career to working for myself because can't overcome the regulatory burden >out of 2 year relationship with gf 6 months ago; left when she moved 600 miles and went landwhale mode >best friend from highschool only ever talks to me when he can use me to advance his career >no other real friends of my own, all my friends from highschool have moved on; some acquaintances from my ex >very lonely but don't know how to find friends; wish i had a wolfpack to hang out with >people in my degree are fresh out of highschool so too immature >intimidated by flying solo >on all the popular dating sites, but not getting anywhere >scared of being judged for having no friends >tired of long term relationshits, just want to fook sloots for a while >handsome and charismatic enough to score when I get the opportunity to chat a girl up, but don't have any social opportunities to do it without friends I don't know what to do anymore. I feel stuck. How do I break this inertia?
24 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I am treading strange territory. I am somewhat talking to a girl now who has a lot in common with me. I have known her a long time due to the fact that my dad and her mom used to be good friends (probably fucked). Anyways, she is really, really attractive and we do have a connection. Under any normal circumstances, I would be 100% going after it because she is very close to my "type" of girl. The only problem? She is 17 years old. I am 23 and I feel like a massive creep. In my town, it's not uncommon for this big of an age gap to occur but I just can't shake it. What should I do? She doesn't turn 18 until later this year and idk whether to abandon it or not.
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 023244_35a64f95.jpg]
>looking at google earth pics of campus >find some woods off in an area I've never been >checked it out briefly >nice big woods, can't see the campus or the road from inside it >quiet, secluded, hidden, with a little river >no evidence that people go there frequently >want to go innawoods to get some peace and relax away from the cars and the buildings and the people and the streetlights >afraid that somebody else might go there and see me >afraid that it might be a group of other people who go there and see me >feel like I have no excuse to be there alone >don't want to go because of fear that somebody else might go there and see me >even if I did go there I wouldn't be able to relax because of the fear somebody might come along and see me You know, I've never been this bad with the anxiety before. I've always had it, but lately it's been impossible for me to relax. What the fuck do I do?
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 8a8ef61c-9f2e-43f2-8e32-6f7da52f483d.jpg]
whats a good eating plan for a 15 year old girl wanting to lose another 40 pounds?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Kentucky_New_Era_3_13_03.png]
How do we kick them out of the White(!) House?


5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1378475115629.jpg]
My girlfriend of 5 years just broke up with me. She says she still loves me but I no longer make her happy. Despite me changing for her to be a better boyfriend and make her happy, she still finishes me and tells me she doesn't want me anymore. It's like she got what she always wanted and now she doesn't want it (me being a perfect boyfriend that is). When I was a dick to her it seemed like she was glued to me. (I was a dick sometimes because I suffer from dereilization, look it up if you want, which means I'm pretty much out of touch with reality and feelings all the time. I have to force myself to be emotive for the sake of other people, but some times it gets too much and people take it as me being distant with them. I digress. After I try to be better to her she fucks me off. I don't understand. She says neither does she. It feels like the whole world has fucking crumbled down on top of me. She was the one thing in my life keeping me sane from this fucking awful mental condition and now she's gone. Truth is i didn't come her for advice. I plan to take my life tonight by the seaside. This isn't a direct result of my girlfriend finishing me but it has pushed me over the edge. More than enough time with a nightmarish, un-treatable mental condition is the main reason. I just at least wanted to let someone know, a group of strangers, why i'm justified in doing it. A sort of suicide note for someone since i'm too much of a coward to leave one for my parents. How pathetic. cont...
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: cgr0597l.png]
27 male here. Here's what I heard of a woman I was dating last month. >listen, Anon, I really like you. You're a wonderful person. We've got a lot of things in common, and I really enjoy being with you. We can talk about lots of things, I like being able to talk about my issues with you and I don't mind hearing yours. But I'll be blunt before you get your hopes up: you won't get anything frther than that until you work on your submissive traits. You just doesn't inspire confidence. I know you wouldn't be able to be assertive and take action if it were needed. You'd just try to talk things out and give up at the first sign things got sour. And a woman likes a gentle man, but she needs to know she can rely on her man. I can tell you never got in a relationship before and if you don't work on yourself, you never will. Ever since I heard that I've been feeling down because I know it's true and that's who I am. I'm just too much of a pussy. But I still don't want to end up alone in my apartment forever... I though leaving my parent's home would help me becoming a better person but while I learned how to deal with some things, I'm as lonely as always. What should I do, /adv/? It's just that I instinctively seek the easy route to deal with stuff. Last year, a prostitute tried to get into my pants for a job and I refused, only to start walking away and notice that she stole my cellphone. All I could do is go back to her, say "really? You're really going to rob me? Give me back my cellphone, please." She immediatelly took her clothes off and said "I didn't steal your shit, din't need that. Go ahead and check me and my stuff if you want". I turned my back and went home. That's how much of a pussy I am. Thanks in advance
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 10-04-29-Zelda-Mario.png]
Sorry if this is kind of lewd. But in the past several days, I have been masturbating a lot. Like, 3-4 times every day. I don't know why, it's like I'm under a lot of stress and there's this compulsion to do it. Is there anything bad that can come from masturbating so much? Like, negative health effects or anything? Should I just stop entirely for like a week?
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1368217657445.gif]
Did you guys ever ended up with a long term friend? Someone you've known since forever. Kind of like your Joey Potter or your Dawson Leery (for those of you who get the reference). How did it happen? How was it? >Been friend with girl since we were children. Ambiguous relatonship >she introduced me to my first gf whom I recently broke up with >had a party, invited that friend >turns out all my friends are unanimous on the fact that she likes me, she "has sparkles in her eyes, smiles when she talks about you and wont leave you, or stop looking at you. And when a girl is like that there's more than just friendship". (more than ten people telling me this one after the other, disturbing shit) >after a week of being told that I'm missing on something I think about it: she's a 19 year old girl who's in a couple with a guy she fucked but didn't want as a boyfriend. In the meantime she kept contact with her ex who lives in another country and she still prefers him over her bf. >Her boyfriend is out of the country too >looks pretty much like a dead end to me. Friends, especially girls insist on the fact that she probably didn't expect me to make a move and it means nothing Anyway. I don't plan on doing anything with that girl yet, but it got me curious to know if such a thing happened to someone else. You or anyone you know. Thanks for sharing. And if you have an opinion on my story, feel free to share too. Some advice would be helpful.

antibiotics + weed?

15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mustashguy.gif]
You may have seen my thread yesterday about the swollen gum and shit. Anyways, I'm now on antibiotics and have been told I can't drink which is common knowledge really. I was wondering. Do you still think I'd be ok to smoke weed whilst on antibiotics? Could it some how affect how well they work or have any negative health implications? Also would having an odd beer be majorly bad or should I stay 100% away from alchohol?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 212.gif]
So my girlfriend has shit-tier taste in music and constantly judges me on what I listen to, versus the garbage she listens to. Difference between her and I is I don't actually bitch to her about her music, but she'll ALWAYS change my CD's out of my car, skip songs on my ipod to something she likes, or completely disregard me. What do I do? It makes me so angry someone can have such poor taste in music to go on and tell me my music taste is 100% just as bad. Her Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z25xKMwp7SU Mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHmYC8a_4cI I listen to pretty much anything. Dubstep, D&B, Chiptune, Country, Rap, Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Metal etc. She won't listen to practically anything...

Just... Fuck

7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 17391_burial.jpg]
So i found out about a month ago my girlfriend used to sell nudes of herself. This is the last thing that plagues me about her past, which is fucking terrible. I love this girl more than anything, but this is disturbing me to no end and i want to free myself of this mental torture greentexting girlfriend's past for brevity I apologize if some of you have seen me before, i just need to process everything >raped when she was 12 >family divorced at same time >got into all of the drugs freshman year >got a fwb for a while >bullied endlessly at school >attempted suicide twice >agreed to sell nudes to 30 something guy for gas money she said she did it because she didn't care about herself

Dating Site /adv/

65 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: pofg.jpg]
Hey /adv/ I just recently started and account on this dating site. And do far I've had shitty luck. My account information may come off as douchey just because I say only "not to message me if" then I list off reasons. I would like to know what I should put on my account. What information regarding me should I put? I was honest in my information, but nobody seems to message me or respond. Also I a girl says Hello first, but has no information on her account regarding her likes or interest what should I say that doesn't come off as robotic?

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