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Threads added between 2013/10/02 and 2013/10/09

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30 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: enhanced-buzz-9840-1380826239-13.jpg]
I've drank 6 beer (5%). If I take 1 zopiclone 5mg, what will happen? I don't want to die or get sick. I've read that alcohol and zopiclone aren't a good mix, but the effects have ranged from passing out to driving a car. Is it safe to take 1 5mg pill in like an hour or so? I'm done drinking.
21 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: NazgulHorse.jpg]
What exactly is the whole alpha/beta meme about? From what I've seen, alpha is the big guy who gets the girl and beta is the little guy who doesn't, but I haven't been able to find any place where this concept actually makes sense outside this board. Also, the definitions for both seem like you guys just make them up to describe something you like or don't like. What's the deal?

My girlfriend likes moderately fat guys.

8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: url.jpg]
Hey /adv/, >Be me >Be 18 >Have girlfriend >Same age >Small thin/curvy/sexy petite body (ie: she is not fat) The reason I'm describing her body too is, well, the other day, after a lot of rustling up and continuously asking her to tell me her "secret" of what she finds attractive in guys, she finally told me. She says that since she was 11 years old, she subconsciously thought about people putting on moderate amounts of weight and having moderate amounts of weight. So I'm assuming she must have thought it was cool or something at that age. So ever since then, all the way from 11 to 17 years old, she often agreed with her friends when they said they were "hot" and had abs and stuff - but on the inside, truly, she said that she only said that to fit in and that she never thought guys with abs are hot. She then said that she finds it "really attractive" and a "turn on" when I put on weight and gain fat on my stomach area - but she said "but not too much, just a moderate amount." So nothing obese or too fat. Just a nice thick layer of fat on top of the stomach she said. She finds me having moderate amounts of weight attractive, and also the process of gaining weight is a turn on for her. She hates abs! She likes thickness - arms, legs, stomach, everywhere! She said that she wants me to have no abs, have a thick stomach, and work my arms out to get them bigger. So it's not as if she doesn't like muscle, right? She just wants me to be thicker yeah? I dunno. What do you guys think? So, guys, what is this? Is it something along the lines of a "fat fetish"? And why does she have it? And why does she find moderately-fat men, and the process of getting to that weight from being skinny, attractive? Also, is there a biological reason for it? ie: Would a larger/thicker person provide more protection for the mother and children? Give me some suggestions as to why you think my girlfriend wants me to have a thicker body, even if its fat. Thanks in advance!
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1335520966841.jpg]
>Used to be a pathetic weeaboo with crippling social anxiety and I never left the house. I had the hug pillows and everything. >My life seemed over and I assumed that I would spend the rest of it jerking off to my chinese cartoons and hugging pillows, so I got a prescription for speed because I thought that I might as well just become a drunk addict since I have nothing to lose and at least I'll feel happy. >The speed had the unexpected result of making me extremely confident and motivated towards improving myself. >Spent the next two years doing productive things non-stop. Working out, got into amazing shape, studied Japanese for around 8 hours a day and I got to the point that I was pretty much fluent, started socializing and making friends with all of the speed induced confidence, and within two years I had more or less made up for all of the years I had wasted. >Went to Japan a few months ago, had to sneak in my prescription because of their crazy laws, but I was able to use that speed induced charisma to hit it off with a really cute Japanese girl and we started dating. >About to visit Japan again in a few weeks and we're definitely going to have sex. >I have no experience at all with sex. I've never even kissed anyone since I wasted all of my teenage years and my early 20s being a pathetic piece of shit. Is there anyway that I can train myself in these next few weeks so that I will actually know what the hell I'm doing? I've been able to maintain this impression of the tall, charismatic, and fit foreigner because of drugs, but there's no drug that can teach me how to do something I've never done. That impression that she has of me will crumble apart as soon as she realizes that I'm a kissless virgin. Confidence and charisma has been enough for everything else, but I can't bullshit my way through this. I'm thinking of hiring one of those really expensive prostitutes and paying her to teach me the ropes. Is this a bad idea? I can't think of any alternative.

accepting my fate

0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: xlarge_the-kirana.jpg]
I have come to the conclusion that i am fucked. I am pretty lonely person, i have always wanted an honest normal girlfriend (my past dating experience was pretty awful), but I'm too big of a fucking pussy to go and try and talk to someone on campus, idk why, buy i physically cant, i get too fucking scared. But i realized that i does not matter anyway. With my current school work load, plus the time i spend doing research with one of the professors, i dont have much time to do anything, even weekends i have work i should be doing, so if i do someday manage to grow the balls and get some girls number, when the fuck will i have time to spend with them?...the research i am doing with the professor is really fun and engaging research so there i no way im cutting time from that, so idk what to do, do i just accept my fate? should i keep going for a girl and try my hardest to make it work? im fucking lost.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: MY BRAND.jpg]
My boyfriend is having painful, scary spasms in his chest from pleurisy. They tested him at the doc's and sent him on his way, telling him to take pain meds. The meds are not helping. Does anyone know of ways to help pleurisy pain? He almost crashed while driving today because of a spasm that came on randomly and I'm scared he's going to seriously hurt himself.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1381100306932.png]

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck >:[

15 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tmp_PhotoGrid_1381189015805-498365530.jpg]
Any one suffering from side effects & or withdrawl symptoms from either PAXIL/CLONAZEPAM?? How long does it last for?? >taken 20 mg of Paxil once a day > taken 0.5 mg of Clonazepam twice a day > stopped due to cold (feeling better now from cold ty) > having feels of constant nauseousness, low blood pressure, head aches. > not worked for over a week

How to touch female butt?

12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: brac_test.jpg]
I just want to touch female butt /adv/.. But I want to do it in a not creepy context and a not.. fiscal context? Basically, I don't want to like grope women and I don't want to pay one to let me touch their ass. What are my options? Like how do you progress a relationship to butt touching? I don't really feel like trying to have sex with a woman. I am 22 and I got bigger fish to fry but touching a nice butt wouldn't be bad. What are my options? How do you progress to ass touching? I remember one time a woman had leaned against a counter my hand was on the edge of and her ass was like ON MY HAND. Her rump felt so wonderful. It was only for 2 seconds though. Anyway, ass touching. Give me the low down.

blocked number

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: jjlk.jpg]
okay, so me and my ex couldn't stay away from each other. long story short, he had to block my number. i still texted it watever i wanted or was thinking, just cus the "sending" felt like a was talking to a real person. then i called it. it rang. so i hung up. i expected it to say something like "this number is disconnect sry" so i did some research. said that it would ring until a message appeared. so i called and he picked up. did he just block my texts?? is my number coming up anonymously and he picked up? so confused right now. if he received all those texts, that'd kinda be annoying. or maybe his block feature sucks, idk.
49 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1380855280201.gif]
I got the shittiest job I could find(walmart cart pusher) after submitting dozens of applications. I have no prior experience so nowhere wants to hire me. I'm getting 16 hours a week at minimum wage. What the fuck is the point of this? That's less than $100 after tax. Where can I find a real fucking job?

Help on dealing with a crazy bitch

19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: dogecomp.jpg]
Ok, ill greentext to get straight to the point >be at party >i dont drink >there's this solid 9 >no idea who she is, decide to make her my motif >she doesn't seem to drink either >get talking >her friends get drunk, they go and do whatever, so she's left talking with me >get all touchy feely >blah blah usual shit of first kissing, then one thing leads to another and im banging her in the back of my car This is where shit starts to happen >she texts me the next day and tells me her boyfriend found out because his friend saw us >Lmao wut boyfriend >"i forgot to tell you..." >apparently he's all mad and shit >seeing as his friend is a mutual friend with my friend so he finds out who I am and where I live >comes over to mine with his gf >gets all in my face asking why I fucked her >i tell him I had no clue and it's her who he should be questioning, not me >proceeds to ask me why >he then gets so mad he tries to punch me >I put his arm in a lock and push him to the ground and tell him to get the fuck out because he's being a little bitch >they both leave >2 days later I get another message from the chick and she's saying >"still can't get over what you did to my boyfriend, I never felt so defenseless when you had him down, I can't see him the same" >bitch wtf do you want you're more trouble than you're worth >"i really like you and im willing to leave my bf for you" What do.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 9999908.jpg]
What's the point of living with depression?
17 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1203804874010181.jpg]
What are some ways to get rid of an erection that don't involve ejaculation? Is there some way you can grip it make it go soft? How much putting ice on it? Something more than just thinking unsexy thoughts because erections aren't always sexual.
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1379550189633.jpg]
Would sex with full phimosis and a condom hurt ? >She is wet and its a lubed condom
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 40b.jpg]
Years of porn has seriously rotted my brain when it comes to turn ons and I can get into most anything from dirty ass to mouth to having my girlfriend fucked by my dog. What the fuck is "normal" anymore? Do people still have relationships based mostly around a blowie now and again, but mostly vaginal sex and cuddling?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1378653960946.gif]
So my crush and I were hitting it off pretty well for about 3 weeks, flirting with each other, we broke the touch barrier, etc. I asked her out last week and she said she didn't want it to be a rebound and needed to get over her last breakup and gave me a really close hug, in general I thought it went well. I wrote her a letter cause I don't have much time to see her during the day and she thanked me for it, basically I explained that I would be willing to wait so it works for both of us, and I can be a jerk sometimes, but I care about her. So I felt pretty confident over the weekend and kept hitting on her the next week. Her best friend called me and said I should stop because it seems like I'm being too confident and overbearing. I have some personality problems and I came off as stalkerish apparently but I don't want to at all. I really like her, and I know she likes me back, and I want it to work. How do I fix this mess, /adv?
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
This post is aimed mainly at people under 25. > Get money Money will solve all your problems in life and unless you live in the developing world you have very little excuse. I grew up to a working class, single mother and became obsessed with money VERY early. When I started high school I calculated that if my mother gave me £2 every school day for 5 years, that's £1,900. I got my older brother to buy me cigarettes and sold them at school, as well as chewing gum, body spray, snacks, drinks, at one point, I was even taking umbrellas to sell - all at excessive prices. Every Christmas and birthday, didn't ask for gifts, just money, my family weren't well-off but I would rather my mum gave me £50 than buy me £50 of shit I would use for 2 months. While young I worked on developing skills that would bring in an income outside of work (Computer repair, painting, building, plumbing, pet grooming, everything) and while in college made a lot of additional income that way. I'm not going to tell you everything I did, just wanted to make a point of being money-minded and save as much as possible. By the time I was 22 I bought my house outright, it's a cheap house in a pretty run-down, but low crime and quiet area for £75k. I now live rent free while me and my girlfriend bring home £2,000 from our minimum wage jobs, no kids or real debts. I'm paying my mother's mortgage, which means in a few years I'll own 2 homes. I believe if I did the same again, I could have 2 more properties before I'm 30. The point I'm making is, if you graft and grind it out now, you could be essentially retired or running a small business at 30-35, instead of working a shitty job until you're almost in your 70s, battling a mortgage and your kids college fund. Please excuse typos, typing on an iPad is a cunt.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1380162443407.gif]
Guys, I fucked up bad. I went too hard while flirting with this one girl. She's not ugly as sin or anything, but I'm really not feeling a relationship of any kind with her right now. I'm really trying to get with her friend, who I think likes me plenty. The first girl is really starting to come on to me hard, though. I don't want to make her feel like shit or anything, but she's not what I want right now. How do I get out of this unscathed?
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Hey guys, I need advice. So I'm out at a party right now, but I really don't enjoy it. I haven't been enjoying much lately. I came here with some friends. All I'm going to do is drink my self to the point of blacking out most likely. Already kinda drunk. Since this is 4chan and I know a lot of you guys are awkward shutins, how do you guys cope with these types of situations? I'm feeling like shit guys and I've been like this a lot lately. I need some help. Thanks.

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