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Threads added between 2013/11/20 and 2013/11/27

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8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1372162072382.jpg]
Has anyone here followed Remus's guide and gotten on autism bux? Could you tell us about your experience? Looking for some pro tips. Also autism bux general

Sitting on a girls lap, thoughts?

12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: billboy.jpg]
Hey guys, I have already posted this thread once, but only got one reply. Was hoping to get a bit more feedback if possible. What would you make of a guy sitting on a girl's lap? I have this female friend who I am quite attracted to, shes sat on my lap a couple of times, but last night when there were no seats she offered her lap for me to sit on. I obliged, but reluctantly because I could not help feeling as if sitting on a girls lap was somehow emasculating, reversing the role where she is the dominant/manly one in the situation. She was loving it, but I felt a bit uncomfortable after a while and got up. What do you make of this? Was this some kind of attempt to subtly dominate me? Is there any chance she feels any sexual attraction toward me? We have made out with each other before but that was a while ago. I know I am definitely over thinking this, but any answers appreciated.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Hey /adv/, so I lived my entire life in California, but last year my parents got divorced because my dad was an alcoholic. So my mom took her three kids (me the oldest, a boy and my two younger sisters) to Missouri because she used to live there and has family who live there. We moved in November and it was my senior year so I graduated at this new high school and made a few friends, most of them are in a lower grade. Now I finally got my life together out her; I got a job and my license and graduated. Now over the summer I lost all my friends because they all went in different directions while I chose not to go to college this semester and instea help my mom pay the rent. My problem right now is well... I feel stranded... I feel lonely, I have very few friends outside of work an they are younger than me so they annoy me. I find it very hard to meet women in this area considering it's so spread out compared to the regular suburbs I'm used to. I used to meet new people every day and hang out and go places and there was a nice mix of them, but here there is nothing... There are few women I meet or find attractive. There is one girl at my work I think may have a crush on me, but I'm afraid of making things awkward between us. Then I think about moving back, and that I could get an apartment with my friend and seeing everybody again but still feel stranded. Plus if I leave I leave all the new people I met which would make me and them miserable, but if I stay them I feel miserable. Right now I feel as though any action I make will have an end result of me becoming miserable, even if I become successful, please give me advice on how to feel better if possible.
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ops keyboard im gay.jpg]
How does one ask for a female store clerks number? Im not good with approaching women let alone ones that are working but I think me and her would get along well. >moved to new area a year ago >she works in the liquor store near me >worked a job near her store for a few months so I stopped by often for some beers, sometimes shes working and sometimes she isnt >we slowly small talk and now we chat a bit more each time we meet >introduced myself (swapped names) >didnt see her for a few weeks cause of new job so I was getting my drink on from another location >finally saw her again today and we chatted a bit more I know Im on her good side but I cant tell if she just wants to be an acquaintance or if she would be cool with hanging outside of work. She drives and doesnt live in my area so well probably never run into each other on the street.
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 9QpexUb.jpg]
Hey /adv/, anyone here suffer from tension type headaches? I don't know if this is just anxiety or what, but for about a year I've had a constant sensation of tightness and discomfort on top of my head, and around my eyes. The sensation isn't stationary, it moves around. Sometimes it's more intense than other times. I'm thinking it's anxiety, because I used to suffer from a similar sensation around my throat, and I made that go away by convincing myself it was just anxiety, and I needed to stop thinking about it, but this is a lot more intense, and harder to get rid of. I don't really want to start pill popping, because that's a dark road to go on, so I'm looking for some alternative advice.

Girlfriend on the vegetarian thing again

9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 640px-4x11_-_Crawl_Space_15.png]
>28 >Dating for about two and a half years now >Live together in apartment >About a year ago, tried to go vegetarian >Threw out all our meat and made me only buy veggies >Eat only vegetables for a month >Eventually, she fell off the bandwagon and ended up eating three whole quarterpounders with cheese on our couch and crying >Cut to last week >She's doing it again Jesus Christ, is there any way to make her not do this shit

thinking of moving to a micro-nation

16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1379749595634.jpg]
>Image not related, Well it is to the point of a new frontier that doesn't have the restrictions that are impose now. But anyway, i'm thinking about becoming a citizen of a micro-nation and moving there because they seem to offer more freedom rather than oppression. and i just want your advice on the subject? i'm in Aus if that helps.
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1373300331092.png]
Looking for a male perspective on things. I've recently been displaying symptoms of pregnancy, getting a test on PaydayFriday. Neither my partner or I have ever had a desire to reproduce but have talked about it in the past (outcome: I wouldn't abort, no moral issue, just don't wish to play with nature. He'd stick around and give it a fair try but doesn't see himself being happy in the long run) I wouldn't want to worry/stress him over nothing if it turns out to be nothing, but also wouldn't want to have kept it from him if it turns out I am. We're generally very open and honest with each other but he's had a lot of stress lately as it is so don't want to pile it on even more. Would you rather know of the possibility, or have it hidden from you until the facts are available?


1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 540656_10150659195562624_985815264_n.jpg]
Does anyone know anything about how the brain works? For example, I have noticed that whenever I am about to say something horrible to someone, for example "Your a dumb ass piece of shit" or something and seriously mean it, then my mind seems to make this odd lapse that I can feel. It is difficult to explain and describe. Does anyone else feel this? Or does anyone know why this happens? Pic unrelated
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: -5882817242197713840.jpg]
Complex situation: I met my 41 year old ex bf at work a year ago. He was a line cook and I worked as a dishwasher. This july in a drunken frenzy he told me he loved me and has for a while. Background; he was living with his wife and two kids. She cheated on him, he got drunk and smoked weed all the time. This party was occuring at their house. (cont.) He his wife to be with me. He claimed he loved me all along,, he just wasnt sure what a girl like me would wanfrom him as he has a lot of baggage. (yet a couple of weeks prior he was telling people at work his count of partners is over a 100 and that he cheated on his ex wife with a hooker). Anyways, he moved out to his good buddys house. I followed him there to live with him. We were in love, he told me of all his future goals involving me, him wanting to take me travelling. How we were meant to be and we had a lot in common. Months went by. I started to have my uncertainties with him, fixated on him looking at girls the wrong way because of a sub conscious thought of him and his count. He was still loved me dearly, always showering me with affection. Recently I started to notice some slips. He drank ALOT and always wanted to do different drugs, I didnt mind but his angry, irrational side came out.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 2012-01-08 18.42.38-1.jpg]
only got 20 minutes here but i need someone to tell me that i did the right thing >like girl for year and a half >lets call her charlie >dates one of my friends for half a year >i stop being friends with him, they break up >still hang out, kind of text, go on late night adventures once in a while >make new bro friend >told me he likes her too for around the same time frame, lets call him Rob >i flirt with other girls, she flirts with other guys >both get really drunk at party last weekend >we confess our feelings and find out we both had feelings for each other >ask her what we are now >wants to like me but cant because of rob liking her too and doesnt want to hurt him >told her its too weird to be friends now and remove her from my life did i do the right thing? i see her everyday on campus and i keep thinking about that time we kissed
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: OOrWk3s.jpg]
Preventing shoe/sock smell. Advice?
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1372270385800.jpg]
I'm a pussy. Whenever a situation that requires quick thinking comes around, I can't think or do anything. What do?
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1011449_539650552759684_2(...).png]
This chick has taken a keen interest in me but I have a shit body and I'm really embarrassed about it. (She's a cardiobunny and I'm skinnyfat). I lose all my confidence when I'm around her, it sucks and it's going to ruin everything. I often question the genuinity of her feelings towards me because I have negative thoughts about myself. Advice, please?
53 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: problems.jpg]
I made a thread a couple days ago about asking out this chick...I've never asked a girl out before, but decided to man the fuck up. I asked her out after class and she rejected me. Now I thought I still had a chance...this was from judging from her reaction, and the fact that she just might not have been asked out much and just panic reacted. Heres how it went: >after class, notice her by herself, take a deep breath and make a move >"hey...are you busy this weekend?" >"no anon, whats up?" >"I'm going to see a movie tomorrow night, do you come with?" >her face has a surprised look and she stammers out "idk...I might have guests over" >"ok thats no problem, how about sometime this week?" >"i..idk..I'd have to check" >"okay, sounds good. let me know" As I turned away I saw her flash a smile. Now the consensus was I had no chance...so I moved on. The rejection felt good...at least better then never having tried, so I was at peace. Then she sent me an email today, apparently she had been trying to text me but my phones out. She wants to go out. What...the..fuck..do I do?..... I wasn't prepared for this shit. God damn it...now a movie sounds like such a lame idea. Fuck. I have to go out with someone guys. I almost wish I was back to my dreadful existence before this.

Seeking Advice.

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 86489.jpg]
My friend wants to know if i am going to move out of the state with him in a few month when he leaves and I am having trouble deciding what to do. We have dated on and off over the last four years, the last time ending about a year ago this month. He still acts like my boyfriend even though he doesn't tell me he loves me anymore. I know he has issues being committed, not because of other people, but feeling "stuck" bugs him. We still sleep together, but i know he wouldn't ask me to go with him just because of that. This move could open up a lot of opportunities for me. I can think of several reasons to go, but there are really two things holding me back. One being my family, as i would miss them, and last time i moved out i was still within the state. The other is him. How ironic. I feel like this is a turning part in our lives, and i don't want to "chase" him half way across the country where i have no family, only to watch him fall in love with someone else. He says he wouldn't do that to me, but honestly i don't believe him, you can't help being in love. Neither of us are ready to be together again at this point, but i don't want to let go of him either. I want to go with him, but i am afraid. How do i go about making the right choice? I don't feel like I can talk to him about this stuff, I am not ready to, but I need to make a choice. He says he would feel bad leaving me behind, but he can't stay here. I know he can't, I won't ask him to do that. I think I would regret not going the rest of my life, but how do i know if i am making a "childish decision" or doing what is right for me? I appreciate any advice, thanks for reading.
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: go_sejuani_go__by_kukon-d(...).jpg]
Legal/Chase Banking advice pls timeline:Last week I go to transfer my last 11$ to a roomies bank account so I dont have to go to teller, he gives me cash. I check a few days later, 45 in the negative. Something I bought at mcdonalds took a whole month to go through, making me think I had 11, when I really had 3. I go into the negative from wire transfer=35$ overdraft fee. 15 a week until Im in black again. what do?
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: You+really+think+someone+(...).jpg]
how do you start a conversation with someone you dont know. if im already talking to them im fine i just cant start it. i feel like going up and saying "hi im anon" is awkward and ends in them introducing themselves and then a weird silence. pic unrelated
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: url.jpg]
Im making some tacos but I only have one pack of seasoning but i need 2 for that amount of beef that i need to cook, so do you think curry powder will do the trick, or a fajitas seasoning pack?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: gkj.png]
so, i'm not too great at keeping friends. i tend to abandon people because i don't form close bonds with them, and i know that out of all the people in the world, i can find people close enough to them to take their place, or ones that are even better. i have a friend that thinks i'm (pretty much) a sociopath and a narcissist, but i think he may be overreacting. i think i'm just too detached because my circumstances hinder my ability to get close and stay close with people. is it really so bad to just want to have temporary friends? pic very much related. i'm the grey.

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