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Threads added between 2014/01/08 and 2014/01/15

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14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: hk_ATT4Chan720_320x240.jpg]
How do I embed youtube videos to 4chan, please?
108 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Lighthouse.jpg]
my girlfriend's boyfriend texted me photos of my girlfriend with his jizz on her face. it didn't bother me before that they dated but seeing it depressed me. she can't comfort me because she's fucking depressed he's been sending them around. she's even taking it out on me sometimes. what do?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1282279325298.jpg]
Alright /b/ have a question for you: How do I convince my girlfriends mom to let her live with me and another male roommate. She's not okay with it for religious reasons however it would make rent about 100 dollars cheaper for everyone if she lived with us. >Money won't convince her >Mom pays for college so have to have her agree >Even if we break up we'd still want her to live with us we have an open relationship. >Pic Unrelated
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: goldenshawl-susanlyon-40b(...).jpg]
Hello guys, im really lost here and in need of relationship advice. Pardon me in advance if my English is bad. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years today. The first year went perfectly, we were both at school and couldn't be more in love. Saw each other very frequently. The second year is when it started to get bad. She started a new job, and didn't leave any time at all for me. Not seeing her for a month was not unusual. Most of the time it was 2 weeks. What bothered me the most is that she never offered to see me, i was always the one who had to propose. After a while i confronted her about it of course, and she said she was going to make some efforts. Usually she made some efforts for like 2-3 days and then it was back to normal. This frustrating situation continues until about 1 month ago, i give her a solid confrontation about it and threaten to leave her. Afterwards she said the fear of losing me made her realize how much she loves me etc and for the past month, she seems to be making some efforts, its far from perfect however. For example last week i proposed to come visit her but she said it just wasn't a good timing, whatever that means. Now today was our 2 year anniversary and we have not seen each other for more than a week so i was expecting we would do something together. Turns out she left 2 days ago to see her parents, that live 2 hours away, without even telling me. So i got really mad and felt left out. cont//
18 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Alright, so I think that it's fair to say this board gets a lot of questions regarding dating, so how about we focus this into one thread? TO KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED: If you have a question, add an image to your post If you are answering, don't post an image Most importantly, be nice.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Capture.png]
When going hanging out with a girl for the first time (the only things you know about her are her name, job, and what area she lives in) what are some casual, but not boring things to do? I live in a town where there are movie theaters, bars/cafes, and bowling. Not much else. Pic unrelated, too "romantic".
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1196sg6.gif]
Any of you guys have experience with depositing money in checking accounts? Someone deposited money in my account, he asked me how much money I have in my account so he knew it was the right one-does this mean he also has access to information like what I buy and where I but it? Thanks.
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1545609_10202337901345511(...).jpg]
Help me /adv/. It's been three months but the pain is still so fresh and I try to sleep and end up conjuring these awful masochistic thoughts about him with her and his fb profile just popped up in suggested friends and I felt instanauseous. I don't even want him back anymore but I can't stop ruminating. I had sex the other day and burst out in tears during because I kept thinking is this what the rest of my life is gonna be like, what if I never fall in love again. What if I can't fall in love again. And what if I do fall in love, but not as much as I did with him. Do I just wait it out? Is there anything I can do?
30 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Amy-Lee-2010-120.jpg]
My wife is straight for all intents and purposes and reasonably vanilla, but has a wicked crush on Amy lee, the lead singer of Evanescence. She isnt interested in other women, but she has dirty dreams etc about Amy, even wrote a story or two about it. She tells me about them and I dont mind (one of those stories is actually pretty fucking hot) but how obsessed over one woman can she be before she has to classify as bi in all honesty? Or is this just some kinky outlet of hero worship. Pic related.
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: DSC05780.jpg]
Hi, /adv/. Im here for the first time, i really need a fucking advice. Anyway, im 33 y/o, momentarily single(gf are not the issue), quit my job day before yesterday, quit with my ex-gf about 6 months ago. My problem is that I want to be locked in a comfy room with a good PC and a fast flat internet. It's all i need really, im hooked on subutex(i got that covered), benzos and I really like those Monster Ripper beverages(i know, but Im truly 33 y/o). So the problem is, i dont owe any apartment, flat, house or the sort. So, if I want to play vidya and hang out on the intarweb I have to work my job(im a pro cook, not some spatula flipper but a chef in a high end restaurant) and that demands a lot of talking to other people(thing i dont like) and a lot of body movement(also dont like, im not fat or anything, i just like slow tempo but my job and my suroundings dont give me that, its always hectic and stressful) - i just want to be in a warm comfy room -all i need is coffee, cigarettes, good PC, good flat intarweb, a little food(im a cook so I do wonders with a very little cash) -i have weekly dosage of drugs for free, i would pirate the games I want to play So, the problem is the money(money for rent, money for internet,sometimes to upgrade my PC,food,cigs and coffee ). As far as I can see some people have succeeded in that, they don't work and live and play all day. I can acquire money but if I work its usually 12 hours per day so when i come in to my rented app i'm to tired and to fucked up to relax ,also I have to spend money on good clothes, daily shit etc... I know there must be a way to get all that without work (or very little or easy work), im really modest here. Im probably lazy but nothing truly interests me except vidya, movies, books and web(i dont care about fast cars, women, good clothes, go out etc...)
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
I need some advice guys. i met this really cool girlwhile oberseas,well, re-met we were childhood friend, anyway after a few months I started developing feelings for her. I told her, and she said she felt the same way. Great. Except she has a boyfriend. We went on a date yesterday and while I am infatuated with her and I know she is with me. I felt uncomfortable a few times, we made out at the end since I couldn't help myself, and it was great, I'm really happy and am in the whole "picturing our life together" phase. But then I think about. >The split second I saw her phone and she had like twenty unreplied to texts from her boyfriend >How she's keeping me a secret from her parents and brother >How despite being cheated on I've become "the other guy" What do I do? What have I done? What should I continue to do?
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: how.gif]
I don’t know what to do about this girl. We’re both 22 and recent college grads. We dated for about 6 months; I broke up with her when I moved out of town because I think long distance relationships are miserable. We got along really well, we have a lot of the same interests and enjoy hanging out together. She is a no bullshit kind of girl, lets me know exactly what’s wrong if she’s feeling down, and is totally rational in any argument that we have. She does suffer from depression, so sometimes when she’s upset about something she’ll just say she needs a few hours to think things over and cool off. Honestly her personality is everything I could hope for in a woman. She understands my humor and really thinks I’m a fucking rad dude. We have inside jokes, spent nights cuddling under the sheets watching movies, cooking together, and fucking like hyenas. She was an amazing person to me. She was open to talk about ANYTHING, would give me post sex massages, you name it. She basically became a lover and a best friend, the kind of person you’re comfortable sharing your darkest thoughts and most embarrassing secrets with. Our current situation is that I’m hundreds of miles (8 hour drive) away but she still has strong feelings for me and tells me she misses me all the time. We chat often; we even skyped last night to watch “Chinatown” together. And honestly, I miss her too. This is where the problem comes in, and I want you advice on. I’m conflicted if I should get back together with this girl. My reasons to be conflicted will be in the next post because I’m not sure how much I can cram into the OP
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1383100335168.jpg]
Hey /adv/ I need your opinion on something. I'm a 24 year old loser with >no job >no skills >never went to college >have anxiety >have health problems (IST,IBS, and Possible PCOS) >isolated and have no friends living with boyfriend as basically the house wife. I make sure to cook, clean, take care of the house, things I suppose I should be doing since I've got nothing else to contribute. Getting to the point I realize how shit I am. Boyfriend and I fight all the time, tells me he doesn't want me around, then apologizes and says he's sorry. Get mad if I ask him to put away he own mess. (Like just pick up his plate off the table.) Freaks out, ect. Don't even leave the house much anymore because he also has anxiety which ends with getting yelled at most of the time. I want it to work since it's been six years. But to be honest I see no way out, I've got no skills, no job, no real goal in life, I can be an irrational/emotional but try to apologize or think about how to handle it better, but I'm scared. I've been debating killing myself for a long while now, but haven't yet because both my bf and my mother constantly tell me I'm the only thing they have to live for. /adv/ is it too late for me to turn around my life? I'm so tired of everything, I'm scared to attempt to get my shit together. This coming thrusday I'm suppose to go to my local college before my friend's funeral and look into applying but I don't even know it it's really worth it. Every day feels the same, I don't enjoy anything anymore, I'm not allowed to complain or cry in my ever day life with out extreme back lash. I've had to man up my whole life. I think I've finally reached my breaking point. Should I keep going or should I just been done with it all? This is something I've gone back and forth with for the past 7 or 8 years. Does it really ever get better?
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1384459791156.jpg]
I have 55k debt, I have a need for a second job, no work is below me. I have tried retail/ mcdonalds in a reasonable area, I work nights fri-sunday fulltime. Where else can I find employment mon-thursday or a different source of income that can help me improve my life?

Shrooms and indoor tripping SHROOM THREAD!

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1350738812460.jpg]
/adv/ help! This is a different kind of advice thread. I'm not down on my luck (not the subject of this thread anyways) nor am I having any girl issues (or any girls at all) but here's what I'm wondering. I have 3.5g of some shrooms. I've done them before, but mostly outside in the summer. It's winter and it's fucking -10F here. That isn't bad really, but not warm enough to go out and about. My questions are thus: Should I eat my shrooms indoors, at like 9pm, and go for a lights out movie trip or other activities? Wait until the weather warms up and daytrip outside? Tell me about your experiences of tripping inside vs. outside, as well as tripping from different species of shrooms, wet vs. dry. Share trippy, HR pictures if you can, let's keep the conversation going!

Dealing with low-self esteem

0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ioioioio.jpg]
Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a girlfriend.. I've been talking to this one girl for about two weeks now and she seems interested, but the problem i'm having is I haave this constant depression and low self esteem, I always get thoughts like "I wont be good enough" "I'll fail on the first date" "She'll cheat on me because im not good looking enough".... Anyone else go through similar things? thanks for any help
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: [chivalry intensifies].gif]
>Be 19 >Hitting the 2oh in a couple months >Just recently had my first proper romantic experience >Didn't even lose my v-card with the girl, went out a few times, kissed a lot, then lost interest and stopped bothering to call her So... where should I go from here? I mean, suddenly the whole idea of getting a gf and having sex being so important suddenly doesn't seem so important. And I'm just free to chill and enjoy myself, no pressure, whatever happens happens. But one thing perplexes me: Why did I lose interest? Girl was hot, nice, we got on well I just didn't feel any sort of proper feelings for her. I could go have a wank and suddenly I wasn't bothered about seeing her anymore Is that normal?

Never date a beatdown

0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: MGWpage.jpg]
I was with this woman Michelle Gordon. When i first met her she gave me a package to mail out from a "friend" who turned out to be her previous boyfriend. No big deal right? she then later told me that he had killed himself over his exwife taking custody of his daughter. Ok,that's horrible to here right? He died between March 5th and March 7th since i started talking to her on the 5th and Facebook shows they were talking on there the same day. so she met me for the first time on the 7th after talking for a few days. I saw her and her sister discuss how she was upset over his death...the package i sent out was to New Jersey and the guy who killed himself was from Pittsburgh. Anyways i later asked her about the package and she told me that this James Brooks was the same man who killed himself and i was a horrible person for bringing it up. Now go back and know i knew he was still alive since i easily found him on MeetMe and Facebook and as of 12/30/2013 he was still posting online. Tell me what the big deal was about lying about it? Was it because he was married and she got caught by his wife? she sent Ms.Gordon and threatening facebook private message stating to stay away from her husband and that they have a child. So she came up wioth cover story to hide the fact he was married by faking his death? It makes no sense. Something wasn't right. Now about a month after i was with her, her Dad told me that the reason he left is because he ran out of money and his daughter uses men for Money and that i should hide my money. Hahah if all of that didnt come true. Within the first month i had loaned out $3000 and was told i'd be paid back by ms. gordon She still keeps a very active dating profile on Meetme.com http://www.meetme.com/member/7368788 what is my best option to recover all the money i was never paid back?
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: wattt.jpg]
So uh, I got random nudes about 20ish minutes ago. And I'm pretty fucking happy. Though they were to show an injury. So I don't really know if she wants it or not >Been friends for a long ass time >Had a few sexual encounters, never went too far though >She went ice skating today, and fell, bruised her chest >Randomly, hadn't talked to her in about a week >Get a text message >Open it up >Titties (though covered up nipples) >Eyes widen does she want it?

Apparently porn skews the expectations of men towards women?

39 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: dre_tst.jpg]
I hear a lot about this. I am a male and I consume a lot of porno. I like porno a lot. However, so many people have told me that porno changes how the male mind sees women. Is this true? I don't really feel like my mind has changed. They say "You will forget what a real woman looks like." SO I ask you /adv/.. what does a real woman look like? Does porno really skew how I feel about women? I mean to me, a real woman looks like this. Just one version of a real woman. I know there are different types of women out there. I think what a lot of women think is that in porno.. all the women are huge breasted and blonde and whatever else. That isn't the case. IN fact, most of the porn I watch has women who look very average in it. What is a real woman? Also, do you think the opposite is true? Does porn fuck with a womans views on men and what a real man looks like naked? What does a real woman look like naked and what does a real man look like naked?

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