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/adv/ Advice

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Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:35:48 No.11497314

[Missing image file: 1299748805906.jpg]

Hi /adv/,

For reasons that I'd rather not name, I'd like to kill myself painlessly. I am aware of the usual anti-suicide arguments, but they really do not apply to me. This is only to speed along the inevitable, but painlessly instead.

I live in the UK, so methods such as guns are not really viable. I'd also like to leave my family at as little risk as possible, so carbon monoxide poisoning would be a no-go.

Can /adv/ help me out at all? Potassium Cyanide seems like a good idea (See picture), but I have no idea how to get a hold of this in England.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:38:25 No.11497324
Potassium Cyanide will cause you to choke on your own blood and die slowly.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:41:33 No.11497337
>Die painlessly and quickly.
Biggest. Pussy. Ever.
I can't stand you fucking people, leave the world the way you entered it, covered in your own blood, shit and piss, screaming. Die in style for fuck sake, set yourself on fire, a high speed chase and subsequent crash. Be creative.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:42:32 No.11497340

Regardless of how it is, the few moments before death will be terrifying enough, I don't want to add pain to it.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:44:06 No.11497350
Why not car crash? Make it look like an accident.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:44:37 No.11497355

BasementDweller 2013-01-19 20:45:39 No.11497359
Like I said, biggest. Pussy. Ever.
Do you want to go out of this world quickly and silently, being remembered as that pussy who couldn't take it and took the cowards way out OR as the crazy motherfucker who raged against the darkness?
If you want the former, get registered for a shotgun ("Hunting" etc), point it towards your head and give yourself both barrels. Almost 100% level of lethality and instantaneous.
Say Hi to Kurt while you're there.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:47:24 No.11497368

It's a bit risky, and I don't really want to cause problems for other road users.


Not really sure how I'd go about to do this, I would be noticed and someone would try to intervene.


I'll cope with being a pussy.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:50:32 No.11497392
we got a tough guy over here.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:52:53 No.11497414
Shoot up a gram of Heroin. At least it's gonna feel good.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:54:29 No.11497428

I don't have the slightest clue where to get heroin from in my area.

BasementDweller 2013-01-19 20:56:25 No.11497438
Tough Guy? Far from it.
It seems to be counter productive to act like a tough guy while calling myself 'BasementDweller'.
My point is, if you're going to off yourself, do it in an interesting heart racing way.
None of this "Carbon monoxide hose attached to exhaust pipe" bullshit.

BasementDweller 2013-01-19 20:57:14 No.11497445
Join a hunting club.
Acquire Firearm - Disregard life.
Also film in, seriously, there isn't enough gore in the world.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:57:49 No.11497448
I don't know how far you watched, but my point with that video is that there apparently exists a good way to die.
Replace the oxygen you're breathing with helium or nitrogen. Google exit bag.

There's an info graphic floating around, suggestion you can buy party balloon helium on amazon, but some anon pointed out that that is really low grade helium, so who knows how much oxygen or other crap is in it.

What i'm trying to figure out now is how to discretely get a hold of high grade helium or nitrogen.

But that shotgun approach seems like it would work too.

Or eat a fuckton of painkillers and cut open your arm.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:58:01 No.11497449
I can guarantee you that getting heroin anywhere can't be hard.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:59:03 No.11497456

[Missing image file: Yoh-Asakura-shaman-king-3(...).jpg]
>Biggest. Pussy. Ever.
I can't stand you fucking people, leave the world the way you entered it, covered in your own blood, shit and piss, screaming. Die in style for fuck sake, set yourself on fire, a high speed chase and subsequent crash. Be creative.
I don't even know what to say to you.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 20:59:18 No.11497458

Yes, but I'm killing myself for reasons other than entertainment for my family who will find me, and for some reason I think they'd miss the humor if I headbutted the pathement to death.


I think someone would notice the deliveries and I'd prefer not to be saved half way through. Also, again, I can't get a shotgun in the West Midlands too easily.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:01:50 No.11497469
Is the cyanide route undoubtly real? Like could a different brand that you buy from the jewler effect the process in which you would die or not die?

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:02:31 No.11497473
Share your secrets brah.

BasementDweller 2013-01-19 21:02:47 No.11497474
>headbutted the pathement to death
See, that's what I'm talking about.
Even I didn't think of that. I'm impressed.
But I digress, if you cared about your family/friends you wouldn't be killing yourself.
Do you have any idea what your death will do to those who love you? It will mentally fuck with them and may even drive them to suicide.
Not that I'm one to judge, don't live your life just so other people will be happy.
But I'm rambling.
"You despicable wretched fuck" sounds good.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:03:56 No.11497480


Seems pretty lethal.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:06:56 No.11497495

[Missing image file: shotgun_595.jpg]
>can't get a shotgun in the West Midlands too easily.
>too easily
It's england for fucks sake. How hard can it be?
If you're not willing to apply yourself a little, then yeah i understand why you want to die, but you're not ready for it.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:07:08 No.11497496
It can kill you, but most of the time you throw it back up.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:08:51 No.11497503
Lethal yes, but from what i'm given to understand it's anything but painless.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:09:13 No.11497505

The amount of time it would take to get the shotgun through application etc. is not favorable to a quicker method.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:13:57 No.11497531
I meant in the way described to obtain the cyanide, could the cyanide be "low grade" as someone said above describing helium and lack the necessary amount to be able to sucessfully die and not like lets say, wakeup brain dead or whatnot and causing ur loved ones to care for just a shell of what was once you

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:15:04 No.11497540

I'm not sure. I imagine that the purity of it does matter though.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:16:02 No.11497544
What pain could there be involved with the cyanide?

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:16:34 No.11497549
Then i suggest the quicker method. Thread over.

Even the shotgun method is faster than lurking 4chan until you die of old age.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:19:47 No.11497562

Not when you have to wait months for the gun.

Anonymous 2013-01-19 21:22:58 No.11497570
It's like a massive stroke.

Fuck you. I've been lurking 4chan for years and i ain't dead yet.

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