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Anonymous 2013-05-23 03:56:41 No.12323236

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I am an alcoholic. How do I sop being one on my own without interventions or counselors?

Anonymous 2013-05-23 04:01:32 No.12323277

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You're not gonna be able to do it alone, man. I know that sucks, but there's a reason the first step in the 12 step program is admitting you have a problem. You're not admitting it to yourself, you're admitting it to others.

You gotta open up to a trusted friend or family member and let them know you want to stop drinking. Ideally, it's someone you have a lot of contact (or can initiate a lot of contact) with. They'll need to help you along the way and keep an eye on you, because, as an addict myself, I'm here to tell you that while it's good to have faith in yourself, you can't always trust yourself to make the right decision when you're alone.

Anonymous 2013-05-23 04:02:33 No.12323285
Probably the worst way to end an addiction but if you have plenty of it you can make it through anything.
Other then that find something that will traumatize you so hard it will make you want to turn your life around or replace your old addiction with a new one, albeit a positive addiction like being part of a church or community

Anonymous 2013-05-23 04:10:34 No.12323341
>replace your old addiction with a new one
That shit can work, but it's obviously a dangerous path to follow. Church can make you stupid, and being a part of a community can make you a douche. But as this guy said, if you got some substantial willpower, you can do eet.

Anonymous 2013-05-23 04:18:00 No.12323415
You don't. If you really want to stop go get some help.

Anonymous 2013-05-23 05:17:00 No.12323819
I'm borderline and I've got to believe this can be done without help from others.

I smoked cigarettes for 10 years and quit cold turkey 3 months ago. So I think I can quit alcohol but just haven't had a lot of luck. But here's what I'm planning next OP, maybe some of it will sound good to you. Its the same deal as a cigarette quit:

1. Pick a stop date. If you are going to be fighting DT's get yourself leveled down to the point that you aren't in physical danger on the stop date. Physical discomfort is ok.

2. Make a list of the things you like about drinking. Start planning other things to satisfy those needs at your stop date. For me, I tried substituting a sugary seltzer and a snack at the same time I was normally drinking and that seemed to help. Or at least, I recognize now my body is partially expecting an upswing in sugar during the evening due to drinking.

3. Have an exercise plan. Don't go balls out. Some people try going nuts and maybe that works for them. I found about 30 minutes of cardio most days the week to be the sweet spot.

4. If the urge is overwelming, give yourself 5 minutes before leaving for the store/bar. Wait 5 minutes before turning on that car engine.

5. Understand you are going to be retraining your lower conciousness and its going to try everything to fuck you over. Its going to make perfect sense to have a drink. You have to know beforehand this is going to happen. You have to know that, even when it makes perfect sense, you are getting fooled by your lower mind.

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