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Anonymous 2015-05-14 01:50:02 No.15735497

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So. Im a loser. Ive come to the realization im a loser. Im 18 and i have a GED. I have no experience at actual work. I dont know what im going to do for college. Im pretty sure i just hurt my girlfriend really badly and i ran away to this stupid website for some life advice. What do i do. Whats my first step?
>pic not really but some what related

Anonymous 2015-05-14 01:55:54 No.15735526
Well you're off to a good start realizing you're a dumbcunt.
Most 18 year olds think they're the toppest shit.

Anyways, things to do
1) Get a job.
Apply not to the jobs you want, but to the jobs that are available. Dishwasher, busboy, kitchen bitch. That type of thing.If you can show up on time, you're practically guaranteed.
2) University.
Start down a path for a lucrative future. It doesn't need to be fancy, but something you know you'll get money out of. Good at math? Go business. Good at memorization? Go biology. Find something practical so that when you graduate, you can finally quit your shitty food industry job.
3) Girlfriend
They come and go. Don't get hung up on one. But also don't be a callous cunt. Remember that she's another person, just like you. She feels the same as you do. Be the better man and put yourself out there emotionally. It'll hurt sometimes, yeah, but sometimes, you can find someone who really cares and then it's all worth while.

Now go out there and do it. Remember that nothing is forever. Neither success nor failure.

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