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Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:05:30 No.11525510

[Missing image file: depressed-girl (1).jpg]

What the hell do I do now?

I never got a job in the buisness I'm educated for so after a 1 year of unemployment I finally got a job as a cleaning lady. I have managed on the thin pay for almost a year but some weeks ago I got this rash on my right hand. I think I'm allergic to rubber. I can't afford to look it up so I've tried to treated it on my own but nothing seems to work. And I read that probably the only way for it to go away is to stop wearing gloves meaning I can't work with cleaning.

I got almost no money left and the mere though of looking for job or move back home can get me to hyperventilate. I don't want to go though that shit again.

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:15:32 No.11525586
Are you using latex gloves? Then dont use latex gloves...

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:17:25 No.11525602

The problem is that is seem like almost all the gloves are using some kind of latex och rubber or chemicals that can make things worse

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:18:52 No.11525611

wear cotton gloves with latex free gloves over them

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:19:27 No.11525616
buy a prednisone cream (it's cheap), if it's allergy it will go away if it get's worse it's probably some kind of bacteria
also, buy another kind of gloves

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:27:14 No.11525687
you could put your work gloves on leather gloves or what ever
it'll be hot though

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:30:33 No.11525710
if you're educated but a cleaning lady, you must be educated in how to work for McDonald's, huh?
O wait I bet you got your BA in Art. Fuck your life.
Just use your feet to scrub until the rash disappears

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:30:38 No.11525711

Since it's not going away I'm starting to guess it's some sort of bacteria infection.

Have to work to be able to go to the doctor, get worse if I work. fml

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:32:29 No.11525725
i'm allergic to latex. nitrile gloves are readily available, cheap, and can be ordered in bulk. if you can get documentation of a latex allergy, you could arrange it so that the company would need to supply you with nitrile gloves. but honestly, they're not that expensive. you can probably get them at wal-mart.

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:33:11 No.11525730

I applied for McD but they got a lot of applications so I never got longer than an interview. I'm really not picky with job unless it's selling things

Anonymous 2013-01-23 20:34:20 No.11525737

I'm from Sweden but I'll look for something similar here, thanks

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