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Anonymous 2015-05-14 09:32:54 No.15736744

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hi there, sorry for the long text.
I've been in a relationship for over a year now but I haven't felt happy about it lately. It's not that he's doing something wrong, he's a good friend and a caring boyfriend, but I don't have feelings for him anymore.

Lately I'd rather stay at home than to be with him. In the past, if spent 3 days or so without seeing him I'd miss him a lot, but now, even if I don't see him for a while, when I'm with him I always want to go home.

I want to break up with him, but I feel sad knowing it'll hurt him. I've been gradually giving him less attention so it doesn't come out of the blue, we barely talk now...

Last night he went out with his friends and in the morning I saw he had talked to me through facebook. He was obviously drunk because most of the words were misspelled. It said "I just want you to love me, please tell me you love me once in a while".

I don't know what to do... If I tell him I love him I'll be leading him on, yet I can't just reply to him I don't love him. Besides, that conversation will probably pop up when I'm with him and I'll be forced to tell him what's going on, but I have no idea how to break up with him, I know him, he'll start crying and begging for me to stay...

what should I do? I'm sad being in a relationship with him and I'll be sad to when I break up with him...

Anonymous 2015-05-14 09:37:00 No.15736753
Break it off before it gets worse. You're already leading him on by staying with him.

It hurts now but it'll hurt more later.

Anonymous 2015-05-14 09:48:04 No.15736770
I don't know how to start... If I replied to what it said it would lead to me breaking up with him and it would be easier, but it seems a rather cowardly act to break up with him online...

Anonymous 2015-05-14 10:35:44 No.15736884
had the same the last half year after 7 years of beautiful relationship, living together ond so on. even tried to get a child. then i felt same as you explained – did't really want to see her anymore without any real reason. i told her about every fear in me, that i am afraid of regretting later if we just go on, that i need to be alone more, also that i need to make other experiences before i can get in this fixed situation of life.
month of talking, laying in each others arms, crying. also i tried to see her with other eyes because i couldnt take it to hurt her so much.

nothing helped.

moved appart. she let me go, because she knew i have to. then after two month met again by coincedence, had crazy amazing sex. did't help.
know again two month later i know through freidns that she still isn`t really back in life what makes me really sad.


i know though all my trying, that there is no way out. its definitely a dilemma, there is no good way out. but you have to go.

your feels does not betray you.

and if you figure out while you be alone, that your need to be alone leaves you after half a year, there is still a possible way back. but don`t even think of tell him this now.

Anonymous 2015-05-14 10:41:25 No.15736895
there is nothing to change

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