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Threads added between 2013/02/06 and 2013/02/13

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From 2013/02/06 22:00 to 2013/02/07 04:00 (13)
From 2013/02/07 04:00 to 2013/02/07 10:00 (6)
From 2013/02/07 10:00 to 2013/02/07 16:00 (3)
From 2013/02/07 16:00 to 2013/02/07 22:00 (6)
From 2013/02/07 22:00 to 2013/02/08 04:00 (8)
From 2013/02/08 04:00 to 2013/02/08 10:00 (14)
From 2013/02/08 10:00 to 2013/02/08 16:00 (6)
From 2013/02/08 16:00 to 2013/02/08 22:00 (13)
From 2013/02/08 22:00 to 2013/02/09 04:00 (22)
From 2013/02/09 04:00 to 2013/02/09 10:00 (8)
From 2013/02/09 10:00 to 2013/02/09 16:00 (12)
From 2013/02/09 16:00 to 2013/02/09 22:00 (10)
From 2013/02/09 22:00 to 2013/02/10 04:00 (11)
From 2013/02/10 04:00 to 2013/02/10 10:00 (13)
From 2013/02/10 10:00 to 2013/02/10 16:00 (9)
From 2013/02/10 16:00 to 2013/02/10 22:00 (10)
From 2013/02/10 22:00 to 2013/02/11 04:00 (16)
From 2013/02/11 04:00 to 2013/02/11 10:00 (10)
From 2013/02/11 10:00 to 2013/02/11 16:00 (6)
From 2013/02/11 16:00 to 2013/02/11 22:00 (7)
From 2013/02/11 22:00 to 2013/02/12 04:00 (9)
From 2013/02/12 04:00 to 2013/02/12 10:00 (6)
From 2013/02/12 10:00 to 2013/02/12 16:00 (7)
From 2013/02/12 16:00 to 2013/02/12 22:00 (8)
From 2013/02/12 22:00 to 2013/02/13 04:00 (9)
From 2013/02/13 04:00 to 2013/02/13 10:00 (9)
From 2013/02/13 10:00 to 2013/02/13 16:00 (7)
From 2013/02/13 16:00 to 2013/02/13 22:00 (3)
From 2013/02/13 22:00 to 2013/02/14 04:00 (9)

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0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 7656451020_7cb0393215.jpg]
How can I ensure that I get an awesome rabbit? I grew up with my family breeding them, and only 3 of them were I guess 'okay'. But then I adopted some mini rex/harlequin mix and it was the most badass rabbit I've ever heard of. He wasn't afraid of anything, would keep the cats and dogs in line, he would chase me and then turn around so I'd chase him back, he did fucking BACKFLIPS off walls and all sorts of crazy shit, if I didn't brush him he'd bring me his brush and if I still didn't he'd flip his brush over and rub himself on it, was well litter trained, had excellent aim at picking things up and whipping them around and basically he was just really fucking awesome in levels I had no idea rabbits could be. But I don't want to just get any rabbit who can't compete to even close what he was because I don't want a personality-less piece of crap like most of the rabbits I've known. What do? Should I try and foster rabbits until I find the 'one'? I feel like that would take a long time but I don't want to get a rabbit only to get stuck with something I think is boring.
13 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: puppy_shiba_inu.jpg]
Hey /an/, I never post here. I was wondering if you could give me some convincing arguments to my parents for me to get a dog? I really want a shiba inu but they argue about the mess, the cost, also having a dog in the house, stuff like that. I could certainly use the company though. The main problem to me is that I don't know where I can get one, as I live in Northern Ireland. It's not quite Ireland, and it's not quite Great Britain. The Republic of Ireland would be my best bet for buying, right? Also, one more thing: I already have a cat and a dog (chihuahua), so I was wondering if they might have problems adjusting. Chihuahuas seem to be quite awkward with other animals. Thoughts?
2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
Looking to eventually adopt a ferret. ANY ADVICE FROM A PRESENT OR PAST FERRET OWNER?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358739123051.jpg]
>buy a new running ball for my rat >put the rat in it, left it outside so it can run around >forget about him >hot as fuck week, 38+ degrees >go outside 4 days later to hang the wet clothes >see her sun-fried body in a pool of her own blood rip scout

Marine Aquariums

4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: cp-farm-japanese-reef-tank.jpg]
Anyone here keep a reef aquarium? What are some of the most colourful/interesting fish and invertebrates?

Anyone like silly dog videos?

4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
22 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: m_094.jpg]
As I refuse to touch that goat thread a few pages back with a ten foot pole, how about another livestock general thread? The last one was really nice. I raise goats, sheep and pigs (potbellied, hereford) and keep llamas, alpacas, birds and a bunch of other crap. Just got in from disbudding/dehorning two goat kids. I have a question for the more pig-savvy people here, as I've only helped with a family member's pig farm and personally raised a couple of herefords and pot bellied; what breeds do you recommend, that are a bit unique but still practical? Something that isn't your generic big white pig, but can still be used. I'm currently looking at Mangalitsa hogs, but they may be illegal where I live and I'm a bit daunted by the task of butchering something with that much fat. I'm also looking at starting to raise Kunekunes, but they aren't eating pigs, which is what I want. I mean you could eat kunekunes but they're 300-500 as pets so it seems a little impractical.


0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: miciosole.jpg]
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1358565359799.jpg]
Hey /an/ons my city has too many children. I was thinking of adopting a pitbull, abusing it, then releasing it into the local playground to let nature take it's course. Sound like a good plan?
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
This ugly shit?!
8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Raccoon Winter2.jpg]
One of these little guys just had a seizure in my yard and got up and walked off. Should I call someone about this or just let it go?
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: survival-guide-2g3ithc.png]
Lets say that I was going to leave everything behind and venture out into the Washington State Wilderness and attempt to live off of nature for the rest of my days. What survival guides would you recommend, /an/? Note that I would be able to purchase supplies before hand.

Build a better mouse trap

4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tvad-pshot.jpg]
noticed a hole nibbled and husks next to bird seed bag, got some of these, set it up right next to it For the past week every day a little bit more gets eaten, half the tray of pellets is now gone, is this some super rat or some shit? Did the formula change since the 80's? one set of boxes lasted like 5 years, every few months you'd notice a tiny bit missing. never anything more
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: griptrex_black_Zoom.jpg]
Does /an/ have any opinions on dog shoes/boots? Recently I've noticed blood on my dog's paws after walking him. Sometimes he gets sores on his feet. One of these sores got infected and the dog had to be medicated. I'm thinking maybe some shoes would solve the problem. Do you have recommendations? Dog is full-grown male pitbull mix, 70 lbs, if that makes any difference.
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Golden-Retriever.jpg]
hey /an/ i need some advise. My puppy (4 months) normally has a growling stomach. however, tonight when i came home I realized it was a lot louder than before. right now his stomach is growling incredibly loud and has been for about 30 minutes. I fed him, but he hasnt ate yet, and hes pooped but nothing seems to be wrong with the stool. is this normal? my own small research says it could be bacteria in the intestines. He has an appointment with the vet thursday for his second shots so is it fine to wait til then? he doesnt seem to be in any pain at all, but he was looking a bit embarrassed sitting in a corner til i tols him to get on the bed with me. hes acting completely normal now though. pic isnt my dog btw, he is a cocker spaniel
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mallard_duck.jpg]
what kind of animals is this it says duck but i dont think it be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Dbo1PiqnA pic related, isn't this a duck?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: DSCN6938.jpg]
could someone identify the breed of my Leo? I don't know my morphs.
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: SAM_9477.jpg]
Anons, I need some help. I got a feather for 2 years or more. But I don't know from where it came from. Does anyone knows from which bird it came? The feather has different colors at each sides. So, here's the other side: http://i.imgur.com/E0TsM6w.jpg
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Curly Hair.jpg]
Hey /an/ I have recently taken an interests in tarantulas and am looking to purchase one (specifically Brachypelma albopilosum) What is a trusted website were one could purchase arachnids?
6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: WP_000213.jpg]
My cat has been, for about the last week not eating his food. He will not eat the kibble that he has eaten since he grew out of kittenhood, and I don't know why. He has recently been trying to get into the dog food. Does he like the consistency better? The size? I don't think him eating dog food is safe. His food has been swapped everyday in case it's just not a good batch. His mouth appears to be fine, and he seems to not have problems eating, just that he won't eat his own cat kibble. There have been no major changes in his life. What could be going on? What should I do? Here he is.

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