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/cgl/ Cosplay & EGL

Threads added between 2012/11/07 and 2012/11/14

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From 2012/11/07 22:00 to 2012/11/08 04:00 (26)
From 2012/11/08 04:00 to 2012/11/08 10:00 (12)
From 2012/11/08 10:00 to 2012/11/08 16:00 (11)
From 2012/11/08 16:00 to 2012/11/08 22:00 (17)
From 2012/11/08 22:00 to 2012/11/09 04:00 (23)
From 2012/11/09 04:00 to 2012/11/09 10:00 (11)
From 2012/11/09 10:00 to 2012/11/09 16:00 (10)
From 2012/11/09 16:00 to 2012/11/09 22:00 (3)
From 2012/11/09 22:00 to 2012/11/10 04:00 (7)
From 2012/11/10 04:00 to 2012/11/10 10:00 (10)
From 2012/11/10 10:00 to 2012/11/10 16:00 (12)
From 2012/11/10 16:00 to 2012/11/10 22:00 (12)
From 2012/11/10 22:00 to 2012/11/11 04:00 (19)
From 2012/11/11 04:00 to 2012/11/11 10:00 (13)
From 2012/11/11 10:00 to 2012/11/11 16:00 (5)
From 2012/11/11 16:00 to 2012/11/11 22:00 (10)
From 2012/11/11 22:00 to 2012/11/12 04:00 (22)
From 2012/11/12 04:00 to 2012/11/12 10:00 (17)
From 2012/11/12 10:00 to 2012/11/12 16:00 (6)
From 2012/11/12 16:00 to 2012/11/12 22:00 (15)
From 2012/11/12 22:00 to 2012/11/13 04:00 (19)
From 2012/11/13 04:00 to 2012/11/13 10:00 (10)
From 2012/11/13 10:00 to 2012/11/13 16:00 (6)
From 2012/11/13 16:00 to 2012/11/13 22:00 (9)
From 2012/11/13 22:00 to 2012/11/14 04:00 (10)
From 2012/11/14 04:00 to 2012/11/14 10:00 (6)
From 2012/11/14 10:00 to 2012/11/14 16:00 (1)
From 2012/11/14 16:00 to 2012/11/14 22:00 (5)
From 2012/11/14 22:00 to 2012/11/15 04:00 (8)

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298 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_md5cxwiYuM1qzt48xo1_1280.gif]
Why is she so in your face about her eating disorder? I have just never seen anybody publicize anorexia in such a way, and it makes me feel weird because I'd usually pity somebody like this. She must have already gone insane.

Jessica Nigri

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: JessN.jpg]
Hi /cgl/... where do I get all pics of her? >Jessica Nigri

School Girl Uniform

10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: SCHOOLIE.jpg]
Fem here. I love school girl uniforms (mostly japanese). I'm 18, and for reasons not up for discussion, I can only order from amazon. Posted is the most recently I ordered, please post any amazon links that you would like to see your gf/ a girl in. Thanks :D
24 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 4761279932_4477bdc852_b[1].jpg]
What do you think about dress codes at meet ups? Does your community have a "must wear lolita to meets" rule? Do you enjoy meet ups with your local lolis or do you run screaming in the other direction? General meet up discussion thread!
26 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1336242332664.jpg]
Can we get a animal people thread? Like girls and guys with cat/dog/fox/sheep/etc features, but not entirely furry? Pokemon Gijinka would work to, as long as they have ears and stuff. I'll post what I have, but it's mostly Horo/
3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: anime_love_quote_robert_frost_greet(...).jpg]
Hello fellow seagulls. Need your help here. My best cosplay bud and me, have birthdays that are the same weekend as two local conventions, so celebrating our birthday is very easy. For my last birthday, he put my gift (a nice larp cloak he made for me) in a Disney princess bag, along with a Hannah Montana birthday card. Even worst, I had a My little pony balloon attached to the bag. And he gave it to me, at the exit of the My little pony panel. As a 23 year old con photographer, who hates overrated fandoms and weaboos, I was very pissed, because he knew it would be a total embarrasment, even if I really liked the gift. I want to get revenge, and since, he might be a judge in our local masquerade. I want to give him his present in front of everybody. But I have no idea where to get annoying fandoms inspired present bags, etc. He hates Homestuck, Hetalia, magical girls, gay clamp characters, Lucky star, My little Pony and pretty much every annoying popular fandom of the moment. (We are hipsters in terms of tastes for anime and cosplays) My question is, do you know any website or artists that sell any fandoms greeting cards, bags, and the like, so i can humiliate him to death? Pic related
12 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: hnnnnngh.jpg]
Curious /v/irgin here, two questions. 1.) What is your opinion of crossplay, and 2.) Why are you ladies such cunts to each other?
1 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Spirit2_vector.jpg]
How could I make the mask and spikey hair?

Cosplay/lolita encounters in public

110 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Screenshot_2012-11-14-08-16-31.png]
Share your tales of when you were on the way to the con dressed up, and something weird happened. We were up and down Century Blvd all weekend because of PMX, and heard lots of "what are you wearing!?""is there some kind of party?"

Breaking the bank

68 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: piggybank.jpg]
What do some of you guys do to afford cosplay? Where do you work? where is your cosplay income coming from? Is selling your soul an option?
203 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1352920856865.jpg]
Hey /cgl/. What part of "you aren't welcome in our hobbies" don't you understand exactly? Regards, /v/.
76 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: manflan.jpg]
whatever happened to flan?
39 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: cccc.jpg]
Hey seagulls, let's play a game shall we?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tifa.jpg]
4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_lorr3vm3hy1qfypldo1_500.jpg]
I've been looking into lolita for over two years now, finally got a job, and am nearly deathly-afraid of coming off Ita. So far I got it down to no excessive lace, no milanoo, avoid super-busy prints, wear a petticoat and the works. The only thing I'm still not sure about is this: I got Chemotherapy in Febuary and have worn wigs ever since due to super patchy hair regrowth, instead of regular wigs though I typically pick bright and odd colors. Blues, pinks, greens. A lot of things I've read and seen say this is a no-no. Should I curb and start buying an abundance of "Normal people" wigs or can I work an outfit with "matching" hair and not find myself posted here?
189 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: squats.gif]
what do you look like /cgl/ ?
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mfwnoface.jpg]
me on a stroll~ hows my cosplay ?
131 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1320767416775.jpg]
Co ord thread bitches.

League of Legends Cosplay Thread

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Screen shot 2012-11-14 at 5.30.17 PM.png]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZHdd4fxI3c So there was an awesome League of legends cosplay group at Brisbane Nova this year. Post League cosplays please.
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 30106_original.jpg]
>Mary Magdalene curious jumper >Damage too button on attacheable bottom >56cm after removing the ruffle hem >Looking for $250 OBO What has she done to the poor dress? Also her username is jinglebooboo and she has zero feedback. Could she possibly be that kawaiibabybooboo scammer girl?

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