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Threads added between 2016/06/15 10:00 and 2016/06/15 16:00

Dutch Thread: "Weaboos at an Anime Convention" Edition

72 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Previous thread: >>9052024 In the previous thread we had a lot of post-Animecon discussion, mentioned an 29 year old Slender cosplayer who sexually harassed a girl, shared some exclusive behind the scenes information, that waifu car, ideas for an 18+ dealer room section and finally a lot of drama involving Pedro >>9055199 Convention news and agenda up to October: >Animecon 2017 will be held on June 10th till June 12th, Novotel rooms ales will start within three weeks. And yes, this has been confirmed by the staff. >Tomoplay (July 2nd & 3rd, Berghem) is a retro, card and board games related meetup. Tickets are €2,50 (€5,00 incl. bus). >Castlefest (August 5th - 7th, Lisse) is an outdoor fantasy convention. Tickets are currently on sale starting at €21,95 per day. >Abunai (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven) is the other big Dutch anime convention. Hotel rooms are sold out and day tickets are running low, so make sure to buy your tickets while you still can. >Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th - 28th, Amsterdam) is a comic convention much like DCC, only bigger better and stronger. Tickets start at €15. >Elfia (September 24rd - 25th, Arcen) is an outdoor fantasy convention held in Arcen. Tickets are €29.95 for the entire weekend. >Tomofair (October 1st - 2nd, Nijmegen) is an indoor market with bootlegs, cosplay, and overpriced snacks and will be held in Nijmegen. Tickets are €4 for Saturday and €3 for Sunday. >First Look (October 7th - 9th, Utrecht) is a gaming con. As in, the biggest in the Benelux. As in you already know what it is. >Imagicon (October 15th, Ede) is a Sci-Fi, horror and Fantasy convention and that's all I really know about it. Tickets are €17.50 >If there are any conventions or events I missed, which I did, feel free to post it in the thread and I'll include it in the next OP This threads (still) relevant Strawpoll: How much did you enjoy Animecon? http://www.strawpoll.me/10473331

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