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Threads added between 2013/07/10 and 2013/07/17

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From 2013/07/10 22:00 to 2013/07/11 04:00 (7)
From 2013/07/11 04:00 to 2013/07/11 10:00 (4)
From 2013/07/11 10:00 to 2013/07/11 16:00 (1)
From 2013/07/11 16:00 to 2013/07/11 22:00 (5)
From 2013/07/11 22:00 to 2013/07/12 04:00 (1)
From 2013/07/12 04:00 to 2013/07/12 10:00 (2)
From 2013/07/12 10:00 to 2013/07/12 16:00 (1)
From 2013/07/12 16:00 to 2013/07/12 22:00 (5)
From 2013/07/12 22:00 to 2013/07/13 04:00 (5)
From 2013/07/13 04:00 to 2013/07/13 10:00 (5)
From 2013/07/13 10:00 to 2013/07/13 16:00 (2)
From 2013/07/13 16:00 to 2013/07/13 22:00 (6)
From 2013/07/13 22:00 to 2013/07/14 04:00 (9)
From 2013/07/14 04:00 to 2013/07/14 10:00 (6)
From 2013/07/14 10:00 to 2013/07/14 16:00 (7)
From 2013/07/14 16:00 to 2013/07/14 22:00 (8)
From 2013/07/14 22:00 to 2013/07/15 04:00 (11)
From 2013/07/15 04:00 to 2013/07/15 10:00 (11)
From 2013/07/15 10:00 to 2013/07/15 16:00 (4)
From 2013/07/15 16:00 to 2013/07/15 22:00 (10)
From 2013/07/15 22:00 to 2013/07/16 04:00 (3)
From 2013/07/16 04:00 to 2013/07/16 10:00 (2)
From 2013/07/16 10:00 to 2013/07/16 16:00 (1)
From 2013/07/16 16:00 to 2013/07/16 22:00 (3)
From 2013/07/16 22:00 to 2013/07/17 04:00 (3)
From 2013/07/17 04:00 to 2013/07/17 10:00 (0)
From 2013/07/17 10:00 to 2013/07/17 16:00 (2)
From 2013/07/17 16:00 to 2013/07/17 22:00 (5)
From 2013/07/17 22:00 to 2013/07/18 04:00 (3)

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Amon mask

8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: tumblr_m65w7bIE5C1qm8rah[1].png]
Who has crafted the perfect Amon mask? How was it made? I eventually want to pound masks out of steel, but I figure I should probably find an easier medium before I try and bend armor-grade stainless to my will. [spoiler]I might just go with thinner sheets of mild steel before I try it out with 16-gauge or thicker stainless. Chromium is the devil.[/spoiler]
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1373688772067.jpg]
Didn't see anything in the catalog about Male cosplays. Is this still /cgl/ turf? Favorite male cosplays please?
198 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: imhideous.jpg]
What makes you guys nervous to cosplay? I'm talking self conscious wise. For me I have a mole underneath my eye that drives me insane it makes me feel terrible about taking pictures, just wondering if any of you have these problems.
28 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: CommieTariTari-12DB3518E2mkv_snapsh(...).jpg]
Hey /cgl/! For those of you who sew, what kind of sewing machines do you guys have? Do you like, and recommend them? My sewing machine has recently bit the dust, and I need to buy a new one. I haven't experimented much with sewing machines as my last one lasted me for quite some time, but I'm open to try any brand and style.
90 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: imgres.jpg]
Looking for Tumblr blogs to follow! Especially steampunk and fashion blogs! Let's all share our tumblrs!

ITT: Never been to a con before

6 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: OmniconTexas.jpg]
And I'm cosplaying, got something really nice and it's about 90% ready- tiger striped Big Boss from MGS3. Any tips? What to expect? Rules or picture taking, posing, etc... Also, anyone from here going to this con?
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: image.jpg]
How long does it normally take Innocent World to respond to orders? I ordered something Thursday and haven't heard a word. When I ordered a JSK a year ago they were much quicker than this.
19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1338704333907.png]
How come that there is no information on this cosplay considering the quality of it?

Valve Cosplay Thread

34 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: Gordon-Freeman-and-Headcrab-Guy-Hal(...).jpg]
Summer always reminds me of Valve games, can we have a thread?
146 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: mary_op_claudette.jpg]
Dream Dress Thread! Post your dream dresses


10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: PAX-Australia-Melbourne-Banner.jpg]
ausfags, one more day, who's going?


111 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: youre good.gif]
Cosplay Edition. >tfw you let someone borrow your costume and they completely trash it.
10 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: banderamexico.jpg]
What do you think about Mexican cosplayers?
75 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: cos.png]
>Special Snowflake cosplays in a nutshell http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6902724/comic-con-cosplay-catastrophe

Wig General

48 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: natural-city-silver-white-short-cos(...).jpg]
Hey /cgl/, I went through the catalog and I did not see a wig general thread anywhere, so may I start one? I have a question about wig dying. I have a light silver wig that I want to get to a platinum blonde. A few questions: Is this even possible? If so, what method would be best to accomplish this? I know about the sharpie and acrylic paint method, but how effective are they? Share your thoughts.

Otakuthon 2013

7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: otakuthon 2013.jpg]
Only a month left. Who is going? And how are you cosplays coming along?

Cosplay photography tips?

20 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: photokano01.jpg]
I recently got myself a DSLR in anticipation for a trip to Africa at the end of the year, however before then I'm heading to a couple of cons and thought it might be a good opportunity to take up cosplay photography. Previously my photography experience has been limited to mostly wildlife photography and at previous cons I've only ever taken quick snaps with my phone camera. Does anyone have any tips for someone new to cosplay photography? I know at the very least white balance will be important with the con lighting.
54 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: xray_spine.jpg]
I'm, I guess the term for it is "invisibly disabled," and I'm not sure what to do about waiting in line for things at cons. I can walk, and I appear to be fine when I'm walking, but due to a severe hip and spine injury I cannot stand in line for more than 10 minutes before pain sets in and 20 minutes before I'm crying. I cannot sit on the floor, and constant standing and sitting while the line moves would be terrible for me as well. Before my injury I kinda loved sitting/standing in lines with my friends, getting to know the people around me while we bonded over the wait. But I just cannot do it anymore. I haven't been to a panel or event that required waiting in line since my injury because I don't know what to do. I don't NEED a wheelchair and I hate the pitying looks I get while in one, but I worry that if I walk up to con staff and say I'm too disabled to wait in line they won't believe me. And even if they do, what then? I just waltz past everyone who is actually doing their time in the line and plop my ass in the front row?

Dangan Ronpa

182 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: danganronpa___despair_sisters_by_sa(...).jpg]
Less bitching, more quality photos and chat this time. What are you guys working on? Got any WIPs to share?
102 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: 1011263_414759708640332_994500023_n.jpg]
Couldn't find an indie lolita thread. Post your favorites! I love to see indie prints but all indie designs welcome! Amelia's Locket OP by Belladonna

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