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Anonymous 2012-11-19 20:46:10 No.6429253

[Missing image file: tumblr_m9o6m7WnZv1qjq0qyo1_1280.jpg]

Hey guys, I have a question on wigs in lolita. What is acceptable material and style for a lolita wig? What looks like a 'cosplay' wig versus a lolita wig? Are lolita wigs just limited to long curly wigs and pigtails or can they be anything?

I'm currently trying to shop for a pink wig on taobao right now for lolita. Pic related (maybe? Is that even lolita?) and the only stuff I've found is heat resistant fibres used in cosplay. I'm not sure how cosplay-ish that would be.

Also, wig general.

Spooky 2012-11-19 20:50:27 No.6429268
i believe it's all in how you style it. heat resistant fibers are better, they're better quality and will last longer and easier to restyle if the curl or wave falls out.

i think curly tends to suit lolita better when it's long, mainly because straight often looks more obviously wig like and they tangle easier. but do what you like, there is no right or wrong answer.

oh and OP pic related is super cute.

Anonymous 2012-11-21 00:23:13 No.6432546
Heat-resistant fibers usually look really nice. They're high-quality.

Basically, any elegant or cute hairstyle will do for lolita. No spiky wigs - keep it soft and feminine, but it doesn't necessarily have to be curly. I do think it looks best that way, though.

Anonymous 2012-11-21 00:25:32 No.6432550
small question, OP, but where did you get that wig on taobao?
I think it looks really nice, and you could use it for lolita without problemç
Heat-resistant fibers tend to be shinier in my own experience but that might not be the case for all of them...

Anonymous 2012-11-21 00:49:17 No.6432605
Look for a wig that has some depth to it in terms of colour. Monocolour wigs don't look good in lolita unless they're a monocolour that does support that, like black or pale blond.

You might like http://shop71979648.taobao.com/, they do wigs modelled after Zipper models.

Anonymous 2012-11-21 01:36:32 No.6432714

[Missing image file: 279A-1.jpg]
Hi, OP here.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. Coscom was giving me weird opinions about how heat resistant fibres didn't have a 'nice feel' and they preferred kanekalon (I have a kanekalon wig for cosplay, mostly because of color choice, and I hate how easily it tangles), and I was getting confused. Thanks again.


Sadly, I have not seen this wig at all despite searching for it for probably three days now on and off. I decided to get pic related instead. If you find it though, I'd be very grateful if you could link it.


Thanks for the rec. I'll look into it.

Anonymous 2012-11-21 01:38:07 No.6432716
dont listen to coscom lol

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