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Anonymous 2016-06-12 17:03:28 No.9050695

[Missing image file: ]

We haven't had one of these in a while so I figured why not make one?
Thread for horror stories, and general ranting on about packages and shipping.

That said, anyone else from the EU that feels like they've been hit more with custom fees as of late?

Anonymous 2016-06-12 17:13:13 No.9050714
my mail man left my package outside my door right next to a corner with a huge spider web

like, what the fuck is your problem dude

Anonymous 2016-06-12 17:44:47 No.9050740
I got hit with a 24 euro customs fee for a package worth 27 euro. That 17,50 "handling fee" is a fucking joke. I had to fill the customs declaration myself, so the only work they did was put the number in a calculator and print the bill. It also makes it pointless to pay for faster shipping, because it got held up in customs for 3 days.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 17:47:52 No.9050745
That has to be one of the most annoying things, faster shipping options always get custom fees and end up being held anyway.

It's pointless!

Anonymous 2016-06-12 17:51:28 No.9050749
How the fuck do you get it stuck on a roof? Hell no. Id call the post office/delivery company the and ask to speak to the piece of garbage that threw the package up there. Delivering packages isnt hard. Its thankless but so are a lot of jobs. Fuck dude id freak out if that happened to me. Like tell the persons manager they should be fired for that. Ive had packages shoved in my tiny mailbox. Gotten super late notes because the post office thinks its ok to write out a note about packages not being delivered cause the mailbox is tiny (apartment mail slot that cant even fit a magazine and 3 letters) thats back dated because they are that lazy. They literally have given me another note for more packages when i went to the post office to get other packages that werent delivered

Anonymous 2016-06-12 18:07:28 No.9050774
It's that time of year...

Anonymous 2016-06-12 18:08:08 No.9050776
It's been awhile since I ordered from Arda but I received no email about it being shipped out and it's been a week now. Are they typically this slow around this time of year?

Anonymous 2016-06-12 18:36:18 No.9050819
I bought from them last month and it took that long for me as well. It's nothing to worry about, I got my package a week after that.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 18:50:19 No.9050841
Log into your account and look at the status. Unless Arda's site/FB specifically says they're experiencing high volume and delays, it's weird that it's been more than 3 days. If none of the above apply and the site still says it's processing, try emailing them; they're pretty quick to respond.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 19:26:44 No.9050877
The town I live in has some new drivers and the one who replaced my old mailman is awful. He tries to get the route done as quickly as possible so I'll usually get my mail around 11am instead of 2-3pm. This is if he actually puts anything in the box because he has a tendency to give my neighbor my mail OR if I have a package coming in he'll just leave a pink slip. He doesn't even care if I'm at the house unless I'm physically standing outside while he's delivering mail, and then he acts sweet as pie and gives me my shit.

This happened last week with an earth music & ecology shirt I bought on Ebay. Seller was Japanese so it had to be a signed delivery.
>neighbor knocks on door, "anon I have your mail"
>"I also have our other neighbor's mail too, he really mixed it up today"
>spend a few minutes complaining about my packages not being delivered
>leave for work assuming there's no mail in the mailbox, come home to find a pink slip tacked to the refrigerator
>notice he doesn't stop while delivering mail the day after, drive down to post office to find my package there because they didn't even bother putting it back in their truck

Anonymous 2016-06-12 21:21:46 No.9051043
speaking as a paper carrier
>always ends up on the front porch of a neighbor
pls check to make sure your house number is extremely visible, like check at various times of the day, to make sure it's completely visible

>constantly getting slips/etc
also, don't have your driveway full of cars or garbage, especially if you want to not be left a slip in your mailbox, just because it is more convenient then trying to walk up to your house

Anonymous 2016-06-12 21:31:24 No.9051052
That first one I have to agree with. We got a new mail carrier and they would put the mail in wrong people's mailboxes. Granted most people on our street have hard to read or no house numbers visible (us included).
After the 2nd day of this, we got some big stick on mailbox numbers and put them on the mailbox. Made sure to stick them both on the side of the mailbox that the mail carrier walks up from, and on the door of the mailbox that they have to look at when opening it so there's no way to not see the number. They put the right mail in the boxes the next day.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 22:25:18 No.9051110
>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: racism

Anonymous 2016-06-12 22:26:54 No.9051113
There's no such thing as house numbers in my region; house names only. I use to live at an address that had a really common house name. My parcels would continuously be delivered to a household that shared the same name as mine, and was occupied by a 90+ year old woman. Said house was over 10 miles from my home. Ended up having to buy the poor lady flowers in an attempt to apologise for the fact that she kept receiving all my burando. She received lots of flowers. It worked both ways though, because on the odd occasion I would receive her electricity bills, and knitting magazines.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 22:28:15 No.9051117
maybe he saw it, freaked out, dropped the package and ran

Anonymous 2016-06-12 22:55:48 No.9051161
Last year I ordered some accessories off a normie website for a coord because I needed them last minute for the meet at the weekend. All britfags really need to know about this is that it was the work of Hermes.

>live in gated apartment block
>waiting for delivery
>2pm rolls around, still no delivery
>check package tracking, says "delivery attempted, access restricted"
>pissed because I specifically gave my mobile number and gate code so they could get into my block
>ring hermes, confirm they have details, they say it will be fine tomorrow
>day 2
>2pm rolls around again, check tracking
>same shit, different day: "delivery attempted restricted access"
>ring hermes again
>they take details again, but my hopes are not high
>day 3, day before the meet, last chance saloon
>know that this fucker attempts delivery at around 1:30pm, as that is when tracking says delivery was attempted
>1pm I manually open the gate and put a rock in front of the sensor so it stays open
>wait outside on my apartment's balcony where I can see carpark and gate
>car pulls in
>driver gets out carrying several packages
>aw yiss muthafuckin parcels
>see him wander around car park for about 30 seconds
>dude starts walking back to car
>not so fast, bucko
>shout down at him
>"hey, have you got any packages for apartment 12?"
>dude doesn't even look at parcels
>"nope sorry"
>keeps walking to car
>panicking, yell down again
>"are you sure? can you check for me?"
>dude reluctantly looks at parcels
>"oh, uhhh, yeah, apartment 12, is your name anon?"
>say yes and say I'll be down there to get it in a second
>he says "no worries, stay there"
>THROWS my package up to me
>somehow catch it

Fuck. I haven't ordered anything from anywhere that uses hermes since.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 23:11:41 No.9051180
Holy fuck. That guy should be fired.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 23:24:41 No.9051192
This fucker. You know he was just to lazy to actually take them to the apartments they go to. I hope you called and complained about him.

Anonymous 2016-06-12 23:34:34 No.9051200

Hermes and Yodel can both suck dicks. I'm not even exaggerating when I say every parcel i've had through them has run into problems. I've paid double postage if it means going through someone else (FEDEX bloke around here is lovely). Hermes CS are rude as shit too.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 01:06:51 No.9051273
The only time I've had a problem with Hermes was when I used to work shifts and the guy had to come around 5 times (pretty sure he didn't have to come round more than 3) before I got my stuff. He was super nice about it and understood that shifts suck dick.

I am well aware that this is not the norm and that Hermes is as shitty as an overflowing sewer, but every time I read stories like this I'm that much more grateful that I've managed to avoid them since.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 03:06:46 No.9051460
I'm still mad about this.

>back in the fall semester
>online tracking says my package was delivered, but i've recieved no email from campus mail that a package has come
>come by each day because my campus isn't big enough that it takes 3+ days to sort through all the packages recieved.
>Usually met with workers who say "you just have to wait for the email"
>eventually one guy listens and he inputs the tracking number into the system. It comes up under some other girl's name.
>we don't have similar names or initials, we had both just gotten something from the same store and she somehow didn't notice she recieved two packages, one which did not have her name on it
>campus post office says they'll contact her
>days later and they've only gotten her voicemail. at this point my package has been in her possession for over a week.
>I email head of residence life to see if he can do anything.
>he calls her and tells her campus police will become involved if she doesn't return my package ASAP
>she returns it later that day kek
>except it's not even in it's original package. I ordered multiple items, which all should have been individually wrapped.
>they were not.
>they still had tags but were just thrown into a random plastic bag when she returned it to campus mail.
>mfw i had ordered underwear
>mfw this bitch definitely tried on my underwear
Campus post office gave me $15 for my trouble, but damn, that is just beyond incompetent.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 05:06:55 No.9051665
>have giant bright letters painted on front and sides of mailbox as a remnant of the last bad mailman
>new bad mailman is even worse and apparently blind
>misdelivers not only packages but important mail like bills and shit
>not only my bills, but I get my neighbors shit as well
Luckily were on good enough terms to just exchange our stuff when it happens, but I swear that guy just does it out of spite at this point, or he feels like I'm condescending to him with the huge address sign and is salty about it.
Also, not sure if this counts, but the last mailman broke a big ass flowerpot with his fat ass trying to deliver mail. It wasn't even in his way. I have no idea why he broke it. It must be that orbit thing fat people have

Anonymous 2016-06-13 05:08:32 No.9051668
>definitely tried on my underwear
I almost laughed but God that is terrible anon. What an ass, it sounds like she was planning on keeping it

Anonymous 2016-06-13 14:44:54 No.9052142
Reading all this actually makes me feel happy that I left the city for middle of nowhere country.

>used to worry about strangers stealing my packages in the city
>was because mail carrier sat them in a chair where everyone could see
>often times got neighbors mail and vice versa
>move to the country
>living on a logging highway with semi-trucks coming by left and right
>no postal carriers in their little UPS trucks here
>rural carriers in their trucks and beat up cars deliver the mail
>they have to sit in the passenger seat and lean over the middle to steer their cars
>both carriers are ladies with balls of steel stopping in the middle of the highway to deliver my mail with logging trucks swerving around them

Everything has been fine for over a year now aside from a package being misplaced and the now infamous mailbox incident.

>get pic related which is a huge hulking mailbox that can fit 5-6 packages if they're bubble mailers with room to spare
>spend an hour in the hot sun setting it up myself
>it's my absolute pride and joy
>wake up one morning and go out to get the paper
>mail box is gone
>post the box sits on is gone
>run to the road to look, the post is snapped in half
>my mailbox is laying in my yard like it's been tossed there
>huge ass dent in the side of it, the door is barely hanging on
>can't repair the box there's too much warped damage
>post is ruined as well
>think the mail carriers will just drive up, ask what happened, and give me my mail since we're bros
>package is being delivered that day, doesn't get delivered
>call the post office and tell them what happened
>"A mail carrier hit your post box?!"
>no jfc, someone hit my mailbox could you let my mail carrier know? We're getting it replaced ASAP
>lady on phone says she'll tell my mail carrier to hold my mail
>next day my shit goes out for delivery AGAIN
>freaking out that they'll ship my packages back to Japan


Anonymous 2016-06-13 14:52:02 No.9052156
>load up in the car and drive down to town post office to ask for my mail
>"Oh we don't send mail out of this facility. This is pick up and post box only. You'll have to go to the next town over."
>drive to the next town over to their post office and ask for my mail again
>"I don't see anything for that address. The mail carrier probably has it but they'll be back by X time."
>not driving all the way home and then back into town again
>decide to get lunch and just go pester them again after
>miracle of miracles, when I come back they have my mail
>tell them specifically that my mail box should be up within 48 hours so just hold onto my mail until then
>next door neighbor sets up our new and smaller mail box for us with extra cement
>no one has bothered it since

I still mourn the loss of my old mailbox and we never did figure out what happened to it. Found an old pic from the incident on the archive.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 14:58:29 No.9052162
Also what the postal worker had written for my held mail stack. The choice in stationery still gets me.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 14:58:57 No.9052163
Hermes is utter crap.
>receive a delivery confirmation text
>housemates say no one knocked and there's no package
>get slip that says parcel was left in a safe place because who cares about signed delivery
>package isn't in porch or with neighbours
>call to say package is no where to be found
>'it's marked as delivered anon, you should check again with neighbours'
>housemate walks in with package
> 'this was in the green bin outside'
>delivery guy counts garbage as safe place

Anonymous 2016-06-13 15:00:44 No.9052165
what a fucking circus

Anonymous 2016-06-13 19:03:51 No.9052421
I order things from Japan quite often, but things got so bad, I actually managed to get our old mailman fired. Not everything is j-fash related, but I still need to rant.
>Buy second-hand burando
>Seller was kind enough to write "fragile; do not leave in rain" and of course it needed to be signed for
>Come home to package on porch, in a puddle from raining all day
Thank god she packed it well and it somehow didn't get wet. At least not noticeably.

>Order doujinshi several times
>Always marked "DO NOT BEND"
>USPS rule is to never force a package in a box
>Does it anyway and ruins $80+ worth of rare doujin
>Every time

Last one
>Order game from overseas
>Tracking says it is out for delivery
>Waiting on porch at this point, know it needs signing
>He drives up, ignores me, and drives away after quickly leaving something in mailbox
>Slip saying "failed delivery; no one home to sign"
>Proceed to rage since he comes after 5 pm on a Saturday

I kept mailing proof to the head of our branch of damaged goods, always ones received from outside US (inside US never had a problem). I started having stuff shipped to another address to be safer. Eventually hear back that they "took care of the problem" and we have a different carrier.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 19:06:42 No.9052425
This makes me rage for you. Nothing is worse than a lazy mail carrier.

Anonymous 2016-06-13 19:33:54 No.9052462
Ive heard so many horror storys about hermes and bins. My friend had a parcel left in the bin from them . Aside from being gross it wouldnt have been much of a problem if it hadn't been bin collection day...

Anonymous 2016-06-13 23:51:38 No.9052747
A story where I'm part of the horror

>2 friends back something
>ask if it's okay to borrow my address
>A lives in apt complex and packages get stolen
>B is away at college
>sure why not
>let my family know about it
>ff 6 months, 5 days ago
>"the packages are on their way anon!"
>okay I'll be on the lookout for them
>remind family of packages
>Saturday, out on some errands
>dad calls
>"anon did your friends order stuff sent to our house?"
>yeah just leave it there they'll pick it up
>"oh I told them this isn't ours and gave it back to our mail carrier"
>u wot m8
>check time 2:45, post office closes at 3
>mfw I can't make it
>contact friends for their tracking info, said I'll call and ask for redelivery on Monday
>feels like shit but hopeful
>come monday, calls
>"Sorry they packages have been returned to the sender already."

The only thing I could do at that point was apologize profusely to A and B and ask them to email the company and ask them to redeliver it at my expense. I honestly hope it works out, I'm super stressed something will go wrong and feel like crap.

Anonymous 2016-06-14 03:39:22 No.9053024
why did your dad call to ask AFTER he had already sent it back to the facility?

your dad sounds a bit dumb ngl

Anonymous 2016-06-14 03:59:55 No.9053060
Don't even have words for this.

Anonymous 2016-06-14 04:27:07 No.9053110
Currently waiting for USPS to locate my wig they lost on May 23. I ordered from WigIsFashion, the wig arrived from China, went through customs, went to USPS in Long Island and then disappeared. :( I'm starting to get really stressed as the con I need it for is in a few weeks. I haven't gotten an update since last week (which was basically "we're looking!") so I think I'll call again tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't be totally screwed, be out the $70 the wig + shipping cost, and have to settle for a shitty wig off Amazon or something. Ugh.

Anonymous 2016-06-14 04:37:48 No.9053131
Yeah, during the whole fiasco some people gave her the benefit of the doubt saying maybe she just threw the package off to the side and never checked that it had someone else's name on it. But given how it was returned...
>tfw I found her on fb and she worked for a law office

Anonymous 2016-06-14 08:16:45 No.9053374
Post pics of you in the underwear ?

Anonymous 2016-06-14 08:20:54 No.9053380
Thats rough anon, our handling charge is €7~ I think?. Hate paying it but at least it isn't 17.50.

Anonymous 2016-06-14 08:35:18 No.9053393
At least it's not Brazil. You pay ems to have it stuck 2-4 months.

Anonymous 2016-06-14 08:41:05 No.9053398
Hermes quality highly depends on the delivery guys, and since I know mine I'll never order with them again.

One story:
>Order bath towels, shipping with hermes for the first time in new town
>get home, find slip in mailbox
>"attempted delivery, please call *telephone number* for your package"
>??? wha??
>call them live 5 times, only picks up at 8 pm
>"Oh yeah, could you like, pikc it up at my house? I don't live that far away. I won't be home till 7 pm, though, I mean, I have to work."
I legit hat to pick my package up at the delivery guys house. Twice. Since then I don't use hermes

Another story of my in-law's neighbor:
>neighbor buy something with cash-on-delivery
>stupid delivery guy who never really delivers things rings
>she pays, but needs to get a few cents from the kitchen, asks to get the package to check is while she gets the rest of the money
>delivery guy refuses to hand package, takes it off her arms
>she tries to get it back
>he pushes her so she falls on the flooor, taking the package with him, leaves money on the floor
I think she filed a complain with Hermes.

Bucket 2016-06-14 08:46:06 No.9053405
Ordered a sword for a sephiroth cosplay.

Arrived from china and the wood had cracked down the scabbard.

Guy was a bro though and agreed to refund postage rather than sending a new one (because it wouldn't arrive before expo and he had bubble wrapped the shit out of it so was parcelforce fault)

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