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/cgl/ Cosplay & EGL

Warning: All the content of this page originally come from 4chan.org. This is only a partial archive made to avoid destruction. Some posts and images may be missing. All the messages below have been posted by anonymous users and we do not guarantee any truth of what they said.
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Velociraptor 2012-12-26 07:27:42 No.6510351

[Missing image file: cosplayplans2013template.jpg]

What's on your agenda for the upcoming year, cgl?

ValleLator 2012-12-26 07:30:03 No.6510356

[Missing image file: 12'13 plans.png]
Wolf Armor Sokka is 90% cancelled though.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 07:32:46 No.6510360

[Missing image file: hopeful_2012.png]
I made this for the last thread (since 2012 is almost done) and hopefully I can do at least half of these. I'd need to get a job first in order to afford most of it...

Need to dig out the fabric and get dye for Vanellope

Anonymous 2012-12-26 07:39:55 No.6510368
Oh boy. More Flame Princess's and Vanellope's.
Can't wait.

Velociraptor 2012-12-26 07:41:52 No.6510371
I like your taste. I would especially love to see a Risley cosplay. It would be even more amazing if you had a Team Mermaid Heel group.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 07:43:52 No.6510373

[Missing image file: tiger_backatcha.gif]
I'll try not to be shit. (Mind you when I do Flame Princess I want the wig to literally glow...)

Anonymous 2012-12-26 07:45:54 No.6510378
Well main reason why I've been thinking about Risley is because I'm chubby... but man if only I had more friends into Fairy Tail... who cosplayed...

Katsumiyo 2012-12-26 07:54:13 No.6510387

[Missing image file: cosplay_plans_2013.jpg]
Cosplay plans for next year are extremely iffy, as I'm likely looking at a 90-day probationary period for my next job and likely won't be able to use my vacation days until after that. I'm considering adding Lady Amalthea to the list, but with how slow progress on the Viera is, nothing is sure at this point.
Don't bother with responding to trolls. They don't care if your costume is good or not; they're just looking for something to complain about. Also, I love you for having Vivi.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 07:58:10 No.6510391

[Missing image file: panty reaches for a falle(...).jpg]
I'll be cosplaying for the first time as Garterbelt, come Ohayocon 2013. The costume is coming along nicely.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 08:13:35 No.6510400

[Missing image file: 1332860358984.jpg]
Oh I know. I'm just used to using sarcsm. Oh and as for Vivi... If I happen to come across a sale on opal fabric I'm buying the whole bolt and try to see if I can get some other people to do a Trance group with me (I'd also like to do Beatrix at some point as well.)
And doing Viera cosplay... I've thought about it since there are so many options... but I should play the game first.

Velociraptor 2012-12-26 08:33:25 No.6510419

[Missing image file: wendyfeelsbadmananime.jpg]
I know that feel all too well. I have a ridiculous number of characters from Fairy Tail that I want to cosplay, and it would be a lot easier to decide if I had a group, but I don't have a lot of friends who cosplay, and those who do aren't into fairy tail. By the way, Kagura is on that list, but her boobs seem so huge, even for Fairy Tail standards.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 08:58:37 No.6510432

[Missing image file: trio_fight.png]
To be honest Mashima can only draw 2 cup sizes; Rather busty and not busty at all. Being able to tell the differences in any of the female characters in the former catagory is impossible. I've tried.

And oh man, if I could lose weight faster just to cosplay Minerva and do a photoshoot of the current fight in the manga...

Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:16:05 No.6510450

[Missing image file: 1356506862993.jpg]
Started going to the gym, and after Sakuracon '13, I think I'm retiring my current cosplays so I can continue to get a bit bigger by another 20-30 lbs or so.
They're already getting a little tight to wear comfortably.

But with all the things going on next year, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to any cons or cosplay at all in 2013.
If not, I should be back for 2014 with a few cosplays and more ideas.

The Fall is my favorite movie, and thus far everyone that recognizes it absolutely love the idea.
As for Hercules, though I'm not sure I'll actually be that big, at least I'll be more built than most every Hercules cosplay I've seen - and supposedly I have the exact same face as him.

Mr. Face 2012-12-26 09:23:29 No.6510457

[Missing image file: 2013cosplay.png]
For my local anime con I'm for sure doing a Druddigon gijinka of my own design. First time working with armor, admittedly, but I'm up for a challenge.

Otherwise I plan for Tooth Fairy for Denver Comic Con, and possibly San Diego Comic Con. My dad wants to take the family if we can afford it, and I can't afford it on my own normally, so I figure why not!

I'm not sure I'd go to any other cons or make any other costumes. I can't even process how people make like 50 every year, it's insanity!

Velociraptor 2012-12-26 09:24:06 No.6510460

[Missing image file: 2013cosplans.jpg]
oh, I guess I should post one, too
I hope I can get at least the majority of these done this year

I want to a bunch of fairy tail group photoshoots so friggin bad

Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:29:55 No.6510464
No Wasabi?

Too much bad blood or what?

Mr. Face 2012-12-26 09:31:49 No.6510466
Nah. Never been to Wasabi actually, I usually don't even think of it to be honest. 99% of my friends only go to NDK and now DCC so I just don't really bother?

Velociraptor 2012-12-26 09:31:51 No.6510467

[Missing image file: roflbot-Kh5h_2873.jpg]
Tooth Fairy would be incredibly rad
I didn't even see the movie, but I love her design

My brain is currently clouded by christmas-related optimism, so I think I can get way more done than I actually can. I just opened xmas money/gift cards so I feel like I can afford anything but that's far from true. Either way, if I can finish at least four costumes that I'm proud of by this time next year, I would be super satisfied.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:34:38 No.6510468
I really just want to see that helmet design. it looks awesome.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:34:59 No.6510469
Nah, makes sense. It's a small con.

Maguma 2012-12-26 09:35:47 No.6510472

[Missing image file: 2012-2013 plans.jpg]
So far this is what it's looking like~

Three of these costumes are already done and are for ALA so Dasshan, Marlon, and Matsu are gonna be for 2013 and beyond. Anything else may just be fix-er-uppers from old costumes so I can enjoy them once again!

Mr. Face 2012-12-26 09:36:25 No.6510473
I've been spending all day planning her actually haha, it's been an exciting process. I'm hoping to use peacock feathers to really get the iridescent effect she has in the movie, it's just a matter of buying enough to cover a whole suit.

I know what you mean about christmas money though. All of this is going into my fund!

Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:40:38 No.6510476

[Missing image file: 2013.jpg]
Ridiculously keen for convention season to start back up.

Pie 2012-12-26 09:52:01 No.6510486

[Missing image file: PLANS.jpg]
Only the top three are for sure right now. Dio is pretty much ready for ALA. I'll probably have a lot more plans as the year goes on though...

Velociraptor 2012-12-26 09:58:36 No.6510487

[Missing image file: tumblr_ltfk8uuUNh1qbkrado(...).gif]
Sweet lineup, Beyblade cosplay makes me happy.

Sounds like it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see progress pictures as well as the final result.

What's that first one from? Looks like it will be a really badass costume.
I'm so excited, maybe it's just cause I'm a huge dork, but talking about cosplay plans gets me really pumped up for the new year.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 10:04:51 No.6510492

[Missing image file: Appleofmyeye1351503514.jpg]
Lucifer, from Hobby Japan's collaboration project with Orchid Seed! I know, I'm looking so forward to next year, it's excellent.

Maguma 2012-12-26 16:03:34 No.6510711
I'll be honest, the newest beyblade seasons have been killing me inside, but MAAAN do I love team Wang Hu Zhong

Voldemort 2012-12-26 16:04:57 No.6510712

[Missing image file: cosplans?.png]
Probably will be changed around

Anonymous 2012-12-26 19:35:44 No.6510984

[Missing image file: 2013.jpg]
Pretty much all of this. Still working out a few things of whether or not I want to make it.

Micnax 2012-12-26 19:52:10 No.6510993

[Missing image file: cosplans.jpg]
Need to throw Doc Scratch on there too, but this is the jist of it.

Anonymous 2012-12-26 20:03:49 No.6511000

[Missing image file: Planned cosplays13.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-26 20:15:25 No.6511011

[Missing image file: 2013.png]
While I may add some more characters, I plan on doing these ones for sure.

Dead Cowboy 2012-12-26 20:48:44 No.6511064

[Missing image file: planned.jpg]
I've never seen anyone do Nojiko before!
Ooh The Fall cosplay-- I hope I see you at sakuracon!
Dat gijinka
I love that your cosplays are unexpected. Why no SC this year though? I thought you went to it.
Wow I love the character design for all of these. And hehe... oglaf cosplay. I wonder if you'll get any strange looks.
OH MY GOD is that some pet shop of horrors I see? Amazing character designs, and I hope you do fantastically with color choice.
you're amazing

Maguma 2012-12-26 21:31:44 No.6511149
I'm planning on going to SC but there's nothing I'm making to debut at that con unless something else gets finished prior to its deadline, marlon may be something but who knows.

Also thank you~

That Guy 2012-12-26 21:34:59 No.6511159

[Missing image file: 1343241197547.jpg]

Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:11:39 No.6511878

[Missing image file: 1356506862993.jpg]
All these people doing multiple cosplays impress me. I barely have time and money to make one a year that I'll be satisfied with.

I'm attracted to hard cosplays and they're so expensive and time-consuming.

Crimson 2012-12-27 02:30:31 No.6511915

[Missing image file: plans.jpg]
It's been a good while since I've planned cosplays with other people. It's nice.

...though everyone I planned shit with lives at LEAST 6 hours away and I might only be able to see them at one con. why.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:43:10 No.6511938

[Missing image file: 2013.jpg]
i'm really unsure about what cons i'm going to this year, sooo we'll see what happens.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:49:06 No.6511961

[Missing image file: Plans2013.jpg]
There's a lot there but half of them I've already been working on and are just about finished.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:51:26 No.6511973

[Missing image file: maybecosplays.png]
if I can get a single one done it will be a good year.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:56:41 No.6511987
Ah you're like me anon. I dream big, but I'm lucky if I get anything done.

Denmark 2012-12-27 02:58:06 No.6511992

[Missing image file: i am so fucking done.jpg]
A good chunk of this probably will get dropped in the end because
>actually working on cosplays
One can only hope though.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:01:59 No.6512000

[Missing image file: 1356506862993.jpg]
I'll be lucky if I finish one or two... yay procrastination.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:03:22 No.6512005

[Missing image file: lolconplan.jpg]
Eh, this'll probably change, taking the best parts from last year's last minute (bad)dragoncon costume and expanding them.. the armor turned out well, need to do more of that this time.

And some concept art from matt dixon if I can keep going to the gym. I have the muscle, just need to lose ~7%bodyfat. Probably work on my posture, too.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:06:16 No.6512013
Do you have pictures of your armor? i'm just always excited to see video game related cosplay on this board!

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:07:12 No.6512015
I know right? I want to do so much, but then I look at how much each cost... And I slowly lose motivation...

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:13:00 No.6512023
Basically... But I really need to make the things that I have materials for. I'm terribly lazy.

? 2012-12-27 03:22:11 No.6512035

[Missing image file: 2013.jpg]
Going to need a few more ideas. Wanting to do more Touhous but can't decide which ones.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:23:52 No.6512038

[Missing image file: 7885891146_a26ef4b6cc_h.jpg]
Sure. Progress/planning here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vrogy/sets/72157630856212350/detail/

It wasn't much, the arms and legs were simple 1-piece EVA foam with dremeled details, helmet was layered craft foam over fiberglassed papercraft of the game's 3D model, and lots of dry brushed silver and weathering. Looked better than that coat, though.. and I've also clearly never used hair prosthetics before, too.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:44:48 No.6512085

[Missing image file: 2013plan.jpg]
All of my initially planned costumes... only one that's for certain now though is Flandre. Hoping to debut her at D*Con or AWA.
Elesa is already halfway done, though, so I might as well finish...

Momocon, Kamicon, and DCC are all price-pending.

PantaHero 2012-12-27 03:46:30 No.6512087

[Missing image file: 2013 cosplays.jpg]
Jiraya is the hardest one, and I probably won't have him finished.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 03:54:29 No.6512099
>Hercules and Meg
> Separate cons.
This saddens me.

A Jet Set Radio Future cosplay?
Huh, the guy I'm rooming with at my next con is cosplaying from that. But knowing him, it'll look like a closet cosplay.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:10:17 No.6512133
Dang that is depressing. I really wish I lived on the west coast versus in the middle of nowhere Ohio
(I'm >>6511961 btw)

Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:30:29 No.6512171
>eiyuu senki

I fucking called it on being the next trip cosplay trend

Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:31:06 No.6512173
I remember you posting progress pics. Great work!

Voxane 2012-12-27 04:39:42 No.6512186

[Missing image file: 2013plans.jpg]
This is all I really have planned so far. I'm worried about jumping the shark with Nanami....but I think my friends are doing a group and I already like her. I might cancel her if I end up not enjoying her or the game in general :c

I wish I started on Chihiro instead of Junko, I'm suddenly very insecure about cosplaying her. Oh well.

PantaHero 2012-12-27 04:54:08 No.6512231
Eh, Jet Set Radio is a pretty easy closet cosplay, especially if you're going with the JGR designs.
There's another guy on /cgl/ who did a JSRF Beat cosplay fro the future design. It was pretty good.

But for this one I actually plan on making the shirt myself, and possibly te skates too.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:57:50 No.6512247

[Missing image file: cosplay plans 2013.png]
Nothing too cray-cray this year. I'm just starting to take cosplay more seriously and put more effort into it. I always see a character and think 'OH THAT'D BE FUN TO COSPLAY' but then I just never do it. Hopefully this year I stick to my plans.
Mostly looking forward to doing Operetta.

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