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Anonymous 2013-04-16 03:59:29 No.6770261

[Missing image file: usamichan.png]

Sweet jesus. Making an underbust corset tomorrow for the first time, I'm kind of new to the sewing game but am doing Mami and see so many people just slap fabric around her waist and call it a day.

So I've got/am going to get:
Corset boning
A dense fabric for the underlayer
Pleather for the outer layer
Bra extenders to use in the back instead of tying it up (it'd make more sense to do that in the front, but I'm already straying pretty far from the pattern).

Any tips/suggestions? I have barely any idea what I'm doing, but I'm out of Cosplay cash so I don't have a lot of leeway to mess up. If you have any experience, please help.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:01:19 No.6770264

[Missing image file: mami tomoe.jpg]
And here's a ref for her corset, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. This will probably end in tears of frustration.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:03:04 No.6770269
bra extenders won't work if you're planning on making it a functional corset. you either have to lace it and cover the lacing with a panel if you don't want it to be visible, or maaaaybe some hardcore hook and eye tape. but the tape will still prevent you from pulling it in.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:10:16 No.6770281
I was thinking of doing the panel thing, but assumed bra extenders would work ok. Good to know, though

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:21:40 No.6770299
Are you buying a corset pattern or making one yourself? Either way it helps to pay attention to the shape and size of the corset panels to see how they contribute to the shape of the corset.

Look at other corsets and corsets and tutorials online. Always make a mockup to see how the finished product might look.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:27:32 No.6770302
I should probably make a mock up but I'm pressed for time and money, perhaps I'll just save the corset for last and see how much leftover scrap material I have.

I bought a pattern, but was told I should alter it to fit myself when looking for the pattern at the store. I hope it turns out alright by some dumb luck.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 04:55:46 No.6770348

[Missing image file: zipties.jpg]
Don't use plastic boning it will get warped from your body heat over time,
you are going to need to use metal, which Joanns usually does not carry, you may need to have them order it for you, or buy it online.

An alternative for boning ive tried is heavy duty zip ties, because they dont hurt as bad as metal boning and have around a 185 degree heat resistance and are about 1cm thick.
You can probably find them at any Home Depot, but if you can, get them at Harbor Freight.

If you do use any metal in your corset, make sure you be careful about rust.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 05:06:06 No.6770371
OP if I were you I would go to the CGL archive and search for
Mami Corset
there are tons of threads for Mami corset advise

Out of curiosity, what pattern are you going to be using????

Anonymous 2013-04-16 05:08:53 No.6770376

Make your mock up out of Muslin
$2 a yard

Anonymous 2013-04-16 05:32:47 No.6770403
Not OP but... this is ingenious. I'll have to try this next time I make a corset.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 05:48:04 No.6770422
This. PLEASE make a mockup or it won't fit like you want to, guaranteed. I don't care how close to the pattern you think you are don't cut that fashion fabric until you're sure it will fit right.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 14:18:09 No.6771017

I do this for every cosplay "corset" I make that is just for looks and doesn't need to actually reduce the waist. It will definitely pull you in and define but I wouldn't try to reduce 3-4 inches using it.

Anonymous 2013-04-16 19:28:21 No.6771529
All that's available at the store is plastic: would zip ties actually work better? I don't have a Harbor Freight around, but there are a few hardware stores I'm sure I could get a pack at.

Does anyone know any good sites for flat metal boning? I've never had to buy something like this.

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