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/cgl/ Cosplay & EGL

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Anonymous 2012-12-25 06:05:12 No.6508750

[Missing image file: lel.jpg]

whats the best way to deal with weeaboos and creeps at con? and just generally how to behave in a con?

Anonymous 2012-12-25 06:30:05 No.6508768
Jesus Christ that looks horrible. Bleach cosplayers always do the worst job. You always get landwhales thinking they can pull off male characters like Byakuya or Ulquiorra.

Anonymous 2012-12-25 06:34:11 No.6508772
Cosplaying is serious business

Anonymous 2012-12-25 06:37:56 No.6508774
>how to behave in a con
Like you'd behave if you were in public? Just because you're at a convention doesn't mean you get a free pass to be an idiot.

>what's the best way to deal with weeaboos/creeps
You can't avoid weeaboos. They pay to be there and unless they break rules, they're going to remain there. Just don't engage them in conversation and act like you don't see them. They'll probably leave you alone if you don't acknowledge them and if they pester you, just excuse yourself or if you don't mind being rude, tell them to just go away.

As for creeps, that's a bit more complex depending on the situation. If someone seems off, just do as I mentioned above. Don't give them attention and if they decide to try and chat you up or something, just either excuse yourself or tell them to go away. If someone is outright creeping on you or following you around, get a staff member and tell them what happened and what the person looked like. No one ever wants to be THAT person who acts like they're making a big deal out of nothing but it's better to be safe than sorry. Believe me, I've been there and I was embarrassed to get help because I didn't want to be seen as someone being dramatic but because I didn't tell anyone I had to deal with a persistent person actually trying to follow me back to my hotel room after I told them no.

Anonymous 2012-12-25 06:50:03 No.6508798
bleach has some shitty cosplays because most weeaboos tend to cosplay it most seeing as its popular

thanks man that really helped

Anonymous 2012-12-25 07:22:08 No.6508833
>complaining about weeaboos
>on 4chan

It's like I'm living in a dream world.

Anonymous 2012-12-25 11:42:11 No.6509041
I normally just act as I would outside cons. That being said, I'm the kind of person that feels really bad even asking for photos.

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