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/ck/ Food & Cooking

Threads added between 2014/12/10 and 2014/12/17

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From 2014/12/10 22:00 to 2014/12/11 04:00 (8)
From 2014/12/11 04:00 to 2014/12/11 10:00 (9)
From 2014/12/11 10:00 to 2014/12/11 16:00 (0)
From 2014/12/11 16:00 to 2014/12/11 22:00 (0)
From 2014/12/11 22:00 to 2014/12/12 04:00 (1)
From 2014/12/12 04:00 to 2014/12/12 10:00 (1)
From 2014/12/12 10:00 to 2014/12/12 16:00 (0)
From 2014/12/12 16:00 to 2014/12/12 22:00 (1)
From 2014/12/12 22:00 to 2014/12/13 04:00 (0)
From 2014/12/13 04:00 to 2014/12/13 10:00 (4)
From 2014/12/13 10:00 to 2014/12/13 16:00 (2)
From 2014/12/13 16:00 to 2014/12/13 22:00 (7)
From 2014/12/13 22:00 to 2014/12/14 04:00 (5)
From 2014/12/14 04:00 to 2014/12/14 10:00 (1)
From 2014/12/14 10:00 to 2014/12/14 16:00 (3)
From 2014/12/14 16:00 to 2014/12/14 22:00 (1)
From 2014/12/14 22:00 to 2014/12/15 04:00 (0)
From 2014/12/15 04:00 to 2014/12/15 10:00 (0)
From 2014/12/15 10:00 to 2014/12/15 16:00 (0)
From 2014/12/15 16:00 to 2014/12/15 22:00 (0)
From 2014/12/15 22:00 to 2014/12/16 04:00 (2)
From 2014/12/16 04:00 to 2014/12/16 10:00 (0)
From 2014/12/16 10:00 to 2014/12/16 16:00 (0)
From 2014/12/16 16:00 to 2014/12/16 22:00 (0)
From 2014/12/16 22:00 to 2014/12/17 04:00 (1)
From 2014/12/17 04:00 to 2014/12/17 10:00 (0)
From 2014/12/17 10:00 to 2014/12/17 16:00 (2)
From 2014/12/17 16:00 to 2014/12/17 22:00 (1)
From 2014/12/17 22:00 to 2014/12/18 04:00 (1)

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Food Reviews by Joey Forever

5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What do you guys and gals think about the Taco Bell California A.M. Crunchwrap, as reviewed by our friend Joey? Frankly, I hate Taco Bell but it seems like this might be a fairly reasonable menu item, I'd actually try it if I had no better choices than Taco Bell. Further, what are your general opinions on Joey's food reviews? Is it cool that he reviews only fast food? I don't actually like that, I wish he would review a wider variety of restaurants. General World Tour of FOOD reviews by Joey thread.
5 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
what's some good stuff to cook while you're in highschool and parents arent home? all i have is like, eggs, but just eggs are boring


80 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
/alc/ general >wanted to drive home for christmas today >arrive on train station >not my fucking train on the track it should have been >check tickets >I´m at the fucking wrong trainstation tickets are also valid for tomorrow but still sucks. Bought some beer because I´m pissed. Your plans for today /alc/?

I fucked up orange chicken

2 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
hey co/ck/s I tried to make some orange chicken by improvising today, didn't turn out too good. Here's what I did: >chopped boneless, skinless chicken thighs into pieces and marinated in soy sauce + black pepper >whisked together the following: >juice of 2 clementine oranges >zest of 1 of them >2 cloves minced garlic >around 1/4 cup of soy sauce >about a tablespoon of brown sugar >about a tablespoon of corn starch >then seared thighs in vegetable oil over medium heat >added in sauce mixture when they were done cooking >boiled for 30 seconds, reduced heat to simmer and thickened sauce >served over rice It tasted EXACTLY like those cheap orange flavored lollipops you used to get as a kid, and nothing like the American-Chinese takeout stuff. What did I do wrong? Is it because I added sugar? Is it the type of orange? Were my ratios just fucked? Oh, and I know that it's traditionally coated in corn starch/flour and fried in a fuck ton of oil. I'm just not a fat fuck, I prefer to make it like in pic related.
69 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>UK's first cereal cafe opens in heart of hipster London This is not ok
25 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I didn't know I could be so disgusted by ham and cheese. Gross.
14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Is organic food better or is it just marketing bullshit?


4 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Looking for ideas to make a good ploughman's lunch for an American friend staying with me and my family over Christmas and New Year. I include ham, some eggs, good bread, chutney, maybe two different cheeses and home made bread. Sliced apple and grated carrot. He'll be staying with us until after New Year and has never tasted bong food. My wife is Scottish so loads of soup. Christmas dinner is already planned. I just want to give him some good bong food. We fought in Afghanistan and he's a good lad. >in before English food is shit
16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
There's an alcoholic thread and an anti-IPA thread, but no beer thread. First time buying Bell's Porter and I'm very impressed. Complementing it with a nice slice of pepperoni, pickle jalapeno, goat cheese and artichoke pizza. What's /ck/ been sipping on?

How does /ck/ eat their citrus?

14 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Hey /ck/, how do you eat your oranges? I like to pick them from my tree in the backyard, peel them in the sink, separate them and eat them with chopsticks. Using that method, my hands don't get sticky. How about you?

NEET Chow General - /ncg/

3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I wanna see if this is a resource we can get going. I'll try to curate a reliable OP. Please suggest and add new resources ITT and I'll keep track of the best. All I got to start with is this http://www.leannebrown.com/buy/good-and-cheap >cook book, resource for cheap meals, along with how to make certain staples at home and reuse leftovers I'll post some other tricks that I have in a second post.
20 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
ITT: Best Food in the Universe

Dining Experiences Thread

3 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
>eating at mexican restaurant >sizzingly hot fajitas get ordered >waitress is holding hot wooden/metal plate thing with towel >'careful guys it's hot' >someone immediately touches it to check >'ow'


8 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Has /ck/ tried zevia? It's actually not that bad, naturally sweetened by the stevia extract (obviously). It's 6$ for a 6 pack. Kinda pricey but I think it's a better substitute for actual soda.
11 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
post your face when you're hungry
9 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Other than shrimp cocktail and the like,what are some uses for cocktail sauce?
7 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
What do you think of KBDProductions? Do you think his food reviews are better than Daym and Joey's reviews?
0 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I don't trust restaurants enough. Am I being paranoid? People probably aren't hygenic enough and who knows what they do
16 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
Dipping your pizza crust in anything but a expertly blended mixture of Garlic and Butter. Don't even tell me you use ranch or blue cheese.

Anon's fried rice adventure

19 more posts in this thread. [Missing image file: ]
I had leftover rice in a tupperware container in the fridge, and a bunch of assorted vegetables. I heated some rape oil. It wasn't smoking or shimmering. I added the rice. This was a mistake. Shit started crackling extremely violently and the rice started to explode like popcorn all over my kitchen, which now looks like a warzone. I took the pan off the heat nd dived out of the room, then huddled in the corner until the explosions stopped. What happened? Was my rice not dry enough? It was salvegable by the way, but I have no sesame oil so the end result was mediocre.

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