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/ck/ Food & Cooking

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Anonymous 2013-09-10 21:24:48 No.4789447

[Missing image file: 198850305_824ec8f318.jpg]

Is there a good book for stir-frying? I've been winging the sauces and what the fuck gets cooked up based on what's in the fridge, but I'm still pretty new to cooking in general.

And no I don't use a wok, but I plan to eventually rig up a bigass wok burner outside.

Anonymous 2013-09-10 22:04:38 No.4789601
every stir fry recipe:
add oil
add ingredients
stir fry
finish wish assortment of asian sauces (soy, fish, oyster) and seseme oil.

Anonymous 2013-09-10 22:07:07 No.4789608
>And no I don't use a wok
What are you using instead? Makes a difference to what you can do stir-fry wise, since if you're not using something else that's capable of very high heats certain dishes and methods are out.

Anonymous 2013-09-10 22:11:22 No.4789627
Typical 30K BTU stovetop and a deep nonstick pan that's actually more versatile than I gave it credit for. I'll rig up a 150-200K burner for a carbon steel wok in the future.

Anonymous 2013-09-11 12:28:33 No.4791120
>I'll rig up a 150-200K burner for a carbon steel wok in the future.
Total overkill for the home cook, but I look forward to seeing the setup over on /diy/ OP will surely deliver.

>a deep nonstick pan
Teflon / PTFE coated? If so not a good choice for high-temp applications.

I'm sure you're not going to junk it on the word of some random anon but I would highly recommend you not replace it with the same material when you're done. Ditto with any similar pots or frying pans. Dupont's defence of the heat stability of Teflon can't be trusted (independent test show it begins to break down at much lower temps) and anyway their upper limit for the heat tolerance can be reached by a pan on medium heat in only 3 minutes!

Cast iron, carbon steel and blue steel can all offer close or as-good non-stick performance, with the added benefit of being nearly indestructible. Properly cared for they'll last you literally the rest of your life, and the lifetime of the cook you hand them down to. Even with nearly daily use.

Hard to argue with that kind of value. And many of them are significantly cheaper than higher-end Teflon-coated pans to begin with, while offering 100 times the service life. No-brainer IMB.

Anonymous 2013-09-11 12:43:04 No.4791132

[Missing image file: Fuchsia-Dunlop-books.jpg]
OP, you should check out Fuchsia Dunlop's books if you want to get an idea of the diversity of Chinese cuisines.

Anonymous 2013-09-11 12:46:36 No.4791134

[Missing image file: EGR.jpg]
me again, she has another book out in the last year

Anonymous 2013-09-11 13:00:10 No.4791152
This guy is not too far off, although sesame oil is less common than it appears.

The big trick is the prep work. Everything should be ready to go before you heat the wok. Knife work is key; the size and shape of every ingredient determines how they will cook. The order of cooking matters, too, like hitting the protein first, taking it out, cooking everything else, then adding it back before the sauce hits.

I'd recommend starting with Cantonese recipes, then moving to a few Sichuan.

Care of your wok is important, too. Read up on it.

Anonymous 2013-09-11 13:13:19 No.4791164
>And no I don't use a wok, but I plan to eventually rig up a bigass wok burner outside.
You don't need a bigass burner unless you're running a restaurant. But you need high heat. I have a cast iron wok and a 16.5k BTU gas burner, which seems a little under gunned, but works fine. I just have to let it heat up for a couple minutes before hitting it with the oil.

I really like peanut oil, because it not only handles the heat well, it adds a nice flavor.

If you're not going to use a wok at least use something made of iron or steel that is vaguely wok shaped.

Anonymous 2013-09-11 13:27:36 No.4791177
Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge by Grace Young.

Anonymous 2013-09-12 14:00:01 No.4793516
fuchsia dunlop gives me a huge boner, hey. Such a saucy wench, like a slightly less obviously pretty nigella lawson that actually knows her shit

i've only watched a bunch of youtube clips where she goes around chengdu eating the illest foods while a clueless white guy kind of looks confused at everything he's being served up.

It's kinda tempting to get her books but I feel like once you have a basic understanding of chinese cooking recipes aren't all that necessary

Anonymous 2013-09-13 13:15:04 No.4796218
>Everything should be ready to go before you heat the wok.

>I really like peanut oil, because it not only handles the heat well, it adds a nice flavor.
+1 for peanut oil. It's traditional, partly for its ability to handle very high temps but as this anon says, it imparts some worthwhile flavour.

Just wish it weren't so expensive here — can only find it in small bottles so it works out more than EVOO, which put it out of my reach.

The Australian with koala powers 2013-09-13 13:22:19 No.4796232

[Missing image file: 1.jpg]
Need a lot of heat for that wok ...

Anonymous 2013-09-13 13:29:15 No.4796250
Most stoves aren't built for the shapes of woks.
Either use a wok burner or don't use a wok at all.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Korea 2013-09-13 14:35:55 No.4796327

[Missing image file: hydrogen_flame.jpg]


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