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/ck/ Food & Cooking

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Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:20:34 No.4786062

[Missing image file: 30118lrg.jpg]

Sup co/ck/s.
I want to buy some hot chocolate powder, but I usually find the taste unpleasing. I want the perfect hot chocolate mix. The kind you can mix with milk, get stoned and just relax into while watching the blizzard outside.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:26:28 No.4786072
>not making your own hot cocoa

It's really not that hard anon. Some cocoa powder, milk, sugar. Heat in a pan.

Even the more involved recipes take all of 5 minutes to make:


Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:27:59 No.4786076

>I want to buy some hot chocolate powder, but I usually find the taste unpleasing.
>I usually find the taste unpleasing.
> I want the perfect hot chocolate mix

Impossible. The only way for you to really enjoy hot chocolate (if you think you are too good for powder) is to make it with real chocolate.

Considering you actually want the powder, I am going to assume you are just some stoner fag and not even an amateur chef. I would've recommended that you double boil some hershey's kisses and then put them in some fatty milk, but I doubt you have the competence to that.

So I recommend some Swiss Miss. You're stoned ass wont tell the difference

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:36:15 No.4786084

Hot cocoa is exceedingly simple to make at home. Heated milk, cocoa powder, sugar to taste. I like adding a few pinches of cinnamon as well, but that's all a matter of preference.

If you want a more rich chocolate flavor, use a double boiler to melt down some chocolate (bittersweet for a richer chocolate flavor, semisweet for lighter and sweeter) and whisk it into your heated milk. Cocoa powder packets are a complete cop out - sure, they're good for serving kids who can't tell the difference, but that's about it.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:37:28 No.4786085
Buy a mexican ibarra/Abuelita chocolate bar or various S.American brands "morena" with the dark brown sugar. I can't think of the name I prefer....begins with an L,.,, yellow wrapper.
Break off a couple pieces of chocolate into hot milk, nuke 1 minute. Stir or froth. Enjoy REAL hot chocolate. You can use any milk chocolate, in Europe, but keep in mind ou might want to kick it up with ground almond or cinnamon or maybe make an orange zest-vanilla sugar. Dark chocolate doesn't incorporate as easily as milk, but will blend in whole milk with a splash of cream.
pro mode? Whirl milk in blender for amazing froth. For cold mornings? Learn to make atole, like drinking hot pudding.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:38:41 No.4786086

[Missing image file: swismis.png]
Just googled Swiss Miss to see what it looks like, I think its perfect for my stoned ass. Alas, I don't think we have it in London. Nor do we have Hershey's Kisses, Could I use Galaxy Chocolate instead? How'd I go about making my own?
What's the best powder I can get in England?
Alright I'll try that right now and let you know the results, although I'm not confident they will be positive.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:42:53 No.4786091
I'm fucking embarrassed for you to be British.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:45:45 No.4786097

Blend a bar of chocolate with milk that has almost reached boiling point.

Fucking stoners.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:47:38 No.4786101
I did that before, it doesn't work. It just goes all weird.
This coco powder drink is shit.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:48:15 No.4786105
w8 its not bad, its 6/10, but not perfect.

Anonymous 2013-09-09 14:54:40 No.4786115
depending on where you are geographically cadbury's is awesome. the stuff in purple tins. get the stuff thats meant to be mixed with milk and not with water, its fantastically rich and its the best

Anonymous 2013-09-09 15:01:21 No.4786128
i just got a dulce gusto machine

put hot chocolate capsule shit things in there

not too bad

gotta be a rich cunt though

Anonymous 2013-09-09 15:03:13 No.4786134
fuk u i bet ur a tory, u posh twat. ill mash u into big ben if u see u round my end, swear on me mum

Anonymous 2013-09-09 15:14:55 No.4786150

im aussie u fuckin minda

Anonymous 2013-09-09 15:29:23 No.4786172

[Missing image file: 2Q==.jpg]
This stuff. You can buy it in Asda.

Anonymous 2013-09-10 13:33:12 No.4788459

[Missing image file: batidor.jpg]
use tablea

Anonymous 2013-09-10 13:40:06 No.4788471
>gotta be a rich cunt though
>$200 for a coffee maker

Anonymous 2013-09-10 14:07:15 No.4788533
>Dolce Gusto
scum of the Earth

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