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/cm/ Cute/Male

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Anonymous 2016-06-20 15:24:29 No.3036977

[Missing image file: ]

Discussion thread for the 4chan Banner Contest. This is in attempts to bring more traffic to lesser browsed boards. So it'd be a good idea to bounce ideas off one another so when the time comes for submissions on June 27th we'll have some decent ones.


Here are the rules:

1.Must be inspired by and related to the board that we're accepting submissions for that week.
2.Must contain the full board name (e.g., /a/ - Anime & Manga).
3.Note that these banners will be in a global rotation, so banners should be suitable for the entire site, and worksafe.
4.Image dimensions must be exactly 468x60. JPG, PNG, and GIF accepted. Animated GIFs are allowed. Filesize should be less than 150KB.
5.Only high quality submissions please. No scribbles or other junk!

Anonymous 2016-06-20 21:07:11 No.3037000
I can both draw (decently) and work with Photoshop, and I was going to start working on something anyways.
Should we make a Hiro-tan banner? A /cm/ version of 4Chan?
If anyone has ideas I'm willing to help! Let's do our best

Anonymous 2016-06-20 22:14:58 No.3037013
These dimensions are fucking killing me.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 00:03:28 No.3037025
>shonjo want sum fuk?

Anonymous 2016-06-21 00:20:05 No.3037026
Do more people come here for the shotas or the bishounens?

Anonymous 2016-06-21 01:46:48 No.3037036
Both, if you look at the catalogue.

Anonymous 2016-06-21 03:05:58 No.3037047
As if this board doesn't suffer enough from unrelated posts from 3DPD and slow moderation in removing those posts.

No thanks. If anything /cm/ needs a sticky on board rules such as no posting 3DPD and such spammy posts should be removed immediately. (Since as you know, this is a slow board so a thread gets bumped off page 10 because some ass couldn't be bothered to read the rules or just doesn't care.)

Anonymous 2016-06-21 13:22:17 No.3037155
Anyone got something like a bunch of square character portraits lined up in a row?

Anonymous 2016-06-21 13:31:55 No.3037159
I think a hiro tan banner could be cute
or hiro tan and cm-tan interacting

Anonymous 2016-06-21 17:29:54 No.3037217
I was trying to do something with pixels to see if it'd make it any easier but the sizing is really awkward.

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