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Anonymous 2016-03-05 12:36:09 No.80468414

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I'm considering doing a degree in Animation in Australia but lately I'm having doubts because of how bad the industry is over here and how hard it is to break into the US industry. The comments on how useless and how low payed you get really makes me against going through it all but it's been a lifelong dream and I don't want end up in something i hate doing.

Could I eventually get to america with such a job? Would it be better to do a degree in america, sva seems really great but they seem to only pick the cream of the crop

Anonymous 2016-03-05 12:46:30 No.80468468
>it's been a lifelong dream
>comments on how useless and how low payed
>I don't want end up in something i hate doing.

Don't bother, to put it bluntly If this was truly your dream you wouldn't be so hesitant about it. People who have it as their dream are passionate about it(which is why they put up with all the shit) and job stability doesn't stop starving artist who have making their art their dream. See online animators. look into comics or something

Anonymous 2016-03-05 12:53:49 No.80468513
Echoing this guys statements, how old are you Anon? If you're fresh out of school or something I'd take a year off and think about it, really think about it. My school pressured me into picking a dream really early and sticking with it for my entire education, it wasn't until I took a year to just evaluate myself that I realized I didn't want to do it at all.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 12:56:44 No.80468531

I've only just recently had self doubt because of the recent backlash against calarts and animators as a whole. The fact that only a few schools and LA are the only ways to scratch into the industry make me on edge.

I've really been hard at work in sharpening my skills until recently dropping back down to earth and get a major reality check on what possible and whats impossible

Anonymous 2016-03-05 13:01:28 No.80468567
And theres nothing wrong with looking at salary as a factor if I need to pay off both my degree and whatever i'm living in

AusAnim 2016-03-05 13:10:10 No.80468631
Part 1 As someone from australia I know your pain. I'm currently studying an animation degree at SAE Industries. Right now it's really the only institute that offers a somewhat decent education within the animation/digital media industry in general. I applied and successfully got into Vancouver Film School, however i learnt i wasn't able to pay off my student costs in time due to multiple factors (money, time, living, etc) so I basically got stuck here. Hell i even went over there for a visit to get a look around and apply to some studios but most of them are small start ups, which is good mind you so if you can get your application in, they'll put you on the priority list in the event they have an opening / want to open for more employees.

I'd recommend going to Vancouver Film School if you want a US level education, it is really easy to get a student/study visa in canada since Aus and Can are commonwealth nations so you can cut half the paper work. CalArts and that shit is not worth it, few of my friends in the states went there for like a term and dropped out.

If you decide to remain in australia for your uni/animation degree and do go to SAE industries. There's a few issues

1: They have a useless course called CIU, it is incredibly redundant with your entire education in general and it makes your assignments extra stressful. You get stuck in learning about shit like sexuality, feminism, societal issues, etc. They explain how "it helps you understand why you create" yet you get dragged into debates how religion, sexuality, etc. I don't understand why the fuck they believe that shit is relevant if you are developing an animated series but apparently you can't make shit now days without pissing off a group of religious zealots.

2: Terms 3-4 onwards are incredibly dull and repetitive, you get stuck with this shit called Learning Objectives (otherwise called LO's) and they are literally the same shit. Over and over again, you get this added level of stress

AusAnim 2016-03-05 13:16:59 No.80468692

2 (cont): onto your studies, it's not educational at all after studio 1 so it just becomes a dull sense in your head.

3: The students suck ass. I can not stress this enough. My time there i have encountered probably what, 3-4 people who actually have a fucking brain and don't actively try to fuck you up. We've had groups fall apart because 1 student decided not to pick up slack or sections of teams fall apart since some selfish ass hole decided their problems are more important than everyone passing the group. You can fail shit easily because of this so you have this added tension of having to actually pick up after everyone.

Ultimately i know how shit i sound right now but as someone in your shoes I can relate completely. My best suggestion would be looking into saving up for Vancouver Film School or finding some way you can get assistance paying for it. If you cant then you'd be better off going through SAE than something like UQ.

Another thing that helps is having a series/comic you could develop on the side. It helps build up a portfolio while you are working on a degree. You'd be amazed how much initiative and prerogative that shows with your own work. It's a strong sense of dedication. Just make sure you have these things in place, you'll get somewhere if you keep trying. I mean, most people don't get anywhere with out taking a shot in the dark.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 13:38:59 No.80468840

Thanks for the advice it's really made me think about paths and option. I never really looked into SAE as griffith was what was aiming for and whatmy school pushed for, but that vancouver film sound very promising i'll check it out. thanks for again and good luck in your degree

AusAnim 2016-03-05 13:48:21 No.80468898

Griffith is.... a weird choice. I've heard reaaaaaaalllly mixed things about Griffith's animation program practically being non-existent most of the time. You'd get more out of SAE than Griff.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 13:55:55 No.80468962
It's not so much as sticking out as it is just being part of the hivemind. That's all it is. Industry is filled with nepotism.

And if you aren't the talent you are just hired help.

Poeple here wil want to deny it to hell and back cuz /co/mblr but honestly if you aren't talented you are worth shit.

Who knows stick with it and suck those dicks. I'm sure you'll make it somewhere.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:07:24 No.80469070

I really wish users on this site gave criticism like you, you do it in a way that is straightforward and rational while being optimistic, my art isn't so great so I guess I'll just have to work hard and stay determined to reach my goal, thanks for the advice

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:09:54 No.80469087
Do you have any stories of people who graduated and went onto break into the industry (in or outside of Australia?)

AusAnim 2016-03-05 14:17:35 No.80469151

Most of our family friends work in the movie/animation in general. They proceeded to move over there though shortly after though either to find work or with an employer at the ready.

Otorrinolaringologista-man 2016-03-05 14:32:37 No.80469281
>MFW when i always wanted to work in something like animation/comics or entertainment in general
>Tells that to my parents and gets discouraged because shit like that doesn't bring any money in Brazil
>Years later i still try to peruse this by going into a animation course
>The course sucks ass and neither the teachers or whoever else is there doesn't give a fuck about anything, which makes me wonder why are they there in the first place
>After i finish college i loose all the will to peruse that so i enter in a college to learn Programming and plan a bunch of other stuff to peruse as a life plan
>Everything goes terribly wrong and I completely suck at programming
>i resent for ever giving up on my dreams everyday
>I don't know what to do with my life

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:35:42 No.80469311
>He went to college
>Not just NEET out of highschool

Otorrinolaringologista-man 2016-03-05 14:37:04 No.80469333
Most public colleges are FREE in brazil, so i don't have to spend a penny to study.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:37:10 No.80469335

Ahahaha, you're from Brazil...

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:39:31 No.80469359
Hey anon. No it isn't-- Or at least don't go to a university for education, just practice yourself. There are loads of books on things you will learn in class. Probably the only thing that's worth it is the people you meet

maliciousalice 2016-03-05 14:40:48 No.80469380
bro do you have a blog? I want to network a bit.
maliciousalice.tumblr.com is mine. Also a shitposter.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:41:29 No.80469390
Nah I'm saying at least you went to college. I don't think you realize how many people here that are from the U.S. that haven't even done that much (and of course really wanted to.)

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:42:43 No.80469401

>what are taxes

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:44:03 No.80469414
In a similar position to you OP (but in Yurop). Returning to education as a mature student as I never went to uni when I was younger, but I went to visit a few unis that specialize and have ultimately decided to study 3D animation, because there are employment opportunities in /co/, /tv/ and /v/ related fields. When I saw how fucking hard the 2D animators worked on their art and then looked at their abysmal employment rate after uni it made up my mind. You might enjoy learning it but the opportunities to work in that field once your studies have finished are few. 80-90% of the fucking work they do in in their final uni projects is now done in Korean sweatshops. At this point it's like learning something like blacksmithing - An amazing skill to have but not a lot of opportunity to make a living out of it any more.

>It helps build up a portfolio while you are working on a degree. You'd be amazed how much initiative and prerogative that shows with your own work. It's a strong sense of dedication.
Would definitely echo this, even to get into uni I've had to seriously work on my art in different mediums and build up a portfolio. Students I've spoken to in their final year trying to secure employment all stressed how important it is to be constantly working on your portfolio to demonstrate ability in different mediums and styles.

Otorrinolaringologista-man 2016-03-05 14:49:35 No.80469486
True, but i kind suck at what i do. Most of college years have being like this:

>Wake up at 3 AM to kelp my mom at her job so i can get a free ride to my actual job
>Work from 6 am to 12 AM( and from 8 am to 18 PM when i changed jobs)
>Get to college
>Get back home at 8 or 9 pm
>At weekends i work on my second job
>I'm totally exhausted at this point so i can't practice what i learned during class
>Get just enough grade to pass but not to actually learn anything very well.

I've been doing this for years. Last year was my chance to get good at this shit but i messed upo that too

I pay taxes regardless of going to college or not mate. At least i don't have to pay more because of that.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:50:42 No.80469498
>want a career in animation
>don't get accepted into calarts
>get a degree in graphic design instead
>make more money than i ever have before
>on a career path to be an art director
>still trying to backdoor my way into the industry

Do whatever you want, OP. It won't be easy but the Internet makes it so people can get the jobs they want from wherever they live and you don't really HAVE to go to school for it.

I would NEVER go back to school for animation, but by posting shit online and making connections, I'm hoping I can widdle my way into something in the future. Do a lot of work and never stop learning. It will suck to see some people get jobs in animation by scratching their ass, but sometimes shit is unfair. Honestly, I wouldn't move to America just to get a job in animation considering how hard it is to STILL get a job in animation when you're here, too.

Anonymous 2016-03-05 14:50:55 No.80469505
There are, what, 15 major art schools in the US with animation programs, right? On top of that, there's like a billion smaller for-profit schools with shitty animation programs too. Each pumping out like 50-100 students a year for an industry where nobody is really leaving and they have like 6 studios everyone wants to work at and are outsourcing the bulk of their work to sweatshops in Asian countries.

I went to one of the big art schools, most of my friends studied animation and left with degrees. One of them works for Pixar, he was so good he entered the school with a full-ride scholarship and a major grant from a contest he won. The others are mostly working in illustration or video games - Zynga, Disney Mobile, stuff like that. That's the extent of animation they do.

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