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Threads added between 2012/11/09 10:00 and 2012/11/09 16:00

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Never posted here before but /diy/ seems the most apt to answer my question. So I've been carving a tobacco pipe from pressure treated wood & was recently informed of the dangers pressurized wood presents. I've smoked a small amount from the same type of wood & have felt no effects so far. But to my question, it obviously causes concern, but is it so potent that I should not smoke out of it daily? Or even weekly? Or ever? Enlighten me. Pic related; the unfinished product
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I'm planning to build a bird house village, alike the one in the picture, but with the added feature of a plexi-glass back and suction cups on the back, so the village can be attached alongside my kitchen windows and I have some thing extra to lighten my day in the spring and summer. Would this be a horrible idea for some reason I haven't thought of? Also, how'd I go about making the suction cups (or another concept?) stick year-round?
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Any of you guys have experience with or know of resources to help me learn about shoemaking. I've looked online and am not finding much luck. I want to make a pair of oxfords for my office job and hopefully move on from there to always making my own shoes. I currently make my own suits which took 2 or 3 years of practice before I was able to wear any of them out haha but I feel confident that I can learn this with practice. You guys know of any resources?
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i'm fed up with not keeping my trimmer in the bathroom for fear of it getting wet. it's annoying going to another room to fetch it. i've been wanting to learn woodworking for a while now so i figured that as a first project i might as well make a small and simple wooden box to keep it nice and safe. i thought i'd use dovetail joints since that looks challenging enough. i know the dimensions i need it to be on the inside (18X12X8 cm), how do i translate that to dimensions on the outside and what size wood pieces should i get for the walls/floor/lid? also how do i even make and openable lid?

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