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Threads added between 2015/01/14 10:00 and 2015/01/14 16:00

Divergence Meter

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I've had a longing interest to make a Divergence Meter Clock, from the visual novel Steins;Gate. There are schematics for the meter, but I have a different idea, and I'm not sure if its possible. The idea of the meter is to show Divergence to determine your current world line. Now I want it to both show time and show divergence. It should work like a traditional digital clock with alarm and all. It should have the ability to shuffle through random degrees of divergence either by hand or on its own. A special situation for this, could be during sleep. Say I set the alarm for 7:00AM and go to sleep. I wake up and turn off the alarm. Now this where it gets cool. Once the alarm goes off or is turned off, it shuffles through divergence. Essentially giving you a completely different world line. Since this is quite ambitious in my regard, but have the skill to potential do this, how would I go about it? Unfortunately, I do not know what can produce these results aside from the schematics which do not tailor to my idea.
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Hello /diy/, this is the first time that I have been on this board, hopefully some of you electrical engineers could possibly help me. This is the first time also that I am trying to modify a car accessory to fit for an aftermarket headunit. It is a graphic equalizer from TOYOTA that I got from a dude in Pakistan that sent it over to the states. There is a video about it here with some sort of foreign pinout in the description, but I am finding a difficult time to find out what exactly each wire does because the one I have is a different variant and has less pins (will provide picture). I couldn't find any circuit board information either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMOJdgO59k Also I kinda fucked it up when I tried giving only the yellow wire (<< what I thought was constant) 12v 2A from a car battery charger, luckily the only thing that suffered damage was a SMD Transistor, which is something else I also want someone to help me out on as this is the first time I am working with any SMD electronics. As far as I know now it is an SOT 23 - 3 NPN/or PNP still no idea but I bought 10 pieces of both types. But I have a DVOM and kinda a ms paint of what the particular circuit looks like on the board. The resistors and capacitors look and read okay so all I need help is identifying this one and then figuring out what all the other wires mean. I will post up what else I have to help.


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Hey /diy/ i recently got into tarzan: the musical and im the spider creature that tries to eat jane anyone know where to find a scary costume our other option is we get the black spiderman costumes. Pic related its the scariest costume we could find. Also the stage will be blacklit so fluerescent will be an option

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