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/diy/ Do-It-Yourself

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Anonymous 2014-08-14 20:05:46 No.681791

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I want to get into pottery (am-i-gay?) but found the most workshops unreasonably expensive. If i invest that money in my own gear i get more out of i i reckon.
The burning would prolly be the most expensive part as the diy guise use a propane bottel per burning.
Experiences? Insults? Motivational smacktalk?

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 2014-08-15 05:07:00 No.682057
Sup, dude. Potter here. First off, you're not gay. Before civilization, pottery was mostly a female activity, but then for thousands of years it was manly. Mining clay, throwing mud around, chopping down trees and throwing the logs into two-thousand degree fiery infernos. But as the industrial age came and went, the craft once again became more female-dominated. After WWII, there was a resurgence in the interest of it, and due to the G.I. bill, it began to be taught in colleges. It is now a craft and an art analogous to fine woodworking. There is an appeal to work with your hands (very dirty work) and to set things on fire, and it is good. To make one's own coffee mugs and tankards for ale is also manly and good. I commend you, Sir.

I agree with you about most shops being pricey. You have to think of them as membership club style business models. There are things to be learnt from the people there, and camaraderie to be found, but the true path to being an Earth Master and Fire Lord is to go it alone. If you know nothing, you must be manly enough to admit it to yourself and not only submerge yourself in the many ancient tomes of knowledge, but to also seek a master who will indoctrinate you to the secret knowledges that cannot be written. Did I mention that colleges have ceramics departments now? This is an excellent and competitive cost alternative.

After you get your hands wet and your shoes dirty, and you still crave to become one with the elements, you must build your own workshop. There will be a price... Most people will buy a wheel first (or build one if they are badass enough), but the wise man buys a kiln first. For what can be made without that? And do not buy a small one. Small kilns are for dolls and slipcast owl molds poured from slip with too much talc. You will not be satisfied. You need an electric kiln large enough to fire a 24" platter that you will eat your whole roasted chicken from with your bare hands.

Anonymous 2014-08-15 05:15:35 No.682058

You will feel very smug in knowing that firing you electric kiln will not explode your work when you bisque fire it (as fuel burning kilns do... those are best for glaze firings) and that each firing will still cost around $5-10 in electricity, regaudless of kiln size. You will laugh at these clubs that charge you $5 to fire a mere mug, and only bring to them your most ridiculous, explosive experimental work for this price, as only fucking up their kiln is equal to their tax.

Go forth and learn!

Anonymous 2014-08-15 06:57:49 No.682084
social media is gay, we are the special breed of man that dont need standards to funchion with the blaze of a billion suns

Anonymous 2014-08-15 10:40:43 No.682118

Thats the kind of response i was looking for!

Im already involved in a couple of diy activities, can i integrated pottery related workshop items in a regular workshop or is it too messy to keep a clean environment?

Anonymous 2014-08-15 10:44:36 No.682119
I cant wait to eat my elborated cuisine out of the bowls that have exactly the size i want the to have

Anonymous 2014-08-15 19:26:40 No.682296
The only things clay doesn't like to play with are metals, notably iron and steel, and plaster. Iron will taint white clays with dark spots and plaster will cause lime pops (little crumbly blowouts on the surface when fired). Clay doesn't give a fuck about a reasonable amount of organics. They'll just burn out.

But clay is messy as fuck. You've gotta do your best to quarantine it from the other areas of your shop, then clean it up with wet sponges/mops before it dries. Dried messes trampled underfoot will cause microscopic particles to become airborne and within days you will have a fine layer of toxic dust on every surface in the shop. With many years of exposure, this dust will cause silicosis in a potter, and it will wreak havoc on any electronics and make fine surface work like painting, or staining furniture a nightmare. However, if you keep a clean shop, there should be no problem. The cardinal rule is to clean it up while it's still wet. When I'm working and I know it's going to be a splatterfest, I drape plastic tarps over my non-ceramic equipment and keep my phone and laptop well away.

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