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Anonymous 2014-10-14 16:59:42 No.710948

[Missing image file: ]

Are there any good tutorials to make rubber puppets (hand or otherwise)? The kind you would expect from monster movies from the 80s and early 90s? I know the process involves making a sculpture and then a mold and fill it with something somehow; but wathever combination of words I search I always find stuff like foam muppets or stop-motion puppets.
The critters from "Critters" may be the most straightfoward example of what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 2014-10-14 18:14:59 No.710967
Would be quite easy, but it would depend on your exact plans. Get clay. Carve and shape. Make plaster mold. Add silicon. Done. Watch this video:
Pretty much goes through the stages perfectly. Sounds like a fun project though, what are your plans?

Anonymous 2014-10-14 19:13:44 No.710981
This books has quite a lot on info on prop building.


Anonymous 2014-10-14 19:54:16 No.710992
Thanks a lot, that's an amazing video.
I'm a bit confused tough. What are the green stuff at 1:56 and the pink stuff at 3:57? Is the plaster the stuff at 0:57 and 1:52?
That thing the guy is removing at 2:35, why is it being teared apart? Shouldn't the plaster mold be there?

I've been wanting to do something small and simple like that baby critter in the top left corner, some little squishy monster that opens and closes the mouth and maybe move the limbs with wires. I love this kind of special effects.

Thank you, I'll be reading it. Looks great.

Anonymous 2014-10-14 20:00:24 No.710993
The pink stuff would be either silicone or latex. In the old puppets used latex, and it's not used so much nowadays because it really doesn't last, it starts to break down after a few years, and much sooner in certain conditions.

Whatever your plan, as I'm sure you well know, experiment like fuck to make sure you get it wrong, the right way.

Anonymous 2014-10-15 01:55:38 No.711090

Mold maker here, minor correction. The "pink stuff" is not what the final positive is made from, that aspect is not depicted in this video. The pink stuff is what took the impression from his sculpt. You are correct however that silicone has largely replaced latex for the skins of both animatronic and manual puppets when realistic skin is called for.


Chronologically what you're seeing is this:

At 0:57 he is using water based clay to occupy the negative space around the sculpture that the silicone (pink stuff) will occupy once the clay is torn out of its fiberglass shell. The fiberglass is what you refereed to as the "green stuff". He does this again 1:52 to the back side of the sculpture.

At 3:57 he pours in the silicone and it fills the space between his sculpture of Yoda and the fiberglass shell where the clay he inserted at 0:57 & 1:52 once was.

Does that make sense?

For what it's worth, I HIGHLY recommend the product line he is using. Smooth-On is the name of the company. Not to dissuade you, but these products are quite expensive. However, they are well worth the money. That said, if you're genuinely interested in mold making I can answer any questions you have and offer a cheap DIY mold making material for you to practice with.

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