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/fit/ Health & Fitness

Threads added between 2015/03/09 16:00 and 2015/03/09 22:00

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http://www.buteyko.com/practical/elements/index_elements.html What's your control pause, /fit/? It's the measurement of oxygen at the cellular level in your body <20s = diseasefag 20-25s = normalfag 25-35s = you'll feel a lot healthier >35s = high 40s = ideal Sit straight without crossing your legs and breathe comfortably and steady. After an exhalation pinch your nose (optional). Hold your breath and start stopwatch. When you feel a slight discomfort resume your breathing and note the time. Interval of time in seconds, you have just measured is called "control pause". I'm stuck around 20-25s because I can't avoid allergens. I've done a lot of breathing exercises and bring my maximum pause up to 80 seconds within 10 minutes, though.
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/r9k/ here,on the behalf of all of us we want to sent a big fuck you to all of you chads out there that browse this place in 4 chan. we are tired of you constantly going to our board and call us losers. you fucking normies have no ideia what pain is so please fuck off and go die. thanks for listening
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I'm taking 4 Creatine tablets a day and it's defiantly been beneficial in terms of muscle gain but it's making me constipated as fuck, any remedies to this? I've been drinking water all day but no luck so far
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What would happen if you took a well established rep/set protocol like 8 x 3 and flipped it around to 3 x 8? Anyone do this?

Fat Hate Thread

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OC heavily needed and encouraged.

Dear Planet Fitness, Why Don’t You Care About The Safety And Privacy of Women?

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>Or you might just say I was utterly disgusted and perplexed when I read this story about a woman named Yvette Cormier, who quite reasonably felt intimidated and uncomfortable when she encountered a man in a Planet Fitness women’s locker room. She expressed her concerns to your staff, and then to your corporate office, but she was informed that because the man “identifies as a woman,” he is free to use the bathrooms and changing facilities of actual women. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/dear-planet-fitness-why-dont-you-care-about-the-safety-and-privacy-of-women/

Ideals thread

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Let's do this again.

/fit/ Humour

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>Omar Isufs little known music video before FtM gender reassignment

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