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/fit/ Health & Fitness

Threads added between 2015/10/11 16:00 and 2015/10/11 22:00

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cheating frauds general >sunday night feels prev >>34496529 http://expressgaintrain.wikia.com/ http://pastebin.com/LkwiVjJc
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Aside from lifting what do you guys do as a hobby? I've just picked up the violin, I read a shit ton of books, I've just started creating (Drawing) and soon I'm going to start a youtube channel up and edit videos. You?
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So what's the deal with concealing gains? Is it just a meme? >mfw I do it but not sure why

How was your day? also, /feels/ thread

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How has your day been /fit/? post your /feels/ Sorry this will be a blog post, but there'll be a tl;dr in the end. How has your day been /fit/ ? Past few days been kinda crazy for me... Full blog post below if anyone's interested... >get into /fit/, started running, overweight but nothing too severe because lazy all my life >was always bossy as fuck, telling people what to do every chance I get >know I'm a nigger for doing that, but where are all the fucks >laugh at dead people, others' misfortune and generally heartless as fuck unless dogs are being harmed >also I'm such a poorfag that the only thing that's stopping me from ripping off all my friends for that teeny tiny bit of profit, is a bit of self control and knowing there will be a better tomorrow. >hypocratic as fuck if you didn't already notice >but just to get to the point, as I became fit I started changing habits one by one until I came to the category of friends >been best friends with this tumblrette because before I was into /fit/ I was depressed, making up all sorts of weird shit, just for that special snowflake feeling >avoid her for a few days, talk to her online afterwards (2pussy4reallife) tell her it's over blah blah blah mention SelfImprovementGeneral and whatnot >gets mad at me >go to her tumblr a few days ago, constantly whining about losing me, how miserable she feels, every other post is about suicide etc. etc. >tfw don't give a shit cause heartless as fuck >offer her help, try get her into /fit/ >she's unfit as fuck, not fat tho >her: "fuck you, I don't want to talk with you if we're only going to talk about running" >I don't think she'll make it TL;DR - >became /fit/ >ditched tumblrette friend > -0.5 fucks given, >she gets mad, whines etc etc

/fit/ feels

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Here we share our fitness, lifting, and dieting feels with our /fit/ brahs. >RIP edition Not a greentext, but to the anon who posted about losing his gymbro. I'm sorry for your loss bro. Keep lifting those heavy weights to pay him homage. I'm sure he will be proud of you when you make it. We're all gonna make it. >tfw manly tears
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Lost all my info graphic pics because shitty computer. /fit/ approved info graphics thread.

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