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/fit/ Health & Fitness

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Anonymous 2012-10-04 07:26:52 No.15033605

[Missing image file: Albuterex Medium.png]

Albuterex, does it work?

(not even once)

Anonymous 2012-10-04 07:29:46 No.15033631
inb4 chestbrah shows up

Anonymous 2012-10-04 07:41:38 No.15033722
Hey mate

Aussie here just gonna give you a no bullshit review.

I have a decently high stimulant tolerance after spending a year cycling Neurocore and Jack3d but I'm happy to give you my unbiased opinion on this.

First of all, the ONLY, absolute ONLY way this shit will EVER effect me, is on an empty stomach, or not eating all too much. If I have a meal, then take this shit, I won't feel ANYTHING till I have digested my meal. Then an hour after eating, BAM get hit like a fucking truck with the stim.

This is what it does to me:
Insane Energy - 10/10. I'm usually a slobby cunt but this shit picks you the FUCK up. I take it in the mornings before school and am flying all day errday. Shit is incredible for energy, fuck.

Focus - 0/10. Doesn't do shit. Hardly a pump. Doesn't give you that Jack3d 'holy fuck lets go lift shit' feeling.

Taste / Soluble - 3/10. It doesn't mix. I mean, it DOESN'T MIX. It sits at the bottom of your glass of water and you need to stir then speed drink this shit. I can't put it any other way. Chuck it in a glass, fill the glass of water, stir for 2 minutes THEN drink it.

Taste, honestly if your drinking stims for a taste you should go fuck yourself.

Thermogenic properties: You need to be drinking 5l + a day for this shit to make you sweat. I'm not a 'sweaty' person, but on days I take this and have drunk a lot of water, I sweat it out like you wouldn't believe (Mind you this is with HIIT, shouldn't be taking this other than with HIIT or intense conditioning weight training or it's just useless due to the energy hit, in my opinion)

I tried half a scoop, it did nothing for me. I tried a full scope, I got the thermogenic feeling, and then I did 2 scoops and by god I was squatting the sun.

My stats: 17 y.0 6ft, 90kg Bench, 90kg Squat 160kg deadlift.

Oz 2012-10-04 07:58:23 No.15033833
Been reading the facebook page. Fuck 10/10 would read again

Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:11:53 No.15033955

Stories from the gods!

Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:17:37 No.15034006
(OP) Thanks, fellow straya'n. Probably not worth the purchase then...

This page is doing doing the company wonders for a bit of advertising though haha

Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:25:13 No.15034062
Sometimes I feel like im not good enough in bed but then i take albuterex and im pumping my girlfriend with the energy 100 persian gods.

Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:45:42 No.15034211
I used to be the nerdy, shy, ugly kid in class. Bullied all my life, i thought, its time to make a change, i went to my local alleyway where i found a guy who sold me 2 full scoops, or as they call them on the streets, SK's (sick kuntz). I immediately grew huge traps, my eyes moved to a good distance apart, elbows became blunt with veins pumping throughout my skin. I went to school that day and walked around with the biggest hard on of my life, no one questioned me, my elbows were not pointy anymore, i heard murmurs of "10/10 would bang" and "fuarkin zee-brah". I wasnt shocked when my teacher kept me back after class and asked me to punish her like a little girl, i came inside her nose and she immediatley became pregnant with quintuplets...

Thankyou Albuterex.

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