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/fit/ Health & Fitness

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Anonymous 2012-10-21 10:53:51 No.15337970

[Missing image file: 240px-Bursa24.jpg]

Is doner kebab meat keto friendly?

Can I go to the kebab shop and get a chicken or lamb salad without being knocked ketosois?

Anonymous 2012-10-21 10:56:38 No.15337998
Just don't. I had a chicken kebab last week and sprayed shit all over the bathroom for 5 days straight.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 10:57:15 No.15338005

[Missing image file: 1338679795981.gif]

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:02:27 No.15338063
Just because you ate at a shitty place doesnt mean there isnt good delicious kebap out there

I eat it 1-2 a week, without bread.
At the place i buy it they can put the meat in a box with some dressing and vegetables, chicken or standard meat.
If you want to make sure try chicken with just a small amount of dressing/no dressing.

In the end its without the bread probably the most keto friendly fast food you can find.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:12:26 No.15338182

What dressings do you get? I imagine a lot of them would be full of carbs?

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:39:06 No.15338503
Mostly herbalsauce (Kräutersoße, as a germanfag i dont know the real translation)
Or garlic sauce.
You are probably right with the carbs there, so thats why i meant to avoid or just take only one spoon.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:41:27 No.15338523
The garlic sauces at kebab places always contain suger.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:46:39 No.15338563
OP, you shouldn't eat Donner. It's such a bad meat to eat. It's processed meat that's nearly gone off.

it's really unhealthy for you. You should avoid it at all costs.

if you go to a kebab shop, then get shish kebab, that is actually healthy for you. The meat they use for that is good compared to the donner.

ofcourse you can avoid my advice like most retards and just eat away since you aren't disciplined enough. your choice.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:47:57 No.15338577
Why are you guys so aspie about food? Seriously. You work out as a hobby, you are not professional bodybuilders. Eat the fucking kebab, with bread and sauces.
I eat pizza and kebab weekly. Did I make gains? Yep. Are you guys faggots? Yep. Try starting lifting instead of talking about too much carbs in normal food.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:51:16 No.15338594

>doesn't know about keto

Anonymous 2012-10-21 11:53:25 No.15338612
>bad meat
>processed meat that's nearly gone off

All they do is press minced meat into that huge stick and then it rolls around getting cooked.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 12:04:10 No.15338685

Anonymous 2012-10-21 12:11:52 No.15338759
Don't eat that shit. Order with salad only and no bread. Go for tofu if you want.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 12:24:47 No.15338895

Anonymous 2012-10-21 12:56:36 No.15339230
because bread has carbs like fuck?

Anonymous 2012-10-21 13:06:14 No.15339372
I swear, that guy looks exactly like our kebab guy in Alanya last summer.

>then agian, every damn turk looks the same.

wild turkey 2012-10-21 13:08:43 No.15339395
and everyone knows carbs make you fat

I PLAY BWDT40K 2012-10-21 13:11:10 No.15339424
Is it actually good for lg diets?

Anonymous 2012-10-21 15:15:07 No.15340870
i started the keto diet 10 months ago. i have lost 65lbs so far. i keep the carbs low everyday. about 50 or less. i want to get down to 200lbs then start counting calories and start bulking. u can muscle mass while keto diet, but will not get huge.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 15:17:18 No.15340907
>will meat throw me out of ketosis

OP you're a faggot

Anonymous 2012-10-21 15:18:56 No.15340925
If the meat is seasoned with a lot of sugars/bbq sauces it can.

OP the marinade they use on the meat is yogourt, spices, and oils. This should be fine. I'd be worried about the sauces they put on after though, plus the pita.

Anonymous 2012-10-21 15:20:50 No.15340945
doner - doesn't that mean thunder? As in thunder from your asshole kebab? lol

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